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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    Any chance of access to the source code of your version? I have been playing with the FFED3D source code from the google code project myself, as well as with the original JJFFE… There are a few mods that I like to make for my own enjoyment, in particular an old bug that was fixed by John Jordan which I like to reintroduce… It’s easy with the source code, not so easy with the binarues only. 🙂


    IMHO the most stable revision of the Google code project was r65, that’s what I usually compile and play with.

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    I am very impressed with the way FF3DAj starts… unfortunately the package misses bass.dll

    Any way I added the dll from another FFD3D package, and it starts up. Starting screens look very impressive.

    And then it crashes :((


    COuld it be I need to add some more DLL’s? Ittiz’s FFD3D seems to run just fine. except for distant planets being drawn /OVERBEFORE the nearby spaceship ..


    It crashes on my dev PC, my Laptop . Heres the crash ,message:



      Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: BEX

      Naam van de toepassing: FFED3DAJ.exe

      Versie van toepassing:

      Tijdstempel van toepassing: 520e6dbe

      Naam van foutmodule: FFED3DAJ.exe

      Versie van foutmodule:

      Tijdstempel van foutmodule: 520e6dbe

      Uitzonderingsmarge: 000c20f9

      Uitzonderingscode: c0000417

      Uitzonderingsgegevens: 00000000

      Versie van besturingssysteem: 6.1.7601.

      Landinstelling-id: 1043

      Aanvullende informatie 1: e39a

      Aanvullende informatie 2: e39a95b388da1176da7870165ec491d1

      Aanvullende informatie 3: c685

      Aanvullende informatie 4: c6856b97feb6f7465c874beaac7db3f1

    Managed to fix the crash by adding FX,DATA and COmmandr folders…


    Better said: I took Ittz folder, and overweriiten/merged it with the FFD3DAJ archives. Now it runs stable.


    Great! Maybe I will find some time to check this version out. Big thanks Andy!!!


    v1.04 of the FFED3DAJ patch has just been dropped in the downloads area – <a href="here


    This fixes the DirectX issues that were blocking switching between full-screen and Windowed mode, or restoring a minimized full-screen game.


    Oh, and sorry but in the rush to head off on holiday, I obviously forgot to actually post into this thread that I’d uploaded v1.03! :pardon:

    I hope that it was spotted as it had a lot more fixes!



    Just to re-iterate, seeing the earlier crash reports… This is just a “patch”; it is not a stand-alone installation that you can drop into a folder and run. You must add it over either a full FFED3D beta v1.12++ or Ittiz install for it to have the required assets!


    And if there are any problems, then please take a look first in the ffed3daj_readme.txt file that’s included in the main patch zip, as this’ll document & often answer the known issues.






    Strange. I’ve downloaded both versions (with the AndyJ’s being the latest version); it fixed the missing HUD icon bug (I’m playing on default windowed mode – 800×600) but for some reason, the planets’ textures are seems way too dark (or worse, some are totally black – still cities have brighter ground terrain though).


    …or is it just me <_<




    No, it’s not just you – it’s the effect of the Planet shader applying lighting. (I don’t think the original FFED3D beta had/used them)


    The usePlanetShaders setting in the .cfg turns it on and off, but the shader file itself is Modelsplanet.fx.

    You could open that up in notepad and experiment with the float4 P_Land() function; e.g. find the line that says:


       float nrmd_light = dot(normal, lightDir) * 2.0f;


    and perhaps change to:


       float nrmd_light = max(0.2f,dot(normal, lightDir) * 2.0f);


    which would give a minimum light level … but… the trade off to changing this or switching it off is that it will reduce/remove the shadowing of planets on the side that is opposite to the sun.


    From a ‘realism’ point of view, objects in space should have completely black ‘shadowed’ areas

    But obviously from a game play point of view, it’s not much fun flying over or trying to land on a completely black terrain on the dark-side of a moon etc. (or is it?)

    I’m thinking that perhaps the “max(0.2f” part could be written to take gradual effect within a certain height so as you get closer the ground lightens slightly. (On the other hand, perhaps spaceships should have had landing lights to help illuminate the area below them?!!)


    I’ve only just started to dip a toe in the area of shaders with the water and cloud changes, they’re still largely a big unknown to me at the moment. One thing that strikes me is that the landscape has become so dark before the sun has actually set, which seems ahead of when it should happen? I’ve also had a quick experiment with a sky shader to replace the outer atmosphere and again, the sunset colours and darkness that shader generates seem to be well ahead of the sun position – so I think there’s possibly a wider issue to track down with the vectors that the shaders are receiving.


    The replacement base models can also be shaded (horribly so IMO) if the useglobalObjectShader setting is enabled too, but it gives a rather metallic effect which is not too good for grassy areas(!) and why at the moment I’ve disabled that one by default. (That shader is Modelsmodels.fx)

    This is why the field near the base is much brighter, because it is not affected by a shader.


    Just wanted to point out that AndyJ’s patch has reached v1.04 and now includes – amongst other things – the ability to return to the desktop and go back to the game without messing everything up! The download page is at  http://spacesimcentral.com/ssc/files/file/1036-ffed3daj/


    v1.05a of my patch has now been uploaded into the downloads section here:



    Lots of fixes and enhancements – especially to the drawing of the original polygon graphics as well as enabling 64 bit Windows users to load everything into memory with >2GB.


    Large asteroids, which previously didn’t display in any of the FFED3D versions have also been fixed:






    v1.05a of my patch has now been uploaded into the downloads section here:


    Just to be sure. Can I use Ittiz’s build with your patch?


    Indeed you can! 🙂

    In fact I’d recommend that combination for simplicity as Ittiz’s build contains all the latest models and textures and the videos…

    The full beta v1.12 FFED3D packs that are currently here are also very old – the original release I think – so don’t contain many of the updated textures/models (such as the control panel). The alternative to Ittiz’s pack would be the updated beta v1.12 pack (24.05.11) that’s over at the Russian elite-games.ru forum, this is slightly lighter on resources as it has lower resolution and original game textures, but none of the videos.


    Just extract the patch and core textures zip over the top of your ittiz install, and then optionally add the multi-skins examples zip as well. (core textures are required additions)

    Configurations settings are found in the ffed3daj.cfg file (edit with notepad) and you have the choice of executables: ffed3daj.exe which is based on JJFFE (i.e. original FFE game play) or ffed3daj_aniso.exe which is based off the Anisotropic 0.9c mod – but does change a lot, especially difficulty, and isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

    I’d point you towards the ffed3daj_readme.txt file that’s in the patch zip for more information – it’s worth a quick read before you extract everything!


    If you’re running on 32bit Windows then be aware that you’ll need to use the model manager loading models on-demand if you use the multiple skins as well. This is mainly because a lot of the textures are so large that everything doesn’t quite squeeze into the 2GB that the game is limited to. The user Zak Gordon is currently putting together an optimised texture mod to reduce those that don’t need to be such high resolution so that 32bit users can also load everything at start up. If on the other hand you have a 64bit install of Windows and at least 2GB then you don’t need to care and can just turn everything on for maximum bling!  (there’s been a lengthy discussion about the model manager & memory usage over on the Frontier forum <a href="here so I won’t repeat everything here, the readme should explain too, but I’ll answer questions if anyone needs help)


    Thank you very much, for your answer. I have a x64 Win7 with 8GB.


    Just uploaded v1.06 – mainly fixes in the .asm code, it fixes the issue with repeated clicks during video playback (no more accidentally buying a ship!) as well as fixing the assassination mission crash in the Aniso mod (pretty sure I’ve found the source of the stack fault!)

    Otherwise, a minor shader change to fix transparencies in model textures. A short list of fixes I know, but 2 significant ones that I know people have been waiting for, so I didn’t want to delay a patch too long while I’m investigating other areas   😀


    (regretting the upgrade to IE11 this week, no copy + paste or ‘smilies’ selection working here now 🙁 ) 


    FFED3DAJ v1.11 has now been released.

    This build focuses on stability fixes as well as adding translations for French, German, Italian and Russian.

    It is available in the downloads area here.

    Extra notes:
    I’ve run the patch file through VirusTotal: Results
    Bkav gives a “false-positive” fail for Bass.dll. I think that this has been the case for several versions now.

    To switch translation to a language other than English, edit ffed3daj.cfg and change the value “language=EN”.
    Supported values are: DE = German, EN = English, FR = French, IT = Italian and RU = Russian.

    Enjoy and fly safe Commanders!


    Thank you very much AndyJ. Keep up the good work!!

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