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    Pioneer Scout Plus G29f is released!





    This new version, like the previous ones, is based on the latest version of Pioneer engine with the latest mergers considered reliable and useful for Scout+.


    Following the mode of continuous improvement, are many and important the internal changes to improve performance of scripts and to avoid possible errors. The player experience is a priority here.


    Changes in this version:


    * Add a “time left” function for major accuracy in final of missions.



    * “Exit this game” in the config screen, does not return to “start menu”.

       The same behavior on tombstone. This helps to avoid errors in saved games.


    * Autosave to dock and undock includes the name of the space station.



    * The function “discovery of unexplored systems” is active now.

      There are many things to improve here; maybe in G30.


    * Warning message of illegal jump distance, leaving the space station.


    * Corrections of the false alarm in message “imminent failure hyperdrive”.


    * Message “Do not forget to visit…” random local stations, in Lobby screen.


    * Hundreds of lines of code in internal modules were rewritten.

      Pioneer Scout Plus is now more faster, more reliable, and more fun.


     Everything works better in this version.



    Pioneer Scout Plus G29f is a total mod. You need nothing more than:

      Download and unzip the archive pioneersp-g29f-w32l32l64.7z

      Run pioneersp.exe (Windows 32 or 64)

       or pioneersp-l32 (Linux 32)

       or pioneersp-l64 (Linux 64) which is in inside the unzipped folder PioneerSP-G29F



    I have not encountered any serious problems in many hours of testing. But there are many ways to play that might not explored. If you have any problems, let me know; you will help to improve Scout.




    Download free from here: pioneersp-g29f-w32l32l64.7z



    Pioneer Scout Plus is set by default to a screen 4:3

    If you have a 16:9 screen, maybe I should try this mod: fonts169-PioneerScout-mod


    The source code is here. https://github.com/walterar/pioneer-sp


    I hope you enjoy this version.    :pioneer:

    This story continues …




    Work in Progress






    If this is your first contact with Scout+, i advise you to read the whole thread. Is the best “manual” so far. You will not regret. And… is free. 🙂

    It is a “big mod” that includes my best work in LUA modules, and the best model ships and space stations (according to my taste), made ​​by @ potsmoke66 (Gernot), @ Marcel, @ Vuzz, and of course, those who collaborate in the development and construction of the core of Pioneer and make this possible.

    All work was inspired by the failed “SCOUT” whose history can be viewed here:





    Totally rewritten, differences and additions are:

    No errors. I hope


    This module generates exploration missions rocky planets, local, and “uninhabited systems” that are distant within 30 ly.


    Only explore rocky planets, no stars, gas giants, or “porcupine asteroids”.


    You need to have installed in proper equipment for the mission.


    You must deliver the scanned data to the person who hired him or who invoke his name. Sometimes, the computer can automatically change the delivery location at the end of the scanning process and according to the criteria defined by the client program, the data can not deliver anywhere. But be careful, you can be led into a trap, carefully analize the new destination and check belonging if another faction. The factions are often very severe with spies. If caught with data from your system to another faction, the punishment can be painful.


    The scanning time is 10 minutes. Should be under fire from hostile ships, 10 minutes can be an eternity, you can not speed up the time in terms of “red alert”.


    The reward is higher, much higher. It takes into account that most of the missions require careful planning for calculating fuel needed for a round trip. Missions are not “easy”.


    Other complementary modules (and models) make the game more interesting. Veil yourself.




    As always. Just drop the zip (without unzipping) Mods directory.


    For more information see http://pioneerwiki.com/wiki/Mods


    Hope you like like to me.  I really enjoyed doing this.


    Happy 2013 to all!


    This will continue…

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    @ Walterar – Thankyou & Merry Xmas!   :santaclaus:

    Also can you check link for Pioneer-Scout-Plus-light.zip only modules – maybe problem?  I try to download but…


    Edit: It’s okay now, Just got file 🙂






    For this time of year there are always problems with the networks. That’s why the release came forward a few hours.



    Regarding the game, be careful in the border areas. They just catch me and you will probably have to change my ship to pay the fine.   :ireful:


    Although … may be able to escape without being shot down. I have little money in my account yet.

    I found the solution!


    I donated $ 100 to “The Church of The Heavenly Flying Spaghetti Monster”


    Press Ctrl + F9


    I went out and I reloaded the game. The fine was gone! 


    Well, also report in #1874 😉



    that’s very original! Thanks a lot.

    I see you got a photo-itis in your first video 🙂


    :santablack: :santablack: :santablack:



    Thanks Xenons. I have not finished but … is alive!  :scout:


    walterar… this is a great job!


    looks like you really got into it…

    Hey, old friend! When I saw you played with the old version, I knew I was going to like.


    I’ve put a lot of work and some magic that gave me a galactic witch .  :wizard:   But I had so much fun doing it and playing it.


    I have some things I should add to launch Alpha30.

    The latest “nightly” introduced many changes and improvements in many aspects. One is in the code of coupling, is much improved but it still lacking polishing some things. The unintended effect of this is that, for now, have stopped working space stations, orbital and surface made ​​by Marcel, and Gernot, included in my full mod. The solution should be simple and will be surely everything working shortly. By the time I removed the full version now because the stations just do not work.


    I uploaded the latest version of Pioneer Scout Plus, with some cleaning and new things that I will comment next year 🙂


    But it if you feel a Scout and want to try, really worth it.



    Have fun   :kingxmas:


    The latest “nightly” introduced many changes and improvements in many aspects. One is in the code of coupling, is much improved but it still lacking polishing some things. The unintended effect of this is that, for now, have stopped working space stations, orbital and surface made ​​by Marcel, and Gernot, included in my full mod. The solution should be simple and will be surely everything working shortly. By the time I removed the full version now because the stations just do not work.


    I guess you have found this by now, but this is probably because autopilot-v3 (#1812) uses a few extra values for docking. These have to be added to the station model info table:


    parking_distance: this is the distance along the station’s axis of rotation from the station to parked ships

    parking_gap_size: this is the distance between parked ships

    ship_launch_stage: at the end of this stage, the ship is launched (onShipUndock event is queued, ship thrusters fire, etc)


    In the default stations, parking_distance has been set to 5000 (metres), and parking_gap_size has been set to values between 500 and 2000 metres.


    ship_launch_stage should be set to match the launching animation. For open air ground stations, which have no launching animation, it can be set to 0, but check the current station models (e.g., nice_spacestation model in data/lmrmodels/spacestations.lua) to see how it’s used there.


    John B


    when a mod need to modify something on the models its cool for the modelers to find this sort of info in changelog .

    (it’s not a critic , just a sugestion ^^)


    You’re right, I should have included a note about that in the changelog, I do normally. I’ll add one later today.


    John B

    John, you are the person I would trust my savings. 🙂 Thanks.


    What most excites me is to write “missions” and there is much work to do there. I have no time to study the changes in the models. Although, my favorite tool is meld. 😉


    My wish is that everyone is committed with his work. We know that, in the state of Pioneer, being “up” with the changes that occur in the master can be frustrating. But those are the rules. Brianetta I went crazy with the changes introduced lately, but it was necessary and greatly enjoyed the results.


    Vuzz, of course I like, and if I may I would like to include it. But wonder what else is hidden the French? :))

    Pioneer Scout Plus latest version, download here: Pioneer-Scout-Plus-light.zip


    Tested with the latest Pioneer Apha 30 freeze, download here:  OSX   Win32   Linux32   Linux64


    At the moment only modules and ships with fuel-scoop. “specials” space stations are being adapted to Alpha 30 by their authors.


    Very stable. Enjoy.

    Vuzz Hi, I was watching that changed the coupling system and the error message does not give any information. I have no time to see it now because I’m so behind on Scout, but I think you should work from the beginning with the new spacestations.lua and not trying to fix the old. They changed many things for the better, I think, and adapt to these changes is hard.


    Anyway we have time, version Alpha 30 is released on January 11, I think.

    Vuzz Thanks, had not seen your “edit”. 🙂


    “some new statics ships for example”


    This is something that is largely untapped in Pioneer. You’ve seen that I included the “Enterprise”, which you modified static. It would be nice if we had more of these great ships “on exhibit”. 🙂


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