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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    I Bow to your craftmanship Sir!!     :fans:

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    @CaptainKal thanks! I hope you enjoy the new Scout+ G29  :gaming:


    Moved of the previous page.


    Pioneer Scout Plus G29f is released!





    This new version, like the previous ones, is based on the latest version of Pioneer engine with the latest mergers considered reliable and useful for Scout+.


    Following the mode of continuous improvement, are many and important the internal changes to improve performance of scripts and to avoid possible errors. The player experience is a priority here.


    Changes in this version:


    * Add a “time left” function for major accuracy in final of missions.



    * “Exit this game” in the config screen, does not return to “start menu”.

       The same behavior on tombstone. This helps to avoid errors in saved games.


    * Autosave to dock and undock includes the name of the space station.



    * The function “discovery of unexplored systems” is active now.

      There are many things to improve here; maybe in G30.


    * Warning message of illegal jump distance, leaving the space station.


    * Corrections of the false alarm in message “imminent failure hyperdrive”.


    * Message “Do not forget to visit…” random local stations, in Lobby screen.


    * Hundreds of lines of code in internal modules were rewritten.

      Pioneer Scout Plus is now more faster, more reliable, and more fun.


     Everything works better in this version.



    Pioneer Scout Plus G29f is a total mod. You need nothing more than:

      Download and unzip the archive pioneersp-g29f-w32l32l64.7z

      Run pioneersp.exe (Windows 32 or 64)

       or pioneersp-l32 (Linux 32)

       or pioneersp-l64 (Linux 64) which is in inside the unzipped folder PioneerSP-G29F



    I have not encountered any serious problems in many hours of testing. But there are many ways to play that might not explored. If you have any problems, let me know; you will help to improve Scout.




    Download free from here: pioneersp-g29f-w32l32l64.7z



    Pioneer Scout Plus is set by default to a screen 4:3

    If you have a 16:9 screen, maybe I should try this mod: fonts169-PioneerScout-mod


    The source code is here. https://github.com/walterar/pioneer-sp


    I hope you enjoy this version.      :pioneer:

    This story continues …


    Awesome job Walterar! It is a beauty.


    I’m actually playing this more often than elite dangerous.


    Things are changing in SSC and I hope they improve, If you got here, congratulations! πŸ™‚


    Remember that you will always find the latest version of Pioneer Scout Plus at https://sourceforge.net/projects/pioneersp/


    Fine, the G30 version is about to come out. As with every new version, there are many improvements and new things.

    The great news this time is on how to explore new systems unexplored: You will land on a planet “witness” and remain a time that depends on the number of bodies in the system. Sometimes it will be easy, sometimes very difficult. Sometimes the “witness” planet will be too close to the main star, other times the planet will be immense and gravity will be a problem. You will also find planets where it will be difficult to land because of the terrain’s characteristics. Very dark planets, very bright planets. Many things can happen beyond the border of the galaxy. There, where no one has ever come.

    I did some videos that show the mechanics of this new feature of the game; You can learn from them the simple way to land or extract hydrogen from gaseous giants.



    If nothing unexpected happens the new G30 version will be available on December 24, 2016.

    Thanks for continuing here :smiley:


    Wonderful News Walterar. I hope to upload the latest Pioneer build around then too so Scout Plus will be getting a Christmas bump too. B)


    @geraldine I like this πŸ˜‰


    Great news !
    And also congratulations for a fantastic job on Scout+, I only had a 2years old versions of Pioneer that I rarely played due to some cmputer problems, I recently downloaded Scout+ latest version and it’s great.

    A few things I noticed that you might want to look at (thou some are probably Pionneer-related)

    – in system view (3D) all objects appear as white balls with no textures (maybe intended, but weird)
    – in the cargo list of the ship, when I jettison stuff, sometimes the order of the list changes, so I end up jettisonning some hydrogen with my radioactives….
    – autopilot has a tendency to crash in between landing pads when ordered to dock with planet bases

    Looking forward to next version !


    @LostJameson Thanks for your concepts.

    Point 1: I do not quite understand what you mean. Could you put a screenshot here?

    Point 2: This is a wrong behavior of the Pioneer engine and it is very annoying, I do not have time to change it now, but surely I will in the next G31 version.

    Point 3: This has always been the case in the Pioneer engine when the time acceleration is at its maximum. The autopilot must do many mathematical calculations to calculate the braking distance, and many of these calculations do not complete, causing a crash against the planet or orbiting station. The solution, for the moment, which does not always work, is to decrease the acceleration of time to point 3, generally to 500,000 km or more, of the target.

    As you can see in the videos, I usually use quicksave, Ctrl + F9, before starting any risky maneuver. You can always go back and improve your experience. πŸ™‚


    Thanks for answering,

    on 1), I can’t post a screenshot right now, but it’s in the 3D system view with a green background and the orbits of all the planets, when I zoom to an object, any object, it always appears as a full white sphere, (exception is the space stations which don’t appear at all, I can select them and zoom very close, but I only see the name tag of the station, not the 3D model), I have no other graphic glitch with this game.

    2) πŸ™‚

    3) Yes I knew that from Frontier, but here I was doing it at only point 2 accel, and even in real time (no acceleration) and it kept crashing (I came to within 10km of the spaceport, the ship started to line up at the vertical of the spaceport and to slow down while descending correctly, the only problem was that it wasn’t at the vertical of the landing pad but at the vertical of a point that is in the middle of the landing pads, I suspect that’s the middle of the whole spaceport), I only tried landing in some of the systems around Lave, on planets that are “small sphere of rock”.

    ah also, I play in english and when I’m in a federation the welcome text in the main menu of the station tells me I’m in the “Federacion” (spanish)

    But otherwise, none of this is annoying (I can land manually), and I realy like your take on things.



    1) That is just to help the navigation and I believe that it fulfills its function, I do not think that it changes much in that aspect, but everything is possible in the future.

    3) This is another old Pioneer engine problem that is currently being studied, see here https://github.com/pioneerspacesim/pioneer/issues/3077 , and an imminent solution is to be expected. Anyway, long ago I have taken precautions for of Pioneer Scout Plus missions to be fulfilled even when the ship can not dock to the station, but they can land in the vicinity.

    FederaciΓ³n will now be: Federation πŸ™‚


    Ah ok, sorry to have bothered you with stuff that is just Pioneer’s present state, for the 1) I was so used to see the planets in System view just like they were in actual gameplay in Frontier/FFE that I forgot to check how it was supposed to be in Pioneer. I remember spending hours “exploring” the galaxy from the galactic map and system view, not even flying to the things… (well, I did also do all the stuff you’d expect, flying to Beta Lyrae to die on arrival, go to unexplored systems in hope my name would be recorded or something, Setting out to try to find that damn Supermassive Black Hole supposed to be in the center of the galaxy… and not being halfway there when my hyperdrive failed…)

    Yep, the autopilot is one hell of a crazy guy with its direction changes, I was quiet frightened on the first fly, but as long as it keeps away from planets it seems to know what it does… πŸ™‚

    Another thing while we’re at it, I had the same issue as described by Marcel in this thread: http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/discussion/4211/things-related-to-scout#latest

    hyperdrive risk of failure warning in february 3200 (also with the lave start and only a few jumps in the meantime). Since you wrote that you would take care of it I think you might want to look at it (I did get the message and then it was mentionned in the Personal informations screen), The shipyard kept telling me my ship was in perfect condition, but I looked at the files (shiprepairs.lua) and I see the shipyard only takes care of the hull, not the yearly check of the engines (I’m not considering this as a bug, I understand there are people on the BBS who propose the service).

    Also, I saw a realy nice touch with the repairs of the hull that take a bit of time, very immersive.


    Yes, Hyperdrive is often a problem; Are more modern than those used by the Pioneer engine. They have more power and less mass, but need more maintenance to keep running. You will need a crewmember with engineering skills if you intend to make a long journey beyond the border, where you will not have a space station at hand. I just found a crew engineer, it was not easy.
    ![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15391580/Pioneer/engineer.png “”)

    The problem is that he has no ability as a pilot, that bothers me a lot. I’ve had better crew.
    ![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15391580/Pioneer/engineer2.png “”)

    Pirates are often a problem in areas of risk. I just had an incident when I was going to collect hydrogen from a gas giant,
    ![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15391580/Pioneer/gasgiantbattle.png “”)

    nothing very serious indeed.
    ![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15391580/Pioneer/damage.png “”)

    I should be more careful next time.

    As you will see, I am having a lot of fun trying the new version while I wait for the release date. πŸ™‚

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