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      Hi, welcome to our new subforum for Go For Launch: Mercury


      For those not familiar with the game…

      Go For Launch: Mercury is the first installment in a series of simulations chronicling the early days of space flight.  With full integration for either a standard computer monitor or full VR via a headset GFL:Mercury will take you on the ultimate adventure into space and let you re-live the exact experiences of those early pioneers, the Mercury Seven.







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      I really liked that VR video that was posted on your kickstarter. Maybe you should contact a few schools that are into tech and let them know that GFL: Mercury exists. This is the sort of game that could be a great history lesson and or get a kids interest in space peaked. I hope the kickstarter picks up soon for you since it has been going slow thus far.

      But do keep the updates pumping on kickstarter and here, because the more posting and talking you do about the game the more the search engines pick it up and index it.

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      Kickstarter going very slow but still 28 days to run.


      New video out


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      I am actually surprised it is moving as slow as it is. The experience seems great in the videos, nevermind this game has educational aspects to it as well. I am glad the devs will press on with the game even if it doesn’t get funded. Personally the game looks and feels good almost as is so they have to be pretty close and just need some funds for the small art and sound assets, hard to say. I wonder if they have to pay to use any sound clips?

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