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    what will follow here are conversions of my old LMR models to the SGM.

    let’s start with a very odd ship which is my preferred starting ship, it can do NOTHING! except to fly around and carry some cargo, it has no arming, no shielding, no hyperdrive, you can be lucky that it has a autopilot (but you start without).

    “Maneuverable Cargo Unit” short “MCU”


    it’s designed to do some simple jobs like interplanetary cargo runs, and can also transport up to 5 passengers in comfortable cabins (no cryo freezing near dead shit).

    it doesn’t looks comfortable from the outside but it’s on the inside (coffee boiler & minibar included [;)] ).

    a further purpose is colonization, since the unit can be used as a first housing.

    no schicky micky, only functional, don’t expect a “racing horse” when you bought a “mule”.

    MCUs can be joined, therefore they have a normed docking unit at front and rear.

    which again predestinates them for colonization.


    it’s purpose in the game i see as a hard start, you will have to make the money actually only with interplanetary cargo contracts ( i.e. “moving home”). a daring pilot can even do some scout missions, if one knows how to get unarmed rid of a attacker.

    you start without a autopilot and are forced to learn to maneuver in space and to dock or land manually.

    because of the low thrust you are even forced to use your fuel wisely.

    a example how to implement it as starting ship will follow, it’s as easy as to paste some text in this window here.








    that’s how a sealed cabin would look like (prob.)




    wonder what these bulges are for?

    it’s a ventilation!

    the bulges work as kickback flaps (like a vene flap) which prevent a backflow, they protect from backflow with a simple spring.

    simple technology is safest, that’s why such is used in NPP’s, i.e. fuelrods aren’t controlled electromechanically, they are controlled with compressed air of constantly loaded containers, this works even when no electricity is available, just open the valve and the mantling of the fuelrods goes in position 0. usually you use “state closed” as normal state, in case of accidence it will return allways to state 0. large flaps about a diameter of 2m made by a company named “Killer”, (no joke) so they are named “killer flaps”, which suits them well because four springs each with a force of 4tons keep them closed if they get released (to prevent a backflow of possibly contaminated air, especially in case of overpressure, part of my job was to maintain them (besides of hangin’ around and inform myself how the shit works). they are even released with compressed air.

    it works together with the fact that the containment is sealed by a water container (pool, basin) , this allows to damp possible overpressure (in case of a GAU), of course this is relevant only for npp’s with a anulus (the typical dome), older block shaped like chernobyl was, haven’t such a basin.

    erm, i’m suspecting the last “accident”, the contaminated water from the npp in fukushima was done willingly… somehow you have to get rid of it…, one of the best payed “roommates” are the divers who clean (maintain) the “pool”. hmm… yes, we would have a institute where they would vaporize the water and later could even burn the remnants (Paul Scherrer Institute, he was the swiss nuclear power pioneer), but that’s quite expensive (it wasn’t just a pit), so i suspect $ are again the reason why. well it’s hard to tell people who live in a jungle that if they chop trees one day there won’t be no more trees, “but they are so many”, or in this case “the sea is so wide”, very wide.


    it’s common to use such in sealed rooms/cabins.

    the one you see on the door is tightened with screws if you like to open any door you have to

    make a pressure compensation manually (don’t forget to wear a pressure suit before opening).


    it misses a handwheel to open the hatch under any condition.


    yes i can get as reasonable the same as i can get lunatic 🙂




    finally the link to the ship:





    and the promised example:


    to implement it as starting ship use this short edit in “data/ui/MainMenu.lua”, in addition to the specifications for “setupPlayerWave” i.e.

    or as replacement.

    local setupPlayerShip1 = function ()

    use following line to use the ship on a certain starting point in the menu (example):

    { t("Start at Earth"),    function () Game.StartGame(SystemPath.New(0,0,0,0,9))   setupPlayerShip1() end },



    now, let’s wait for the “destructive” comments, lol.



    @Vuzz, if you have a certain one in mind let me know…


    count’s for the rest of visitors as well, like to see of mine or probably someone elses models you miss we had before?

    (i recommend s2odans fighter, it would be a nice replacement for the eagle, small & powerful), let me know it.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    I’m sure you can easily found what is my prefered ship ^^. (the one i’ve make the most work on) 


    a bitten on hamburger, with a olive sticked on the side?




    model and scene made by “dudai” around ’95 with “Imagine” on a Amiga.



    before i start to work on this ship, which has certainly changed the look of spaceships for all time,

    i have some city models ready.



    that will be a first set of converted FFED3D models


    th_Bildschirmfoto2013-09-14um192313_zps0 th_Bildschirmfoto2013-09-14um192343_zps4 th_Bildschirmfoto2013-09-14um192509_zps7 th_Bildschirmfoto2013-09-14um192416_zps2





    my “City 3000”, sticked together because they use the same textures.


    th_Bildschirmfoto2013-09-14um192604_zpsd th_Bildschirmfoto2013-09-14um192649_zpsf th_Bildschirmfoto2013-09-14um192727_zps2





    and the meanest building of all the “Coil Building”










    I think of Missions: Transportation (or Rescue) of the mobile scientific  habitable modules. Mobile hospitals. Etc. You’ll see. 🙂


    Just need: Caiman + 1, 2, or 3 MCUs (and time)


    you remember the original purpose, hm?

    that would mean i should release a “Caiman + MCU” again?

    ok, why not.

    really cool would be if the “MCU” could be bought once as a cargo upgrade to a ship with docking unit.


    anyway, i like this (good job!)






    especially the latter releases always a laughter.



    really cool would be if the “MCU” could be bought once as a cargo upgrade to a ship with docking unit.”


    I know how to do it in ShipsResale module in Scout+  :mail: 


    “anyway, i like this (good job!)”


    My dear VolksWagen galactic!  :giverose: 


    “especially the latter releases always a laughter.”


    Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone. :victory: 


    I know how to do it in ShipsResale module in Scout+


    seems like i have to take a closer look at that one.




    i heard he worked in the fed. patent office…


    i heard he worked in the fed. patent office…”  :spiteful: 

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