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      I was smiling like crazy when I listened to this, we have no details on what exactly his role will be but he will be Jean-Luc Picard. So this is very exciting and makes me wonder if the latest Star Trek series isn’t cutting it. I was able to watch the whole first season on my flight to the philippines and it wasn’t that bad. I saw it back in April and I couldn’t name one character in the show, so I guess you could say the series is forgettable. STNG was an amazing show and if they are able to bring back some of these epic characters or maybe even continue the TNG in some way I think it will be a hit, but only time will tell.

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      Yes, make it so! Will be great to see him back although I am still waiting to see even this new series as it has not been broadcasted yet where I live.
      Also…..I can only hope this encourages Babylon 5 makes a return one day too as that was the only other show to ever to provide any competition to the Star Trek franchise bay in the day.
      Remember this scene D1?

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      Haha, wow. I really need to watch B5 again those memories are starting to fade. I would like to see a lot of older scifi shows get a reinvention to new audiences.

      Oh here is the full version of the video of the star trek reveal with Patrick Stewart… the best Captain of the enterprise btw 😉 Sorry Shatner 🙂

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