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A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019

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    Another take on the old Wing Commander games it unclear as weather the game is still being worked on as their been no updates since an announcement in the summer that one was being worked on.

    From Steam

    A decade ago, the robotic forces of the Supremacy slaughtered the ones who opposed its absolute control over the Galaxy. This fateful period is known as the Division War. The few lucky survivors were enslaved or banished to the Outer Planets. Driven by their ever-growing hunger for power, the evil Supremacist fleet now travels at full speed expanding its reach to the Outer Rim. The survivors once again stand on the brink of destruction.

    The bravest veterans of the Division War joined forces and created the NIGHTSTAR: a group of elite flying aces that are ready to rebel against the hunger of the machines.

    The NIGHTSTAR has discovered a secret that could put an end to the conflict. Now the very fate of the galaxy lies in the hands of these fearless pilots.

    About NIGHTSTAR™: Rogue Wings
    NIGHTSTAR™: Rogue Wings is an ARCADE FLIGHT COMBAT GAME about rapid air battles and fast-paced missions. From third-person view or from an immersive cockpit view you will fight your way to rise up against an evil Artificial Intelligence that rules the galaxy! It takes you on a breathtaking journey with beautifully handcrafted environments, battleships, and enemy fighters. Playing as Commander Eastwood on a single player campaign mode, your skills as a pilot will be put to the test while you learn secrets the Supremacy through completing missions. Triple-A art and effects, and state-of-the-art sound design await.

    SPACE AND PLANETSIDE COMBAT. Experience rapid air and space battles of epic proportions.
    A LIVING UNIVERSE. A Stunning dynamic universe with high resolution graphics and textures
    UPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE. Complete missions, collect resources and turn your ship into an unstoppable war machine
    GO FULL THROTTLE. Thrilling, tactical combat as you lead an elite squadron of three

    What’s available on Early Access:

    Single player campaign mode with 5 LEVELS, with more to come
    Third person and cockpit views
    Unique advanced flying mechanics
    Triple-A textures, models and effects
    State-of-the-art sound design

    Planned Upcoming Features

    7 highly replayable levels with unique enemies and bosses
    Full PlayStation®4 and Xbox One gamepad support
    Neat customization options including skins, weapons, shields, engines and more
    Steam Trading Cards and Steam Achievements

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019


    I have it on my steam wishlist…i’m waiting for the final release to buy it!


    Same here but I think it might be a long wait.

    Been a number of these space combat games which have appeared in the last year and they seem to get abandoned pretty quickly after release. it maybe because they are too basic in what they are offering and people expectations are far greater now than what they used to be.


    Yes i understand what you are saying…but in my opinion a basic game is not a bad game, it depends from how do you do it.
    You can do a simply gameplay but well cooked and have a good result as you can do far more complicated games were many aspects are not developed correctly.
    Take an old school fps like serious sam…it has a very simple gameplay (run-fire-run) but the game is great. The same can be done with space game like nightstar.
    I’m also a developer (we are only two guys) and from my perspective i can say that the bigger difficult is to have a stable team. You start a project, maybe you go in alpha and the in beta but the team is no more able to work on it…so the game get stucked.
    There are many factors for this, one is that very small team do it for passion (like me) so there is no money, you need to work and then develop your game in free time. It’s easy to understand that someone in the team can leave.


    I would agree that their is nothing wrong with basic gameplay, but given that this now getting to be a fairly crowded market, I would say they their is a need for some sort of extra feature or better thought out game mechanics.
    Also Unreal game engine seems to be very popular at the moment and a lot of the small indie devs tend to use the same assets in their games, which in turn has given rise to a lot of identical looking games.

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