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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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      Here is a decent video that touches on some rumors of a possible update to NMS. I still haven’t purchased this game yet but maybe I will once this update drops.


      This bundle expires on 3/25/2019

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      I wish my game of No Mans looked as good as that in the video! I’ve had constant texture issues with it, although I have not updated the game in a while maybe that will fix it?
      As for the 1.5 update, well it’s hype isn’t it, goodness knows when it will come out or what will be in it. The game is pretty cheap now in various places D1, then again so is Elite Dangerous and the X series. Also don’t forget X4 is coming and that look pretty good in the reveal video a few months back. Your spoiler for choice really, which is a nice thing! 😀

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      Yes, I definitely need to sit down with these games now I have a new PC. X Rebirth just had a new patch and I still need to buy that one expansion to have all the content and I will attempt to play it then.

      On Elite Dangerous I almost purchased it this past holiday sale. And I saw NMS at about $23 this past Xmas sale and was gonna wait a bit longer since modders have been improving the game and I wanted to wait a bit longer. But from some youtube videos I have watched I am starting to like NMS now after about 2yrs of patches.

      X4 does look good and cannot wait to see how they piece this all together, I really do hope they don’t release until its done and not do what they did with X:R. Now I have the great problem of I have a PC that plays everything now, now I need to start playing games 🙂

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      Looks like something special coming for the summer for the NMS owners…. I will wait until this comes out and if it elevates the game to a better place then I will probably pick this up.

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