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      Hello Everyone

      I have seen the system set normal users to having a forum security role of ‘blocked’.

      Has anyone seen this happen to them?

      If so, what were you doing when it happened?

      Or if your role says blocked is the system still allowing you to post?

      I am trying to track this issue down because I have seen this happen a few times, but no one on the site has reached out to me with any problems or issues with not being able to post or use the site. So I am a little puzzled 🙂

      So if your permissions do get automatically set to blocked on the forums please contact me so I can try to investigate so I can see if its a setting or a plugin causing the issue. Thx and if you need to contact me because you lost permission to post you can email me here: admin at spacesimcentral dot com


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      I tweaked somethings and unblocked any users I saw this morning. I will monitor and see if my changes fixed this issue I have been seeing.

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