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    all mods .zip's can be placed in "…locale/pioneer/mods" folder.

    some are 7.zip because there is a readme included which is probably worth to look at.

    Mods alpha25

    get all at once


    runs from "mods" folder

    the following mods won't run without them,

    but the sub-models-mod won't harm the existing sub-models or models.

    Ships FE2

    all FE2 Ships

    Ships P66

    my "modern" styled ships

    Ships Vintage

    my retro sci-fi ships

    Groundstations P66

    my two groundstations

    Buildings P66

    City3k and all that crap

    Buildings Vlastan

    Vlastans Buildiings, floors scaled to 1:1

    Buildings Kcity

    Kcity, floors scaled to 1:1

    Custom Systems P66

    Ross 154 (arisata mod), Mechanica



    had to post a reply, just to bring it a bit to front, i hardly couldn’t find it myself 😀

    …found something to post



    does that look silly, or like nonsens?

    the tie interceptor is my actual desktop



    Awesome work.

    I’m going to pull them into alpha 8 (at least, all the ones that won’t get us sued – I can’t put the starwars ones in 😉

    The ship_defs changed for alpha8, but I’ll fix these myself



    Gernot, just a few things to note:

    Don’t tag missile models with tags = {‘ship’}, or they will appear in the shipyard 😉

    They still need a ship_defs = { … , so that their accelerations can be specified though.



    thanx 😎

    do i have?

    erm, yes, no, i havn’t. but your missiles from ships.lua are included to them and they have (but they won’t appear in the shipyard never seen a ship “Naval Missile” would be funny and i won’t have forgot that).

    i guess maybe, if you like to keep ships.lua (i removed it and have your ships as a single lua’s)

    then remove the “real” missiles from it, no, bad idea no more missile model then, or you have to keep two, i guess that’s why i put them together “real” and the poseable “dummy” use the same model.

    (interesting fact, to me they are simple models and old at least 7 years or so, but it seems they look good on spaceships, even sparks, who created the ffed3d ASP wears them on his ships in FFED3D).

    hm, actually i cant remember why i created th dummys, the m_whatever models appear on the ship as well as the dummys

    but i must have had a idea then.

    btw, some ships are still in a very basic unfinished state, like the LYNX, but don’t mind :mrgreen:

    as long as i couldn’t use it (since alpha6 we can thx to class9 and the big wheel station), i didn’t worked further on it.

    also still funny to see the lynx in a starport 100m at both sides looking out of it.

    but i have a huge starport in work, but actually i’m a bit busy with my scripted models and the tutorial.

    my very first spaceship (not true my second, first was the courier)


    and that’s how the courier got born


    yes of course i posted it when presented my SW ships here that they will never appear in the pioneer download.

    they are “inofficial”, you can say.

    XWA is rather old and i don’t fear to be punished because of that, especially why i have seen a lot of ships based on them for various SW games. (even if the creators of the modded ships are a bit strange fellows annd have their nose high in the wind, that’s why i asked above if they do look silly or like nonsens. i got really a bit angry because of what darksaber finally answered me, that he didn’t answered because he didn’t likes to answer to nonsense. Pioneer nonsense? “tIqIpqu’ ‘ej nom tIqIp”. one thing for shure by browsing through the threads of XWA-upgrade, i found out there are a lot that would wish a opensource SW game would exist, with a seeded galaxy and all of we got, pah!)

    selber schuld (their own fault)

    with a little work one could make a good SW mod of Pioneer, but if they think it’s nonsense…



    Yeah you’ve been working real hard on these, they look great, as does the conversion of my viper in the other thread (i think yours looks better than dans, sorry dan!)

    About the SW ships, I know the guys at xwing upgrade are fairly protective of their work, as they have every right to be, i hope they’re ok with letting you use the models in your mod and i also hope you’re including credits for the people involved with each model (usually a readme in each models folder?)… thats usually the minimum requirement for using someones work.

    maybe you should switch franchises, Babylon 5, or even nu-battlestar, you have the physics, the jump drives & a spectacular sense of galactic scale. I mean if you’re going to put a lot of time into a mod with missions and stuff its never really going to ‘feel’ like starwars because its flying all wrong. eh, maybe i’m missing the point:)



    there is actually only one model i used from XW-upgrade respectively X-wing station (the YT-1300)

    the rest is from SW-XWA itself so no one except lucas arts would have rights on it, i guess.

    i was just kindly asking for permission to use the millfalc

    and did get such a answer

    i guess yes i will add a readme (if i hadn’t), because i don’t want to claim it’s mine nor some might think that it’s mine.

    (even when you would look at the mesh you can see that i corrected some of badly put together parts, that would have had 10cm gaps in real size, i can’t stand such).

    like i “cleaned” some of the original models and made them 100% symmetrical, sometimes when i worked on them i had the feel they are “industrial products” if you know what i mean, but on the other hand i guess in the past you havn’t had such good programs like we have now and picking a certain vertice wasn’t easy, so you moved them slightly in i.e. x vector to grant you can still pick it later up (i know this from Z-Modeler, which i used for my early car models).

    textures was badly mapped sometimes, that’s why i thought some “worker” most have done it, some textures was such i don’t know like painted with a colour pencil that i had to replace them (even when that’s no bad idea, if your’e good in painting, i thought about such myself, painting with a pencil or a brush i’m still much faster as when i use a program).

    and if i think about how games must be made “industrial” yes, i guess you plan some model and hand that maybe including textures or not to a company (best in korea) and they do the job for you, at least some was made that loveless.

    later on some person representing the owner will give it’s ok or not.

    but after all in XWA you can’t see, the models are very small in the game as i remember it and the resolution is compared to pioneer rather low.

    of course a pioneer star wars mod won’t be like a SW game, a lot would be different, but allready just a little hack of pioneers exe allows you to start i.e. with a tie and nothing as a drive and a 1MW pulse cannon.

    a horrible main thrust and almost no breaking capability, which is real fun to me, when leaving the port you have to be real careful else 1t of hull are ashes before you noticed it. a perfect hunter if you know how to use it.

    but if one would work on the source of pioneer i guess a lot can be made, except it has no storyline or missions like typical SW games.

    what was irritating to me, is that darksaber (for personal reasons i understand) removed his e-mail from his page, he didn’t allows PM on XWA-Upgrade but didn’t likes when someone uses his models without request or permission.

    so HOW can someone ask him? except to get finally his attention by shouting out real loud.

    personally i never mind about such, i mean i make no money with it, they are not my design, why should i care if someone else uses them, yes a note is not bad and didn’t claim it’s yours is offens.

    and even if some are my very own design, i can allways make new ones.

    i understand not all are so willing to give, but i said personally.

    and if ever someone should use the above FE2/FFE typical models for something else then pioneer,

    better note that they belong to Frontier.dev rather to me. because they belong to them in my point of view.

    what ever effort i have needed to bring them to a new gloss.

    i’m satisfied some recognize me at last, that’s enough (to get some respect from people like you are, is more then i can beg for).

    well that must be because i had really hard times the last few years and when you loose all you love by your own decision,

    what could be harder? i couldn’t have said “he’s guilty”, or “she’s guilty” or “this is misfortune” it was my decision. i guess even dead is not as hard as that, sometimes i havn’t had food for a week or so. you see other things are gettin’ important in such situations in life. 😀

    of course i know it’s a industry and not all companies are so quality aware, games been put on market in very short production time, with lowest possible cost to produce them (but if i think how much they earn… even a drunken baker makes better croissants, but they cost only 50cents and i never heard about a baker gettin’ real rich with croissants. except ok, industrial made ones).

    finally i’m a naked man and have only a few cards left to play in my hands, what can i loose?

    my life? ok, then all the pain has come to a end, fine.

    i don’t know maybe i remove he’s millfalc and make a own one from scratch, why not. he will see what he get’s from…



    here we go again…

    visit the first entry to get to the ships



    added conny, ip shuttle, lynx fixes

    added, shift

    Hit Me



    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I started a new game at Lave a week or so ago to see if I could get to Earth without cheating. I just deleted the cobra3 folder then installed yours and my saved game is using your conversion without a hitch. 😎

    Only 697.72 light years to go!

    Another edit: I just installed them all. So far, everything’s A-OK. It was tiring just installing them, I can’t even imagine how much work it took to do them all! Awesome!!!


    I can’t even imagine how much work it took to do them all

    fortunatly most was ready for alpha20, i only couldn’t finish them before alpha21, it was then only a little work to fit them to the new ship specs.

    not to run into problems i did it like a hooker; “one after the other”. (after beeing halfways sure appearing problems i had wasn’t caused by my models).

    a reason why nearly all contain the same sub-models, it has made it far easier for me.

    it will leave a mess in the submodels imo, but i promise to get that proper with the next or the following release. so i can present a cleaned up sub-models directory which contains only the needed reduced ones, some won’t be textured but that’s fine imo, some will loose a variation or two.

    but all ships, mine including the ones from other modelers (foremost s2odans) must use the new submodels and that’s still some work to do.

    i.e. the new scanner has to be scaled and positioned proper for many models (in general 0.75 of the old scanner model and a lifting of ~10%).

    the removing of the scripted pilot will give some work to do, because i can’t use the same scale or position, that’s because the scripted pilot has no real scale, or it has of course one but i didn’t know it exactly, it was made from scratch without a given scale, later i fixed the scale according even to results from OGLE.

    while the newer pilot is 1:1 which makes it easy to scale it to any model, even the seat and helmet are centered to the pilots podex (yes, perhaps the feet would have been better, to late… but therefore a pilot on a “custom” chair is easier to position centered on the podex, you won’t need the dummy, just use the mid of the part where rest and seat joins). split to allow a different use of them, e.g. you like to model your own chair, instead of a preassembled model like i made before.

    also i removed or changed the material selection and all works on premodeled submodels, i experienced this as far better as my first approach, even when it still has a lot of dynamic exchanging models, but models no longer dynamic changed texture or material on a mesh, that helps a lot.

    further the naming of them is more comprehensible, perhaps really someone comes along and likes to use them…

    while i can see already some good things going on in the right direction and the selector function will be one day replaced with something game dependant.

    i hope the “dummy model” is in the folder already, this will allow others to position and scale the pilot proper to their model as long as you don’t change the centering of the “dummy”. even a dummy for the missiles should exist, which reflects not only my model, it’s sized the same as the original scripted missile.

    some conditions have changed, i.e. the thrusters are again to call as last, while i changed most models to use the thrusters in the static part, i have to use them now as last in the dynamic part, else they cut out things like the labels or any dynamic geometry. i guess some models still show this spinoff.

    after all there is no warranty that you won’t run into a “deadend” with some of them, could be a scanner or a ECM model is called wrong (non existant) and the game will terminate.

    it’s hard to check all that and even harder without the modelviewer, i have to buy each upgrade to check it’s function (no, hacking the savegame won’t help much in this case, it takes to long 😆 ) even to install the windows build hasn’t helped me much in alpha20, because copying the model from/to is also uncomfortable, why i already only run the mac build.



    added a new oldie

    the X-Wing from SW-XWA


    check here for the file



    time for a warning.

    D1 will delete soon my downloads folder here on SSC, that means the links will be broken after until i uploaded all again.

    i will keep you informed.


    you get the latest crap either as a bundle or each model seperate



    Thanks for the warning Gernot. Now downloaded the entire archive and saved to disk………..just in case 😕



    All of this has been removed per Potsmoke’s request. All links are not broken in that first post and I might lock this thread so people won’t complain about broken links 🙂

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