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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    yes a lot has changed, it’s a quite more basic system as before.

    therefore to post YT clips it has get easier you have now only to paste the link YT outputs when you press “share”.


    however, your link pointed to this page

    can a dropbox link be used to display a picture?
    i just ask bacause i can’t use links from my cloud to present a picture, i have to use a link from photobucket or similar
    because i’m bored by the adverts in photobucket it starts to annoy me, i accept thet the free access is payed by
    advertisers but the popups are a very agressive way and i feel you don’t reach your goal with this
    because am i interested in someones service or product if he annoys me?
    but perhaps they have enough subscribers and just like to get rid of the ballast.

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    instead to ask such stupid questions, let’s try it

    ![](https://photos-6.dropbox.com/t/2/AACy014Yutu3VV8mMD1JicmZTOvxpJKU74dgIm5xasuVZA/12/663559735/jpeg/32×32/1/_/1/2/fe2-4a.jpg/EPGG2LQFGAEgBygH/4rBee_kh5MZFTkrBdpvddrqTmpsfzjO-o3jn3z48aKU?size=32×32&size_mode=5 “”)

    ha, it works
    but you have to display the graphic in dropbox rightclick on it and select “copy graphics adress”, this link will work
    if you just select the shortened link dropbox offers you it won’t work to display the graphic outside of dropbox.

    i hope this is no abuse

    because i found i new place where i can stuff my screenshots and whatever without annoying adverts, that’s great!


    It’s later. That TV movie was cobbled together from several episodes of the “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” series. The Orbit Jet is a tail-sitter. You’ve made those before. It has no retros as far as I could tell. I can’t figure out how to show the pictures, but here’s some links.
    That dark area that looks like a cockpit window is not. The ship has a viewscreen. In this last pic they’ve landed and are using the viewscreen to spy on some villainy.


    certainly i like the tailsitters and yes it would suit a project like phoenix to go retro in design
    but i guess to make them really functional the source had to be changed, in principles i guess it’s just to define if it’s a tailsitter to change the forward axis from Z to Y (or the up axis vice versa) for the camera and the flight system.

    i would really appreciate that, it would be a cool option to the modern ships and requires a lot of experience to maneuver such a vessel even still when “up is up”.

    certainly i can revive the “atomic 1” or try to build a ship like you showed, but unless such a change either the orientation is wrong and a autopilot won’t work (which isn’t so bad) plus that you get confused by forward and up
    or the ship will be no tailsitter and is oriented horizontally.

    i would like a range of tailsitters 🙂
    for such it would be worth to redesign the whole game and throw out all what is “modern” only retro design but not only in appearance even though in handling.

    sort a 30’s to 50’s retro design, i can imagine this also well for the architecture, which is another point to work on the source
    i have no idea how far pioneer is with such, however you know it’s a “must” to separate between hostile and outdoor worlds
    for the architecture and the stations, that’s also why i used for sputnik mostly existing old because this has to be made before i start to build any more buildings and types like we had i miss even since long, the cities are to less orderly and if you enable i.e. something exclusive like a church you get 50 churches in return. and still i have the idea ready to build a city from city tiles
    similar like in old FE2/FFE, it would for outdoor worlds result in better cities, while for hostile worlds and moons a scattered appearance fits well if the buildings won’t be common unsealed outdoor architecture. here and there something which rakes out of the terrain is reasonable for a city on a moon the most will be under the surface. it is usually not funny when it’s night on a hostile world (it’s damned dark then) and at daytime you need really beefy welding goggles.

    the paragon is there, it’s called Frontier and simple or not it solves this problem well (hostile / outdoor architecture).

    a space battle with tailsitters and no reverse thrust and very low lateral thrust, i wonder how such a jousting will work out.
    certainly not like in the movies
    it will be extremly difficult to hit at all i guess, but it will be the same for the opponent, point on the enemy and fire
    both can’t move much just like two overarmed horses and their knights.
    and don’t forget to dodge out
    else you end as space debris


    these viewscreens from the past was magical devices, you could watch on them every scene, every place, from every desired angle and all this without to use something like a drone.
    and it presented always the important things to watch at the right time.
    just like ming who watches every desired angle of his worlds to control his people, when you look at a control room just for something common like a city tunnel, you realise soon that it’s impossible for a human to watch all simultaneous. and that’s just a single object not 100 or just one world to control.

    looks like i have to watch the movie hm? i have enough time why not.
    because i don’t know which alien building, yes but you know the lmr don’t expect to much.

    but right yesterday i “dreamed” of architecture, it moves me since a while also for FFED3D, i should do more for it in the next time also to learn from it in detail how the cities are constructed.

    of course i know “how”, but not what could be i.e. a useful tagging to group buildings.

    of course FFE and FE2 had a advantage due to far less powerful machines and of shading was not to think of, thus the terrain is like we had in a unshaded pioneer and you won’t notice if a building (set) doesn’t stands on the ground if you don’t rough land close to it.
    the physical terrain and the displayed aren’t the same exactly and a city is leveled by the station if one side is underground and the other 50m above doesn’t matters.

    we can’t have such in on a shaded terrain and buildings or building tiles have to be levelled to the terrain
    or and i feel it’s the only real option, the terrain must be flattened to create a acceptable outdoor worlds city
    for hostile worlds i see this different, they even don’t need such tiles because you won’t have parks or landmarks except a
    “gee that’s a ugly antenna”.
    it start’s already to get to a problem for FFED3D because the terrain is shaded and you see the differences unlike in the original.
    i can live with this for FFED3D because these are the conditions for this game, i can’t and neither i would change them.

    i realy thought already to do the vice versa for FFED3D and instead to work with the city tiles to remove them, just to see how that will look, the arrangement of the buildings will be the same, just there won’t be no streets or such, but neither it will be that obvious that they probably stand 50m above the surface. also the different shading is a problem, the tiles are flat but the terrain is not and even when i remove the specularity from them they will be shaded different as the surrounding terrain. streets i could use from the tiles, while on the other hand sometimes they don’t fit to the buildings and some buildings might stand in the middle of the road.
    the tiles are designed intelligent this i have to say and however you rotate them or arrange them they always fit near to seamless to each other. of course neither that’s a big thing in principles you just have to determine first where the connecting

    but yes, “alien building” sounds good.
    what i see for phoenix are rather simple buildings, made of primitives and basta, things like the domes on hostile worlds in FE2,
    a couple of them and a couple of antennas plus a entry to a underground starport will look most reasonable.
    if that starport could be build instead to use a single design is to think about.

    because if you would build it systematical it could range from a single landing pad/hangar to a large station, “city” in the way a city is build won’t exist, it would be like a web of buildings.

    and instead to use the seed to scatter the buildings over the landscape it would make far more sense to use it to construct such a station which will look different on near to each hostile world, conditions have to be respected, temparature is not the only thing to respect, and i know it would be possible, also to tell which range of atmosphere is acceptable for a outdoor world not to have outdoor cities in a argon atmosphere, hardly i can imagine to walk around there without a pressure suit and my needed oxygen.
    not everything must be respected it’s acceptable i.e. if this outdoorworld has a gravity of 5G or more and a respective high airpressure even if that neither would be a condition to live in or even if that is a vulcanic world as long as there is some oxygene. halfways reasonable would be already a great thing.

    instead to scatter it randomly to struct it respecting the conditions we know we will find by the meaning of same numbers draw always the same number.

    though from my ward a couple of cylinders can look more “alien” as what i can imagine in my wildest dreams.

    “alien” depends anyway on what sort of alien you expect and we haven’t real alien races in pioneer, it’s to think about hidden artefacts this i think could be a great anker to build missions around.

    what could we expect? some rejected the idea at all and decided to leave it up to the imagination of the rerader / viewer.
    will they look like a trees stump with a dish helmet like head and rather fragile limbs which stick out of the stump by need?
    or will it be a reptile?
    i guess both will have their very specific architecture and we can only speculate what is pleasing for a reptile not to talk about living stubs.

    the last novel from heinlein i’ve read featured “living stubs” as creatures from mars.
    it’s i guess i told it already, a different sci-fi, no space battles and such, but i guess the story would work fine for these days.
    because it’s about a actor and you won’t like his personality, he stinks he thinks he’s the best and just not enough honored for his outraking talent. he completely dislikes aliens, he has no real reason for this but he hates them, he thinks they smell ugly and have no manners (it might remind us of something). due to circumstances he “falls into the hands” of a couple of space pilots, traders, people whichs daily work is to make a little profit with interplanetary cargo runs. their interest is to have good contacts to whatever race, they don’t mind about race as long as they can make a little profit. they formed a political movement even though true space pilots hate politics, but things in their world have changed and ppl look suspective at alien races. our protagonist is exactly such a common human which hates aliens but he didn’t even know why.
    how the story goes on and i alrerady suspected it, he had to pick a very special role and play the double for the leader of this movement, he disliked the job (the actor) but also he is a man of truth and deal is deal, i have to make it. he ends up in space where didn’t liked to end up, he visited mars and the imperator (which is a human and complete different as one expects). he had to play the role of his life and mind washed (he had to learn in hypnose every detail of his role) or not he starts to think different about what is alien.

    in the beginning i thought it’s a bit a lame story, but when i closed the book, i had to say brillant way to transport the message.
    you first dislike the protagonist
    then you start to understand his point of view, you accept that he’s a opportunist and that he has his reasons for this to be.
    then he has to change his point of view because he learned it is wrong.
    and that one as soon as he feels he is responsible for his friends because he made for the first time real friends will start to think different. people who really respected him not only applauded and threw a few dollars in his hat, who would give their life to protect him because they need his special talent to reach their goal.

    he disliked it completely that a software has selected him and a second one, the fact that it was a stupid machine and the fact that this machine was that presumptuous to select even a second one who should be as good as him.
    neither he felt that this will be a role to play, “i’m no lookalike, that’s a idiots job”.
    but, who knows this machine seems to be very clever 😉 because exactly the fact that he has a challenger or just the idea that there could be one as good as him has moved him finally to make the contract with the space pilots, and of course the need of bread.
    obvious that this challanger never existed and was a just a catalyst which was used by the the clever space pilot.
    when in space he even realised this and he wasn’t pleased to be fooled that easy, by a space pilot (you have to see them as something common humans don’t like and don’t respect much, the typical rough space pilot we know from old sci-fi, doesn’t talks much, acts first asks later etc. one would say uneducated or at least uncultivated, but cultivated enough to respect the different races like his own)
    “shit, now i’m in space, i dind’t wanted to be here, never, but i have to make the best out of the situation”.

    it points a light on what is culture and how to treat different races and this i like much, i like how this message is transported by the way of a protagonist who’s character you dislike, instead to take one you will like from the beginning on.
    you learn to review your point of view while he learns to review his.


    there is more which amused or amazed me,
    it’s for me the oldest novel in which something like a light sabre is used.
    easy possible that it had been “invented” before, but it’s a novel from the 40’s i guess and this makes it quite early for this weapon.
    also and obviously it’s less a weapon as it is a piece of evidence for honorabilty, that someone who carries such a weapon isn’t a common beeing. it’s a, how else, alien invention by the marsians the ugly smelling stubs in this story.
    i think it’s worth to look at the society heinlein draws for them and the reason behind.
    we learned they are stubs and that’s what they are, a sort of plants. they have no sex to reprodeuce themself like our nature works.
    their nature only reproduces through subsidiary i guess is the right term. the “families” as far as this is the right term are better described as breeds, they are all of the same “blood”, genes in other words, due to the fact that they are subsidiaries. it’s queationable if such would work, a evolution without splitting and mutation, but we let this aside it’s about society not about evolution. this special nature needs a special culture that such breeds can live together without to have continous racial wars. in the story this was the case for the marsians for many centuries and they found a probate way to manage this and this is by a very stiff codex. everything must be done after this codex only this grants them peace. now we come to this culture and we start to trade with them and have our very own culture which is based on individualism – which is extremely different to their which is to them approved by centuries (interesting parallels no?).

    and of course you find as less alien friendly marsians as you find alien friendly humans.
    nonetheless the imagined leader of these space farers has this honor to wear such a weapon because due to his steady effort in understanding between the cultures which a true marsian who knows why the codex is so stiff must honor.
    this “redneck” managed it to get “brother” of a honorable marsian … tribe, brotherhood one must say it’s never one, one is many of them.
    and due to circumstances this “redneck” squeezed out the brain of one of the subsidiaries of exactly his “brother breed”.
    and still he knows that they will be friends, how can this be?
    they might have the same genes, they are not just “the same blood”, subsidiaries, nonetheless each subsidiary has his own personality has lived his own live and must not think and feel the same as another subsidiary.
    and that’s the thought of the protagonist and the thought of the reader,
    “what greatness it needs to leave aside that he is me and was murdered by a human, but i can see that it was needed and that my subsidiary had the wrong goals”.
    that this subsidiary not only injured a ancient codex, that this codex is to respect even for alien lifeforms and is to weight higher as the life of my own subsidiary (me).

    we have a different codex and it includes individualism or to tell it right individualism we believe is the key to a society in peace if “…we give us following constitution”.

    and this “constitution” is to weight higher as my own life (and it stands in no relation to a value of gold or gems) and it values for all “thinking beings”, if that sounds pathetic of me or not.

    now (caugh), that’s why i think the story fits so well to 2017.

    however you like to write the story a true space farer knows how to decide or for what he has to fight.
    and yes certainly he likes to make profit that’s his job, but not every price he must be willing to pay for this.
    and what i even liked in relation to 2017, these space traders hate trading laws, it’s not to their profit. it hinders trading if this and that law hinders me in trading a good, and it’s not because this good would be illegal, because someone takes profit out of the situation that it is ballasted with high import taxes. if that is good for a society is questionable.

    “That was a real horrotrip Flash”
    “Mungo is only fantasy Dale, but what happens on Earth is reality”


    another sort of architecture i changed for phoenix and i guess it’s a good change, i have only one “handwritten” system in the game, sol, the rest is generated, sometimes “forced generated” if i like to force to have a inhabited system but never scripted.
    “i would like if every system would be procedural generated, but you have the possibility to script one”
    well i like it even generated.
    the 100 and one factions i left but i reduced them to tiny kingdoms of 1 to a handful of systems, equal to the systems you find in frontier which are treatened special, communistic, dictatorships, plutocratic, all this sort of societies is limited to these generated factions with a high chance for illegal goods of all sorts even textiles 😉 “it’s forbidden in our kingdom to wear any clothes”, due to that some rich idiot will pay a high price to wear socks in his cellar. therefore you won’t find these political systems in any of the established factions, i guess already this changes a lot for a future gameplay. recently a political faction hasn’t a homogene appearance means recently in such a tiny faction even if all systems are plutocratic the list of illigal goods varies and i think it shouldn’t or not that much, it’s a dictatorship of whatever sort and certainly the laws will be the same in such a small faction.
    there is no if and when in a dictatorship neither a eventually.
    also i recognized that i changed back then the default system or independent faction, it has no homeworld usually, but due to that you find independent systems through the whole galaxy, that’s far to much. the whole galaxy inhabitet by humans in 1000 years?
    never! you can define “sol” even as homeworld for the independant, which would be a fact, pioneer is inhabited by humans and they come all from earth. recently pioneer “don’t likes that” and toggles in the systemmap between federation and independant but it stays a federated system. but i guess such is to fix, it’s far better if the default faction has a limit besides from that it is more reasonable. and i’m sure it can be done in a better way as to give this faction a homeworld resp. the same as for the federation.
    strangewisely, no obviously if you give the independant another system as sol as homeworld they will suppress the federation and all other because of their high grow rate which is reasonable resp. needed for this faction.
    but if it’s the same system the default stays in background and doesn’t competes with the other factions.
    default is in the recent case only independant and disorder as political system, therefore disorder is limited to independant systems.
    to me that is very reasonable, all other systems which belong to a faction of any sort will have a order, the order of the faction they belong to. exclusions are ok, but exclusions are exclusions and not the usus and still can be scripted resp. invoked.


    I’m running Firefox with uBlock and NoScript so I don’t see the ads on Dropbox. Maybe I’m cheating them, but it improves the experience. I called that building “alien” because it was built by the people of Fornax, an inhabited moon of Jupiter that’s full of ~~Dilithium~~ crystals. They look just like us, but they might be blue or green. It’s hard to tell in B/W. It’s as silly as it sounds but not quite as silly as Flash Gordon.


    **no ads on dropbox, no.**

    photobucket is what annoys me, or started to.

    and it’s good to have a new place to store my screenshots or other things.

    interesting, i never tried similar with my onedrive, i tried once and the shortened link didn’t worked thus i tried never again.
    yesterday i asked you (resp. myself) if that will work, because i knew a shortened link won’t work.

    thus i gave it a try.

    by the way let’s see if that works with onedrive to
    ![](https://bn1305files.storage.live.com/y4pA4M0sERrHMbrKw1jtIeKNLL4LPiuDjtPFhcPX4P-D3iQe1Lco0U-PvPzwHZ9xFfH6_RrXUmMkFMR9q9Y8ZMpifbARINrc0Whf1WjAgFfSswcfIF-cfjqpoy71BzSc8ryOmvNcCGbiuAkQ5KcD1cfNDJkFhxYgJoJq_om6i9Ln9IUR7_r7UbyX2FvtI5YkUvn/newhope1.jpg?psid=1&width=319&height=200 “”)

    ha, i guess the format plays a role to, a .bmp wasn’t accepted here, but this .jpg works.

    but i guess i prefere dropbox over onedrive for such, it’s even more complicated to get to a link with witch you can display a picture outside of the cloud.

    in principles i feel this can’t be in the interest of the provider, they advertise at least for them self, not active, but already due to that that you have a account. usually or this would be the idea i guess, people who like to view your pictures had to follow to your cloud and will notice the “brand”, that’s advertisement enough if they come to the cloud.

    but in this way they won’t even notice where the source is stored.

    but well i guess that’s not my business as long as they are my pictures.


    yes, yes, i will watch the movie 😉

    because erm, i still don’t know what building you mean, i can’t browse through your cloud
    except you link the directory, that is for your safety.

    if you link a single object a viewer is not allowed to browse,
    if you link a directory he’s allowed to watch only the content of this directory.

    i think dropbox manages this even better as onedrive
    i even can tell on dropbox “view only” and a guest isn’t allowed to do anything except to view the files.
    if i’m right i can on onedrive only tell it’s accessable or not and if you have access you can also delete it i.e.
    and if i’m wrong then it’s at least better described in dropbox how to select this option.


    Can you not see the picture of the building? It shows on this page for me. I hope you enjoy Rocky Jones. I did.


    do i need glasses? (erm, yes) no (?) here (?)


    no doesn’t helps.

    “It shows on this page for me” where?

    i this post?

    “Abuse? Not at all! Thanks for the lesson. 😀 How’s this for an alien building? It’s from the same movie.”

    there is nothing to see for me,

    vice versa do you see my posted screenshots?
    i mean i even didn’t know if they show up for others.

    one is a courier in front of a wheel station
    and the other a scenery from pioneer with a interceptor from me on it.

    because i really see no picture of a building here.



    i logged myself out and yes i could see my posted screenshots.

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