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    My intentional “heavy craft”, a heavy armoured sort of flying tank. The “Shift” is what i designed the Badger for. A clumsy but strong ship.
    Its performance isn’t to well but it can stand many hits.

    Instead of a front gun mounting it has a fixed oriented gun turret, just because it looks good, we can have no turrets in “Pioneer” resp. “Phoenix”.

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019



    A bit saucerlike for a “Lancet” one of my “retro design” ships. It’s not such a bad ship it just looks cheap.


    (former ADC-44, Moth, Mosquito)

    The retro fighter per se. Everything is 1944 on this ship, from the layout which are the never build airplanes / rocket gliders of the german Luftwaffe to the analogue gauges in the cockpit.

    It comes with a military drive class one due to it’s very tight space for equipment. Cargo? this ship has no space for such useless things like cargo
    it’s ment as a pure head hunter. Its hyperspace range is due to its little mass outraking (it’s a wooden construction 😉 ) , but it leaks of everything else and space is that tight that you will have to decide which equipment you need for a task and probalbly will have to remove or exchange some for a task to fulfill.

    Certainly no long range fighter for long ingterplanetary flights because it has also small fuel tanks. But perhaps the ship with the largest hyperspace range thus you are always a little earlier as your target. But well never be in a hurry to get home or to dock to the next station, divide your fuel up wisely.


    “Terra” (former “Galactic” or “Terra Class”)

    The “Terra” was the reason why i removed the “Galactic Cruiser” from the set. It’s a similar designed spherical large ship and only good to carry large amounts of cargo. Imho it also looks better as the primitve “Galactic Cruiser”. Yet another retro design and somewhat inspired by “Perry Rhodan” while it’s far form the look of them, while of course it changed a lot over the decades, this reflects a bit the ’40s ’50s style which was still to find on the cover artwork for “PR”, some of the covers “Johnny Bruck” blatantly covered from U.S. paperbacks, mostly army novels but even from some sci-fi.

    Thus it isn’t “Perry” it’s just a ship in retro design.

    Today they draw them completely differen, maybe i link some fanmade CGI clips, they aren’t bad even if i dislike some like the horizontal approaching “stardust” which is obviousely a classic “atomic rocket” and has to approach vertically with it’s rear pointing forward to decelerate, it has no reverse thrusters. Also they turn the spherical ships around and use the rim as a sort of thruster ring. I never imagined this way, the ring contains the antigravity and hyperspace engines and works in all directions the same the ship doesn’t have to be turned because it has in all directions the same thrust, the thermo blaster deflectors are positioned on the poles and can also point in any direction likewise the lasers of the enterprise with the difference that they are mounted on both poles. They drawed the flight or disappearing of the large ships like in Star Trek while clearly “PR” uses Hyperspace technology and not warp or FTL of some sort, means a ship transiting to Hyperspace would simply vanish and leave only mark, probably such a cloud or a remnant of the vast amount of energy needed for this as we have in Pioneer. Also the latter “Linear Drives” use the Hyperspace in theory and only glide between Universe and Hyperspace. At least that’s how i understood the technic in “PR”.

    Nonetheles the clip of the 50 years of Perry Rhodan is quite good.
    From the landing of Perry’s “Stardust” on the moon to the latest to me a bit strange occurances in the storyline.
    The humans are animated very stiff that’s sad and shows a strong leak of the designers.

    It was best up to Mechanica and Posbis, later it became more and more unreasonable to me. But well you have to find new environments to write new stories even if they are basically very repetive. Also times changed and massive battles in space with vast amounts of large battle ships have become obsolate once while i guess they will work these days again well.

    Also many stories point back in time, it’s obviousely more exciting if you can’t demand all like a god and spaceships still moan and groan when they are in heavy use.

    The first story of the inventor of PR (i forgot his name) was “Stardust” (the ship was named exactly like the later Stardust of PR) and it was accompained by the unique “wreck orchestra” the moaning and groaning when the engines had to move the heavy ship in a different direction. It was his first serie over a couple of novels but hasn’t been published before his dead if i remember that right.
    I don’t remeber his name but i remember that he died young.
    I’ve read it back then and even liked it better as PR, the story is more unique. But it was the initial idea to first create an environment and then to write stories fitting to this environment and timepath to create something which should never fail in story breaks. It did nonetheless i guess over the decades.



    Recently i cant tell much about this ship. I overhauled the model a little it’s not a very good ahip as i remember. Like most of the retro ships it hasn’t a good relation between hull mass and cargo capacity, they are usually heavy which would mean on the other hand that they can stand many hits. But formost it results in a low hyperspace range, a low acceleration and high fuel consumption.


    Implementing such a large amount of ships will bring problems i knew it.

    My last ship in the set of retro ships still contains a an ugly bug even if i completely overhauled the model i have overseen something, dammit!

    Before i zipped the game i really thought i checked all installed ships if they won’t fail if you add a certain equipment.

    The problem is the team removed most of the sliders for equipment fro m the modelviewer (whysoever), i re-implemented and added the rest when i started “Sputnik” unfortunately the project is lost and what i have from it on my machine are only broken remnants.

    However if i can’t check something like “radar mapper” it still can fail in the game because i can’t check in the modelviewer if it works proper.

    Neither i understand what Vuzz had against it back then because if he would have implemented my version it would still exist.
    Nah he didn’t liked it for what reason ever even if the checking of the animations is one of the the main tasks if you develop scripted models.

    Recently i have to help myself with using the basic sub-model for checking so i can see it on the ship without to be called up but this can still lead to an error mostly if i forgot to change to the final sub-model.

    The fail of “Radar Mapper” is exactly what prevents the “Bloodrunner” from working proper. I’ve overseen the old call for “antenna” instead of the new call “mapper”.

    This means i have to fix this upload the project again and cross fingers that this was the last ugly bug (“smart bugs” which won’t halt the game i don’t mind much about).

    Everytime, i’m very sorry, i stumble over such i start to feel again that this wasn’t made occasionally, it was made intentionally to make me sick.
    Or what would be the good reason to disavle some sliders from the modelviewer? or other changes which only was a plague to me like a change from “dock_one_at_a_time_please” to “dock_one_at_:a_time” it’s still a long command and does exactly the same it’s a totally useless change and the only reason could be to keep me busy with such useless changes from spelling “a” as “a” or “a” which is in the end simply “a” and “b” will be “b” however it is spelled.

    I know that they liked to get rid of the LMR and little me but i guess it would have worked better in the straight way a construction worker is used to understand.

    Simply say: “piss off” and don’t plan sleek things beyond my back this only made me upraged back then because i’m not stupid and even if i act often naive i can smell it from far.

    Of course i remember that i never understood this decision back then, but to enerve me with such useless changes was the least.

    But that’s past in “Phoenix” no one says “piss off” (direct or indirect).

    Und es kommt auch keiner auf einem Sessel dahergeflogen und erzÀhlt mir was das sei nun eine Meriokratie und er hÀtte nun das sagen ohne das er auch nur ein bisschen geleistet hat, an diesem krankt unsere ganze Gesellschaft, Patrizier und Emporkömmlinge schlicht das was man Dekadenz nennt und woran das Römische Reich gescheitert ist. Menschen welche glauben sie hÀtten Kompetenz allein durch ihren Namen oder ihr Vermögen. ErbsenzÀhlen oder einen bestimmten Namen tragen ist aber keine Kompetenz das kann der Vogel Strauss auch.

    Es bleibt so wie es ist und Scotty wĂŒrde 100% hinter mir stehen wenn ich sage “Fachkopetenz hat man erst wenn man Blasen an den Fingern hatte von der Facharbeit”. Das wird aber nicht mehr geschĂ€tz,t heute hat jener Fachkompetenz welcher die saubersten FingernĂ€gel hat und das kann kein gutes Ende nehmen.

    Kein Freimaurer aber ich liebĂ€ugle sicher mit “nimm dir eine SchĂŒrze und eine Kelle und dann wollen wir mal sehen was du kannst auch ohne Geld,Namen und Ansehen. Wenn du das kannst dann können wir auf gleicher Augenhöhe miteinander reden.
    Alles andere ist nicht Meriokratie /Leistungsgesellschaft, dazu muss man wohl erst mal was leisten) oder was immer sondern es lÀuft auf Plutakratie heraus, auf vererbare Macht ohne das man irgendetwas dazu leisten muss. Ob es nun mit Titel oder Geld vererbt wird lÀuft auf das selbe hinaus, inkompentente Leute an wichtigen Positionen.


    Gernot, it’s fantastic to see all these wonderful ships again! I am going to download the lot for Phoenix and have an “Ultimate” version of the Alpha 31!
    Amiga music too! Pure heaven! 😀


    I like “Spatula City” it’s the project webpage of huge “Joe Zbiciak” who is responsilble most for the Intellivision revival. Huge in all aspects, huge in dimensions but also a huge character and huge in his capabilities from machine coding to electronics, he can not only program he can also build it, that’s what i respect most and he’s in no way proud or lofty he’s a natural dude and likes to show off his knowledge to anyone who asks for it and even if you don’t ask for it he will explain it. He doesn’t cares for your education level neither if you are wealthy, if you show interest you certainly will understand it.
    Who ever asks him for a problem with his Inty will receive an answer no matter if he answered the same a hundred times. The Name seems to be program . “Spatula City” where you first have to show off what you can before you can demand anything and even if you can you won’t demand or command. You only give advices and the gearwheels will run by itself without force and with a better result. But this is certainly misunderstood by those which have no natural competence and experience they can rely to. I can criticize him even as a nobody and he takes this serious if i hit the point. Even if i don’t understand 10% of him of electronics (i would say) he still takes my questions serious.

    This is anything else as stupid meriocracy which is no. Or anything which just underscores “i’m better because i’m of better blood”.

    “I’m not better then you even if i have 40 years of experience in it i still can learn something even from a untrained”.

    That’s the right stuff!
    We even don’t need to underscore that we are humble, we just are ourselfes.


    What was the biggest problem when i overhauled the Bloodrunner?

    The change we made years ago in UV projection which was wrong wrong.
    It was first wrong from the aspect “never change a running system”.
    it was wrong twice becuase it was the wrong idea, a lefthanded models UV is mirrored to a righthanded UV. the UV projection we use now in since this cahnge in Pioneer is wrong for lefthanded models, a misunderstanding which i can tolerate if you don’t actively work with three dimensions. mistake which even happened tp our banks whith their new current showing a wrong drawed right handed cartesian coordinate system, well counting lentilles WORTHES NOT A SHIT. a shame because they liked to show how important they are for science and fail in the primitive stuff like this or archimedes’ buoyancy. they can count but that’s already all they can. they might be studied (in counting lentilles?) but haven’t a part of the knowledge of a simple craftsman.
    Just because they have simply no imagination of what they been talking about because they never had to made it. The bouyancy is my beloved example, ppl who should know it and studied statics have no imagination of the upwards trend concrete has, just because they leak of experience and imagination. A very bad constellation to win a price or to build a builöding which will last a couple of years but this don’t matters to them as long as the salary is high enough.

    I know this doesn’t belongs to “Phoenix” and it does belong to “Phoenix” because it belongs to me and everyone of us where we go to in future.

    With the recent ppl leading our globe we go straight to the next war becuase this is planned to save their capital because the implosion of our monetary system is clear as the blue sky.

    any else would mean they will lose their capital and power and this they can’t accept so the only solution they can see is war and again a war, they won’t be the losers, the losers are the idiots who will walk in the field to die.

    If we live tommorow under conditions like in medieval neither is a problem for them they will stay rich and powerful. vice versa this is even better for them if it’s again like in medieval times. ppl will keep themself down they don’t even have to care for this and they will have a better profit as right now.


    Hey yeah Geraldine just a second, it had still an error, dammit little bug hided from me. While i fixed the mismatching spelling i did another mismatch (facepalm).

    Happens when i feel i’m under pressure, i feel, in fact i wouldn’t be under pressure.


    On we go

    The “Bloodrunner”

    How could miss this ship? Even for this ship i spent more as one day to rebuild it. I combined all what was possible to a couple of meshes and reached a little less strong preformance hit to framerate.

    Recently the very last retro style ship, losely based on Dr. Zharkov’s ship from “Flash Gordon” and a version of it i found once on google meshes.

    I like this ship much mainly because i like “Flash Gordon”. Of course the original cliffhanger is a little stupid and cheap but the animated Japanese movie from the early ’80s is brillant (the series lost the charm and sense of the movie, this story is a closed story and it makes no sense to make sequels of it, the message is told, seperate & rule is bad for the ppl and exactly what was used by faschism to reign ppl without to use power except the power of fear. the story ends and the moral is told especially after Dale Arden says : “That was a sheer horror”
    and Flash answers:
    “That was only science-fiction but what happens on earth is reality!”

    Already for this sentence at end i love this anime, no fantasy we can have is as brutal as the harsh reality. The story only tells what happens for real on earth even if it’s “just” a parable.This movie gives Flash a new sense and certainly he is the saviour of the universe in this animated movie. Everything is about race discrimination the reasons for it and the result of it, even when it’s a pure fantasy story. Flash as “Alabaster Übermensch” is the fist on the eye, he’s a pure arian like imagined by third reich but he’s the opposite character of it, just brillant. No question to which tribe Dale belongs to with her nutbrown haircolor, a fantastic analysis of a japanese anime director.

    There should be no war amongst the tribes on earth.
    We are all sisters and brothers because we are all children of this globe.
    That Dale is of jewish origin and Flash an arian shouldn’t stand in the way of their love.

    A really fantastic message, imho.

    caugh, someone should tell this to those assholes killing innocent ppl – with a baseballclub to underscore it. Any of the extremists even if they think they act right just work for the “wrong side”. They split the tribes and this works in the hand of those who like to keep us powerless. If the terror isn’t forced then it’s at least welcome because of good old “seperate and rule”. yech!

    So far for Flash and the political message of the anime.

    “That was only science-fiction but what happens on earth is reality!”


    To return a little to huge joe (i have to wait for the upload)
    He rebuilded a Intellivision test component from scratch, i assume it’s the last of it and even contains a little something the originals haven’t had – his love.
    He was a little disappointed when he showed off his work to one of the blue sky rangers (the former developers of Intellivision). Yeah of course “it’s no big thing” the parts and circuit layout still exists. But nonetheless it’s a typical brillant job of him the alu case is just perfect.
    He also made his developing environment from scratch and everything and everybody who followed used his work even and of course “Nanochess” (Oscar Toledo, another brillant head but quite younger as Joe) who designed the IntyBASIC to open the programming for the Inty to everyone. Joe worked himself through the decles of the GI processor to create his environment.
    Others like Oscar or “decle” (whos real name i don’t know but i tested his generated output, he has owned no inty console, the emulator of joe behaves different for certain things even when it’s the closest one for this task and my PAL inty acts different for certain things as the NTSC, sound foremost he stumbled over), decles task is to convert programs using an interpreter and do to the program as less as possible the interpreter should be able to output a working bugfree program by pressing of a button at least this is the goal, to convert them “manually” would be no challange to him i guess. He’s responsible for the conversion of the RCA Studio II games to the Inty, both use a similar processor and the so called decles as instructions, while to be honest and even if i limke them for a unknown reason they are only a few years older as the inty and a few months older as Atari but pardon me they are lame even compared to the Atari. Mostly because of the leaking colors, the programs itself show already some “intelligence” not of the game itself but intelligence of the devs who liked to create more as just shoot ’em ups which also was a few years to early for such to be released. imho the RCA gaes have some charme even or exactly because some are two player only games, but the comparison human to human is still the most attrctive one. crazy i found the “Quiz” which was clearly ment for children and shows a little of the spirit of the ’70s even when it already was late ’70s. it has this childrens television charm, Kermit must be very close.

    “World Awareness”

    i would wish ppl today would show a little more of this

    World Awareness…..

    “even if it would have been technically possible to have Pitfall already in 1978 we developers had to learn first a lot”.

    Ha great! I can’t find quick an explanation on google to what a “decle” is.
    Now if i understand this right them are decimal bit instructions compared to otherwise 8, 16, x x x bit
    It’s a GI only technique for their first 16bit processor which runs on decles and quasi wastes the rest.

    It’s what makes it to a toy to those cracks, it’s unique.

    I’m not the one to proper explain it, Joe wouldn’t stop to explain it until you wave with your hands and would fill this thread with tables and stuff (but he can’t see this in the states if i wave in switzerland so he won’t stop) and “decle” would do it in a “decle”, in a very short reply.


    womens liberation
    today is talked about that a lot of wasted words

    the simple quiz has probably done much more for it as to give false statements and cry crocodile tears.

    to point on others isn’t very good

    to give idols a name is brillant!

    “she/he was great, i like to be like her/him”

    it awakes curiosity even in an old boy like me and with todays possibilities you certainly can find out who it was and what he did (ah sorry she, but the she/he goes to my head and neither helps to liberate women)

    Last female idol i checked for was a pilot (or pilotesse?) i guess she woul have said she is a pilot.


    Such are the idols we need.

    Aha, interesting to read the english page, it isn’t onlly more informative some things appear under a different aspect to me.
    It’s clear that the first trans atlantic flight of her was “she was flown” and stated “i felt like a bag of potatoes”.

    Ah yes i remeber i’ve read that further in her story it was very hard to convince men that women can be as good as men, not to forget.
    they laughed and called their air race “Powder Puff Derby”.
    But she liked everything which goes fast even fast cars.
    She got lost on a flight and the stories never end about her possible life even when it’s very obvious that she is dead.
    Even if she would have survived such a character lives also a fast life and usually dies in an accident sooner or later usually sooner.

    Just to get curious and to do what i did last autumn, to check for her biography does a lot more to womens liberation as thousend words can do.

    this was very off topic, but i needed it to distract me.


    most of the music in the mod was already part of “Phoenix” i just moved it to a mod because it’s not licensing compliant and blows up the game by 500MB.

    Likewise the FFE music in the FFE mod is for this mod only.
    While recently you shouldn’t use the “FFE ship mod” because it contains an error of still unknown nature. It crashes most probably with the “trade ships” module but i’m not sure i delayed this because of the genesia ships.
    running out of fuel shouldn’t crash the game, but i found out it interrupts the game always when a trade ship is spawned, i only have to find out which it is because this far it doesn’t comes, it only shows the registry and crashes without to show the ship type. most probably it’s an equipment which the module likes to fit to the ship but can’t work because it’s restricted for some reason and not checked if this is possible to equip the ship with and finally to remove this ship type from the table of suitable ships. thus the ship type stays in the table and crashes as soon as the ship is “builded” (spawned, but exactly at this moment it’s also equipped).

    a question to myself (to ruminate can be useful), it could be possible
    that trade ships can’t be equipped with military fuel, obviousely yes this must be the reason, the “Turner Class” holds a class 4 military drive and is large enough to be rated as trade ship. to ruminate is really helpful.
    yeah i already assumed it’s the turner i just didn’t knew why.
    very obviousely the module blantantly equips the ships with hydrogene fuel and this crashes with the built in military drive which isn’t checked for, because well a turner class is an absolute uncommon ship and our class 4 military is most probably to lame for it’s mass, i guess i will fit a standard drive i have to check how far you can jump with the class 4, if it’s to little i have to fit a standard drive of a higher class anyway.

    steer clear!


    From suffragettes to a killed bug, fascinating!
    (how weird my glibber works)


    SolCommands work and the onyl ship i rated as suitable of his free offered ships, they are overall very fine. But i won’t implement the “V Desroyer” it’s simply to large and has the wrong design for “Phoenix” as i feel.
    While this small fighter craft is exactly the right thing (with or without the pilot, to be honest today i feel a little sorry for such things, it wasn’t quite fair of me as i guess now)

    To it’s recent performance as space fighter i can’t tell much. The following “foreign” ships (ships designed by other contributors) i implemented to the game but the ship specs are a guesswork (also for my own “old” ships above) and have to be tested.

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