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    “Hammer Head”

    I miss this dude from time to time, Dan made some unique ships especially the Hammer Head is something you won’t find anywhere else.

    Caugh to my “evil ways” well if i see an obvious error or mistake i can’t keep my hands of it and again not only this (i couple of distorted vertices, reminded me of the output of wings 3d becuase the models made with this program often contain such distorted vertices) i had to texture the engine glow. And covered the retracting Head section with the engine glow instead to cover the engine glow with the retracting Head.

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019


    I get tired and start to etirW.

    “Talon Military Interceptor”

    This is probably the best one he contributed, a nice small fighter craft, about this ship i can tell a little. It will have a military drive and a similar good hyperspace range as the “Moth” because it’s as lightweighted as.
    It’s also very tight in space but will have an outraking handling.

    I like the gun sub-models for this ship and for the Hammerhead much, they look cool.


    Wonderful work!


    “Galactic Explorer” (originally “Imperial Explorer” but im liked to get rid of the prefix “Imperial”. at least for now).

    At last but certainly not at least Dan’s “Imperial Explorer”. I renamed it for two reasons the above told and because “Imperial Explorer” reminds a little to much of FFE while this ship is closer to the Enterprise as to the “Imperial Explorer”. Also i like this giant ship which i had to shrink to 50% of the size to fit it to my docking bays which usually are only a little above a cube of 100m sidelength. It’s still to large and the engine pods leap out of the docking bay.
    But i can’t shrink it further or the pilots will rake out of the ship if i keep them 1:1 in scale.

    Small fixes even here i hope Dan didn’t minds about, but i had to do this.
    Apart from the resizing i changed the window of the bridge which is now slanted like the rest of the top section. This has lead bto that i had to cut the hull under and behind the window with a different part as the original window he used also to cut the hull section with. The bridge is now a little to small for the pilots but you can’t see this because the ship is to large to zoom this close to the bridge.

    No Enterprise needed in Phoenix, this ship is better as.

    That’s it
    So far this are all ships in Phoenix.
    from the content of the “Pioneer ship mod” i havent made screenshots yet, also there is no warranty that they will work they aren’t tested)
    As well as from the content of my “Retro Ships mod” which contains the vertical aligned rockets.. They are cool as an experimt especially to learn to handle the atomic rocket which has no reverse thrust and very little lateral, a high, even higher fuel consumption and little cargo space compared to the massive fuel tank.

    ths vessel gives you an idea how a ’50s atomic rocket would be to handle.
    just horrible!

    recently i changed them so the ship will be aligned vertically when you engage the landing gear.
    Both isn’t right, in this way you have to little power to lift in the other way if i keep the vertical alignment you look out of the “wrong window” and the autopilot and AI isn’t capable to handle this proper at all. thus they are an experimental mod if you like to fly an atomic rocket foremost.


    Understood Gernot. 😉 What I will do instead is simply have multiple installs. Always safer doing things that way but thanks once again for another update. This is great work Gernot! 🙂


    thanks folks, i do my worst.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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