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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    This guy leaves out no opportunity to advert for his tard.

    I just like to let the old thread in “Pioneer” die, most likely i would like to open a own topic. But i will ask for such yet before i started to modify the source. As long as “Phoenix” is a unaltered “alpha 31” this is as good as.
    Problematic is abit the blog style here and it would make sense to have several threads under the the topic “Phoenix” instead to post all in one endless thread.

    Not much to post, i just liked to open it, next will be the importing of vuzz’s collection into “Phoenix” and some old ships which lurk around on my hd.

    usually i don’t use them mixed, either the scripted only from Phoenix, the FFE ships (scripted or “solid”), or the SW mod or any other pack with ships that fit to each other or other small modifications.

    Personally i don’t like all mixed like it was in Genesia. SW doesn’t fits to FE2 and Phoenix won’t fit to either, Tom Morton’s original ships will work with the content of Phoenix but won’t fit to SW or FE2 just from the style of ships.

    Personally even if i started that many years ago the SW ships are most senseless. It might work as a complete mod changing almost everything even the scripted systems and the home system. Of course it won’t be SW, it neither is FE2 or anything else that’s one of the great features of original Pioneer to be flexible as a rubber and imho far to much is already depending on the developers ideas, “do it as i demand or forget it” imho it was never ment to be this way. We still spend a lot of effort in details and there is dstill no game to play – vice versa would be far better.

    Of course most time i spend with my models, that’s what i can do easy the rest is hard work.

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    So here’s the first update to “Phoenix” in this new thread.

    Mayor changes:
    – replaced the scripted buildings with wavefront versions for better performance
    – added 17 ships from former Pioneer releases
    – removed the amiga modules tunes to publish them as “mod” to respect the licensing of “Pioneer”. (the tunes would be PD)
    – removed all translations except “english” from the modules because i don’t like to keep all languages updated to my changes to the modules.
    (it should work otherwise to but strangewisely it failed for the “delivery” missions when i changed only the english translation thus i decided to remove all translations to stay on the safe side and to spare me a lot of boring work).

    Minor changes
    – refinement of the “deliver package” an “scout” mission timespan (interplanetary, for the extraplanetary missions i still don’t know exactly how to solve this).
    – changed the “delivery” missions cargo from “rubbish” to “consumer goods”.
    – added info for the mission cargo weight
    – “deliveries” will check for free cargo space and report if error.
    – “deliveries will show local missions distance in AU in the mission details screen (have to implement this to “scout” to)
    – proper adding, removing and reporting of failed mission for mission cargo status

    Perspective (short timespan)
    – adding distance in AU to the adverts of local deliveries, either in the advert titles or the advert details.
    – probably adding of possible mission weight to the advert details (i’m not sure if i should do this, on the other hand you will know after a couple of missions how much thir possible cargo will weight because it’s always the same mass for the same choice, i thought about to give the “moving home” a random mass from 1 to 10, i could do the same for the other choices from to 0 to 1 ton (except for “documents”) then it would make sense to show the weight in the details because you won’t know it else)
    – adding a secret mission to “deliveries” which will only rarely pop up when you accept a mission and it will offer you a illegal deal (idea from “Ports of Call”, a crate with weapons for 100’000 bucks with the risk of a quarantaine delay because of rats on board, one day late in PoC is easy fined with 100’000 and you can still risk to be fined for the smuggling but sometimes he offers you a million this happens only if you always say “no thanks”. the idea is good such little things relly can make a difference)
    That mustn’t be weapons it can be anything from a table of possible illegal goods and they will be fined as usually or probably i let the player be intercepted by police already if he enters the system with the illegal goods by a certain chance. probably this good is always illegal because of the type of mission (even if i.e. firearms are legal illegal owning, selling, smuggling isn’t). in future i like to let such depend also on the character and not only on lawlessness of a system, though if lawlessness is low you probably still can smuggle undetected if you don’t repeat this to often (even a undetected smuggling can lower your character, you can gain by good serving or donate some millions. this is something the player mustn’t see, either you know by yourself if you are good or not). it will rarely happen probably twice in a hundret times.

    – adding more delivery choices? (gimme a hint – got one, what about “live animals” though it would only work if you have a cargo by life support. the shuttles have unlike the fighters the possibility to fit one, they have 10 tons extra space for equipment but it will have a big hit on performance and fuel consumption if you last out the possible capacity of the shuttles)

    besides, the “abuse” of “capacity” for equipment mass has some small drawbacks, not all scripts respect this fully, usually you would check in a simple way for free carg and this will be the free capacity but if “cargo” and “capacity” aren’t the same it will return the wrong value if you request this like i did for the mission weigth, thus i had to use a bit more detailed way to request the free cargo space and not the free capacity of the ship. i know it isn’t intended to use it this way, but i alway wondered why we have two values if they have to be the same. if abused in this way it adds extra capacity only for equipment it can’t be used for cargo.
    i added this as standard behave of my ships especially under a total mass of 100 tons and added the drives mass to the capacity in the sense of that the drive has a reserved space in the ship and lasting a ships cargo capacity out will result in a performance and fuel consumption hit.

    i experienced that large ships are very hard to handle and refined a little the angular thrust and lowered fuel consumption, they need to be tried out, usually i play and never made enough money to buy me a ship above 100 tons capacity. and just to check them with a cheated game isn’t the same as if you use a ship in a career, only this will show you the exact performance.

    must be because i don’t like the large transporters, i have to find something to make them attractive in the game, even in FE2/FFE i rarely used them or only at the very beginning a hundered years ago when i liked to fly every ship of the game. a lot of virtual credits won’t make me happy, not even the real ones make me really happy. a mission like “deliver whales from a to b”, do something good or evil with the 1000 tons cargo capacity and not only sell 1000 tons of whatever.

    but as first step i’m happy i can add the “secret mission”, it will be not that exclusive yet and happen more often because i have to test it.
    probably (this went right now to my mind) it would be a good idea to add this also to the “taxi” missions.


    As first the updated “Phoenix”

    Phoenix 20190319

    (i moved the stuff to my one drive because i have a lot more space there as on drop box. i hope you have no troubles downloading it)


    A lot of music which apart from not being CC-BY-SA 3.0. compliant they will boost uselessly the games size (some additional 500MB) .

    Mod Music Amiga

    (plus some midi tracks,
    the mod could be used also in a recent pioneer if the “music player” module would be fitted to the new genre “intro” which simply plays some suitable intro music when you start the game by default “pioneer 1” and “pioneer 2” it could be used otherwise as well but won’t play the intro music)


    Finally some problematic vertical aligned ships to use by choice
    (Atomic, Comet, Stardust)

    Mod Retro Ships 20190319

    the “Orion” i removed recently completly, this ship has for a unknown reason a very bad performance and results in a extreme low framerate already in the modelviewer, the reason isn’t to clear to me, probably the many animated billboard lights.


    The rest of ships which was part of former Pioneer release or Genesia:

    Mod Ships Pioneer 20190319


    The list of ships which are new to “Phoenix” and which i moved to the “Pioneer Ships” mod

    Genesia ship models for Phoenix


    The first fix in the new thread.

    I’ve overseen a misspelling in the “Bloodrunner” skript which prevents it from running proper in the game. As soon as you like to fit a “radar mapper” the game will halt because of the non existing sub-model “antenna” which i renamed to “mapper”.

    I know Notepad++ would offer me the possibility to check for this and change it in all files in a directory or even in the sub directories.
    I didn’t like to use it to heavy, i used it quite often to fit the models to my new project last autumn but ran into a dangerous error. An image can contain a path under certain circumstances a part of the path can reflect the word you like to change in all files present. The program simply runs through all data and searches for the entered string if found it will be changed to what you gave advice to. this could be unfortunately also an image and a lost quite an amount of images due to such, the images was all corrupted after the proggy stupidly changed all entries even those in images or any filetype.
    Because i rate this now as dangerous and don’t like to use it if possible. such can easy corrupt all files in the whole project.

    However here’s the fixed “Phoenix”

    edit: not yet 😉

    There is no warranty that it won’t contain more such tiny bugs and of course i will appreciate it much if you report them. The quite large amount of ships i added in this short timespan can easy contain still some bugs.


    Here it is 🙂

    Phoenix 20190320b

    Phoenix has now a sort of branding for the ships, it’s not as cool as the one in Pioneer, itfrom the models side and i have to attach the brands for each ship seperately neither this is reflected in the game, but i liked to have a brand for the ships which will tell who was the creator of the model.
    SolCommand has no image yet
    Tom Morton is symbolized with what walterar chose for it, the Lion i covered from the


    Ishtar Gate

    I’m not sure where he got it from but i used the Lion when i communicated with Tom via e-mail as border artwork. And well i don’t know who else can know that it has a relation to Tom as Tom himself.

    But probaly it was me and i forgot this fact.

    Dan’s creations show what i formerly named as ACME the flying lady in front of the heart.

    My own creations simply show the recent Phoenix badge.

    SolCommand as designer has certainly his own badge or symbol, i will look out for it.


    Little news to post

    Like i assumed it was the “Turner Class” which prevents the FFE ships mod from running proper. After i used a diff. drive (class5 common) the problem has vanished.

    Recently i’m working on the FFE ships mod to extend it to the FFE mod i had once, including the factions & systems from FFE. Of course it can’t be identical but as close as possible.

    Further i started to collect the existing FFE ships i have in wavefront format (adder, cobra, sidie, courier etc) in a seperated ship mod to add to the FFE mod.
    They will replace the relevant ships in the FFE mod with higher detailed ones or simply FFED3D conversions, they still could be made very quick if one likes. You can take the direct-x mesh for “Pioneer” you just have to sclae it up 10 times which is quite quick done if you open such a mesh in text format. The top level frame contains a string like this:
    1.000, 0.000, 0.000, 1.000
    0.000, -1.000, 0.000, 1.000
    0.000, 0.000, -1.000, 1.000

    if you change this to
    10.000, 0.000, 0.000, 1.000
    0.000, -10.000, 0.000, 1.000
    0.000, 0.000, 10.000, 1.000
    then it’s scaled 10 times up
    should be

    depending on how the animation is made this must be changed to
    because if the scale in the anim points to 1 it will be scaled by 1.
    but usually one can erase the scale value of the animation data because we don’t need it. It depends how it was exportet (some scaled parts with the anim then you lost), most export scripts blatantly export all keys for pos,rot,scale, some like the one i had for blender 1.49 only the channels you set, which is cleverer imho (one of the never replaced and never reached user skripts of 1.49, the x. exporter for “idiots” which never fails to do exactly what you commandet).
    Just you can only use one material for FFED3D models, first because they use only one, second Pioneers importer doesn’t respects materials of .x meshes. does and doesn’t, i guess it works in text format but not for binary meshes. I’m not sure that’s a bit a tohouwabohou in release 31, likewise that it didn’t respects truely the material library files of wavefront, it only respects the textures for LMR while it has worked once, it does it halfaways for SGM (but the names of the materials could be taken from the .obj file itself only for this, if you don’t respect the material setting in the lib it makes no sense to use it, using it only half for the textures and to specify only the material in the .model file makes neither sense. either one, either matlib and i don’t ave to care in the .model or only .model and i don’t need the crippled used matlib),

    and there was this mistake to take the material ID instead of the Name for collada in 31 (which means that i have to edit the export for pioneer31 so it will even work in the recent release with the same .model file), and even if i use the latest blender version the collada export of blender leaks a lot, means it doesn’t exports the materials at all if i didn’t export it first wrong “textures” instead “materials” then if i export it a second time setting “materials” the materials are listed in the exported mesh, argh.

    Added the cargo to the delivery missions advert so you see now how much it weights if (assumed you read the mission text). Next will be the interplanetary distance in AU, i guess it can be useful to know this in advance.

    ah yes i noticed a little mistake in the new Sidewinder i made for Geraldine.
    I missed a material thus it will leak of one, nearly not to notice but since i know it i have to fix it.

    that’s because i converted it back to use for LMR and while i was disassembling the mesh based on the materials i noticed that one material isn’t assigned. it doesn’t differs much to the skripted one i made but differs much to the far simpler version i made this winter and i liked to see if i can gain a few fps, but for ships it isn’t that relevant as for buildings as i thought already. It still needs at least a landing gear and this costs most of the fps, in fact more as to exchange a skin dynamically and the respective geometry. It’s because a landing gear consists of multiple sub-models and even an unanimated static called sub-model has a higher impact as a 1000 dynamic drawed tris.

    imo this shouldn’t be but i experienced that.


    further i noticed that if i dump the models using gl-xtractor i get two collision meshes out of one, that’s weird/wrong.
    (if i dump only the collision mesh)
    gl-extractor dumps the screen no matter what it is if it runs through open gl. i can even dump a 3dfx game if i use a open gl driver for the virtual card.
    looks a bit weird (the scene of streets i.e. is in 2D, you only get the sides exported facing to you and they are all on the same plane) but it just dumps what is drawn to the screen. I assume this doubled collision mesh must be an error of Pioneer31.


    some news

    i signed to frontier.forums (again).

    phoenix’ first thread is here:
    who is me and why i lurk around here

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