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A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019

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    i had almost interrupted the “city terrain blending” thread.

    then i redrawn.

    i can post that here


    please let the guys do their job, don’t interrupt such “tech” threads where they can do some brainstorming.

    i like to enforce such, because i feel it’s “glasnost”.

    if you have a comment or a idea to that as non developer especially or as not that experienced one as those two guys i.e., keep out! please 😉

    you can read it and open a new thread if you have some questions or thoughts to that, even when you only like to say “cool”, “i like it”, “right on”.

    i know they will notice you, if you name the thread properly. (i have a Q or a idea to this and that)

    if they don’t read it personally i also know brainetta will port that to them.

    we can fool around elsewhere here :mrgreen:

    yes, it’s me the “thread polluter” telling this, i have to be careful myself not to do so…

    often i have a comment or a idea to something and it burns like fire to express that.

    but like i said open simply a new thread.

    you are allowed to fool around here 😉

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019


    I think that's a good idea Gernot, most of the time what those guys (like yourself) talk about in those tech threads is way above my head! I usually just sit back and wait to see the results

    Um…. ……….Gernot, while I am here can I ask you something? I asked in the Frontier Forum but I guess you missed it, anyways it's about the Sidewinder. As you might recall, this is my favorite ship in the game however, I feel the performance of it in Pioneer is way below what it was in the original Frontier, 20g main thrusters, 10g on the retros. Is there any chance you could create a new script that would give me performance specs closer to the original and a healthy increase in range too? Oh, and could I add a bit of a cheeky request if you could be bothered, a black ship with shark's teeth would be nice but honestly the existing textures are totally fine. I was just trying to see what the J Miner's Revenge would be like in Pioneer

    I spent many long hours in that little ship in Frontier carving my way across the galactic map and would love to continue that adventure in Pioneer.


    Heh… I’m currently listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww5GXbk58R0


    geraldine 😀

    i will please me to do so (fixing the specs for your longings), seriously
    for the range i will see what i can do, it depends mainly on the hull mass and since alpha20 also on the size of the tank for the propellant.
    i know that we have far heavier ships in pioneer rather in frontier, i already feel comfortable with most (since hullmass is reduced by the propellant), but i understand you well.

    (yet another black ship, very unreasonable, isn’t it brianetta? 😉 )
    perhaps i will make a similar 2nd skin, why not, even when all softs for the mac i have actually didn’t deserve my needs to make textures much.
    the jaws i can copy from the conny, if that is good enough?
    perhaps i can make some better, the ones for the conny are some sort of a “cheat”.

    sorry for my absence on frontier forum.
    keeping the models in shape, working on a few new, foolin’ around here and sometimes even let my mind go astray in german forums…
    i know i also promised to work on FFED3D (or a similar approach) again, but i’m only one person and ideas i guess i have enough to keep 5 busy. :mrgreen:

    that’s a ear charmer, reminds me of Kansas, right? i like it.
    it sounds a bit like “dust in the wind” but that’s fine with me.

    on the other hand, it didn’t needs much to please me, just a guitar, a harmonica and some backup and off i go…


    and some make something more “sophisticated” out of it 😉


    i like the first clip better, it’s cool, it seems they play in a manufactory or storage, you can hear occasional hammerings, someones working…
    well, we have guys here in switzerland they make music even with a milking machine 😆


    no comment (needed)


    i own the LP :mrgreen:

    and of course this guy has touched my hart, i’ve been falling in love with him the first time i heard his voice…

    http://pioneer-universum.web.officelive … ichael.mp3

    (it seems my browser only plays the first 20secs of it…)

    the stuff on my webspace will be erased after 30th of april, MS closes office-live 🙁


    Gernot! Thank you so much!!
    Oh and that is very far out music you posted

    potsmoke66 wrote:
    you are allowed to fool around here

    Heh… I’m currently listening to this:

    Ahh, Mr Tom Petty icon_cool.gif
    Here he is again in another guise

    Geraldine wrote:
    Cody wrote:
    potsmoke66 wrote:
    you are allowed to fool around here

    Heh… I’m currently listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww5GXbk58R0

    Ahh, Mr Tom Petty

    Heh, you’ve lost me there. Did Tom Petty do a cover of Bad Company or something?

    Maybe they should rename this thread… something like the Pioneer Musical Appreciation Society.


    end of the line? 😉

    i thought we just started…

    can’t help i love the 60’s and i love the beatles, blame me

    besides, i felt always that way, it’s not over, we havn’t started yet…


    Heh… I saw The Beatles live in ’63/’64 (not sure which now… the memories are fading), and I still love them today!

    Do you have music sessions on the Pioneer IRC? We have them once or twice a month on the Oolite IRC.

    "Cody" wrote:
    Heh, you've lost me there. Did Tom Petty do a cover of Bad Company or something?

    Ahem…… <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_confused.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:?’ /> ………..http://en.wikipedia&#8230;.veling_Wilburys

    Oh yes the Beatles Gernot! /
    They changed everything. They did to music what Elite did to computer gaming

    The 60s were so cool I wish I could have experienced it, speaking of which, could this be the coolest ship ever seen to date in Pioneer?


    thank you geraldine (big heart, no smiley for such 😉 )

    i was already about to change my nick to spirit66

    a bit pathetic, but that suits me better, i love the initial idea, not especially ’66, the initial idea of everything, the crucial spark.

    a small playlist,

    Rheingold – Dreiklangdimensionen (it’s about the relation of colors, spatial imagination & sound)
    Paso Doble – Computerliebe (describes to me well the initial feeling of the 80’s, discovering computers and what can be done, incl. spending to much time with it)
    The Who – Put the Money Down / Naked Eye
    eric burdon & war – nights in white satin

    something else that moves me, so i write that down here,

    a statement
    most of bad reputation the grateful dead have, is (of course) the name and that a lot of people think that something occult or mystic is about that, however, unfortunatly, i know that to much of the “deadheads” have been trapped by this.
    but it’s only playing with possibilities, only a illusion like the pictures i posted from M.C.Escher, a lot know this fact and enjoy it, other look a bit suspicious on it.

    have peace :mrgreen:

    it’s cool to meet one who likes this space shoot ’em up like i do, i was a little bit a outsider because of that amongst my “hippie friends”, but to me it’s only a game like chess, chess is a game of war, no one can say that’s not true, but it’s a game. i’m bad in chess, that’s why i play pioneer (FE2 back then) 😆

    don’t ask me why i don’t go and shout that to the people like eric did, obviously i’m only to lazy to learn all the lyrics.



    your souped up sidie
    i guess that reflects more or less FE2, i feel a bit overpowered for the engines if i take 24g for a fully ladden ship.

    the ship with the jaws you find here, it seems it had a cold…

    it uses the common specs, a alternative specification comes along with it which reflects a very moderate thruster power i would like for all ships.


    Gernot your a total star! <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_biggrin.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:D’ /> I will post up some sceenshots once I get it setup. Yaay! The J Miners Revenge is going to fly again! Only, this time it's in high rez <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_cool.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’8-)’ />


    I’m cross-posting! Run! 😀

    Ok seriously I’m hijacking your thread because I’d like to get more peoples opinions into the factions thread, even if it’s gone a bit technical and pear shaped 😕

    Please come over the dark side and throw your oar in! (http://www.spacesimcentral.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2854)

    Commander-“not really trying to cause trouble it just keeps happening!“-Andy

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