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      i had almost interrupted the “city terrain blending” thread.

      then i redrawn.

      i can post that here


      please let the guys do their job, don’t interrupt such “tech” threads where they can do some brainstorming.

      i like to enforce such, because i feel it’s “glasnost”.

      if you have a comment or a idea to that as non developer especially or as not that experienced one as those two guys i.e., keep out! please 😉

      you can read it and open a new thread if you have some questions or thoughts to that, even when you only like to say “cool”, “i like it”, “right on”.

      i know they will notice you, if you name the thread properly. (i have a Q or a idea to this and that)

      if they don’t read it personally i also know brainetta will port that to them.

      we can fool around elsewhere here :mrgreen:

      yes, it’s me the “thread polluter” telling this, i have to be careful myself not to do so…

      often i have a comment or a idea to something and it burns like fire to express that.

      but like i said open simply a new thread.

      you are allowed to fool around here 😉

      This bundle expires on 1/25/2019

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      I think that's a good idea Gernot, most of the time what those guys (like yourself) talk about in those tech threads is way above my head! I usually just sit back and wait to see the results

      Um…. ……….Gernot, while I am here can I ask you something? I asked in the Frontier Forum but I guess you missed it, anyways it's about the Sidewinder. As you might recall, this is my favorite ship in the game however, I feel the performance of it in Pioneer is way below what it was in the original Frontier, 20g main thrusters, 10g on the retros. Is there any chance you could create a new script that would give me performance specs closer to the original and a healthy increase in range too? Oh, and could I add a bit of a cheeky request if you could be bothered, a black ship with shark's teeth would be nice but honestly the existing textures are totally fine. I was just trying to see what the J Miner's Revenge would be like in Pioneer

      I spent many long hours in that little ship in Frontier carving my way across the galactic map and would love to continue that adventure in Pioneer.

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      Heh… I’m currently listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww5GXbk58R0

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      geraldine 😀

      i will please me to do so (fixing the specs for your longings), seriously
      for the range i will see what i can do, it depends mainly on the hull mass and since alpha20 also on the size of the tank for the propellant.
      i know that we have far heavier ships in pioneer rather in frontier, i already feel comfortable with most (since hullmass is reduced by the propellant), but i understand you well.

      (yet another black ship, very unreasonable, isn’t it brianetta? 😉 )
      perhaps i will make a similar 2nd skin, why not, even when all softs for the mac i have actually didn’t deserve my needs to make textures much.
      the jaws i can copy from the conny, if that is good enough?
      perhaps i can make some better, the ones for the conny are some sort of a “cheat”.

      sorry for my absence on frontier forum.
      keeping the models in shape, working on a few new, foolin’ around here and sometimes even let my mind go astray in german forums…
      i know i also promised to work on FFED3D (or a similar approach) again, but i’m only one person and ideas i guess i have enough to keep 5 busy. :mrgreen:

      that’s a ear charmer, reminds me of Kansas, right? i like it.
      it sounds a bit like “dust in the wind” but that’s fine with me.

      on the other hand, it didn’t needs much to please me, just a guitar, a harmonica and some backup and off i go…


      and some make something more “sophisticated” out of it 😉


      i like the first clip better, it’s cool, it seems they play in a manufactory or storage, you can hear occasional hammerings, someones working…
      well, we have guys here in switzerland they make music even with a milking machine 😆

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      no comment (needed)


      i own the LP :mrgreen:

      and of course this guy has touched my hart, i’ve been falling in love with him the first time i heard his voice…

      http://pioneer-universum.web.officelive … ichael.mp3

      (it seems my browser only plays the first 20secs of it…)

      the stuff on my webspace will be erased after 30th of april, MS closes office-live 🙁

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      Gernot! Thank you so much!!
      Oh and that is very far out music you posted

      potsmoke66 wrote:
      you are allowed to fool around here

      Heh… I’m currently listening to this:

      Ahh, Mr Tom Petty icon_cool.gif
      Here he is again in another guise

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      Geraldine wrote:
      Cody wrote:
      potsmoke66 wrote:
      you are allowed to fool around here

      Heh… I’m currently listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww5GXbk58R0

      Ahh, Mr Tom Petty

      Heh, you’ve lost me there. Did Tom Petty do a cover of Bad Company or something?

      Maybe they should rename this thread… something like the Pioneer Musical Appreciation Society.

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      end of the line? 😉

      i thought we just started…

      can’t help i love the 60’s and i love the beatles, blame me

      besides, i felt always that way, it’s not over, we havn’t started yet…

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      Heh… I saw The Beatles live in ’63/’64 (not sure which now… the memories are fading), and I still love them today!

      Do you have music sessions on the Pioneer IRC? We have them once or twice a month on the Oolite IRC.

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      "Cody" wrote:
      Heh, you've lost me there. Did Tom Petty do a cover of Bad Company or something?

      Ahem…… <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_confused.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:?’ /> ………..http://en.wikipedia&#8230;.veling_Wilburys

      Oh yes the Beatles Gernot! /
      They changed everything. They did to music what Elite did to computer gaming

      The 60s were so cool I wish I could have experienced it, speaking of which, could this be the coolest ship ever seen to date in Pioneer?

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      thank you geraldine (big heart, no smiley for such 😉 )

      i was already about to change my nick to spirit66

      a bit pathetic, but that suits me better, i love the initial idea, not especially ’66, the initial idea of everything, the crucial spark.

      a small playlist,

      Rheingold – Dreiklangdimensionen (it’s about the relation of colors, spatial imagination & sound)
      Paso Doble – Computerliebe (describes to me well the initial feeling of the 80’s, discovering computers and what can be done, incl. spending to much time with it)
      The Who – Put the Money Down / Naked Eye
      eric burdon & war – nights in white satin

      something else that moves me, so i write that down here,

      a statement
      most of bad reputation the grateful dead have, is (of course) the name and that a lot of people think that something occult or mystic is about that, however, unfortunatly, i know that to much of the “deadheads” have been trapped by this.
      but it’s only playing with possibilities, only a illusion like the pictures i posted from M.C.Escher, a lot know this fact and enjoy it, other look a bit suspicious on it.

      have peace :mrgreen:

      it’s cool to meet one who likes this space shoot ’em up like i do, i was a little bit a outsider because of that amongst my “hippie friends”, but to me it’s only a game like chess, chess is a game of war, no one can say that’s not true, but it’s a game. i’m bad in chess, that’s why i play pioneer (FE2 back then) 😆

      don’t ask me why i don’t go and shout that to the people like eric did, obviously i’m only to lazy to learn all the lyrics.

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      your souped up sidie
      i guess that reflects more or less FE2, i feel a bit overpowered for the engines if i take 24g for a fully ladden ship.

      the ship with the jaws you find here, it seems it had a cold…

      it uses the common specs, a alternative specification comes along with it which reflects a very moderate thruster power i would like for all ships.

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      Gernot your a total star! <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_biggrin.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:D’ /> I will post up some sceenshots once I get it setup. Yaay! The J Miners Revenge is going to fly again! Only, this time it's in high rez <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_cool.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’8-)’ />

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      I’m cross-posting! Run! 😀

      Ok seriously I’m hijacking your thread because I’d like to get more peoples opinions into the factions thread, even if it’s gone a bit technical and pear shaped 😕

      Please come over the dark side and throw your oar in! (http://www.spacesimcentral.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2854)

      Commander-“not really trying to cause trouble it just keeps happening!“-Andy

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      Cody wrote:

      Damn Cody, you win at forums! 😆

    • #88012
      fluffyfreak wrote:
      Damn Cody, you win at forums!

      Even though I don’t play Pioneer, I do follow the threads (yours included).

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      Quick Gernot! Man the turrets, Cody, put the pedal to the metal! We'll soon shake off those pesky hijackers

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      Geraldine wrote:
      Cody, put the pedal to the metal! We’ll soon shake off those pesky hijackers!

      Aye aye, ma’am! Full power to main thrusters! Nav, lay-in a course for Riedquat! Interstellar Overdrive in ten!

    • #88015

      Geraldine wrote:
      Cody, put the pedal to the metal! We’ll soon shake off those pesky hijackers!

      Aye aye, ma’am! Full power to main thrusters! Nav, lay-in a course for Riedquat! Interstellar Overdrive in ten!

      Double check those witch space exit readouts! I dont want a repeat of the last incident



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      I used to listen to this in bed with my headphones, close my eyes and fall asleep 😎

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      I sometimes play the bladerunner ost when having a fly around in Pioneer. Blade Runner Blues in particular gives a really lonely feeling that I feel fits the emptiness of space quite well 🙂


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      😮 oh, it’s forbidden to hear in switzerland “the ace of spades” 😆
      sometimes it really surprises me, no, it makes me wonder…
      in two or three occasions i was also notified by youtube that my clip contains material which is probably copyright protected.
      1st. i would like to know where? (i’m only curios) and probably is anyway a bit loose defined.

      “tangerine dream”, i nearly forgot they existed,
      yes, even on the continent you find few rock musicians 🙄

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      potsmoke66 wrote:
      “tangerine dream”, i nearly forgot they existed,

      I nearly forgot myself, just saw the album on youtube, I used to listen to them all the time when I lived near Celle in the late 70’s, and another good one at the time was Vangelis (my favourite being Albedo 0.39).


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      Tangerine Dream were (are) very cool!

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      Cool song Cody

      Having a galaxy to explore often times, these two find a way onto the playlist


      Oh, and Gernot? Perhaps time to invest in some headphones!

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      thanks, friends for all the beautiful music, yeah it’s good to share music

      “…they can’t take away our music, no they can’t…”

      thanks even for the “mac” geraldine, it will take me sometime to get warm with fleetwood mac without peter green… a prejudice of mine you can say.
      but you can help me 😉
      with LZ, you never fail, they are “the past masters”, blues in it’s “prehistoric” (pre to recorded voice) style played in the manner of the 70’s. lot of weird psychedelic attitude but in the end, simple blues, simply great, to me. it might not please the ear of trained musicians, but it pleases mine, again and again and again…
      can’t stop loving rock&roll, it’s like a drug and even a burdon (with and without eric 😆 ) it’s sometimes NOT FUNNY if you have to dance, you might not like to, but have to, every bone starts to shiver and move, it can be a burdon, really.

      i guess some people see me in the train or on the street must think i’m crazy, steady whipping to the music, almost dancing, sometimes really dancing in train stations or wherever i am. but hey, perhaps i’m only listening to “Bill Haley” or “Jelly Roll Morton” which can be surprising to listen to, especially in a tram in zurich (or any city) and suddenly when they play “Mr. Jelly Lord”, the tram start’s to get very slow just right for the slow sluggish beat of the tune. coincidence right, but what a cool coincidence.

      vangelis, yes i left aside to, perhaps even prejudice, i have a problem, the problem is everything that’s (was) mainstream repelles me. countless artists i misunderstood their music because of the hype, vangelis is one of them i guess, everybodys back when i was a little younger hailed vangelis, of course i had to say “nah, i don’t like it”.
      besides, this was my teddy times (17) and i was not “allowed” to listen to something else rather the finest and rarest rockabilly and rock&roll (elvis i never liked back then, as comparison. while today i love to copy his moves even to modern music, it works).
      remnants from these days are still inside me and a love of mine was “Restless” a british rockabilly trio, like the stray cats, but i said no mainstream please :D, and even yet like the stray cats, different, far cooler, jazzier (if something like that exists), minimal rockabilly one could say.

      it seems, after checking a few others, like the album this song is from is the best they ever made, style is perfect imo.

      this one goes to “noflag tom” and has of course guided me from on childhood, even when i perhaps wasn’t listening or didn’t knew the band well, but they was on air everyday, they was present in every jukebox (A1 on the jukebox?, a different member, yes)

      more “side-trips”,
      really i don’t believe in magic, but it seems i have a special affinity to machines.
      like george in yellow submarine when the tiny tiny motor was shown to him and he said “that’s the motor? let me porouse it” he burned his finger and the motor was broken totally 😆
      last weekend i was out in a pub, on the way home i had to get me a ticket from the machine, that thing seemed to be broken and plotted randomly destinations on the screen, broke down and showed off the next destination or whatever service this machine offers, e.g. prepaid value cards.
      i already heard one in the background “no chance man, it’s broken”, but i kept on tapping on the touchscreen… and suddenly the proper destination and all settings was entered, randomly you can say (destination, class, date) my words: “oh yeah, give it to me baby!”, i only had to hit OK, the screen was still flickering heavy, but it worked, i had a ticket.

    • #88024
      potsmoke66 wrote:
      it will take me sometime to get warm with fleetwood mac without peter green

      The magical Peter Green… a man of the world!

    • #88025

      geraldine, skodyn, cody, who ever, what have we done wrong?

      why we still stuck in this dilemma?

      hasn’t it been told often enough?

      not loud enough?

      is there something we can do?

      something we forgot?

      something we can’t see?

      “look there are blue meanies arriving in the vacinity of this theatre”

      “what can we do?”

      “i know something we can do – singing”

      “a one, a two, a three…”

      well, perhaps we only have to kick on the crickles that old man wears, maybe he starts to walk again then…

      it’s still good to shock people, here i am, look at me, the living dead (rock&roll), any problems with that? (yes, we have a problem with that, we can’t do like you do. not my problem…)

      mr. rock&roll loved it to hang out with the punks. ha, they respected and understood me well, some quite bright people i contacted back then.

      i guess more intelligent people rather i ever met in switzerland, many spent nights with discussions about “ceasars beard” and drinking vast amounts of (stolen) beer.

      “look here he comes, mr. rock&roll”, (the long haired version) i had to smile, doing a little dance and everybody was feelin’ right.

    • #88026
      potsmoke66 wrote:
      “look here he comes, mr. rock&roll”, (the long haired version) i had to smile, doing a little dance and everybody was feelin’ right.

      You sound like a version of Mr Bojangles, PS.

    • #88027

      “look there are blue meanies arriving in the vacinity of this theatre”
      “what can we do?”
      “i know something we can do – singing”
      “a one, a two, a three…”

      Well we could all do what a certain 60s band did when the blue meanies turned up to spoil the show


      Country Cody? I can do country…….well a little bit anyways


    • #88028

      Ahhh… Jessica is one of my all-time favourites! Hardly a day goes by when I don’t play that track… very loud!

    • #88029

      Moody dance music of a different kind… a cross of flamenco and moorish: Radio Tarifa!

    • #88030

      That was different Cody, but good all the same 🙂

      Now one from my part of the world, by an artist called Dougie MacLean. You might have listened to this someplace before under the name Promentory, but the original was called The Gael and here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ2MGloZV4U

    • #88031

      that’s all heavenly woven

      hey, country? ok, i forgive you 😉

      well, you should hear them commenting my music sometimes (american folk music from way back then), country is a compliment i feel…

      mr. bojangles, i heard it first from a rather unknown artist, Rick Abao, two to get precise, the other is… (damned, a strike, charlie something).

      edit: i really thought there is not much to find of him, last itme, of course a couple of years ago i didn’t found anything except a obituary, he died 2002 unfortunately before i could say; “thanks, you brought light into my life, light into the life of all the children you played for”.

      perhaps i have to explain that a bit, a (far) relative of me has held a “Folk Club” in Witten germany, as i was i child we visited her once a year.

      of course all the folk musicians was hanging ’round her house, it was a folk club, she managed acts in germany for them and was housekeeper of the club (her house).

      imagine her as a small but as wide as tall woman with long black hair and a voice that sounds like it’s coming out of a crypt, to some she’s still well known, i guess.

      must have been then when i met him, i can’t remember right, i was very young, aged 4 to 6, but my mom (no, that’s not my mom, but a patchwork she made) told me.

      i guess to us children it was like a big playhouse, with lots of interesting and interested young people, something which is still in the back of my mind is, that we nearly burned the house once because we was playing pirates, a box was our ship, a wardrobe was our island and of course we made a fire…

      sometimes i think they would lock us away today, call the police or put us in a madhouse, i know it, i have children it’s a shame how we treat them today sometimes.

      all this you have to… else you get lost in this world. plus all the shit which is going on with socalled “ADHD”, i would have had it if it would have existed then, my stepson nearly was treated because of (we was against it and no one can force here in switzerland parents to do that, thats fine), at least my stepson is less unattentive rather i and made a better graduation rather his friends who was treated. my daughter suffers of it actually, but only when i’m not present, as long as she can have physical contact with me, it’s completely gone. i can manage her and her mind, it’s easy to me to let her flow and take her back to concentrate on something.

      perhaps this is related to why cats fell asleep immediately in my presence…

      i visited her last sunday and we was doing the math. lesson together, she’s not bad or at least better rather i was and some multiplications she solved faster as i did now. but yes she’s very unattentive and have always a new different thing in mind (i guess i know that well). she’s 9 now, nah not true 8, she’s born in winter just as me.

      the equations she had to solve you had to chiffre with a letter code, each staple ended in a word, one word was …orilla, while the word was written upside down, she asked me what could that be… i said a relative of us, a primate, i haven’t spoke to the end, she jumped up went to a chart on the door where the evolution is shown on, “here we are, these are the primates”, bravo! wonderful i said, let’s get back to work. i mean it needs only a little patience and you can work very well with her (us 😉 ). never tie them down, that hurts and is contraproductive in the end.

      hmm, unattentive isn’t the right word, very attentive i would say, but hard to handle and not easy to follow their minds.

      of course, i know, who better rather me? it’s a big handicap in school, a very big handicap if you challange your teacher :mrgreen:

      Family? certainly yes.

      i inherited many records of her (the folk club mother), she did the folk selection for SWF3, so a copy of every record of that genre was sent to her.

      some are real jewels in my collection and due to the fact that i inherited them lately in a still good condition.

      rick made a lot of songs for children and grown up children, many are in german the following is something in between


      (i didn’t found mr. bojangles, but doesn’t matters, perhaps i make a clip myself of that song soon)

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      <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_eek.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:shock:’ /> That patchwork your mum made, its beautiful. Now I know where you get your talent from to make all those ship models! <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

    • #88033

      well, right

      but talent and intelligence make no difference, you know me

      it’s genetically in our family, yes certainly, but when i think of my grandfather, hmm

      high talented, very intelligent, but also indoctrinated by nazi philosophy, even more they made a sort of religion out of it.

      so you see, intelligence and talent doesn’t help to protect from that.

      what you need is a open mind and classless love, only this can help.

      to have this you don’t have to be intelligent, vice versa i would say, it’s a handicap beeing intelligent from this point of view.

      blessed are the ones who are simple in mind :mrgreen:

    • #88034

      Was doing a bombing mission there in FE2 and this came on the radio [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OorZcOzNcgE[/media] <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//shok.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:O’ />

      Oh, and this came up next <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_mrgreen.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:mrgreen:’ /> [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgJx5GzZBY4[/media] <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

      Oh and this @ Cody I think he might like it……..um a bit <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_mrgreen.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:mrgreen:’ />


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    • #88036

      I love what my gaming playlists throw at me sometimes. Last night, I was cruising serenely through some backwater system to this. As it ended, a bunch of bandits appeared and all hell broke loose – and the playlist gave me this!

    • #88037

      Cool tracks Cody! <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ /> And Gernot, that was an interesting cover, not herd that one before. I loved this cover [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awOcbVoS4yE[/media]

    • #88038
    • #88040


    • #88041

      the poster is from a different event,

      but i didn’t preserved many tapes of the deadend?

      “it might be no music, but it’s for sure a whole lotta fun”

      Janis Joplin


    • #88042

      That guy plays like a madman! He may need a Frontier (elite2) Psychiatrist!

      You should play this full screen and should probably crank up the sound because it’s a little quiet. 😉


    • #88043
      Marcel wrote:
      That guy plays like a madman! He may need a Frontier (elite2) Psychiatrist!

      😯 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogeJQ5Huw74

      And if I may add http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auDv6cf2PBM

    • #88044
    • #88045

      At the risk of receiving more humping from Geraldine…


    • #88046




    • #88047

      Okay PS, after that little lot, you’ve got the job… DJ-in-residence!

    • #88048

      I feel I must warn you about this one. It’s one of those songs that sticks to your brain and never leaves. If you listen to it you may find it playing in your head for days.


    • #88049
      Marcel wrote:
      If you listen to it you may find it playing in your head for days.

      Yes! especially if your name is Alan 😆

    • #88050

      O MG! Sorry Alan! So what is your story, anyway? 😆

      Here’s a sentiment that I think all of us on this forum share.


      That’s an extended version, not the one from the TV show. I think it describes most of us rather well.

      If you’re interested in Barry Gray’s music, I found it here.


    • #88051


      such can happen if you put sesame street to your favorite tv shows in facebook









      and now we leave for space



    • #88052

      Oh wow, does that take me back. I can remember watching Fireball XL5 as a kid!

    • #88053

      Rockin’ the spacelanes with classic prog rock tonight!

    • #88054

      If you’re a fan of old Gerry Anderson shows like Supercar, Thunderbirds and Stingray, you’ll probably like this.


    • #88055

      Sweet! Nice one, Marcel!

    • #88056

      Here is some more for the play list icon_e_smile.gif



      Oh and I cant post that without posting this too


    • #88057

      Four Way Street was one of my most treasured albums, and I love Wishbone Ash.

      I’ll throw in some more prog!

    • #88058

      WOW Caravan, I've not herd them in a looooooooooong while <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

    • #88059
    • #88060

      I was at Bickershaw in ’72… brilliant band list, brilliant but very muddy festival!

    • #88061

      That was great Gernot! <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_cool.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’8-)’ />

      Ok, now for (in my mind) THE ELITE song <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />


    • #88062

      My favourite band of all… Quicksilver Messenger Service and Gold and Silver.

      I’ve even oggified another of their tracks (Cobra… what else) as my Oolite start music.

    • #88063

      That was really nice Cody! <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_cool.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’8-)’ />

      Now for something completely different


    • #88064

      Oh btw… my favourite Lynyrd Skynyrd track is Tuesday’s Gone!

    • #88065

      Quicksilver Messenger ServiceQuicksilver Messenger Service 😎

      about arthur brown,

      i don’t know what’s more worse, people like in the 60’s who don’t have no idea what’s going on in front of them and was easy to shock, or people like today that will pass by every show, “…yet another nuts gone musician…” and you can’t shock them with nothing, because of their lusciousness.

      i guess the latter

    • #88066

      video from a discussion of my only facebook friend (classmate)


    • #88067

      Yea only 5 people stopped to listen. Says a lot about the times we live in. Buskers have a hard job at times

      More street magic


      Now, some "retro" music <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//wink3.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’;)’ />




    • #88068

      Rockin’ the ‘lanes again with Nantucket Sleighride.

    • #88069

      For those who, like me, love Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘sci-fi’, one of Scotland’s finest singer/songwriters – The Sirens of Titan.

    • #88070


      the minne singing is simply great

      i remember a funny fact, al-Ê¿Å«d (arab.) means lute and comes from wood, wood – ud, not very far from each other, no? (while “lute” is a derivative of al-Ê¿Å«d)

      talking about music… a american native composer stated once “it’s remarkable that in the english dictionary music comes right after mushroom”.

      i always thought there should be something useful to do with a floppy drive. change the stepping rate and it starts to sound…

      great finding.

      i would like a “junk orchestra”, other peripherals are noisy to, plus some clicking of old relays, all controlled with my vintage A500, should be possible…

      i’m sure i would get a gig at the ETH aula, they will freak out on it i guess.

      where is my soldering iron, let’s start it now…

      really this is blowing my mind, ideas come in like a storm… motors, air pressure controllers, moving parts which influence capacivity…

      that’s really “steam punked”, thank you geraldine :ugeek:

      imagine a wall of relays, clicking together from different positions on the wall…

      by alternating the frequency it should even be possible to make something like “real sound”.

      Dark Star, played by the Relay Orchestra 😆




      i guess it’s from rockpalast, all bands played then there on the famous “Orange” PA system

      i know at least one band who still use the “jimi hendrix” setup (and one left over, thrown away guitar neck)

      it’s “More Experience” from Switzerland.


      it’s best to see them performing in a club

      ahh, and i know a second one, maybe he’s even better, but usually he plays for free on the lake zurich quai.

      sometimes he performs at “neugasshof” in zurich, it was our hells club, now it’s a “private” billard club, but the folks are still the same (as long as they’re still alive).


      we had a band in switzerland performing music like this, “Pfuri, Gorps & Kniri”


      skiffle, yes


      this one is no music, it shows only a few bunkers, the second location in the clip (ennetberge), is close to my hometown.


    • #88071

      I saw Curved Air twice in my hometown back in 70/71, I think… brilliant on stage!

    • #88072

      this is for geraldine 😉



      and watch the spray art hunter here,


      costs nothing, but we need your credit card number


    • #88073

      <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_eek.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:shock:’ /> Awesome footage there Gernot. God help any foreign power wanting to take on the Swiss Airforce! Those boys sure know to use that incredible terrain that Switzerland has to its full. Low flying there would test any pilot to the limit. And Hawker Hunters! <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_cool.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’8-)’ /> I still think they are one of the most beautiful aircraft ever made and so agile too <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_cool.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’8-)’ />. Just the sort of aircraft you need in mountainous terrain. <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

      EDIT: Also, here is some more "Junk" music [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxz630u7YlQ[/media]

    • #88074

      it don’t matters if it’s junk or not 😆


    • #88075

      It’s 00:57 here in England so…

    • #88076

      Ah, the incredible MJ. Massive talent, sadly missed sad.gif


      And could not post that without this….


    • #88077

      thanks cody,

      now you’ve hit the spot


      edit: on the already existing clip you can’t hear the lyrics, this is why i made this.

    • #88078

      i will bring pioneer last.fm to front again, because i like to share music, especially because i haven’t any sound in pioneer, the rotten macbook…

      no, it’s a nice machine, only some stuff which i can’t simply download is missing on it, mainly X11, if someones got a idea how i get that on my snowleopard OS without buying it, i will be happy, very happy. XQuartz doesn’t helps for the issues i have.


      nah, i guess not, it’s anything else than pleasing, to much adverts, hardly find some music there, what a rip off, imho.

      youtube’s better, quality might be low, but you can share the music wherever you like, that’s cool.

      in diesem sinne:


      and this bhelongs to the “mission impossible” thread


      and this is a personal favorite


    • #88079
    • #88080

      yes, post some more of the velvet underground, i own only one album 😉

      sunday… friday… i don’t mind…


    • #88081
      potsmoke66 wrote:
      yes, post some more of the velvet underground, i own only one album 😉

      A song for when the Alphas come out, not The Velvet Underground perhaps but Lou Reed and “friends”. See how many you can spot


    • #88082

      A virtually perfect song, is that! I’d not seen that video though, and still prefer the original, but anything with Emmylou Harris in is cool. She does beatiful covers of Beatles songs, such as this.

    • #88083

      She has a wonderful voice Cody! <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

      Now, if I can"Elbow" in here with 2 tracks.

      The first one is aimed right at the dev teams of Oolite, Pioneer and FFE3D


      This second one? Heck I just like it <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_lol.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:lol:’ />


    • #88084

      On the subject of thinning threads down, is there any way that a rolling cull can be applied to a specific thread?

      If so, this thread could be regularly culled to leave the last ten/twenty posts, say.

    • #88085
      Cody wrote:
      We can only hope … colonies established somewhere out there one day – away from this still-beautiful planet

      Starships are mostly what we’re about here, so a Jefferson Starship track seems in order. This is from an album entitled Blows Against the Empire – all ’70s hippy tosh of course, but the album is ‘loosely’ based on Heinlein’s classic Methuselah’s Children, wherein a generation starship is hijacked – ‘Push the button, pull the switch, cut the beam… make it march!’

      Wiki wrote:
      Kantner went so far as to write to Heinlein to obtain permission to use his ideas. Heinlein wrote back that over the years, many people had used his ideas but Paul was the first one to ask for permission, which he granted.

      Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?

    • #88086

      in despite that most won’t understand one word, but it’s enough to know that “life stresses”


      and this have been presentet to me to


    • #88087

      I love the music of this game! Is there a chance to get the tracks in a slighlty higher bitrate? <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

    • #88088

      Hello Tichy, something you can find here http://soundcloud.com/leonardo-manna

    • #88089

      Thank you walterar, this is one of my favourites <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

    • #88090

      Mine too <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//good.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:good:’ />

    • #88091

      Well with the announcement that Chris Roberts is back developing space sims, I thought I would post this as a tribute, :girlcrazy:


    • #88092

      A funny coincidence… While browsing the map system in Pioneer, I found the star Arcturus. This made me remember about a band with the same name, so I searched some videos on YT… and I found this song:


      Now I know that I can launch Pioneer (the Frontier descendant) and jump to the Arcturus system while listening to Arcturus Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//dance3.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:dancer:’ /> <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//laugh1.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:laugh:’ />

    • #88093

      Ah this old thread lives again! :girlcrazy:

      Nice choice there Tichy, very fast and loud just as you would expect from Arcturus.

      My next selection comprises of a “quiet little band” from Australia (but originally from Scotland! girl_crazy.gif ) in their old and new guises


      NEW (ish)

    • #88094

      How about another blast from the past? Anyone remember a group called Space?


    • #88095

      Who resurrected this thread? Here, have a classic piece of late '60s electronic sound.

      White Noise had the goddess of electronic sound, Delia Derbyshire, doing her stuff (I bow my head in worship)!

    • #88096

      geraldine i didn't remembered the name, but ha, first chord of the tune, great finding!

      Cody, scary dude, scary

      let's get trippin'


      should i give away all the goodies right now?


      somehow the web is cool…

      but somehow it uncovers all in brutal way…

      i mean, i ran from "Pontius to Pilatus" to get some of my records back in the 80's/90's.

      some have been gifted to me, occasianally, really.

      once my girlfriend and me was sitting in a beergarden in zurich, a dude came along with two bags shouldered.

      sat down and said: "you look like people who will like this"

      opened the bags and they was full of records from the 60's!

      he said further: "i wanted to sell them here in zurich, because i leave switzerland for … (i forgot where he went to) … but as i saw you two, i was sure it will be better to give them to you, because i can be sure you will take care of this music (we was wearing our own tie-dies, partner look).

      amazing we got gifted with so many records then.

      i had a "hippie-punk-friend" from zurich when i was quite younger, he came to visit me from time to time in glarus.

      he really lived this life, lived in friends places and did little jobs for you to equal it.

      once he came with 50 records he had inherited from AJZ (Autonomes Jugendzentrum Zürich = Autonomous youth center Zurich).

      it was closed because, ah i guess you can imagine why, it was back then when zurich had a bad reputation and was worldwide known for the

      "Needle Park".

      situatons like this loose meaning now due to the uncovering of all in the web, don't you think so?

      of course on the other hand it's nice that it's possible to share them now whenever and wherever you want.

      but it's not the same, i would like to smoke a pipe with cody perhaps, instead to type into this rotten machine.

      to lay back and listen to all this fine fine music.

      stare at my ceiling again, where i had pinned all the beautiful album covers…

    • #88097

      some music, less psychedelic, but yeahhh…


      by watching his pictures (yes pictures) you could guess a NPP is the coolest thing in the world.

      anyway, everything you see here is very close together,

      the title screen is from the NPP "Leibstadt" (Aargau), the river you see is the rhine.

      it's followed by "Gösgen" in Solothurne

      some shots from "Beznau" (Aargau, the "twin"),

      finally some shots from "Mühleberg" (Bern) which is the oldest reactor we have (might not be the proper in chronology).

      (i might feel ok about the rest, but this one should be closed, also it has only a fraction of the power Leibstadt or Gösgen offer)

      what you can't see here is, the PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) which is responsible for research and owns the only high temperature oven to get rid of some nuclear waste and which is very, very close to Gösgen. no wonder some say the canton "Aargau" is the dirtiest in switzerland)

      all reactors belong to General Electrics.

      the nuclear technicians of the states love(d) to visit us,

      1st, here no one cares if you drink a beer or two after work, (vice versa, "everybody" has met after work for a beer, that's fine you get to a lot of "insider" information in this way).

      2nd, we make a feast each revision with country music and a lot of beer (has changed a bit, nowadays less beer as back in '89, quite different today the situation, which i missed lately when i worked there, it's not the same anymore. but i also understand it was really crazy with this bunch of bewildered. from ex foreign-legion members to well educated technicians…).

      Leibstadt, is "my" big boiler or immersion coil <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

      i guess she misses me, that's why she bursts slowly…

      she will miss for sure this guy who touched "every" part of her with his hands…

      not especially for servicing, just that i have touched it at all, besides i'm convinced if you do such daily, you notice the slightes difference in heat or vibration, things of which i believe no electronic component can replace this.

      about the slow burst, hmm… i never felt comfortable with upgrading it to 30% more power.

      i believe it costs her a lot of live, that's also me, personally i feel it's not good.

      young technicians nowadays say "oh, no problem, we have a lot of reserves", but i think "who ever has designed it, hasn't done this randomly".

      it's again something i learned from my daddy, he never liked such also, you don't go and use reserves, that's not proper.

      fact is, a year later the generator has quit, you can't see a direct causality to this of course, but…*

      also the pressure vessel shows now more "fatigue phenomena", well if i wouldn't have suspected it…

      but who asks a "construction worker" or "textile technician"?

      if they have a degree as whatever…

      i'm a funny man, i predicted a early wnter this year a month ago, well it starts to snow this weekend.

      so, never say again "my feelings won't matter", they matter a lot <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//wink3.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’;)’ />

      "she doesn't feel well today…"

      *i had a long talk with one of our electricians back then, they know WHAT has happened, but it's something that SHOULDN'T happen, it just HAS happened.

      now in fact it has something to do with a generators own frequency, he would like to run on it's own, but we need the power in a given frequency foremost it has to be congruent, else you get a big power loss. you can compare this to sound, if the frequencies of the speakers are not congruent you will loose 70% of the power, perhaps more, it's when the sine of one signal erases the sine of the other (sine valley covers sine hill), theoretically output equals then to 0.

      to evade this problem you feed back power from the grid to the generator to force him to output a congruent frequency, but that hurts simply said.

      finally this "hurting" has reached such a high degree, that a plasma was build up in the generator, it was unrecognized until one day it has getting released and burned a wide hole in 10cm thick steel plates, melted that to it's atoms, at least nothing visible was left of this material.

      long text, short meaning, i suspect it would never have happened without the upgrading.

      erm, i deleted some ideas to speaker and sound that went through my mind, shouldn't i ave deleted it?

    • #88098

      I found this piece as a bonus track of Cyborg by Klaus Schulze. Incredible track! I expecially like the central part, that sounds like a musical equivalent of zooming a fractal. <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

      (Klaus Schulze – But beautiful)


    • #88099

      Lovely! That's the kind of thing I like to listen to when there's 12 AU to go.

    • #88100

      Big-eyed beans from Venus – oh my oh my!

    • #88101

      Ooooh the “Cap’t! Not herd from them in ages :girlcrazy:

      Here is two classic mac songs, first one just because its just soooo good and another for cruising over those lonely planets out in the big black



    • #88102

      Ahh… the Mac in their three-guitar-attack days. They were at their bluesy best then, that's for sure. I have a 24 min version of Rattlesnake Shake by them on CD, which is just amazing – but it ain't up there on the tube anywhere that I can see. As for the Captain – I saw him live with the Magic Band in '72 – absolutely incredible stage show!

    • #88103

      More magic from one of the members of “The Mac” before they joined the group, Christine Perfect with Chicken Shack (later Christine McVie), cool “B” side too :girlcrazy:


    • #88104

      Ah yes – Chicken Shack were cool!

    • #88105

      Bach BWV 639 (Edward Artemiev version)


      Famous for being in the Solaris soundtrack <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

      Where I live, Artemiev's albums are almost impossible to find.

    • #88106

      Did anyone mention this yet?


    • #88107
      'Tichy' wrote:

      Bach BWV 639 (Edward Artemiev version)


      Famous for being in the Solaris soundtrack <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

      Where I live, Artemiev's albums are almost impossible to find.

      Solaris (the 1972 version, that is) was a brilliant movie – and yes, it's very hard to find much by Artemyev.

    • #88108

      Commander Cody plays some Commander Cody… heh.

    • #88109

      The “Zep” return for this 1994 special



    • #88110

      Earlier in the thread I put up the original Wing Commander intro as a tribute to Chris Roberts coming back into the space sim genre. It would be remiss of me not to the same for David and here is a beauty, a fan created vid using the original FE2.



    • #88111

      Behold – the thread has risen again.


      In tribute to Wilko Johnson, who sadly will not be around too much longer – Back in the Night.

      He’s from my neck of the woods, and went to my old school – and he was brilliant on stage!

    • #88112

      Today I listened to this musician who was recommended to me as the italian Klaus Schulze.

      Baffo Banfi… Funny name 🙂


    • #88113

      That was nice Tichy! :queen:

      Here is just one more song from the Led Zep 1994 special, its an awesome concert, this one is called Friends



    • #88114
    • #88115





      let there be (hard) rock !

    • #88116
    • #88117

      another guitar heros ? 



    • #88118

      Quiet in here lately, eh? Changing the tone a little – Eternity Road (which is also the title of an excellent sci-fi tale).

    • #88119
    • #88120
    • #88121
    • #88122

      In tribute to Kevin Ayers, who has passed away… a very talented man!



    • #88123

      Not suitable for deep space… but a music trigger when you hit atmo or land… 😉


    • #88124

      This was doing the rounds on the Frontier forum a while back. Some wanted this as Elite Dangerous theme.



    • #88125

      That has always been one of my favourite tunes. When the first episode of THHGTTG hit the airwaves, I had no idea what it was about – but when I heard that intro theme, I knew it was going to be something very special. DA had excellent taste in music – and he liked it loud!

    • #88126

      I recently finished this game: http://www.emhsoft.com/singularity/

      I liked his soundtrack so much, that I’m listening to it all the time. 🙂


      Another krautrock musician that I discovered recently

      Michael Hoenig


    • #88127

      This was doing the rounds on the Frontier forum a while back. Some wanted this as Elite Dangerous theme.


      I never heard the long version. Wow! I must have it. 🙂

      At first it seemed the music of Firefly … but then came the famous melody: “The hitchhiker’s guideeeee!”  :biggrin:

    • #88128

      I never heard the long version.


      I have to chuckle at the ‘long version’ label – that is the original version from the One of These Nights album.

    • #88129

      I have to chuckle at the ‘long version’ label – that is the original version from the One of These Nights album.


      But you don’t know that I am completely ignorant about The Eagles!  :unsure:  😳

    • #88130

      But you don’t know that I am completely ignorant about The Eagles!  :unsure:  😳


      Sorry Tichy – I was referring to the title/label on the youtube clip itself, not your post.

      Not only that, but it should be Eagles, not The Eagles.

    • #88131

      I’m actually a bit disappointed there isn’t some Banjo ‘n Fiddle on a game called Pioneer!! Not Country or Western so much as some OLD school folk music… wagon train of settlers jamming by the cookfire sort of thing…

    • #88132

      How  about some bluegrass-style music, by Old & in the Way!

    • #88133

      holger is a unique exponent, no?



      well neuralkernel, never thought anyone else would like “banjo & guitar”…

      or you probably missed this one





      and you know what…




      cody – even that,


      old & in the way, well actually it let’s me feel i am…



      i “received right now” this one,

      must be from a far out place, judged by the bad quality and the static noise




      (and never ask me, i miss this since a alpha or two before this clip was made

      i never quite understood…, anyway this is already what we have now, the beginning of the end? or a new start?

      ah, doesn’t matter)


      yes i do wonder how this “static noise” got on the server of youtube,

      must have chosen exactly this clip, to give it the proper atmosphere.

    • #88134




      by watching the clip i have to say, “let’s get a little further back in time”


      (with wacky music)



      this was what we had, and i played pioneer quite often, really often, i made a good job as a bountyhunter.

      probably a little bit to easy, but at least you wasn’t melted in seconds to a piece of junk.


      hard enough for some as i remember, i feel that was right, a little to easy for old elite cracks,

      but all the nubes i guess had troubles enough.


      it was told to me that the “new” A.I. is to master, i only never found out how, neither i have seen how it’s made,

      i would like to see that at least, then i can guess, “ok, gernot you are only a bad to mediacre pilot and it is to master”.



      but it was fun, fun, fun

      and i will never , really never forget the situations in my “tie fighter” (unfortunately no clip of such) more then once i was streaked by the enemy

      and my poor “Tie” was hurled steerless through the open space, this is FUN in my opinion.


      but to train with the actual A.I. is like you would like to make a fight with “Andy Hug”, it’s not recommended.


      and guess how many stories we would have to tell each other…

      clips to show off,


      well i guess i would give in exchange all my FE2 ships, for such.

    • #88135

      Some Family Entertainment for y’all.

    • #88136


      I’m really impressed that you can fight like that in external view. If there was a multiplayer version of Pioneer I’d be toast!

    • #88137

      he, he, i’m used to, or i was used to fight in outside view.


      i don’t know it’s likewise driving, i can better concentrate on or didn’t loose so quick depth feeling.

      to compare again to a racing sim “i look beyond the horizon”, or at least concentrate on it.


      i had this “suicide” situation saved for a long time and it needed a lot of attempts to manage this, three i guess, heavy armed ships.


      haven’t been in such situations yet anymore, besides i guess it was a slightly altered pirates script i used then and

      chances to get attacked was high, but only in bad policed systems.

      but the scripts have changed a lot since then and i never tried to “screw” on one of the new.



      i guess that’s why we like it single player 😉


      but of course a “dogfight mode” would be something cool, but further i wouldn’t go.

      would be then like a alternative game mode, two players dogfight in a random environment.

      it would be a idea to “unlock” ships (or equipment) according to a players experience/shots?…



      actually i didn’t fight often and if i get in a situation like in a scout mission that one follows me to orbit,

      i “force him” to “land”…

    • #88138

      ==> going tested these rear outside view dogfight  , never think to used this one  :gamer:

    • #88139

      matter of choice, and which you are used to


      but anyway looks better in a clip 😉

    • #88140
    • #88141

      many versions exist of this one, take your choice.





      <- i always wonder why one disables comments, not to clear to me.

      to sad, because if comments are disabled, obviously you can’t ask why 😉



      heard, the tune (plenty of nothing) on our jazz channel, actually they play a lot of good music, if one likes jazz and swing.

    • #88142

      let’s get nuts,




      some might humm along with…


      but i humm along with that





      i really thought you find everything on youtube, well not everything, i guess i have to record and upload the tune first,

      it’s a drummers version of cocktails for two which i really like and it’s a real earwig for me.

    • #88143

      more music, more music…

      (folks, i could fill a evening easy)




      no “must like”, but i stumbled over the outlaws resp. masonrodgersband “trail of tears” and i thought “know the title, but the tune is different, quite different”

      forgive me, those guys are part of my family or vice versa i’m part of their family, however.

      “dedicated to dear hildegard”



      ok, ok, another one i have to upload…

      seems i’m a little luckless today





      great guitar music, why doesn’t i know them already?

      to much folk, jazz and classical music in my collection?


    • #88144



      great guitar music…

      The Outlaws? Yeah, you can’t beat a quality twin-guitar attack –  Wishbone Ash were good at that.

    • #88145

      oh, well 🙂


      “i used to be a warrior”


      i know this record well, it’s certainly part of my collection, usually on my SDRAM, i carry everywhere.

      fortunately both songs are on the jukebox in our billard club.

      unfortunately it’s else a little stupid selection on it.

      the box belongs to NSM, they are from danmark and many danish music on it which tells us in switzerland a shit.

      the rest is a typical show off of their shedule.

      thus you find a few songs of janis, jimmy, jim or carlos.

      but you won’t find one piece of the dead, as if they would have never existed.

      wishbone ash, yes, some uriah heep

      but it’s all like skimmed milk.


      unfortunately the box stands in a club where “rockers” meet…

      times have changed 😉

      even them listen to techno now


      ok it’s zurich, techno is born in berlin and zurich, no wonder they flip out on it.


      there would exist another bar the “Stray Cat”, name was once program, it’s a old gas station (what else).

      they have a quite good web based juke box, but even there, if you don’t continue to select the titles they vanish.

      further it’s not allowed to smoke, like overall zurich now, with exception for private clubs, like our billard club

      (billard is not the only reason why we meet there ).


      if your spaceship ever leads you to zurich, meet us please




      it’s called “Neugasshof” and not hard to find if you ask the people on the street, everyone knows it.

      but be warned, some hate it, some love it.


      besides, the cops are no good friends of us…



      times have really changed, 10years ago, still the harleys stood in front of the door,

      now the harleys stand in front of “zur(e)ich versicherungen”, “axa” or “ubs”.

    • #88146

      yet another friend of our family,

      you neither won’t find much of him on youtube (but some).



      the picture didn’t fits really, but it shows at least the proper guy,

      i have no album covers on the macbook.


      i remember, when they came here for a few gigs they slept in our house, responsible for that was dear hildegard.

      my mother liked to explain them what “kräuter” is (a brandy), she said it’s made of “herbs”, pop wonders and said;

      “yours make brandy of herbs (weed)?”


      they havent a good reputation here, country fans here in switzerland can’t identify themself with music like pop plays it.

      to sad.


      of course it’s no “nashville country”…


      but they (and many others) should finally get the wax out of their ears.



      today is really a “bad day”, i can search for a title of a well known artist like elvis costello and won’t find it…


      (fortunatly) this clearly contradicts to what i said once that music has become so cheap,

      because it’s everywhere available, well not all the music.


      though, i have to “dig out my record player” (no, most is already on my machine) and upload that to youtube.

      no good place to listen to records where i live right now, small flat with bowed wooden floors, not really good to place a record player.

      it will only hurt my records, there is not much matter i won’t give away or i hang on, but records are something different for me.

      a sort of a holy thing.

      each has it’s own little history, not to replace with downloaded music.

      even not to replace with a CD or DVD, in no case.


      whishbone ash i own three of them, vinyls of course.

      “Wishbone Ash” is one of my oldest records i own, i guess since 17, it’s really in a bad condition.

      it has helped the “greaser” to understand rock music.

      “Argus” i inherited from a hippiepunk, as well as “Pilgrimage”.

      he used to exchange records he got from i don’t know for a spliff.

      he had good connections to the “underground” in zurich, but visited me from time to time for a bong.

      fair, he never wanted something for free, if he haven’t had money, then a record or a book,

      (in this way i got to the “book of dead”, it was in a bad condition and i fixed the back with a linnen, looking good now)

      if not, he cleaned up my mess for a spliff.

      funny, he used to smoke all in one poke, no matter how much i gave him.

    • #88147
    • #88148









      prisoner of love? hmm…


      it took me 6 years to stand this one,

      she never liked it, that’s why it’s unfinished.

      i drawed her while she wasn’t recognizing it.




    • #88149

      That’s a really nice drawing. Sometimes unfinished is finished.

    • #88150

      When I was at my lowest ebb for a long time recently, “someone” sent me this bit of magic

    • #88151


      great song, great movie


      Rude Boy Jimmy 🙂



    • #88152

      When I was at my lowest ebb for a long time recently, “someone” sent me this bit of magic


      Obviously a someone with impeccable taste!

    • #88153


      some music and as usual some moving pictures to it


      “Pioneering basically amounts to finding new and more horrible ways to die”

       – John W. Campbell –


      to get you in the proper mood some heavy stuff



      then let’s spice things up with a message



      finally something to calm you down




      and a link to something more sci-fi related to keep the topic of this forum







      please report to me if the short-movie “This Land is Mine” is blocked in your country.

      i will upload then a different version, even if i have to sing the tune myself probably (argh) :devil:


      have phun

    • #88154

      That guy is hilarious with his eyebrows 😀


       He’s very good though.

    • #88155

      Currently playing in chez Cody: Egyptian Gardens followed by Taxim.

    • #88156

      Game crossovers now. I have been playing around with the sound files in Oolite and decided to add these re-mixes to it from another favourite game series of mine Deus Ex :triniti:






      Yes I know Deus Ex isn’t a space game, but somehow, (at least for me) it works. :slow:

    • #88157

      I have been playing around with the sound files in Oolite…


      You using those two as the Oolite intro and docking themes, Geraldine?

    • #88158

      Icarus as Intro and UNATCO for ambient.I honestly dont know why it suits Oolite. Perhaps it’s the hint of 80s synth throughout the tracks that do it?

    • #88159

      Perhaps it’s the hint of 80s synth throughout the tracks that do it?


      Could be. Predictably, I use an old Quicksilver Messenger Service instrumental as my Oolite intro – Cobra.

      I stuck with the old Blue Danube docking music though.

    • #88160
    • #88161

      Liked those Tichy! :girlcrazy:

    • #88162

      Stumbled on this the other day…


      Some kind of procedural ambient sound (if not exactly “music”) based on the celestial bodies within a system would be pretty neat…

    • #88163

      Stumbled on this the other day…

      Some kind of procedural ambient sound (if not exactly “music”) based on the celestial bodies within a system would be pretty neat…

      That’s amazing! It would be very cool to have procedural ambient music in Pioneer, along with the songs composed by volunteers! 🙂

    • #88164

      The concept of procedural music is quite an old one. I used to use a landscape generation program on the Amiga called Vista Pro 3. It used to generate all sorts of sounds when computing landscapes from seed values. Quite cool back in the day. Glad to see the concept hasn’t been forgotten. :girlcrazy:

    • #88165

      Currently pounding out in chez Cody – Radio Tarifa!

    • #88166

      My “Odyssey” in mucking around with Oolite’s music continues…..



    • #88167

      Cool… sometimes classical music does it best! This is rather atmospheric… with an eastern flavour again.

    • #88168

      Lowering the tone slightly – Dr Hook!

    • #88169

      After a long talk with my drug (music) dealer, I was intrigued about this musician which I didn’t knew.

      Stephan Micus. He is a kind of musical acheologist, who discovers and reconstructs ancient istruments and melodies.




    • #88170

      Found this. Another methinks for the Pioneer & Oolite music folders.



    • #88171

      Currently playing in Chez Cody – Dark Star, by the Grateful Dead.

    • #88172

      I think you might like this two Klaus Schulze albums, with Lisa Gerrard as guest.








      (please don’t watch the video… it’s embarassing :D)

    • #88173

      Tnx, tichy, are you some kind of a Guardian Angel!?

      anyway, i don+t see nothing “embarassing”

      and sorry for something, don+t know for sure.


      Nah.. I’m a Pot-head Pixie piloting a (visible) flying teapot.  :prankster: (search for the prog group Gong 😉 )


      It’s that video with new-ageish fairies and angels that I find emabarassing (and I also think that doesn’t fit well with the music of K.S…. but that’s a matter of taste).  :biggrin:

    • #88174

      I’m playing Oolite with Christopher Franke’s Babylon 5 soundtrack. Epic!  :gaming:


    • #88175

      @cody, quicksilver, hmm… ?

      i know the tune well (cobra).

      as much as i like rock music, for gaming i prefere something “artificial”, it simply makes me unattentive if i hear quicksilver or dead…

      (i have to listen then to the guitar or piano, or feel that i have to fix me a cock).

    • #88176

      KIKOOOOOO Gernot ^^ 

    • #88177

      Hey Gernot… good to see you here again. Re in-game music: in my Ooniverse, I figure I have my entire CD collection aboard my Cobra III, so that’s the music I play. It does range from Bach to Zappa, passing through many points along the way, though.

    • #88178

      mine begun to Aerosmith and finish to ZZ top .

    • #88179

      yes i do wonder how you collected them biomechanoid, i always expected i would get me a lot of warning points, well i must have some friends here i guess, else…

      did you ever asked D1 how to get rid of them? probably you can do a favor for him? besides, no we don’t see your warning points, that’s fair, isn’t it?

      i guess D1 didn’t likes to put one at the pillory, but likes to show the fallible member that he should take care.



      i guess all of us three, you, vuzz & me, we use google translate often, i use it often to, i don’t translate whole sentences, but to find a proper expression like “fallible” it becomes very handy.



      wasn’t it music it was all about? i know i must have linked this not to long ago, but this time without the annoying (speech) “bubbles”.

      that smoking is dangerous to your health, we all know and don’t like to hear (see) that repetively 😉





      this is a little off topic, prob i move this part of the article to a different forum/thread here.


      if you like good old 2D shoot ’em up games (S.E.U.C.K projects). some “new stuff” to find here, most are unfinished (except for “galactic invasion”)




      after beeing quite satisfied with this one, i tried to make it even more “basic”, smaller screen, lower res, because liked to get as close as possible to the 80’s.

      this ones still unfinished, it will have a lot of levels (13 i guess) and it’s something like “fight back to earth”.




      when i made this G.A.C.K project i started several new ones. first i had the idea to change the gameplay somewhat and instead of a ship you have only a crosshair to point at the “galaxians”. it reminds a bit of “Missile Command” or “Atlantis”, as far as this was possible within the limitations of G.A.C.K. also ment to show what is possible or that it’s possible to leave the common path for shoot ’em ups with G.A.C.K.



      for “Pixel Attack” i had the idea to fight over a strip of earthly terrain, “Xevious” like one could say. i (finally re-) started this project “from the end” (from the last level) and started to like this sort of fighting incl. terrestrial buildings.



      G.A.C.K can be used to make ripps of games very close to the original, there are limits of course, but check this out, everybody remembers “R-Type”, no? this is “Cyrapi” (Piracy)




      making the “Giger” style level boss was a treat and certainly shows one of (or exceeds already) the limits.


      “no, somehow i don’t like to finish this one, even if i put a lot of effort in it, it’s a ripp and i can do it myself as well i guess”.


      what together with the likes of “pixel attack” has lead to this (epic?) airfight called “Spitfire” (no space related game, but my favorite).




      shoot ’em up aren’t the limit of G.A.C.K, jump and run or other will work as well. while i was checking out old games for a nice gameplay i remembered the quite simple “Venture”. i started with a static screen and placed some monsters on it, but i disliked that i get attacked by all monsters at the same time, thus i started to make the map of the labyrinth bigger and field of view smaller. it has turned out to “Castle Of Doom” and finally “Minotaur”, but i shoot over the target with “Minotaur” i guess, riddles make only sense in conjunction with random events, which we haven’t in G.A.C.K. “Castle Of Doom” is some sort of “Kit in the Kit”, new levels can be build very easy with the contained sprites and background tiles. nonetheless i feel it’s fun to play.


      other started projects like “Flash” (guess what it is) have been delayed, dammit i made “all” the background for “Lunar Rover” and finally cancelled the project, shit happens, sometimes you think it’s a good idea but after playing you feel it’s shit. sometimes you make a “test” like “Gunner” and it turns out to be fun.

    • #88180

      OMG! SEUCK!!! I’ve spent many hours with it on the C64!!  :prankster:

    • #88181

      enjoy it 😉


      (re-) try it


      it’s fun to work with G.A.C.K

      G.A.C.K is based on S.E.U.C.K but…








      wasn’t possible then.

    • #88182
      Gernot lives! Miracle!


      A warm hug to you, old friend.  :drinks:
    • #88183

      no it’s not a miracle, but STRANGE!


      a miracle would be if i would going backwards in time…


      a riddle:


      “who is going backwards in time?”


      enjoy this one, not music but a link to a (nearly) forgotten movie





      aproposito “Movie”

      i would have “The Grateful Dead” movie ready to upload, but hmmm… i’m not sure if i really should.


      anyway “So Far” has been prepared to and i guess i will link it here as soon as it’s uploaded.


      something else for all the “heads” on SSC (2?)


      it needed a pause and finally a poke of… “pasta from the mountain”,

      after that i went home listened to a fine dead show (which is part of the movie),

      had to pick up paper & ink (first time since two years),








      the motordriven sbd & the analogue synthesizer feeded by phils bass,

      really i can imagine it well (when listening to this show), but never tasted it!


      digital surround sound is (sorry) fucking cheap compared to that (5.1 wishi washi i don’t like), someone should tell them.


      that was the reason why i made the picture: “our grateful dead, give us no surround, rather give us WALL OF SOUND!”


      besides, yes, fill in something else into the “think bubble”, i.e a $ sign, it will give the picture a complete different sense.



      addendum or corrigendum:


      “ink” isn’t quite right, it’s made with a brush and black gouache,

      i prefere the gouache to chinese ink because it didn’t fades to grey when you paint.

      but technique is the same, try to lift the brush (or end a line) as less as possible, then even a few lines look alive.

      keep the dynamic of your movement to paint, even if you leave the “path” sometimes, it doesn’t matters.

      the brush is a rather thick one (no. 6 i guess), i adapted this from a former teacher, who always said:

      “it’s possible to make fine llines even with a thick brush” (if it’s a good brush, “unfortunately” nothing works as well as kolinsky hair).


      (no i didn’t hold my brush this flat, mostly straight upwards, i was watching a chinese cartoon artist once, old generation, very nice cartoons with unique chinese expression, this “old man” paintet with the ink and a brush exactly in this way, brush held straight upwards.

      in the beginning you feel very uncomfortable with that, lines get tattered and thickness is varying much, but after you get trained a little in it, it’s much better as to hold it like in the picture shown above).

      but well, i’m no master in anything i do and believe me nonetheless or because of, it took me years to paint in this way.

      the goal was this from the start, one could say (when i was young i was freakin’ out on a german cartoonist who studied many years in a chinese monastery, when i saw his pictures it was clear to me “this i like to reach!”), but it needed all the years and tears between to get to it (one studies in a zen monastery – the other has to taste the bitterness of life first).


      i really don’t paint often (to less imo), but i feel i grow from picture to picture,

      even when there is a pause of two years between sometimes.

    • #88184

      a riddle:


      “who is going backwards in time?”


      ‘I met a man whose name was Time

      And he said, “I must be going!”

      But just how long ago that was

      I have no way of knowing!’

    • #88185

      cody! that’s great 🙂 (sounds a bit like “H.Hesse”)


      but hmm… i guess… no riddle not yet solved, “sorry no bonus”, lol.


      his name is known widely i tell you, probably i find a picture that will help a little but not to much


      ha, a vid is even better!




      and forgive me this one, i know some people get enerved by the way i speak in riddles sometimes.

      i guess it’s because many ppl haven’t or won’t take the time to listen (or watch for real), but because it’s that way i won’t stop

      or it will force me only to do so.


      i do really like that and each time i ask such a stupid riddle i understand one more reason why my grandpa wrote mails to his daughter in riddles.

      ok, reason no.1 was to get them past the guards in the gulak.

      but of course it’s a lot of fun and when you do so you sit behind the desk with a nearly demonlike grin (by imagine all the shit the recipient will think).


      some sort of forgotten parlor game,


      yeah imagine, mankind was playing games even BEFORE the age of computers, unbelievable no?


      when i was very, very young and haven’t had no friends yet here in switzerland, my favorite “game” was the kaleidoskope,

      the rest is conclusion.



      one of my favorite sci-fi short-stories was that a superior race is watching us from space (like often).

      but instead to measure our “worthyness” or the weight of any intelligent species by technical evolution they measured it by the games they (we)

      play. good story and has always made a lot of sense to me, yeah not technique, not weapons, neither religion or philosophy, GAMES show the capabilities of a species. they show how cultivated a culture really is.


      oh, yes sorry, watched from this pov computergames didn’t show off our best.

      as this was a only suddenly earth visiting superior race, things like chess have impressed them.



      something quite different, more pc related.


      i didn’t used my dvd burner until a few days ago, i needed it to port the massive amount of bytes to the macbook so i could upload the new videos.

      when i slipped in the first dvd to burn win7 showed me 479GB space free, 479GB SPACE????

      how could that be, that’s not possible!

      so i played the naive one and let’s see what’s behind, of course after 4.7GB win7 was explaining that “a external source has altered the media”* and

      stopped writing of course and dvd is broken for sure.


      now i was wondering is this some typical MS lie or do they have forgot how to count bits and bytes?


      *”a external source has altered the media”

      that’s a cool (no a very lame) excuse, it means “no we are not responsible for it we have space for 479GB but some “holy ghost” came along and changed the media”.


      that’s why i LOVE MS so much, they have the best excuses for the meanest shit.

      no even me as a schoolboy i haven’t had such a imagination!

      i always thought i’m the most creative in finding stupid excuses, but this, to say “something unknown came along”, i never dared.

      “some ufo has landed and took my books away” yeah of course! “gods own right hand came down and stopped you”.



      “i couldn’t foresee it will get this far with computers”

      bill gates himself after being asked for the reason of the “millenium bug”.


      dammit, already at the age of 9 when i started to get interested in electronics i knew how far it will come…



      just because it’s such a beauty, yet another one from phil brown.




      i like his paintings (resp. prints) even more as the tie dyes he makes.

      and yes i even like it better as his friend mikio’s art, to me mikios art has get a little to sleek, glossy and somehow “fat”.

      something of which you say in the first moment: “stunning”, but it looses magic when seen often.

      phils celtic impressed art is never that glossy, always great to look at and flashes me each time (must be that rotten kaleidoskope).

      shit, i had some nice t’s of him, i inherited them from his sister, i met her once here in switzerland, i miss them much,

      some i gave away (simply to kind this guy), some was worn out and some my ex teared apart along with some of my own paintings,

      which certainly has lead to our divorce. do what you like, steal my money, burn down my house,

      but never, never destroy a painting i gifted to you!


      besides, even when they use ink jets for the prints, phils art could be easy done as a silkscreen printing,

      it’s something which could be done without computers and all that kind of stuff.


      i differ much between handcrafted and computer arts, somehow digital is always cheap in some sort, at least to me.


      (argh, today i have a shitty connection, 250mins to upload 900MB, still 75mins to go)

    • #88186

       (sounds a bit like “H.Hesse”)


      Hermann Hesse? I read most of his stuff a long time ago (I still possess The Glass Bead Game).

      The verse is actually from October Song, though.


      As for the riddle… no idea.

    • #88187

      hmmm… i guess i don’t like to solve it.


      ok, another hint, a famous fighter plane engine is named after him.

      the symbol (which phil named “wheel of fortune”) is a strong hint to.

      the kind of art as well as the rotation of the symbol should…




      He’s the one “moving backwards in time”.

    • #88188

      hmmm… i guess i don’t like to solve it.


      ok, another hint, a famous fighter plane engine is named after him.


      Hmm… could that be Merlin?

    • #88189



      We must understand that we are in an international site. This means that although the official language is British English, many, many people use the Google translator. The differences are not only language. Something that to me is a joke, for others may be offensive. Clearly, you have offended someone. Is need you understand. Also the offended. You are a valuable person, also the offended. We should find a solution to this.


      We should create a court martial? <— this is a joke


      And to avoid future conflicts, apologize if this offends anyone.


      @potsmoke66 The answer is: Antimatter

    • #88190





      Merlin is moving backwards in time.


      @biomechanoid, nothing to be ashame for.


      apart from ranting sometimes here and needless insultings i made, i would have quite alot reasons to be really ashame for.

      but i don’t mind to much, else i would have to take a rope and…


      sometimes i wrote such a shit that i had sleepless nights afterwards, but neither i’m the one who would delete something wrong i said.

      wrong is wrong, sorry folks, can you forgive me?


      my school buddies had to stand this nearly each week, still they stayed my friends, no matter how much faults of mine they had to excuse.


      looking for a trustworthy person?

      choose the inferior one(s).


      with them i would go through hell, with them you can conquer the world.


      i know, i sound weird…


      but, i simply don’t trust anything sleek or anything chinzed.

      it has to be rough, smell of sweat and blood is just alright for me.

      “dust on the shoes and dirt in the mouth” (but no hand held behind the back).



      Walterar, “antimatter” i didn’t thought of but well does it ? (move backwards in time)


      the “court” yes.


      erm, a idea i brought up quite a while ago, what about a “forum ban” thread?

      it doesn’t have to be serious, but things like this help to clarify situations sometimes.

      you’re free to joke around and no one has to feel insulted by it.



      not really needed as long as we have ppl here like cody or even little me.

      sometimes i wished to some folks wouldn’t take everything so

      “Bierernst” (seriously).


      we are here for a GAME, gaming is entertainment and no “bible lesson”.


      and believe me (or not) the character of participants will certainly be reflected in their work.



      you simply kill fun and the attempt to entertain if you take things to serious.

      i remember right now why the “DeadEnd?” splitted, to high expectations of a few band members.

      they forgot what it was about, it’s about having fun!

      fine ok, youre a brillant instrumentalist and like to reach “higher grounds”, but erm “did you asked the crowd?”


      you will have to ask yourself for who you do it, for yourself? or for the ppl who come to listen? (or play)


      BE A SUN!

      she doesn’t shines for herself, she shines only for all.


      some call this a “real egoist”, ok fine then i’m a real egoist, but as long as we have fun (and are able to share), what’s the problem?


      i have a slight idea what’s the problem then…


      it will leak of a leader.

    • #88191

      BE A SUN!

      she doesn’t shines for herself, she shines only for all.



      Do you remember the sun?

    • #88192

      oh how i miss those records, they are in the collection of my former girlfriend, thanks alot cody.


      (and please yvonne, it’s damned soon 20 years ago, can’t you forgive me? finally?

      i know it was never the same after, neither for me. i know that we brought always light to the ppl.

      that everybody was pleased to see us together. those two “hippie-freaks” with their self made unique tie-dyes,

      with plants and seeds from A to Z. gifted by people we never saw before, just because it was us).


      sorry for this monologue, but she didn’t answered to a friendship request on facebook, not even answered to a hello.

      so i feel really damned sorry and oh well biomechanoid this is something i’m ashame of, much!


      i left her for another woman i married soon after, i know i broke her heart like no one else could have done.

      it was mean, totally wrong and i put her prob. in a deep depression (i feel).

      if it might have been a different person it wouldn’t be that mean, but she was to kind, to unselfish, nearly a angel, that’s no lie.

      she was to young in some sort and more as just a girlfriend. girlfriend, daughter and my best student.


      i found for myself 1000 excuses, but if i think not one could stand.

    • #88193

      life’s a long song


      see you all soon, have to go back to “Ulisbach” for a few days, also “Rapperswil Blues & Jazz” happens this weekend, certainly i wont sit in front of a “Elektronengehirn” then.


      he, he, different kind of translator…

      no i don’t use any (usually, but on the other hand sometimes i’m such out of my mind that i need it to know how to write “hello”), might be it’s wrong sometimes, but i’m convinced you learn better without Google translate.


      i learned english first from lyrics, later i picked up a bible, i guess without that (reading the bible in english) i wouldn’t have understood one word written in “the book of dead” (also to be re-babtized has helped much to understand this quite different language. no fear 😉 i’m now something like a “fallen angel”).


      but i guess some well known fairytales would do the job as well.


      what about “Alice”? you certainly know the story, the book (precisely, the original manuscript plus original drawings of the author) you find on archive.org.

    • #88194

      Planet Claire was great! I love Commando Cody! I saw Radar Men From The Moon in its original form in a theatre. Actually, it was a cafeteria. They had a movie show at my school once per week. There’s something about that helmet/mask that evokes some indefinable emotion in me. It’s like an ancient Greek tragedy mask. I think Commando Cody was one of the inspirations for Iron Man. I still remember childhood dreams of flying over the city at night in that suit.

    • #88195

      Lewis Carroll?


      ‘In the midst of the word he was trying to say

      In the midst of his laughter and glee

      He had softly and suddenly vanished away

      For the Snark was a Boojum, you see!’


      As for Commando Cody – that was classic fifties sci-fi.

    • #88196

      in my country we had a dictatorship that began in the 30s of last century and ended in the mid 70s.


      I’m curious – which country are you from/based in?

    • #88197

      Portugal? I was down there in ’75 – travelling around the Algarve, mainly.

    • #88198

      Biomechanoid, you might also look for ‘Zombies of the Stratosphere’. It’s another Commando Cody serial that has Leonard Nimoy in his first alien role. They’re both very silly. They have completely different plots. In ‘Radar Men from the Moon’, the Moon Men hire gangsters to help them take over Earth. In ‘Zombies from the Stratosphere’ the Martians hire gangsters to help them take over Earth.

      There’s also a lot of footage from ‘Metropolis’ and ‘Forbidden Planet’ in that video. Those movies are classics.

    • #88199

      Quite enjoyed these tips, is there more television series Like the famous Star TrekTOS, Battlestar Galactica TOS, and Space1999!?

      Babylon 5 is my favorite show. You should watch all the episodes in sequence because the whole thing has a plot.

    • #88200

      Space: Above and Beyond was decent, the first season of SeaQuest DSV was excellent (season 2 and 3 were crap… don’t bother…) but it’s in the water instead of space. There’s also Firefly, of course… required viewing for anyone who wants a “geek card” 🙂

      If you like Anime at all I STRONGLY recommend the excellent series “Planetes” which is about a crew of orbital debris collectors. there is also Cowboy Bebop which is “softer” science fiction but has an amazing story and animation. Check out some of the Gundam Series, as well… the original series from the 70s is still the best in terms of story, though the animation is fairly crude.

    • #88201

      Well this thread has gone a little off topic, but you raise an important point Biomechanoid. I don’t think we have a hardware thread. Perhaps its time to create one? Also, well done with the re-flow! :good:


      I did the same thing to an Atari STe motherboard recently, sadly it was to no avail, it was too long gone. :girlmad:

    • #88202

      Oh goodness where do I begin here folks!?! :girlcrazy:

      Ok first things first, Although I am not a massive classical fan,there is the odd thing now and then that does pop up that I do like. Mozart can be excellent and I love this piece of his.




      Now, Elite IV. It’s being made Biomechanoid. It’s called Elite Dangerous and was successfully funded via kickstarter in January. Have a look here


      You can still pledge if you like via Pay Pal if you like here

      Or join the frontier forum here for more info.

      Release date is sometime in 2014. :curtsey:

    • #88203

      …  do not take what I say seriously. 😉 thank you



      :clapping:….  maybe it’s the first serious thing you post ?    😉  

    • #88204

      Babylon 5 is my favorite show. You should watch all the episodes in sequence because the whole thing has a plot.


      Mine too. Babylon 5 is a must see. An epic and beautifully developed story with characters that you’ll never forget (my favourites, Londo and G’Kar, obviously, and Susan Ivanova).

      Planetes is also a great anime of good hard science fiction, with a beautyful story and unforgettable dialogues. The dialogue between Nono and Hakim Ashmead is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Reminds me of the “Pale Blue Dot” speech by Carl Sagan.


      To return IT 😉


      (I dare those who have seen the whole series, to not cry 😉 )


      Another marvelous work by a japanese artist is the manga 2001 Nights by Yukinobu Hoshino. A rare mix of hard s.f. and poetry.

    • #88205

      … obviously, and Susan Ivanova


      You had to go and mention Commander Susan Ivanova – ooohh!

      Seriously though, Babylon 5 is by far the best sci-fi TV series.

    • #88206

      Oh goodness where do I begin here folks!?! :girlcrazy:

      Ok first things first, Although I am not a massive classical fan,there is the odd thing now and then that does pop up that I do like. Mozart can be excellent and I love this piece of his.



      I’ve always had a little ‘difficulty’ to listen to classical music. I found out that this term is used to define many artists which are very different from each other.

      Thus i don’t consider “classic” a genre itself anymore, but a kind of meta-genre, like “progressive”.

      For example, between two composers that I really like, Bach and Pancrace Royer, there are huge differences … and they are just two of the very few who I was able to listen with a little attention.

      Bach was my first access to classical, and I hoped to be able to “tune in” in order to appreciate better the rest … I’m still far from this goal 😀


      Why Bach? For two reasons


      And the other is the book Gödel, Escher, Bach by Dougals Hofstadter. Philosophy of mind is my other great passion, beside science fiction. 😉

    • #88207

      I forgot Pancrace Royer… Heabanging in the eighteenth century. Long before heavy metal… and with big gray wigs  :biggrin:


      …and then, the harpischord crumbled to pieces  :prankster:


      (This isn’t the best version I heard… but is surely the most ‘violent’ 🙂 )

    • #88208

      I love Bach, especially his keyboard works – they really fit when I’m flying around the Ooniverse.

      I first came to Bach’s music after reading this:


      ‘He finally found peace. as so many others had done, in the abstract architecture of Bach… ‘


      Bonus points if you know where that sentence comes from (it’s sci-fi).

      I also love Escher – when I first saw some of his art (as a teenager) I was utterly astounded.

    • #88209

      I love Bach, especially his keyboard works – they really fit when I’m flying around the Ooniverse.

      I first came to Bach’s music after reading this:



      Bonus points if you know where that sentence comes from (it’s sci-fi).

      ‘He finally found peace. as so many others had done, in the abstract architecture of Bach… ‘


      I also love Escher – when I first saw some of his art (as a teenager) I was utterly astounded.


      I’m not sure… is it 2001?


      Oh… speaking of Escher, I just remembered this video


    • #88210

      I’m not sure… is it 2001?


      Give the man a coconut! Yes, it is Clarke’s 2001 (the novel, which I read before seeing the film).

    • #88211

      … me too 




       Not at all the ” manga culture “


      ( in fact VDGG is the band i’ve listen in my youth ).  But now i feel better  with the treatment 0_°

    • #88212

      Van der Graaf Generator is one of my favourite prog rock groups ever! I also love most of Peter Hammill albums. And I think I remember every David Jackson solo. 😀

    • #88213

      @ Tichy 


      We are in the same frame of reference ^^

    • #88214

      @Biomechanoid, I hope this post is not too late. Regarding Babylon 5, there was a pilot episode called ‘The Gathering’. It’s a 2 hour TV movie which gives some background information and clues. Watch it first if you can.

    • #88215
    • #88216

      And that’s an album I listened a lot three years ago.

      Janelle Monae: The Archandroid. Very cool!




    • #88217

      I simply had to post this….


    • #88218

      He’s a man with many artistic passions. 🙂

    • #88219

      Oates and Garfunkel always good for a laugh.


      The Loophole: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqKUlTZbJ_c


      and Weed Card: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRm1yqSmsGY

    • #88220

      I just found this site with music inspired by Star Control 2. I haven’t listened to all of it yet, but I’m going to put at least some of it into my Pioneer music folders.


    • #88221

      RIP, JJ Cale – Call Me The Breeze!

    • #88222

      Outch, :-/ It’s a sad day today .

    • #88223

      Not  Music… but I’m not sure it’s worth starting up a whole new thread for Movies… could well be, make a new one if you want 🙂


    • #88224

      Not  Music… but I’m not sure it’s worth starting up a whole new thread for Movies… could well be, make a new one if you want

      Sci-fi movies (and television) have their own section, and Gravity has its own thread therein.

    • #88225

      Attention, all planets of the Solar Federation… 🙂


    • #88226
    • #88227

      It’s traditional in my house to play the above track every August 6th – and I always follow it with this.

    • #88228

      Not heard those two track in a long time Cody. I guess I will post the 80s perspective on it.

    • #88229

      Not heard those two track in a long time Cody.

      The Groundhogs were awesome live! Currently playing in Chez Cody – an old favourite by Family.

    • #88230

      I’m now listening to the soundtrack of this game: http://www.emhsoft.com/singularity/

      (very nice strategical game, btw. if you ever wanted to became an all-powerful A.I. like the Multivac in Asmivov’s “Last question”, try it 🙂 )

      Anyway, it pleases me that the game soundtracks that I like most are from two free games: Pioneer and Endgame. 🙂

    • #88231

      I’ve posted a link to this vid before on the Frontier Forum, but it deserves a place here too. Anyone up for a spot of TTA action?


      Also more here, but stills this time.


    • #88232

      I made a big mistake… I just started listening Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche.

      I did not thought I would have rememberd all the lyricsNow I won’t be able to do anything else until it is finished. :biggrin:



    • #88233

      some music you can use in pioneer (but you can also flush it), many of them i linked/uploaded already,

      this time i started to upload the amiga modz to archive.org.

      it allows you to listen or download the .ogg/.mp3 files and the original soundtracker modules as a zip file.

      i’m up to sort them by artists or “publisher” (or whatever i guess), only two artists i have uploaded so far.









    • #88234

      If music be the food of love – stand-by for a good rogering!

    • #88235

      Nice to see Gernot back in his thread, and Cody? Remember this?



    • #88236

      Heh… I think one could call that a stellar line-up!

    • #88237

      I like E-Mantra – Ecouri:



      I also compose my own music, if you have some time – check my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/plprzemo

    • #88238

      Very nice music Przemyslav! :good: 🙂

    • #88239

      Thank you 🙂

    • #88240

      so here’s my classical “Dark Star”…




      you would find variuos interpretations of this organ piece,

      this one has impressed me most at the first few chords.


      i would have a vinyl where it’s played on a quiet modern organ,

      which i like for this piece even better, i guess it doesn’t suits the composition well to play it on a baroque organ

      even when Liszt interpreted the style of Bach in it, nonetheless it’s a “modern” organ piece.


      put on your best headphones and don’t be surprised when you wake up completely exhausted after listening.



      and for those who get headakes from this kind of music



    • #88241

      Nice! I love Bach and Liszt – for me, classical keyboard music really fits with space. I saw ELP perform  this piece live in ’70 (I think) – Keith Emerson playing the massive organ in the Festival Hall, London, then running back down to the stage for the piano bits. An awesome concert, it was – daggers in the keyboard, the whole works!

    • #88242

      bookmarked it, thanks i don’t know ELP to well.



      just for the fun of it


    • #88243

      i don’t know ELP to well.


      Nutrockers, are ELP! But Keith Emerson can really play pianos/organs/synthesisers, and compose too.


      Musical deconstruction:


      Pictures at an Exhibition – by ELP


      Pictures at an Exhibition – orchestrated by Ravel


      Pictures at an Exhibition – the original Mussorgsky solo piano suite


      I have all three on CD – and I prefer the original solo piano suite.

    • #88244

      great, a well known piece, even if i would never have known by rememberance who composed it.


      “and now for something complete different”




      and a class from eire




      some technical stuff


    • #88245

      Anatman. They are (he is?) quite like Meshuggah, but instrumental, and more ambient/spacey.

      You can download their songs from here: http://anatman.bandcamp.com/


    • #88246

      i like this mix of metal / electro

    • #88247

      i like this mix of metal / electro


      So, try Cynic, in reverse publication order: (Carbon Based Anathomy, Traced in air, Focus), then add Re-Traced (remixes of Traced in air) and The portal tapes (a side project). Hope you like vocoders/autotune + growl vocals + beautyful solos and occasional Chapman Stick (only in studio, unfortunately… anyway, search for Sean Malone). 😉





    • #88248

      ho no its another style : progessive rock !! that remind me my young years .

    • #88249

      It’s prog, but they sound quite metal, expecially in the first album, Focus. There’s a bunch of proggy-metal bands, emerged from the same scene, all with “philosophical” names that absolutely worths a couple of listening: Cynic, Atheist (try Elements) and Aghora (as in Hindu Aghori, not as in Greek Agora. try the “Aghora” album). They often switch and share their band members. 🙂





    • #88250

      aghora sounds good for me.

    • #88251

      Currently playing, very loudly, in Chez Cody – a Poco classic!

    • #88252

      I recently fell in love with Carbon Based Lifeforms’ albums. 🙂



    • #88253

      RIP Lou Reed.

    • #88254
    • #88255

      In 2014 these 3 olds guys from texas have together 65 years !




      enjoy this concert …

    • #88256

      hi, out there

      let’s get a little serious, i know it’s not what is to expect usually of me 😉


      i was watching today for the very first time “johnny got his gun” and it has certainly moved me.

      i was wondering how i could share this experience with you and fortunately metallica helped me out.


      here we (johnny) go…



      for once i won’t close with “have phun”,


      have a second thought



      (btw, you might have read statements of me like “they won’t (can’t?) do such nowadays”,

      well that’s the stuff i ment with this).

    • #88257

      let’s get a little serious, i know it’s not what is to expect usually of me”


      Mmm, what makes me think that you are not Gernot, you’re an impostor.   :notme:


      Hello old friend, we miss you.  :victory:  😥

    • #88258

      Yaay! Gernot’s back! :girlcrazy:

      Where have you been hiding?

    • #88259

      Yaay! Gernot’s back! :girlcrazy:

      Where have you been hiding?


      Think he continue hiding … :/


      Anyway,  i can take the succession.


      after my little “mésaventure” with this  GPL-3 licence


      i dedicated this one to  Sir Grondilu  🙂



    • #88260

      i dedicated this one to  Sir Grondilu   🙂

      “You follow a different path than they” Vuzz :girlwink:

    • #88261

      Time for a cryin’ song!

    • #88262

      Time for a cryin’ song!

      Epic! :girlcrazy:

      Is waiting for the ED beta getting  you down Cody? Dont worry I am sure the Alphas wont last too much longer. In the meantime have some CSN (without the Y)

    • #88263

      Ahh, Wooden Ships – one of my favourites. Jefferson Airplane do a very good cover of that song.


      Nah, waiting for E: D ain’t getting me down – I still ain’t buit my new machine yet, and I’ve got a heap of work on in Oolite too.

    • #88264

      can’t fly my cobby, thus…



      (the model DOESN’T belongs to me, only the cabin, of which isn’t much to see and the driver are my creations).



      …i had to take a seat in a corvette.


      (yes i do thought as well i should have taken a profession as a doll maker)



      “not really back, but on my way”



      limits everywhere,

      shitty max. of a 5k tri’s

      “headover” hirarchy for alpha and z transparency (argh… even all the tools & editors handle this wrong)

      drivers with YELLOW (really yellow) skin




      no one will argue a pilot (driver) doesn’t belongs here, thus i’m happy


      as more detailed i will make the cabin as more they will appreciate it.


      could be a cube with no wheels attached, but the driver makes the car alive…




      like a co-pilot?


      we have


      exchangable (“soft-top” or should i say “hard-top”? – the companion i mean)


      female drivers (how many racing games with female or colored drivers do exist at all?

      yes i do looks funny to see a black bro. resp. sista in a 30’s racing car)


      a red haired guy wearing a perret in a aston martin?


      grandpa (with thick sideburns) driving his “Auto Union typ A” ?

      (a unique front wheeler from the 30’s (mountain champion) of which i guess it’s the first car with a spoiler to keep those rear wheels on the ground, great stuff)


      best of all, i’m about to fit the cars i use to the max of 8 cars running together in old NFSHS,

      no more: “EAX error” nomatter driver and co-pilot.



      (check it out, i’m not the “pro”, but this is great even when it’s from ’89, color besides color without strange “rgb borders”, opacity setting for the colors which get used by the pattern, no “rubber look”, means always full opacity like it would be a rubber layer)

      finally that means, it’s possible to use a simple design e.g. my “firedragon”, to use as a pattern, well maybe even a naked body… oh, sorry :slow:

      in other words i can spare out (almost? – no! check the drivers eyes) a single pixel with the pattern and it’s visible!



      the original models use cheats everywhere, that’s where i have my behave from, cutouts everywhere, cheated, but who cares?

      what counts is the impression & not 20K of tri’s which will break the neck of the old gameengine.


      a senseful naming convention?

      let’s objects get animated without much effort by the modeler.



      now, “why have you done this and why post it here?”


      done it because my favoritre SCGT didn’t runs proper anymore (to sad), somehow the fast quadcore let’s the bumpers feedback the vibration of the motor which ends in cars jumping up and down even when you stand still.


      posted it here because i guess i have still some friends here?



      ahh… well some fitting music,




    • #88265

      i prefer this sort of cars … and the pilots are very nicely modeled ^^




      From the last album (2012) La Futura

    • #88266

      Mmmm… You will be famous with your ships; not with your cars. :devil: 


    • #88267

      Was that PS66 I saw sneaking in? I was just listening to an old friend of mine playing All Along the Watchtower.

    • #88268

      he, he, ZZ Top and Hot Rods, it suits.


      erm, in general the just picked a new profession, driving a chevy is almost as good as flying the millfalc.


      to the Hot Rods in the Clip.

      damned yes i would like a class: “Hot Rods”.

      but the limits in NFSHS are to tight for such, there exist a few models for it, but you can’t play them well, NFS get’s troubles showing only ONE of them, it’s not possible to have 5 or even eight HotRods in a race. open motors, like in the clip use up easy a 20K of tris.

      in general vintage cars end up with a lot of tris, even “low modeled” like the ones i use from “Neil Bainbridge” use up easy 5000 tris, it’s all this open visible stuff,

      modern cars are like soap boxes compared to that.


      unfortunately there is this polylimit in the game, i guess it’s forced, i mean programmed, since i noticed it simply counts the total amount of triangles the cars have,

      stupidly counting the lower lod’s as well.

      the machines today could handle far more, and it’s due to that better to remove the lower lod’s and keep the 5000tris for the highest detailed only, it works fine and doesn’t

      stutters or anything.

      but “stupidly” i created for the oldtimers lower lods, until i recognized this behave, while it’s hard to find a lower lod for a oldtimer, you can remove this or that, lower the wheels much, but it won’t get under 1000tris.


      it leaks of a lot of things, it’s a old game, the driver and cabin have a own lod and drivers will be removed at lod 3 (of 4), cabins a little later.

      of course many just made one object of carbody and cabin, but then you have to accept that transparency won’t work proper and the lit dash (for night driving) will cutout

      the dash beyond.


      i recognized again that most have no idea what hirarchy does to transparency, it’s even often disrespected by the developers of the tools/editors.

      i know it’s complicated (somehow), because as long as you have a mesh in human readable format (a model in asci text format) the hierarchy is natural, means like you read the text from top down, but any binary mesh works counterwise, binaries get read from “bottom up”, nfs uses only binary meshes, the assembled model is also a binary format, thus both get read from “bottom up”. if you have a model like for FFED3D, means a binary mesh like .x offers it can turns all headover, you probably export it in asci format and convert it to a binary and the shit won’t work anymore. if you assemble the binary meshes with a script like model, you will have both behaves mixed, the mesh has the hierarchy from “bottom up” but the model from “top down” (besides collada is to see as a script, hierarchy is natural “from top down”, just as a hint. when i checked out this format once i recognized it didn’t differs much from a scripted geometry, it only offers less possibilities, so far to “obsolate”, and well “signal lost” is only possible with something which is ment intentionally for web presentations, a active x element, do we really need such? is that a format suitable for a game? i don’t wear gumboots if i like to compete in a run, do you?).


      ah well, often that is not of interest, but if you create cars like the was made original for the game, it’s important (i told you once the wheels are cutouts, fenders are even cutout by alpha channel), all this works only if you respect the hierarchy.


      and the last i llike(d) to hear is (was), that this isn’t “proper”, sorry it’s how the industry does it 😉

      “what was rule 30years ago is still rule, only the speed of our gfx cards has changed”


      fortunately NFSHS offers a Z-transparency, but hmm…. i recognized a strange behave with it, i wonder what was the idea to “hardcode” that a soft/hardtop always gets cutout by z-transparency, you can do what you like the top isn’t to see inside the cabin.


      ok, i abused the possibility to have a removable top and replaced it with a copilot, friend or whatever (if the car has no removable top), ermpf?

      i thought it isn’t to see? yes and i was surprised. ok let’s see what happen if i remove the texture from the windows (you can else shade the windows in a given range with the texture, since the alpha channel is used up by the pattern there is only full opacity or full trnsparency left for the alpha channel). anyway i made it transparent by alpha channel

      and the “hardtop” is to see. but next time i played i recognized “shit if i receive damage on the windows and use the “cracked” flag (draws a cracked window texture on the windows) they vanish again.  but by adding a alpha channel to this texture i got rid of that behave.


      geometry flags are a vital thing!

      have a fully transparent part but it reflects the light like it would be solid.

      up to (it would be possible in NFSHS but i know only one single model which used this) “this part is a spoiler” – “if damaged remove it”

      that’s funny his car breaks into multiple parts if you crash, next round you prob. see your own spoiler or skirts on the trackside.

      but yeah, he’s right “if i have this possibility, why not using it”


      i know that such ideas was spoken out here long ago…

      “can’t we have a damage model?

      parts which prob. burn or get removed?”

      well one could… (but i guess the format we choosed isn’t suitable for flagged geometry, a big drawback which is still my main point of critizism, well “obsolate” maybe (the LMR) but well it offers such by will, “by the modelers will to use it either or not” and of course the developers will to offer such to the modeler)


      nice to see that you didn’t gave up your project !


      let’s see, but first i like to finish my “nfs mod”, even if that’s only for my personal satisfaction.

      i really have no idea if there are other idiots like me who still are fascinated from a 20 year old game,

      or who would like to see after so many years something nicely working, not just cars you can download.

    • #88269

      hi folks, hi walterar, hi cody and not to forget dear geraldine.


      ahh… forgive me walterar, once i will return, cars are a passion of mine, vintage cars preferably.

      i’m a funny guy, i don’t drive a car for many reasons, but i feel i’m born as a race driver, believe me.

      nothing is as cool as to hunt your opponents.


      on the other hand when i played NFS now, i haven’t for quite a while, it’s really obsolate, it wouldn’t run in a 64bit environment on win7, usually, which prevented me from playing it,

      but accidentially or coincidentially i found the reason why it doesn’t runs. which would be on the other hand worth to request some help, someone could assemble a proper d3d library for it, it’s part of the direct x developing environment (name is slightly different). it’s used by many games but usually fitted specifically to the longings of the game. i don’t know what sort of demon rides me sometimes when i try to test things of which i think myself “nah, that won’t work” and are not little surprised if i found the right solution (but has method sometimes “do exactly that of what you think it won’t work – the result is either negative or positive and already such can help, even when it fails”). in this case i was abusing the libs of NFS3, which neither runs, even worse, NFSHS has worked with the software drivers, but NFS3 you can’t install, DOS installers won’t work anymore. what has given me the idea i don’t know, “but look at that, it works, with flaws but it works” – then i examined this dll found out that it’s a common one and tried to check if any other from a different game would work as well (the name might change, but the ordinal name has to be kept always in the file), no they don’t, but didn’t i have this “update” one offered once a d3da.dll for NFS with slightly better gfx? (i guess he simply took it from the following release) let’s see… and it worked out well).



      now something more space related


      i was snooping the web when you missed me here, had big interset in extraterrestrial life, of which for those who know me i’m a slasher, also you might know my position i have to religions (any ISM).


      but it seemes someone slightly changed my way of looking at this problem of E.T.


      Mr. Mitchell, Edgar Mitchell seemed to have a huge flash (or trip?) when he returned to the earthly orbit.

      He’s convinced they are amongst us…

      usually i would say, how did one described it? “a THC dream” (i answered him that you don’t have to smoke marihuana to believe in bullshit).


      anyway his interpretation has me let review my pov.

      am i right if i say the possibility is so low?

      didn’t i have to say:

      “on a endless timestream, if something is in the range of possibilities it will happen, i only don’t know when it will happen”


      truely i have to say, “ok it’s in the range of possibilities might it be low as ever, but there is a possibility and there is also a possibility that they are already amongst us”.

      taking point one to account, then it will or has already happened, this would be in fact a chance of 1:1, bet red or black but either one is always true.

      as i’m a graphical thinking human i immediatly imagined a fitting graphic for this, and was surprised that the symbols i would use to describe what is to see on this graphic fit exactly to some very ancient ones, a tree and a snake-shell (a not closed circle or spiral). the tree stands for our evolving knowledge, things useually get “developed”, one has started something and all following is build on that, this is common it stood always for this e.g. “the tree of knowledge” (of which “forbidden” fruits we tasted, thus it’s to late to return). the spiral i took to describe that everything is in general a repetition of things which already has happened, but this would be a circle, but a circle didn’t allows no

      forthcoming, no evolution. there must be a gap in the circle.

      to see would be a bottom line, which is the range of possibilities, seen as ranging from false to true, the companion vertical line is the endless timestream on which we are, even when we are not endless. on the resulting small gap between false and true lies all what is possible, this is to see as the tree, because certain things we developed but base for the development is usually a coincidence. a more nebulous tree with no sharp borders (i know of what or who you think now, well i thought about that as well).


      now can we use this abstract thing for something practical?

      i say yes, as far as i know we have no idea how interstellar flight should ever work for us humans, usually we would target our elite on such a problem.

      but my thinking is, if i like to reach this, if i like to force it, then i have to use my “method” i described, “do of what you think what couldn’t be true”.

      a negative result will be as good as a positive.

      to force it i would say, ask anybody what he thinks how it can work, since we have truely no idea yet.

      it’s like playing lotto, but maybe one hits, someone HAS to hit, sooner or later, if it’s in the range of possibilities.

      i thought a little further and came to the conclusion that this must be known already to our ancestors.

      besides a little dangerous knowledge, because you can’t force to reach something which is certainly impossible.

      i mean you can send a million ppl down a cliff, not a single one will be able to fly, but i imagined that at least one was certainly stupid enough to test this out.


      check out his “fanpage”, he’s a interesting character, as well as mr. armstrong.




      i came to this, due to a discussion, or a rap of mine to some stupid “moon hoax” clips (in german), made me some friends (good finding – the poster of the controls of the LEM and why the LEM has no shielding, damned can one be so stupid to take such as a evidence? i was fascinated of the controls and could already imagine how this guy has managed it to land it manually (armstrong) on the other hand i asked myself what i would have done, maybe it’s was no system failure, maybe he bypassed it because it was his will to land it manually, at least i would have done it, in the meaning of “i’m a pilot and no ape”. we will never know he took this into the grave 🙂

      and of course also some foes “your’a a lunatic”)

      and no/yes a LEM needs no windows to be flight manually, you fly mainly by data and you have this cool thing which is a camara coupled to a gyroscope, no window can give you this sight in space (where up is like down), it’s aligned always to movement.



      “now for something complete different”


      i bought me some new headphones, until i weared a pair of in-ear i found once on the street (i-phone, still packed in the plastic bag).

      they was suitable because i use to wear a hat.

      but they broke a few weeks ago and i had to buy me some new ones, wen’t to the shop and picked one which specs and price was satisfying.


      put them on and since then you see me dancing everywhere, i can’t hold myself back, sound is so damned good, usually i dislike headphones and especially the in-ear ones i can’t wear to long or i get a headake or what we say in german “ramdösig”.

      (that wasn’t always so, when i was young i only had in-ear ones, the most advanced i found back then, i guess i damaged at least partwisely my hearing with them,

      dual channel, in-ear with a bass channel they shake the brain out of the shell).


      but the new ones are simply great, at least if you listen to the music i’m listen to, phils bass is jumping around in space and i do as well…

      the sound is extremely brillant and fat to.


      it must be really funny to see me now, steady wearing my “stupid smile”, because it’s such a funny funny band.


      queer, but in it’s intetional meaning queer, just like “the funny jas band from dixieland”.


      just because i said once listening on the macbook isn’t good, resp. using headphones isn’t a real solution, now it is!


      now i can listen to the posted clips with real pleasure.

    • #88270

      bored? need some entertainment?


      i have a “suchbild” for you…


      “find the LEM”



      besides since i know where it is i can’t miss it.


      as a hint it’s to recognize by it’s shade only, this shade is so different that it must be someting artificial, something human created.




      walterar, please that’s cool no? even when it’s no spaceship.

      (you know each captain has it’s faible, one is growing wine, me is loving vintage cars).









      besides i doon’t know if “Neil” (the creator of the model) was a bit lousy (he knows it and finds his hand painted textures funny himself)

      or if it isn’t exactly the same car, the one one the photo is named “Aston Martin International”

      while his model is named “Aston Martin Le Mans Competition”, but year is the same, 1932.


      i forgot to carry some screenshots to the macbook, but thought i can run it under “wine”, but actually it didn’t runs yet, i will see.

      thus the pictures are from “fce finish” which i use mainly to set smoothing groups and colorsets.

      colorsets and pattern (you know it) are used to set colors, means this pair of drivers is in a different colorset black skinned.

      it didn’t shows the model well, the OpenGL output of the editor leaks a bit and has no shader effects.


      when i saw the pic (it’s from a car lexica) i knew i HAD to place them in the car.

      they look so cute, don’t they?

      (besides, you know him, he occasionally appears in pioneer)


      believe it or not, her headscarf was the hardest part to create, still it looks funny and i’m not really satisfied with it.


      since i abuse things to my pleasure, this car is “upgradeable” (like many), but not really it’s just a change of design, thus v2 she drives,

      for v1 & v2 i used a scottish flag (you can’t see, it’s on the right side) for v3 & v4 i left neils “union jack”. v3 & 4 have also different drivers (grandpa with the sideburns).



      ahh.. wait another riddle and even somehow space(sim)gaming related


      guess where i stole this head from:








      this was the last car here.


      but spaceships, hmm i don’t know should i really?

      you have to know i am easy scared, if only one is disliking me i’m easy able to leave the whole bunch.

      if i receive ONE single no i never tuch such a thing again, that’s also why i still haven’t a girfriend after my divorce.

      i feel i’m unwanted by women, thus i never will ask again.


      i know i shouldn’t be so, but i am.

      i distrust ppl easy.


      i guess, to many have offered me a helping hand when i was in trouble as a child, just to draw it back and say: “you idiot”

      while i never was so sure who’s the idiot.


      the naive one (like me)

      or the sneaky one.


      to me it’s no sign of intelligence to be sneaky.

    • #88271


    • #88272

      i’m aware most understand a nothing of what is sung here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_OimZjT5pI&sns=fb short: “what would be different if it would be different?” (looking at the starry night) something you might understand better (but it’s neither english): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-xXKQxx3Hk

    • #88273

      Gernot! There you are! :girlcrazy: Glad to see you back and still making models too! Cars or ships, it matters not as long as your still building them and you get fun out of it too. :girlwink:  At present I am flying the Imperial Hunter in Genesia, really like this ship, a bit like a “pocket” Imperial Courier. So thanks once again Gernot! Your ships are wonderful. :curtsey:


      Now for some musica, I think Cody may well like this, perhaps you might also :girlwink:

    • #88274



      Okay, okay, If you would like make a car, make a car, but, which fly! :pilot:


      Smile, you’re with friends.  :punish:

    • #88275

      Now for some musica, I think Cody may well like this, perhaps you might also :girlwink:


      Damn right! I saw Peter Rowan perform live several times, way back when. He played my local pub on occasion (and thereby hangs a tale).


      <sighs wistfully – slaps Land of the Navajo into the hi-fi>

    • #88276





      after this quite sour something sweet:


    • #88277

      In another style :











      Long live to roooock ^^

    • #88278

      yes, i guess the boys in the billardclub will like it, for sure.


      “goddam the pusherman”…

      hmm… should i really buy me a peacemaker and blow his ass off?

      besides, vuzz, how to you know that i’m in trouble with our local “pusher”?

      not only because he’s pushing hard drugs, especially cocaine and amphetamines,

      he’s also a tyrant and suppresses everybody (erm, most, because i don’t let myself get suppressed, i might be only a skinny one, but no, not me!) with his violence.


      one thing i wonder, what to hell does little girls see in such a guy?

      why do they have always to stick on their glue?

      i know, a huge blonde packed with muscles… stupid behave of the girls as well imho.

      in what situation do they find themselfes later on?

      he leaves for the next doll and she’s addicted to that shit, one, next one, and so on…


      i hate weapons,

      but i hate this much more.




      “and now for something complete different:”


      it has a heavy attitude, but it’s less loud, personally i can’t decide which one i like better, i like both versions of this tune:







      a few years before now (a decade or so) i wouldn’t have liked something like the “texas hippie convention” neither i would have liked “nine inch nails”.

      i guess i simply wasn’t able to understand this kind of music, which blocked me then from understanding the lyrics behind.

      i felt it was either to loud or to self destructive, still i know most will find a “johnny cash” more pleasing for the ear and prob. it’s true, prob. you can reach more ppl in the way JC sounds.




      the revisited “Hullcutter” is on his way, it will need a few days to complete it and to fix it up for “Genesia”




      again, to cash’s version of the tune, it reminds me unwillingly of “PigPens Requiem” (i can’t remember the proper title right now, if it had one anyway, most stuff which i downloaded from this source wasn’t entitled just numbered, the site was “Grateful Dead Music”, i didn’t hink it’s still up, anyway to get to those special things you had to open the site with a FTP browser, he even didn’t left a hint that there was more to find, if i wouldn’t have been so curious…), i have this along with some ’66 demo tapes from him, i will see if i can upload it if i don’t forget to carry it to the macbook.


      for the deadheads here i have something special already (but must upload it first), i snippet of “Brent Mydland” playing solo, date and venue unknown to me, it’s from the same source. it’s a AUD tape, the quality isn’t good, it’s a little out of tune and washed out, but therefore the feeling is great.


      i remember that the uploader didn’t liked to spread all this widely, but i feel it has been flowing enough water down the drain to do it anyway and upload all this on YT.

    • #88279

      Pigpen’s Requiem? Hmm… are you thinking of The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) perhaps?

    • #88280

      looks like, or almost.

      it’s on YT already i noticed now, but it’s different, the tune seems to be the same, but the lyrics differ a bit i guess,

      besides what i own is played on piano solo and not a “polished up” track, neither it’s a live performance of the dead.


      complete different lyrics, i’m listening to “the stranger” right now…


      instead of “two souls in communion” it goes more like “i could have been… but it wouldn’t change a thang”.


      see, i even don’t remember the title, i really guess it had no title, just numbered track1, track2 and so on.

      same as for PERRO sessions, no titles

      or “wake of the flood” outtakes, no titles


      no info at all to any of the material i downloaded from this site via FTP.


      thus i had to imagine the titles myself if i didn’t knew the track already.


      don’t say a word “he had to imagine it himself and forgot it” ok, that’s my rinse of a memory, “cricket brain” my best friend used to call me, lol.


      it has diff. lyrics and a diff. temper, never ment to be heard by audience, “just another demo tape”.

    • #88281

      Currently playing in Chez Cody – Tuareg rebel rock.



      Ha! It worked!



    • #88282

      of course, i always wondered…

      i guess it’s such easy, because the link gets parsed automatically, that one can miss it.

      i always thought, “ok, probably he didn’t likes to”.


      you’re mean cody 🙁


      you know i was married to a little berber girl…


      such brings tears in my eyes (tears of joy as well).

    • #88283

      such brings tears in my eyes (tears of joy as well).


      Aye, such is the power of music!

    • #88284

      i had a fabulous friday night… :russian: (he, he, i like the “uschanka i own one to)


      ok, actually it’s to hot!


      have been out to see her:


      unfortunately the mix wasn’t good and it sounded to muddy.

      it’s a verywell playing band, good horns, great voice no doubt, funky guitar, “spirit of 66” i’ve read on the equipment, it suits.


      this lady:


      great acoustic band, the drummer already was worth to check out (different one to this show? i guess).

      her voice lets you shiver.


      this guy:


      straight blues, nothing less, cool backing up from italy


      and finally this rude boy:


      he still jumps around like a young deer, fascinating (some “little helper”? never mind)

      great gig, a lot of ppl, a lot of toads as well (one said he belongs to the grave, facing away from the stage, provokating, insulting, i couldn’t hold back my loose mouth and told them to leave some space for those who really like to see him, who are kindhearted and didn’t spoil the show).

      but nature (or who ever) washed the dirt off with a short but heavy shower

      and it turned out to be a great party with true warriors only.

      ts, broad necks, many muscles, (no guts) but when it starts to rain one could believe they are made from sugar.



      life has been good to me, for once 😉


      it would have been continued today with mr. satriani, but you can’t have everything.

      further it would have been today the only act which i really liked to see.

    • #88285

      For me,  it’s this guy :




      This marvellous mister Jimmy Page ^^

    • #88286

      not joe satriani?

      🙂 fine!


      well ok, jimmy page (page is brillant but what would it mean to me without plant, bonham and jones?) i would really like to see.

      a legend?

      certainly he is one.


      legendary also, the cheap “danelectro” (it’s what you hear in the clip you posted).


      unfortunately i missed all opportunities to see plant&page together.

      i haven’t so much “guilders” to travel half around the world for a concert (or not anymore), thus i take the chance if one is close to my home.


      at “Montreux” i never was, it’s first expensive for me to get there, tickets are expensive as well, i could almost say i dislike “Montreux Jazz”.

      just because to me it seems to be a party for the wealthy, not for “proletarians” like me, i said “seems”, that might be unfair.

      for the same reason i never went to a AVO session (now, baloise session), i can’t imagine that some good feeling will be transferred if the audience sits on tables, eats and drinks, while the musicians have to act like “minstrels” on the stage (i guess if i would be a musician i wouldn’t like to do such. or prob. snip my booger in the aud. just like sid did. ok that’s totally respectless, but isn’t it respectless as well to be unattentive while the girls&boys give their best?).

      i remember also the very first comment of my “berber girl” when we went to “paleo” in nyon,

      “why does everybody stand/sits around, saucage in one, beer in the other hand, are they bored of the music?”.


      i’m not sure how satriani sounds 2014, but back in the 90’s it was a little to less band and to much a single guitarist for me.

      “everybody” was calling him “guitar god”, but when i listened to his early records the band sounded so replacable, almost unimportant,

      such i dislike else you can take a drum machine and play the guitar to it.


      but of course i respect someone like V4VLuLz, he’s young, plays the “oud” well, has no band, but offers his music for free.

      in such a case i didn’t dislike the drum machine.


      but a band is always something different, because to have a good one each member must be able to listen and to subordinate.

      hence a good band can exist right next door to you and is rather unknown, but what counts to me really is this harmony, the togetherness.


      from the ones i’ve seen on friday i guess i like “stina & her soul replacements” and “yvonne moore” best.

      the “soul replacements” are a real good band, no doubt.


      yvonne moore changes style and members often i guess, but the actual acoustic band i’ve seen is…. something you have to see on stage, no clip can transfer this feeling.

      this can work as well (changing members) poppa chubby, as LOUD as he is (tops the PA only with his voice), is able to listen, unfortunately i missed to see him last year performing together with nigel kennedy, not everybody likes nigel neither that all who like nigel understood the jam to well, but my mother was thrilled (therefore i’ve heard to a rather unknown soul lady, it was a good party, she invited ppl from the audience to play on stage), i’ve seen him later with his own band (for the third time), i guess you would liked him too, he’s playing page as well as hendrix or leadbelly and is able to mix all in a stew. a real rocker in my opinion and a kindhearted fellow, even if he looks like someone you won’t like to meet after 0:00 in the park 😉


      i can link as much clips as i like but a good concert is something you can’t catch on a vid, you have to “smell & taste” it.

      it’s something i can live from the rest of the year (even far longer).

      hence, support your local rockband, they need audience!

      if it’s a good band (which doesn’t means that they have to be brillant musicians) the audience can lift the band to a different level and it turns to something which is out of this world.


      spirit doesn’t asks for class, spirit only asks for spirit.



      let’s nail it down:









    • #88287

       i had a fabulous friday night…


      You are lucky; I, however, just been dumped by my grandson. He prefers MineCraft!  :tease:


      That’s why I come here, sad, to hear crazy music. :crazy:  :shout:

    • #88288

      Crazy music? Not tonight, amigo – have something soothing instead.



    • #88289

      That was nice Cody :queen: . Still adding to my Pioneer sound bank here is two more for the pot, starport music courtesy of the Deus Ex total conversion the Nameless Mod





    • #88290



      The whole album is great, also on YT.

      This is the first song from it.
    • #88291

      And now (since it is summer in Sunny Scotland), somethings from the 60s





    • #88292


      the beauty of simplicity, great stuff.

      something which works well with a space game, but it’s not artificial.

      i guess i have some folkish guitar stuff on vinyl, we will see, “Martin C. Herberg” plays acoustic guitar but sometimes you could swear it’s a synthesizer.

      i would have some infamous synthesizer music as well, a guy from eastern germany, a good old “Amiga” record (has no affiliation to commodore, “Amiga” was the national (only? i guess) record label in the german democratic republic) it’s at least a piece of historical interest.



      nameless mod, mod means mod as mod of for “mod db” or (as it sounds to me) is that sorta soundtracker? (a module)

      i havent examined all the info, but it looks like the filesize is enormous, but a module would be very very small.

      however “nameless mod”, cool. (nearly as cool as this here: https://archive.org/details/alieniam) of course it sounds better & deeper, ’95 isn’t 2014.


      wouldn’t have to listen to your later posts (but will, because my new headphones are so cool), when i read the titles i had the tunes in my ears, built in radio isn’t to bad.



      interesting, reminds me of what i wrote above (synthesizer stuff from gdr), a bit noisy, overdubbed i assume, a single artist?

      hmm… this is acoustic i assume even when it’s sounds like there is a synthesizer, at least i wouldn’t be surprised.

      and if there is a synthesizer then it’s a Moog or something self soldered analogue, certainly no digital stuff.

      a “synthesizer” in the meaning of the word, it’s still something special.



      it’s 4am and i’m in risk to jump around… (summer in the city)

      “sunny afternoon” distorted voice, i imagine right now how this would sound with BASS, distorted voice until you nearly couldn’t understand the words (feed into a moog)

      oh yeah and a piano with tacks on the hammers (i feel sorry for the piano, it will hurt it). a freakin’ guitar part in the middle? some flanger ah even better this special analogue equip. they had in the sixties, hendrix used one (it’s familiar to me from “more experience” this man has collected all the original equip.) also the 13th floor elevators, it let’s your head spinning (if used on stage at least).


      charlatans, oh yes… wait.

      yep let’s do the timewarp one more time (ok diff. tune).


      why not some psychedelic stuff from the elevators?




      a cover, i know, great version great clip, imho.


      i guess that’s enough, or else we lose our minds and might suicide 🙂

      some might guess now where is the relation between the lyrics and the clip?

      i’m pretty sure this material is at it is, i mean original, watch how well the pictures are cut, it fits exactly to the music.

      if this is edited by a youtuber, then respect, it’s cut professional.



      dammit, i had something similar in mind not to long ago, i liked to make a clip to “Jefferson Airplane – This Is My Life”.

      pictures would be recent clips of war & terrorism, i know a lot will misunderstand such, but there was a reason why “Guido” (founder of the “DeadEnd?”) said once to me “Your’e a true Prankster”. i’am, i’am, where Gernot (Potsmoke66) goes there is Party.

      “Hands me this Harmonica” (and i will blow the shit out of you). Party of course, but well that was different days, long parties,

      hanging out in the bandroom, listening to the dead (on a old tape recorder), watching weird psychedelic art who someone brought around from i don’t know (a monastery in Nepal, as example), talking, laughing, finding out where is the sense of it, yep you can resurrect ’66 whenever you like, it’s just a question of will, hence because of this sentence “you can resurrect ’66 whenever you like” guido said: “your’e a true Prankster”. it doesn’t matters ’66, ’93 or 2014. but you have to do it, make it yourself, not only consume it. it was intoxicating, infectious, ppl brought selfmade decorations into the bandroom and it was going on and on, until, ah shit whatever happened, the band split up, because i told that once it was getting to big for a hobby project. the dudes had jobs and they liked to keep their jobs as teachers, PA developers, record sellers, “son of” or whatever.

      but it could have become a real big thing, i told them a year before they split that they will have to make a decision, Band or a life as a bourgoise, well wrong decision imho. i would have left everything behind me, i had no family yet, but some of the bandmembers, women are smart, but sometimes a little to smart, a little to fixed on security. ok, i said (shit i thought).

    • #88293


      nameless mod, mod means mod as mod of for “mod db” or (as it sounds to me) is that sorta soundtracker? (a module)

      i havent examined all the info, but it looks like the filesize is enormous, but a module would be very very small.

      however “nameless mod”, cool. (nearly as cool as this here: https://archive.org/details/alieniam) of course it sounds better & deeper, ’95 isn’t 2014.


      wouldn’t have to listen to your later posts (but will, because my new headphones are so cool), when i read the titles i had the tunes in my ears, built in radio isn’t to bad.


      Yes The Nameless “Mod” is a modification for the game Deus Ex. It took its volunteer dev team 7 years to finish it. Has a full sound track and voice acting. If you liked Deus Ex you ought to give it a try. Some cool tracks in that archive you linked to Gernot! :girlcrazy:

    • #88294

      I never got around to playing TNM, it’s allegedly very meta nature has always thrown me off.

    • #88295

      TNM? “the next menace”? i have no idea… sorry.



      yep, “johan alpmar” builded some extraterrestrial sounds i think, i thought i linked that once aleady?


      it’s besides of “mosez”‘s raves something of the most ambitious from this scene i think.

      but mosez’s tracks are often very fast.


      hmm… i guess “someone” noticed this links, i’m not sure but we have a track in the Pioneer release which comes very close to one of “mosez”‘s ones.


      besides, in the meantime i collected some tracks myself, not to much since i’m a bit choosy for what kind of music i like in Pioneer, actually it’s all classical music

      and when you start the game you get greeted by “Also, sprach Zaratustra” (track 1, “Einleitung”, what else).


      the MOD (modules/musicplayer) itself i presented once with my “FFE MOD”, it supports (besides another one) a new folder “intro”, in which you can put some music which will be played only at start of the game. a theme if you like.


      the other folder is “adverts” to play randomly and interrupting the music (like it should be) with adverts i ripped from “Simcopter” (or whatever one likes to put in).

      means, prob. after 30 sec. of “Mars” will bark some idiot: “aqua-compo is the best water – why? it’s imported!”.

      sad is only i can’t use the system clock anymore, because if you engage the stardreamer the adverts get called up so often and fast it’s often even not time enough left to let one finish before the next advert starts.


      ok, some might get bored by listening repitevely to the same adverts, but i can’t get enough of,

      “if you sit alot you need toushi-coushi, it’s made of space-age polymeres, machine washable and dries in minutes”.


      “invisible dirt can interfere with vision just like visible dirt – and how do you know it’s gone if it’s invisible? that’s why you need (product name). it gets rid of the stuff that might not even be there”


      “this is a public service announcement – when flying pay no attention to public sevice announcements”


      “this is a test of the emergency broadcast system, if you hear the sound of my voice you are caused to pruduce as much loot, panic and destruction as possible – remember this is only a test”



      in the folder “docked”, i put the ripped cheesy “greetings commander” from FFE (“…i thought you never will return commander”).


      personally i would really like it if some folks would record some funny adverts or greetings, instead that i have to ripp them from another game.



      ok, let’s link “mosez”s music as well, my account on archive.org needs definatly more visitors 😉

      btw, when i returned to search for my uploaded music i entered “amiga mods” in the prompter and received a vast amount of hits in return.

      but i guess many isn’t of much interest, likewise most i have from this times is rubbish (a sampled danish lesson as example, no idea who would like to listen to that).


      here we go “Planet E – Mosez”



      i’m up to “oggify” more mods, respectively i only have to upload them now., it’s even only a selection of what i have on my disk, but since the mods itself are rather small i will upload them as “full content” (likewise for mosez’s and johan’s tracks), in this way each can pick out of it what he likes (might be someone likes “danish lessons”).


      of course one needs a module player to convert them to .wav, .mp3 or finally to .ogg.

      anyway if one really likes to listen to those modules, to listen on a player like “modplugin” will be far better as any conversion, i feel modules must be played by the machine.



    • #88296

      Its funny you mentioning Planet E – Mosez Gernot, I was toying with the idea of adding Jesus On Es to the Pioneer sound bank for a laugh, but thought no. :girlcrazy:  Cant believe that old Amiga demo is over 20 years old now.


      Anyways a more serious contender, folks I give you Vangelis: Alpha

    • #88297

      this results in:


      “as lower the technical equipment is as higher the creativity gets”


      do it why not? it’s a bit long (jesus on e’s), do you know a source where i can download the soundtracker module of the demo?

      in this case it would be possible to strip it down to a few minutes.




      best of all there was little interest in things like “conspiracy theories”.


      have phun





      “look at those amazing – hairdos”

    • #88298

      this results in:


      “as lower the technical equipment is as higher the creativity gets”


      do it why not? it’s a bit long (jesus on e’s), do you know a source where i can download the soundtracker module of the demo?

      in this case it would be possible to strip it down to a few minutes.

       Sure Gernot, have a look here or if you want the MP3 version PM me. :girlwink:

    • #88299

      great, thank you!


      the tracker mod is what one would need,

      using “modplug” resp. “openMTP” not only allows to replay and record the music, it comes along with a track editor.




      further it’s also mentioned to be used in a application, such as a game.




      openMTP can also be used as a tool to convert midi to a soundtracker format and vice versa.

      not very easy but it’s possible.


      of course one could even use own samples


      “a player piano…”



    • #88300

      that’s really great geraldine


      i found alrady some fine tunes,




      [attachment=2685:ScreenShot_077.jpg] [attachment=2686:ScreenShot_079.jpg] [attachment=2687:ScreenShot_080.jpg]


      the shots are made while i played back the linked module with “ModPlug Player”

      for the visualisations i used “G-Force 2.2” for WinAmp linked to “ModPlug Player”.

      of course backgrounds and sprites used in the visualisation are mine,

      if the apple player is installed G-Force also plays back .avi as backgrounds, but i didn’t like this to much.

      the settings of G-Force are slightly changed by me to call up the sprites more often.


      i will see if i find a link to the old version of G-Force, if not, then i feel so free to upload it here from my machine.


      “old” is preferred because it’s free of any fees.

      most visualizers are boring after a short time, because they repeat always the same things.

      G-Force is different it blends randomly various things like the sprites, the visualisation itself, a alpha blending channel, the backgrounds.

      it is repetive to, but never appears twice the same.

      also because each can easy use his own selection of sprites and backgrounds, it’s something quite different as most other.


      you don’t need to have WinAmp installed to use “G-Force” with the “ModPlug Player” (of course it would support any WinAmp vis. plugin)

      you can put (extract) the visualizer anywhere and then call it up from the player.


      if you are interested (who ever) a short hint to “sprites & backgrounds”

      sprites should be b&w, while black represents the sprite to show

      backgrounds look best if you invert the colors (negative), but set a “background” (of the picture you use) to white if you like that it doesn’t get shown.

      (i.e. for a roundlet)


      hmm… i only find links for the MAC


      since it’s small it shouldn’t be a problem to upload it.




      don’t set the resolution for G-force in Fullscreen mode to high, the sprites are rather low in res and also the “dots and lines” (which are a sort of sprites to) will get smaller.

      it WON’T strech the bakgrounds, the resolution of them is 800×500 and work best with a fullscreen resolution of 720×480 (not all res. work with every card/display).


      a full documentation how to use and configure G-Force is included.


      you find the original config file as a .bak, the resent used one is a little different, like i said sprites get called more often, and sensitivity is screwed up.

      depending on your favorite music you might like to lower the sensitivity, raves which have a deep loud bass need less sensitivity as rock music.

      it’s not only a visualizer, it’s a little toy you can waste a lot of time with.


      gfx card settings type of gfx card and if displayed in window mode or fullscreen alter the appearance of G-Force.

      some high antialiasing is fine for it.


      also i will suggest here “White Cap” it’s from the same Author but far simpler, but if one likes to understand how the vis get produced it’s easier.

      scripts to conrol “white Cap” exist countless.

    • #88301

      Check your PMs Gernot :girlwink:

    • #88302

      Currently playing in Chez Cody – an old favourite:



    • #88303



      i love *acoustical rock music, that’s a fine tune.


      in despite of repetition,



      i like this cover best, i didn’t found it on YT that’s why i uploaded it.


      i like anything acoustical, even dulcimer, let’s se if i find some “Appenzeller” music…




      to most this is more familiar as “dueling banjos”, here it’s named “Di muetig gääser Chatz”, which means “the courageous cat from Gais” Gais is Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

      the earring he wears is the traditonal “skimmer”.

      interesting, never saw one very close, besides of the spoon in the lower part of this jewelery, the upper half is a snake which bites her own tail.

      i’ve heard right now a explanation of a jeweler but i’m not sure if this really catches the sense of it.

      he assumes it’s because the snake is looked at as a mean animal but worn in your own ear she can’t harm you.


      but the snake has turned to a representation of evil due to christianisation.


      one thing i know for sure, the snake which bites her own tail is a ancient celtic symbol and represents the endless cycle of life.


      how this snake is crafted is also typical celtic.




      watch even this, that’s great:


      like such self crafted instruments?

      watch this girl what she did to a old C64, she’s a self tought electronic engineer


    • #88304

      ok Cody, here’s something for you (no music, but a cartoon)







      This is the most animated non-animation I think I have ever seen.


      this one belongs to all mankind (again):



      Due to horrific recent events, This Land Is Mine has gone viral again.




      Here’s a reminder that you don’t need permission to copy, share, broadcast, post, embed, subtitle, etc.



      which means in fact if you dislike the Music than add some “Heavy Metal” or whatever pleases you (as long as it fits to the topic of the clip).

    • #88305

      Cool cartoon, Gernot – almost in the style of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers! There were rumours of a stop-motion film, which could have been awesome! I like Casey Jones a lot, but it ain’t the best track on Workingman’s Dead – this is:



    • #88306

      Truely it is the best track on Workingman’s Dead


      it was the one which attracted me first and best when i bought the record


      Workingman’s Dead


      that’s like revelation.



      Freak Brothers – memories… youth… Bong… and another Bong.



      did i ever posted this painting here?





      erm, try to fill in something else in the bubble, i.e. a $ sign, the sense becomes a quite different one.


      two reasons i had to paint it,


      first, i was high and very inspired by a ’74 show.

      second, i’ve heard in a interview with Bob that they like to publish their Music in surround, i totally dislike surround sound of today,

      all this 3.1, 5.1, 7.1 (one posted somewhere he has in his car 13.1???) is only “wishi-washi” to me.

      A good stereo signal has a far better resolution.


      i guess that was half of the trick of the “3D” sound of Grateful Dead, to use the “imperfection” of the human ear.

      imperfection isn’t quite right, but how does the ear determine if something is in front or behind you?

      it’s simply the color of the sound, something behind you sounds “darker”, the same sound in front “brighter”.


      To put speakers in every angle of the room, is NO GOOD SOLUTION, the result is “wishi-washi” (smeared, blurred).

      We have a High-End engineer here in Switzerland who even says:

      “Mono can be as good or even better as Stereo, if the sound is reproduced proper by the speakers”.

      His mono speakersystem looks a bit like a “Dalek”.


      One thing for sure i never trust “one chip” pre-amps, this is neither a good solution, that’s why they need this multiple channels to cover this leak, imho.

      I.e. the built in soundcard i have now is cheap, cheap, crap.

      Further, look at the cheap speaker systems we have today, that’s crappy to and another reason for multiple channels to be needed.


      I guess the problem is that most ears are already trained by todays music, they expect sound has to spin around in the field of sound.

      But that isn’t the purpose or the goal, the goal is DEPTH, space in other terms.


      Our ears are like our eyes, only that we listen far less concious as we see, ears can get tired just like eyes i.e.

      we see “stereo” for what? to have depth, hunting get’s difficult with only one eye, now how would you feel if the picture in front of you would spin around?

      I’m pretty sure this leads to nausea. ok, trippin’ somehow, but no, that’s not the goal.


      experiment: cover one eye and walk down a stair – good luck to you (if you are not used to).


      I obtained a professional soundcard (mono) it was filled to the rim with discrete elements (transitors), do i think it was for fun?

      Certainly not, amplifiers tend to oscillate, Murphy’s law, i know this also from experience, any pre-amp has to be adjusted,

      how to do that with all built in one-chip?

      semiconductors have a character, they don’t equal 100% each other.

      for logical gates this plays no role, but for amplifiers it plays a big role.


      Of course to listen to “minimal” this doesn’t matters and maybe “wishi-washi” helps then even.


      i really like many of the SB’s from this era.

      18/06/74 is one of my favorites, unfortunately it’s released and removed from archive.org

      Grateful Dead in perfect harmony and a woken up Keith Godchaux.

      fortunately i downloaded it before it was removed, phew.


      ah, yes, to listen to “wall of sound” SB’s systems with a central sub-bass are completely unsuitable, Phils bass will lose it’s magic.

    • #88307




      something different,


      jeri ellsworth, the lady with the C64 bass, i forgot to post that she’s really a class of her own, but watch for yourself

      (noticed the “running man” badge? intellivision – great)

      really watch it, you will be overwhelmed by her talent




      i don’t have to tell you that every second guy falls in love with her?


      now if i woke some interest, or if you are interested in electronics, or if you think “hey this woman is smart”, this is her channel:




      check it out, it’s really worth to, she made a few clips about history of electronics (A-Z of electronics) unfortunately she stopped at “D”, i don’t know why, maybe she hasn’t enough time left, but “everybody” loves it and likes to see more. she even made clips about how to make race-cars.


      enjoy this “force of nature”.

    • #88308

      Ah, yes… there have been many covers of Morning Dew, but The Dead probably made it famous. I saw them perform it in ’72, and the version on Europe 72 is my favourite. Mind you, I once saw Spooky Tooth play a cracking version! It’s a beautiful song, inspired by the ’50s movie On the Beach, adapted from the Nevil Shute novel of the same name (which is an excellent read, btw – back in the depths of the Cold War, nuclear apocalypse seemed all too likely). Time for a song from the late ’60s, when the Vietnam war was raging too – by the inimitable Fugs (one of my few remaining, and much-treasured vinyls, is this)…




      … and now for something completely different:



    • #88309

      great selection dude!

      i must take the fugs to the next aoxotoxoa concert.



      the track was more randomly selected, but i will upload the whole show, track by track, because it’s removed from archive.org since this show is released on CD,

      i guess some will apreciate this. i know at least one “my attorney” – she said she is 🙂 i guess she’s the same age like you (i assume if someone has visited dead shows in the early-mid 70’s as girl)

      only a afro-american, we lost contact unfortunately.

      dammit i’m at least 10 years younger but i guess she would attract me.

      i told her that i live in europe and it wouldn’t be possible so easy to meet her, even if i would like to.

      i must call her up once, i don’t like to loose this contact even if we never meet.

      but she’s not the only older (older as me, not old) woman who likes me much,


      “Diana”, a deadhead from on ’66 (no joke) she’s part of the Rainbow family since, i guess since it exists, we met first at a small open-air here in switzerland when the “deadend?”

      still was playing, she came only for this band to concerts, if the way wasn’t to long. “i feel like 17 again!” we had a long talk after the open-air or i have to say she rapped endlessly, cause of… fresh air. i hope she’s still alive and well.


      “Barbara” she’s a artist from Glarus, famous she became in NY, she often said if i would be 20 years younger

      i would take you right home… you look so cute in your overall, don’t you know?

      famous you get rarely at home, this she told me to.

      they only laughed about her arts in Glarus, then suddenly a galerist from Zurich got attented to her and gave her the chance to make a exbhibition in NY.

      when she returned she was the “famous Barbara who had a exhibition in NY” – she only laughs about such and says: “now i laugh about them and best of all they buy my arts now”.

      already her father was a artist and a really talented drawer, i have seen drawings of him at her home, one impressed me much, you saw him standing in front of the easel and in the mirror

      beside him you saw him as a skeleton, drawed with lead pencil in a realistic style, he neither got famous in Glarus or Switzerland – “trivial arts” what a shitty unfair term.

      she likes my symbolism much and i know i inspired her to write a book about symbolism.


      either they could be my mothers or they are very young, that’s weird.


      what did a young girl said to me three days ago, she was impressed of a t-shirt of mine: “i don’t understand that some can sell three strokes as art for many thousend SFr.” well said my dear.

      i was therefore surprised that she has seen what was “behind” the picture, most ppl i told her don’t see this, they even take no time for a second look, everything is so cursory today.

      i also told her “look, arts is a industry today sponsored by the big money institutes, the only purpose is to make more money, nothing else”, of course every artist likes to sell his arts, but…

      it’s pretty much the same as in music industry.


      a “living tool” for the industry i was long enough i rather be poor and have to live by rice and water. i like to make crafts i’m not a tool for someone else,

      construction worker or carpenter that was ok. it’s still fair, you make a good job and earn good money for it, or maybe even less money but the amount doesn’t matters so much to me, it has to be fair,

      i like to know who takes profit of my work, or i disliked it completely in textile industry, guessing that i will give away my youth for “Lagerfeld & co” has made my angry and sad.

      soccer WCS is over now but such can make me angry to, if i think of the situation of the seamstresses in south america (or elsewhere) and some sports brand makes the big money.

      textile is one of the unfairest business in the world, some get billonaires this easy others can’t exist from their work, workers as well as the industry itself.

      if you have nice butt (resp. no butt), you can get rich this quick and earn at once as the whole industry earns in a year. textile industry is really modern slavery.

      and they lie (pitch voice up) “textile is a family, you don’t do this for money” – ahh shut up you *%/#!

      (but some butter on the bread won’t be bad no?)


      a gang of construction workers, yeah that’s family, but you don’t have to speak this out every now and then.



      time for a dylan song, to protect me from running amok


    • #88310

      Rockin’ right on… the late, great, Nicky Hopkins in full flow!



    • #88311

      sure fine record, one of the vinyls i didn’t own anymore, but such missing things i downloaded later, “fair” or not i would miss them else much.



    • #88312
    • #88313

      This Redemption Song is my favorite from Bob Marley ^^, but  i prefer this  version from 1980 Uprising album :






      Every time i listen that , tears are not far … 

    • #88314

      sure, who didn’t know or likes it?

      ‘course i have a “redemption song 1)  (uprising rehearsals)” as well, acoustic guitar, but it’s from a quite noisy tape.

      he leaves out in one verse the last word in each line, e.g. “how long shall they kill our (pause)”,

      it’s like a text to complete and the missing words get burned in your mind (if they aren’t anyway).


      overall the rehearsal is of a bad quality and if you listen loud to it you can hear the artefacts from the heavy noise reduction i used.

      but the acoustic version is silent and it’s very difficult then to find a good level for the noise reduction, even if it works with phase shifting of a analyzed short noise singal.

      but as harder the noise reduction is as more artefacts it will leave (some digital chatter).


      for completeness (there was no need to upload this)



      all the rest of what’s entitled “uprising rehearsals”, isn’t much different to the album “uprising”.



      not very good to link this one here, but i like the controverse it released,

      Metallica – Turn The Page




    • #88315

      In the fourth black and white were mingled into Quicksilver

      And she coloured Mercury

      And she made a day of wisdom

      And the signs that are placed in the firmament!



    • #88316

      it’s got pennons on the notes, a comrade stated once.

    • #88317

      some well known classical tunes, i guess this is the most legal way to share it, instead to present the music in a mod for pioneer we can link some YT clips.

      personally i like to listen more and more to classical music (stupid term, better would be orchestral music) in pioneer.


      also this will be in the spirit of our project starter i know, who stated once “i prefere to listen to classical music” (someone elses choice might be different) when we was asking years ago for music in Pioneer (i haven’t forgot any of your statements dear friend).

      to me really it suits the game best and i see no problem to share wagner or strauss in this way.


      if you might like it i neither know, but i like it.

      i grew up with it, apart from jazz and folk music.


      i know i linked some classical – no, some orchestral music already and probably will repeat one or the other.


      let’s start with two well known exponents which simply belong to a space game


      like i stated in our conversation this is my one and only opening tune, it simply can’t be replaced and since “2001” everybody will feel “space” when one listens to it.


      it’s really worth to listen to the complete concert.


      the second well known and which has been always used to represent a “naval” or “battle” impression,


      (i’m aware that everybody knows these tunes, nonetheless)


      now something which is also well know from countless movie soundtracks, but it even suits well to pioneer imo,


      that’s a fine recording of the tune, i feel.

      the whole composition is worth to listen to, but 45min’s are a little to long and there are other works which you can’t split to sets.

      this is very “loud” or in other terms dynamic, but i suggest also the “lento” of the same composition.


      besides while i was looking for “sheherazade” i stumbled over a similar named but less known but very fitting composition of maurice ravel



      now something very simple but never ment to be played, but it fits very well to the docking scenes,


      you might will have to split them to the single exponents, they sound simply great to me, like anything this “dude” coposed.

      many compositions of him are hard to listen to but these canons are very basic and simple in harmony.


      only 8 basic notes, that’s the marvellous thing about them and it shows very well the way how he composed music,

      how music and mathematics was one thing to him.


      harmony as a mathematical expression, it was clearly in the spirit of his time to search for the “holy grale” in the harmony of creation.

      just like you would find god in it, if not god but certainly you find the key to all what represents our universe in it.


      that’s why i like bach so much and i already liked his music when he wasn’t as “popular” as he is now, one could say already in the belly of my mother,

      my father prefered to listen to bach, well it (has) suits his character and you should have see in what different world he was transferred when he listened to it, like he would have taken a ecstasy of some sort.


      i linked in our conversation a canon of different training pieces of him, but couldn’t find them on YT, they are even more basic.

      the one i like most is a canon over four notes reading the notes from fore to back and back to fore together, he did such often and even in the above example some are “in motu recto et contrario”


      i would have more music which i like personally for pioneer, but i guess i stop here and let something different follow

      erm, i was looking for a different tune of them but this one is as good as,


      the arts you see in the clip remind me much of what “Barbara Streiff” did and for what she has been laughed at home and became (a little) fame in NY.




      i have to link this one, it pops up after listening to the “canons over the first 8 notes from the goldberg variations aria”

      i have to post it because it shows how one can destroy the music and make a horrible kitsch out of it and well it’s as kitsch as the picture to the music.

      this is mean it really kills the spirit of it.

      though take it as a example how it shouldn’t be done and why i dislike this sort of “arts” if it suits to the term arts at all.

      one could say and i usually say to “matter of choice”, but exactly at this point “matter of choice” ends.



    • #88318
    • #88319

      A good movie, was Zabriskie Point – great soundtrack!

    • #88320
    • #88321

      Zabriskie Point was one of the must views in my hideout.


      this guy can (could wrote) write fine songs…



      something more glossy,


      i listened to a lot of pink floyd in the past weeks, i miss(ed) two records, “More” and “Obscured By Clouds” in my collection.

      checked some fine rock ‘n roll of ccr,

      and finally met the “starship trooper”.







    • #88322

      Frequently played in my house, is Obscured by Clouds Рa great album, and the soundtrack from La Vall̩e, which was an excellent movie.

      The track Childhood’s End was inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s fifties sci-fi novel of the same name – a highly recommended read.

    • #88323

      Currently playing in Chez Cody – an old Donovan song, given the Airplane treatment.



    • #88324

      …it follows me everywhere i go.



      something for a typical saturday night









      after the show,



    • #88325

      a jazzy sunday ev’ybody









    • #88326

      AoxoToxoA is still alive and playing 🙂


      visit their website here:



      and have some fun fumbling around with one of my pictures


      you can use it also as a linking page to other grateful-dead cover bands



      i will link SSC in the guestbook as well, though the boys can see what i’m up to when i don’t jump around like a cat on a hot plate.


      last weekend was the unique “HAS club festival”, which means 4 days of music and fun

      and nothing but music and fun (overall 40! bands was playing).


      if yours ever are occasionally in october in switzerland and if you like LOUD rock-music i can only recommend to visit this happening.


      excerpts of it i can’t present you, the HAS club is extremly tiny, 150 ppl and a camera won’t work 🙂 though the camera has to stay outside.


      “we are prob. not the best in what we do,

      but we are the only ones who do it”.




    • #88327

      I’ve been away and now I am back! :girlcrazy:  And I see more posts in this most venerable music thread, ok time for something decidedly 60s “ish”. 😎



    • #88328

      I’ve been away and now I am back!


      <grins> Welcome back, space girl!



    • #88329

      no music, but a timeless piece of art (it’s spoken german, but it won’t matter for the sense of it)



      “if i wouldn’t be so blonde…”


      “…we know, you would turn black because of anger”


      enjoy it




      disturbingly good psychedelic-electronic-rock, if i see a evolution in music i guess yes it will lead in such a direction.

      it’s build well, leaks of a singer or do they have tracks with lyrics as well?


      “we” found out (at the party) music means so much more with a human voice,

      i talked with some of the musicians (which is no wonder 40 bands 150 ppl, not many non musicians, ok some of the musicians play in more as one band) about that topic and that i like minimal and house to, one said that he’s a DJ in a club, but to play rock music means much more to him.

      i was also surprised to see young ppl dancing to beatles (in a pause) i had to ask them if they like the beatles and they answered with a “certainly”.



      cool cartoon, like the jazzy track, maybe it’s not as inventive as the one geraldine posted, but it’s cool easy listening stuff.

      charming voice.

      the music is pleasing the ear, very professional though.



      “toxo” is very different

      i liked the light show one of the members made, handcrafted as well.

      two ppl can sit together in a small wooden housing, each has two pedals to control two mirrored flaps which cover/uncover the colored lights,

      in back of the tiny stage are mirrors mounted to reflect the “lightshow”, the mirrors you can control with a handle to flip them from left to right or let them jump up and down.

      it’s absolutely contrary to computers and electronics, but i like it much.

      i like this idea of working together and it’s simplicity, anyone can control such a lightshow, just get in the groove and there you go.


      it’s the idea of starting it all over again i like so much.


      probably in time i can post a picture or a short clip of that.

    • #88330


      cool cartoon, like the jazzy track, maybe it’s not as inventive as the one geraldine posted, but it’s cool easy listening stuff.

      charming voice. the music is pleasing the ear, very professional though.


      Eliza Carthy is a very talented lady – here she is live:



    • #88331

      Very nice indeed Commander Cody. :queen:  Now, a bit of coolness from Mr Hendrix….



    • #88332

      RIP Jack Bruce – a great bassist and songwriter!



    • #88333

      :girlsad: I just heard the news! Another music legend gone to join all the others. May he rest in peace.



    • #88334

      This one is dedicated to Walterar!




      Great to see you back Walterar! :girlcrazy:

    • #88335

      and this is dedicated to all the amiga users here




      yeah nice to hear from you, i know

      christmas ‘n all that tard, you know…


      also a system breakdown (again, but again my own fault, tried to experiment a bit)


      further i’m hangin out with my old love Intellivision

      bought me a “brand new” Inty (looks like brand new, like it would have been never used, little expensive but the condition is fantastic)

      i’m impatiantly awaiting the mail


      something space related,

      Intellivision (now intelligentvision) has a couple of unreleased or unfinished games from the 80’s

      one is named “Space Shuttle”

      and it’s a fantastic game for ’83

      that’s really a good game and i would have freaked out as a boy about it,

      you have to fly a mission with the shuttle and pick up satellites, not easy, you have to get close and load the satellite with a crane in the bay.

      it supports Intellivoice and unlike other games it’s used in a senseful way, “mission control” gives you actual advices for the mission.


      “danger – space debris”


      i love it!


      the controls in orbit are cool, you don’t control the curse with the ship, means you can rotate but you stay on course,

      to change the course you have to change the orbit, that’s really clever made for a game from this time.

      As soon as you’re in range of a satellite you can switch to “manual” flight mode to get close to the satellite.

      the crane i still can’t control well, but i managed it once to load one (yeah).


      No question this would have been another first in his genre, a shuttle simulator.

      Unfortunately it’s unfinished (while it’s not to clear to me what is unfinished at this game, you can start, load the satellite, repair, unload, land and finish the mission).

      It was never published in it’s time, but it’s downloadable now, i hope they will give it a try to finish it, because a few unfinished they already finished,

      since there is some interest in the inty, which fascinates me, young fellows start to program in BASIC and we old incl. devs are totally surprised by this.


      Another worth to try but homebrew game is iStar, which is as far as i know a clone of Astar (atari) or Dstar (z80).

      it’s a cute type of maze game and not easy, i guess it’s this what fascinates the young about these simple games, they aren’t easy to play, it’s challanging.


      Didn’t knew that they made some “rude” games, “Space c*nt” yes you readed right, it’s in general a Astrosmash, nothing else and uses the voice only to spell the title.

      “developers choice” 😉


      overall i was doing a time warp, have a look at this cool tennis game:


      it’s from 1958


      but this game has even a predecessor,

      the “Cathode ray tube amusement device” from 1947,

      didn’t found a clip of it so far, but it seems to be a sort of “missile command” game.

      both was never released to the public, obviously, them are monster machines.


      yeah i know you thought of “Magnavox” or the “Brown Box”?

      truely yes, when i saw “Magnavox” it refreshed my rinse of a memory and i immediatly remembered “daddy made a lightgun game for me”

      but the “Brown Box” is worth to take a look at.

      A sort of “Ping-Pong” very similar to “Magnavox”s “Table Tennis” (or with whatever layer you covered the screen,

      funny one and the same game just different layers and make from “Tabble Tennis” a “Hockey”), even the controls for the “Brown Box” equal to “Magnavox”.


      Further yes, i was hanging out with “SimCopter” and “Streets of SimCity”, for which i found a cool solution to run them flawless on my 64bit win7.

      Especially “Streets” and i guess until i published my clips how to manage this, no one found a proper solution to get rid of the steady hopping cars, but “DXWnd” does the job.

      Even i was suspecting either memory or frequency will be the reason, but it’s in general only that DX6 and 7 since long isn’t anymore supported.

      Many old games can be played again with this little helper proggy and it surprises me that it’s relatively unknown.

      Intentionally it’s to run fullscreen DX apps in a window (i guess that’s why most didn’t guess it will hep to run old softs)

      but apart from the really good working windowed modes and a free scalable window for whatever game you wish, it helps to run old DX game releases.

      A very well made made piece of software.


      found that one on a simcopter release, it’s a demo made with simtunes, but it’s by far the best one of them, the other demos are good as well, but i like that funky tune.



      and one for “the psychedelic freak”




      whatever that is:




      und dann noch etwas krautrock von “das raumpiloten”


    • #88336

      ok this time silence (no don’t play “silence”, that’s no good idea)



      here comes the little green man




      he will blow you down


      “Space Wars”?


      i hope i get this right,



      “Space Wars (and further all computergames) is a great chance for worldpeace”


      It was (unlike the above demo or it’s predecessor) a work of Hackers, which abused a industrial technology to their own benefit,

      to the benifit of humans.

      It was the first time man didn’t served the machine, vice versa the machine served man just for entertainment.

      It’s goal wasn’t productivity nor financial gain.


      I would like to broadcast above quote worldwide,

      best i would like to exchange with this for let’s say 24h the stock exchange news, worldwide on every newschannel,

      which never stop even not when 1000s of ppl die caused by a catastrophe or by human blindness.





      got it?

    • #88337

      RIP Edgar Froese…



    • #88338


    • #88339

      tangerine dream, when i was in berlin 1990 to see “the Wall”, we was watching a movie of them, it was at a exhibition only for tangerine dream.


      tichy why 🙁 and not 🙂

      we must all die, there is no way getting around this, i think already RIP is something stupid, there is no rest and no peace, because there is nothing such left.

      it’s the end of the line and personally i’m convinced if you are aware of that, if you look in the eyes of dead, you turn to a different person,

      loving life much more and you will have far more respect to all living creatures, because

      1) that’s not easy, it blows our mind, it exceeds our imagination not to exist, but one can learn to face it

      2) there will be no hope or guessing you could end up “better” as someone else, because you was a “better man” for which reason ever, nothing counts,

      not intellect, not name, not status, not money – “i got no hair and no color i even didn’t have a gender”

      3) the logical conclusion is, you stop to judge you can’t see yourself as something better, you can’t think i’m more worthy as others if there is no afterlife,

      no “compensation” or “wage”.

      the only things which live eternally are our good works, bad works will vanish in time, just like the biggest kingdoms have vanished (solomon? yeah he often said such).

      in priciples the fate of “Hiob” should tell us this, but rel ppl. turn everthing upside down,

      they take everything literally and put a golden frame around single words even single letters instead to think about the sense.

      you can be the most rightous and “godly” ever, it won’t prevent you from fate and dead.


      easy as 1) 2) 3)


      What’s left are our thoughts and creations, they can be carried in the collective memory of humankind forever, that’s “eternity” to me,

      we have no idea who invented the wheel, but for sure his work is never forgotten.

      but one condition it has, mankind must survive for this, not a single examplary.

      and what does that ask of us humans?


      consequnce in life and respect to your sister/brother



      should i change the rules for “pioneer musical appreciation”?

      on atariage they have a similar thread, but it’s a simple game, you are only allowed to post titles and artist which contain at least one complete word of the previous posted

      further it’s only allowed to post one until a next one posted something.


      they don’t post clips, or it’s not needed for such a game, but the idea i like.



      Cody posted “Tangerine Dream – Phaedra” now i would have to find something which contains one of these words, complete and also “Dreams” instead of “Dream” wouldn’t be 100% proper.


      however, i think that’s cool, you can post as always but i will take this little challange and keep te rules i mentioned.





      obviousely posting a title of the same artist would be lame.


      and certainly you still can post comments, thoughts, memories, because i like to hear your thoughts and memories, share them.

    • #88340

      not a good idea?



      something space related









      since that is a lot of space-games music i oggyfied that all:



    • #88341

      in despite of repetition





      edit: oops that seems to be the wrong clip, never mind…

      next post.



      but you have to admit the real mario plumber is great, no?


      “his back hurts like hell and his roids are flaring up”….


      ahh, that’s how you feel as a construction worker, yeah that’s the proper Mario feeling.

    • #88342

      yes thanks geraldine, but like i said “wrong clip”, happens when you watch so many different things, i like to follow this guy here:


      and jeri

      and i don’t know what else and this mixes up things sometimes.


      ok let’s post another portal clip which i think it’s a nice one followed by the proper mario, it should be a clip about what sort of mario was never or should be relesed.


      just because it’s cute:



      now let’s see what sort of mario we missed:

      “mario & luigi, partners in crime” lol.


      and a cover of a well know tune, of which i think it’s almost better as the original, music has more power and the clip is fantastic,

      classic cartoon art, yes we don’t need anime, we can do it better!

      that’s EXPRESSION!



      i’m really not the heavy guy

      but Disturbed is a damned good band.

      apart from that their clips transport the messages of the songs unmisunderstandable and this is great to.


      really great i start to like this band,


      what i watched quite a lot in the past few days is “the angry video game nerd”, over all Cinemassacre is a entertaining channel.


      sorry if i post a third one of disturbed but…




      in principles the mario clip wasn’t really needed it was just because of this:



    • #88343

      i’m really not the heavy guy

      but Disturbed is a damned good band.

      apart from that their clips transport the messages of the songs unmisunderstandable and this is great to.


      really great i start to like this band,



      Ha, young padawan you know how to discern the dark side is not necessarily bad ^^


      For my part, I listen as these news groups of heavy / thrash metal that my olds classics hard rock.


      Long live rock hard! Succession is assured
    • #88344



      But distrubed is already old, the group has been discontinued crack in 2010.


      The actuality is Device group recreated by the singer:






      If you like that, here’s the link to the playlist of their only album with the lyrics   (it’s even better to plunge into the dark side, the lyrics to read :spiteful:  )



      And here the  splendid cover of this jewel from 2012 (sick) :



    • #88345

      i thought it will somehow attract you vuzz,

      i wouldn’t know it at all without the “musical game” on “atari age forum”.

      but one member is posting a lot of metal and it’s good what he posts.


      yes i noticed it’s “old” (quasi) but certainly had no idea the band broke up.

      good to hear he still sings, he’s really a good singer.


      while hmm “dark side”? ok it’s loud and metal,

      but to me this didn’t classifies something already as “dark side”


      (not anymore, i really was biased in my past, but i guess i changed quite after divorce and one or two years of living in the streets

      it erased the last remnants of the “new apostolic brainwashing” i was gettin’ through in my youth,

      which was mainly prejudice to “heavy music” and “homophobia”)


      phew, it must be 20 years ago, i guess i still should have the poster of that party,


      the “dead end?” played and after the dj changed to a sort of metal.


      that was “dark matter”, the lyrics was about self destruction and suicide, it’s something i really dislike, neither the music was really good.

      the effect on listeners/party ppl was also very clear to recognize, most left the building and was scared about the music, even if they didn’t understood english.

      you see there is truely a effect of music and lyrics even if you don’t understand a word.


      eh, since long i don’t believe anymore and if there is no god there is no devil as well and certainly no hell or heaven.

      thus neither “dark” or “bright” side exists for me, even if i’m famous for back&white thinking 🙂

      but that’s just “a good is a good and a bad is a bad”, (un)fortunately this is “black & white thinking”

      and means nothing else as

      it doesn’t matters who

      it doesn’t matters how

      it only matters if it’s a good acting / thing or not.


      but it reaches our subconcious mind and is able to even influence it, thus one should know about what he sings and what effect this can have.

      you can raise ppl to a war with music and enterntainment, it can be abused for bad as well as used for pleasure or to reach positive thoughts.


      but Disturbed and other bands he posts in the “musical game” are different to that, it’s metal and sometimes it overwhelmes me, but the lyrics are usually positive in expression.


      fight back and fight hard i have no problem with that’s a positive expression.

      it’s contrairy to self destruction, it means stay alive and fight to live.


      certainly even i had depressive times and i thought about to suicide, but i don’t like to be remembered of such.


      “stand up and fight” –  that’s far better, it helps you to leave such a depressive phase in life behind.


      it’s also ok to sing about suicidal feelings, why not? it matters how you do it, what feeling it produces in the listener.

      if it’s a sort of consolation which it releases in you it’s certainly a good thing.


      but if you see that common ppl who aren’t really attentive listening get scared by the music then something is wrong with that.


      and hey one can say what he likes, but to save one from self destruction, just one, isn’t that far more worth as all the gold and fame in the world?

      yes truely it’s far better.


      “we are all like babies in avalon”


      to operate in the world of subconciousness is very dangerous, true we are all like babies in this sort of parallel world and even if someone thinks he knows exactly what he does,

      he can’t know it exactly and the result can be a catastrophe for a soul.


      but music and pictures have this power, they are strong weapons in the world of subconciousness.

      that has nothing to do with magic, it’s


      “we are just playing with opportunities” like jerry said once.


      on the other hand it’s near to easy,

      if your intention is good and unselfish the result will be as well, exactly like in the world of conciousness.

      stay naive and you won’t hurt.


      but if the goal is only fame and gold…

      …then you do the same fault as “Morgan le Fay” and the result is destructive.


      but which style you choose in your art,

      i.e. for music if it’s classical or metal won’t play a role for this.



      still his voice rocks the sound…




      to shorten the above text to a quote from David Drainman: “if you don’t dig it don’t listen to it”

    • #88346

      i hope you understand i joke alls guy who’se denigrate metal music when i’ve talk about “the dark side” ^^

    • #88347

      no problem vuzz, i understand most humans.


      i’m by myself a member of the armies of night, right?



      c’mon a guy like me who occasionally hangs out at 5am (after work party) with whores?

      not much i don’t understand.



      “and now for something complete different” 😉


    • #88348

      Hhhmmm  i pefer this version 



    • #88349

      certainly, but well a original is always the original.


      no way to compare them, that’s well fiddled.


      intentionally i posted popcorn because i stumbled over it and someone* commented “ahead of it’s time” (1969)

      i replyed to him not so ahead of it’s time.

      the MOOG exists since the 50’s (more or less) and Wendy Carlos recorded “switched on bach” together with the devs of MOOG in ’68




      some commented it’s the beginning of:

      Electronic Dance Music


      House Music


      less nitpicking, it’s the beginning of electronic music,

      not especially “popcorn”, but the MOOG.


      a MOOGie explained:



      certainly this “toy” attracted a lot of musicians



      *that someone even posted to a different clip the near to same comment that’s why i had to make a joke about it, when i noticed he commented almost the same again.


      but he was really a decade ahead of it’s time, without any synthesizer except for his mouth.

      enjoy the hippest soul brother from 1956:



      you easy can see him as a predecessor to rock music,

      besides of this track which was covered by many rock bands,

      he had a crazy act in costumes and weared crazy hairdos, it was certainly ahead of the mid 50’s

      he wasn’t very successful at beginning.

      the rockbands which covered him gave him a little fame later in the mid sixties, also ppl was ready to listen to such “crap”.


      the longplay is from back then is entitled “Frenzy” and i can only recommend this album, he’s really great.

      to me he’s the infamous and uncrowned godfather of soul.

      james brown is a beginner compared to him, for me at least.



      this boy here would be 18 now and was 4 (i guess) back then,


      he’s quite a talent and a cheeky one.



      recently i lost myself in a analysis of clockwork orange


      if you have some spare time, his movie analysis are very good




      as a example a less serious ment one of him but sci-fi related one

      (the other clips are serious and very informative, he made this as he said for the trolls on his channel)




      one must respect that it’s professional made (not especially the alien satire) and it’s somewhat obvious he likes to earn money with most of his clips.

    • #88350

      Gernot, I have that Gershon Kingsley album! I got it as a present when it first came out. The nipple-flower cover looked as tacky then as it does now!


      edit: After listening to Popcorn on YouTube, I saw “Mix – Gershon Kingsley – Popcorn” listed to the right. I’ve been listening to the 50+ songs in there, which are not all versions of Popcorn. I found two versions in there that I’d like to share. Aphex Twin sprinkles a liberal amount of salt on this batch.


      If you prefer your Popcorn with hot butter,



      Also, how do you folks display the YouTube previews in your posts? All I can do is what you see above.

    • #88351

      you got the single of that? makes me jealous.


      however it is played it’s a nice tune “don’t you just love this song” (song? tune)


      listened also to the version of a german synth artist?

      he added apache (and a further tune, what’s that? a jingle form a tv crime series?) to it.




      aphex twins is great, but i guess far later, it sounds like samples

      with acoustic guitar you never can go wrong (for my choice, i could listen night and day to it).


      the YT clips should parse automatic, but you have to use the entry in the adress bar that it will work.


      either the whole “strip” (quotation marks are only added not to let it get parsed or appear as link)



      or without the playlist or whatever “&”



      the result will be:


      playlists unfortunatly doesn’t work this way i tested this, because i would have liked to link the playlist of “Astrosmash”

      one of my clips i didn’t dare to show here, “Space C*nt” is on the limit for a post in a forum.

      at least i guess, i wonder what the dev had in mind when he made the game, resp. changed the graphics.


      if i made once one i will link a clip of “Space Shuttle” i guess you will like this incomplete game from ’83,

      at least i was freakin’ out and thought “1983? wow” of course the graphics are compliant to the age, but the concept of the game totally convinces me.

      i’ve read to “space shuttle” that they thought it would be to much simulation for a game, totally missed the point, it would have been outstanding for it’s time.

      if i would have owned such a game it would have sealed the lips of all who thought Intellivision is lame of some sort or Astrosmash is the maximum you can reach with it.

      the problem was rather that first 16kB then 32kB later 48kB was the limit for a ROM back then.


      “ground control to commander – warning space debris!”

      sorta voice supported shuttle simulator, how far would that have been ahead of it’s time?



      i don’t know maybe i posted this already (probably in a PM?)


      let’s find out who or where the “dark side” really is:




      following is a little off topic, but it’s such beautiful to watch that i have to share this:


    • #88352

      I don’t have the single, I have the original LP.

      I hadn’t seen those videos. They were really cool.

      Thanks for the tips. I tried an experimental post and got the same result. Just a link. I was inserting them as links. I fumbled around and accidentally pasted the URL directly into the post with this result. I’ve posted this before. Sorry.


      Really sorry.

    • #88353

    • #88354
    • #88355

      can’t remember that clip you posted marcel, well recently that boy IS IN A THERAPY, never mind – that’s ok (yes, some knew it always gernot is a true lunatic 😉 ).


      and you can imagine gernot already mixes all up there…

      “what depression? – c’mon let’s get funky”



      “i’ve got the power” (listened to SNAP, to get over the “depression” that my computer was killed by a electro magnetical bomb, or else i have no explanation to what has happened,

      few weeks ago i left for shopping and shut down the machine as usual…

      returned switched it on and the “beep” was the very last response it gave, rebooted and nothing happened anymore, not even a “beep”, just nothing, even the drive is damaged.

      damned i lost everything, every model i made last summer (that’s because my backup drive broke in fall last year, even strange, i was backing up “a few GBytes and someone must have let the smoke out of it, it wen’t hotter and hotter and finally well finally “the smoke was out of it”).


      for a week i was really down before i thought “ok, you have to face it, dig out your old machine, which isn’t a bad one only recently i have to work with a rotten old ATI hybrid gfx card

      (a Radeon 9000 with incredible 64MB of gfx memory), the motherboard would have PCI express slot but my NVIDIA PCI express card won’t work with a windows XP, it needs DX10 at least i assume,

      physically it works but as soon as i install the drivers windows refuses to run.


      but i will see the machine isn’t the problem, i have some spare money for “special occasions” and will use it to buy me a new one (but certainly no cheap discounter machine anymore, now i know where the difference is between them) or at least to pimp my old machine, because she’s so reliable, loud like a coffee grinder, but reliable (chassis ventilation, but keeps the CPU a cool head, somewhat around very healthy 40°C).


      personally i assume the cheap “MEDION” died because of jealousy, because a week before i placed my old miggy beside it, that must be the real reason, it couldn’t stand the competition.

      past weeks and recently i’m still setting it up, phew, already reinstalling all the games and crap costs a lot of time, many won’t run well with such a low specced gfx card,

      but UAE doesn’t minds much about that, fortunately.


      yes, running obsolate XP, but if you register it as a industrial server you still get support up to 2019 from MS (needs just a small entry in the registry).

      damned i even was able to register my old “works for windows”, a few days it refused to register but after two weeks it did it automatically, i was really surprised.


      on the other hand, ok no problems running old games, ha, ha, i guess it was needed to force my to reinstall XP on my old computer.


      and well, personally i have a lot of fun with the old crap, yep i even bought my Intellivision just to play on the original hardware which is absolutely cool and now i know exactly why i decided back then

      for the Intellivision, it was ahead of its time.


      erm “nineteen fourty eight” that’s ok (yes, the inty is somewhat older)




      rythm is a dancer?




      apart from all the hassle, i swear the music is 10 times better to listen from my old Soundblaster card as from the shitty 7.1 wishi-washi “built in” before, it never produced such a accurate stereo signal,

      how could it without “discrete elements”, that’s simply not possible since “every amplifier oscillates” (and vice versa), amps need to be adjusted and a one chip soundcard you can’t adjust.


      further i can use the old “PC joystick” (which i showed you geraldine, simply “the joystick”), with the SB card and it’s cool to use it for old games, i tried it for “NFS High Stakes” and wow it’s very accurate, you can steer very softly, complete different to the small sticks on my PSX like dual stick with which you usually oversteer it’s like using a digital pad and the wheels flap from max left to max right.

      usually i dislike to accel – decelerate with the stick, but this stick works well to play a racing game in this way, you can accelerate very soft without to lead either to left or right side.

      it’s damned simple, just two var. resistors, a little sensitive to temperature, but overall not bad because the mechanic leads you in the four main directions, thus you don’t slip to left or right or diagonal if you don’t like to.


      it’s super cool to use it for MAME and gives a far better arcade feeling as the dual stick, also to play a emulated amiga game it’s great to use it for.


      new doesn’t (always) equals to better!


      i even found out that i need a old ball mouse, the optical crap isn’t as good as they was, less precision and unsuitable to play Golf (i can’t swing back proper, the game reads it as forward as well).



      isn’t that a (25year old) beauty?

      that’s technology!

      industrial standard quality parts.


      (besides that’s “only” 5 MPixels, but can your i-phone make such quality shots? – no!

      it’s still the optical device which makes the picture, no 12 or more MPixels, filters and enhancements can replace a good lens and a clean prism.

      that’s how it looks for real and no postprocessing “bubble gum” colors)


      something else,

      anyone got a idea what a “glamour cap” is?



      my imagination was this ->



      or this ->




      in fact

      thats how they named the power switch in the service manual for the intellivision, “glamour cap”….




      a “glamour cap” is a power switch!


      anyone can have a power switch, but only the Intellivision offers you the unique “glamour cap”.





      now to your posts Cody,


      erm i guess i’m “not allowed” to listen to that anymore 🙁


      because if i listen to that i like to light up a single bomb,

      it’s a fact i’m in a therapy, no drug therapy, but i had to promise to stop using weed for the durance of the therapy.

      a quite uncommon and hard decision for “potsmoke66”, but it seems i need this help to get things straight again.


      most might be in this because of depressions, but in my case it’s vice versa, i need this to come down from my almost permanent euphoria, it can be hindering as well if it’s to much.


      sure i’m still allowed to listen and for sure i will listen to pig pens rap  🙂


      to be honest, sometimes it thrills me even more when i’m sober, i have a feeling like i would be on a permanent LSD trip



      everyday a high and music, well music..


      was my first love!








      if only this wouldn’t have crossed my path…





      ugh, sorry


      RE-BOP! (baba)



    • #88356

      let’s get heavy, let’s get real heavy,

      here comes the bullet headed saxon, you better run for cover 😉



    • #88357

      popa is cool – hm?


      yeah i fell in love with him 15 years ago when i saw him for the first time, he’s really super, unfortunately i missed the jam with nigel kennedy he had two years ago here in Rapperswil.

      i missed nigel at all, even if i liked to see his gig, therefore my mother watched nigel & of course popa as well, i was listening to a soul diva and completely forgot time.


      i guess popa likes small stages, if you check out his clips on YT you never see him playing on a big stage, even if in my opinion he could fascinate even a large crowd.

      but i know some musicians prefere to play in clubs.

      and certainly you can hear that he’s trained by playing in clubs, he’s a very versatile blueser and plays all from muddy waters to led zeppelin, soft to heavy.

      i haven’t the had chance again to hangout and talk with him like 15 years ago, it’s quite not the same anymore, even he gained in popularity somewhat.

      at this occasion back then he was huggin’ me after the gig – “you dance well”, thus contact was easy.

      a year later i saw him at a small open-air leading a rockabilly band, at the same occasion i saw candy cane, “300 pounds of joy” 😉

      a ex stripper, she decided once that she can do it as well (better!) as madonna, she’s not grade AAA but she made it

      she’s a person you have to see, her positive character works only on stage.

      “if there is something you always dreamed of to do – do it! never listen to your friends, just do it!”






      marcel, remember the flash gordon animated movie i posted once?

      have the complete tv series here:



      imho not as good as the movie, not because of the style or craft that’s ok, but because it leaks of the original message “seperate & destroy”.

      some stories, especially “fairy tales” can be told only once and it’s finished, you can tell it new that’s ok, but it’s likewise one would make a sequel of

      “the rabbit & the hedgehog” (better the rabbit and the “buxtehuder swinegel”, a “swinegel” isn’t simply a hedgehog, a “swinegel” is a lazy disorderly person,

      it’s a german idiom for “schweineigel” -> “dirty pig” or “so-and-so”. the story which was collected by brothers grimm is a little different as told usually.

      you have to imagine the rabbit as a very busy but also very proud (of himself) person, while the “swinegel”, well he’s just a “swinegel”, a punk in modern terms and likes to enjoy the life and the sun.


      literally: “…and the rabbit ran back and forth until the blood shot out of his neck”


      we changed unfortunately a lot of the original fairy tales to a quite different message.

      because it’s NOT about being rich and famous, it’s about exactly the contrary.


      one i like best along with the “buxtehuder swinegel” is “der Fischer und seine Frau” (the fishermans wife).

      he’s saved the life of a halibut therefore the halibut gave him free wishes, as his wife recognized this, she wished first to be rich, but that wasn’t enough,

      she wasn’t satisfied and she wished to be famous, but neither this  satisfied her,

      she wished to be king, but that didn’t satisfied her as well,

      thus she wished to be like god…

      which resulted in that they was as poor as at beginning of the story.


      wishes usually don’t end up well in grimms fairy tales, it tells exactly how shortsighted and eager we are.

      in a different one god visited the ppl on earth as a traveller (a often told and well known story all over the world i guess),

      as he came in front of the house of a rich man he asked for bread and a place to sleep.

      the rich man said: “why should i give a beggar anything, leave my property”

      thus god knocked on the door of the poor man, which opened his door immediatly welcomed him and said:

      “i have not much to share, but what i have i will share with you”

      next morning “the traveller” left and turned the poor mans house into a beautiful mansion.

      the rich mans wife got jealous and told her husband

      “why did you sended the traveler away, look what he has done to the poor man i want that to,

      go follow the traveller and ask if he will give you a wish.

      said & done, he followed the traveler on his horse and reached him soon.

      god answered “why should i do you a favour? you sended me away”

      “nonetheless, i will give you three wishes, but i don’t think it will do you good, are you sure you liike that?”

      “yes” answered the rich man and was already guessing of that he had to be carefully using this three wishes.

      but as he rode home his horse eloped and he wished the that the horse might die, one wish was lost.

      thus he had to take his saddle home on his own back and therefore he wished after a while:

      “may my wife be punished for her jealousy and had to sit on this saddle never getting off it”

      whish was thought and so it happened, his wife had to sit on the saddle at home and couldn’t get off it.

      as he reached home, his wife was still on the saddle and shouting, “what do you have done to me, won’t you wish me off this saddle man”

      “no” he said first, “i have only one wish left – just guess we could wish us all the gold in the world for it”

      but finally he had to release her from this quite uncomfortable situation and lost his last wish as well that his horse was dead now.

      thus he gained nothing just like “the traveller” told him “i don’t think it will do you good”


      thus it’s to sad mostly only “cinderella” is told, it’s just one fairy tale of many and it’s also often told wrong

      or with the wrong main focus.


      yet another one i like much is the story about the “wolf and the fox”

      the wolf made the fox to his slave, serving his insatiable stomache.

      the fox liked for sure to get rid of this burden and thought about how he could manage this.

      one day they went to a rich farmers stock (basement), but there was only a tiny window they could get in it.

      the fox knew of the unsatiable stomache of the wolf, feeded himself but just as much though he could still slip out the tiny window.

      while the wolf couldn’t stop and eated until he was fat and heavy, he couldn’t get out the window anymore and was locked in it.

      he started to whine and lament that the fox has cheated on him which finally woke the farmer up and he killed the wolf.


      when reading this fine collection of fairy tales, most will have such a moral, to get honored with gold or to be king or queen afterwards is only secondary,

      this is only needed to tell they done the right thing.


      “cinderella” is told in variations in the collection and personally i like “allerlei rauh” (all kinds of fur) best.

      it’s not as “glossy” as cinderella and also she had to win and test the young prince first, unlike in cinderella she’s herself a princess already


      erm wait before i make a mistake, this wiki article tells the story quite good


    • #88358

      Everybody’s braggin’, and drinkin’ that wine,

      I can tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines,

      Come to daddy, on Inside Straight,

      Well I got no chance of losin’… this time!

    • #88359

      Inside Straight, mmmm now where have I herd that before? :girlwitch:

    • #88360

      oh, erm – wow and again phew it will take me a week to read it.

      we have a poet amongst us, i’m amazed!


      i usually understand the lyrics of this tune more transcendental…


      (right phillip, “don’t be that mystical all the time gernot”)




      it’s a fine tune, i guess the one i like most and the rehearsal on PERRO with the cello in background i like best, should be more in foreground imho,

      or even not you have to listen close to hear the cello at all since it’s in perfect tune with the guitar.

      when i heard the rehearsal for the first time i was remembered of my cousin, he first learned to play cello,

      just for fun he once played a couple of beatles songs on the cello, apart from humming along with it i was fascinated of the sound of this instrument.

      it fills the room without to be really loud, it goes into your bones, the vibrations tickle you.

      if i remember that right it was quite hard to play for him, often he cursed on his cello.

      but of course it was the cornerstone for his life, later he picked up a guitar but also started to learn

      the art and craft of building wooden instruments, violas, what else.

      it changed and he decided to play the drums for a while (which suits well for a thomas i guess).

      finally he returned to the guitar and plays since a while rythm guitar in a swiss rock band.

      he’s not a extrovertive character and if you would see “zurich west” (*which is ment in fact as Bern) he keeps himself always a little (to much) in the back.


      the cello has healing and restoring powers, there is a reason why a swiss doctor plays cello

      he’s known as “Beatocello”…


      read yourself who he is,




      *there exists in fact a quarter which is named “zurich west”, i lived there for a while, it’s the quarter around the large sports stadium,

      of which i’m not little proud of that i was one of a couple of hundrets who builded it.

      the reason for the bernese band to call themself “zurich west” was that… hmm

      zurich is the monetairy capital or “secret capital” of switzerland,

      further of course it’s to expect that Bern once might become “zurich west”

      or it is already only “zurich west” (?)

      more, “zurich west” is in fact the quarter where the industrial workers lived

      and it still has this character.


      recently they are about to change this character, unfortunately i have to say, yeah seen from the pov of a “SimCity” mayor one would have to tear all down,

      it’s overaged and the value is on bottom, but dammit we don’t live in “SimCity” 😉

      besides in reality the problem isn’t solved in this way, lower class will still exist,

      in fact lower class is needed most to keep it alive, brokers might not recognize this but money doesn’t grows on on trees.

      and all the ants which work in a city are needed (much more as them are) and they also need a place to live.

      they have a right to live in the city they keep alive and i grant you, you will kill a city in this way.

      it’s a complex organmism and also we need the unattented parts of our body

      those parts when looked at through a microscope one guess they look dirty and ugly.

      “ew what? those dirty animals live on/in my body?”


      crime isn’t simply solved with a bulldozer.

      it’s in fact highest in those quarters where no one lives anymore.

      it’s not highest in quiet zurich west neither in the medieval part even if it’s perfect to hide, it’s highest around “limmatplatz” where only the big banks reside

      and at night it’s dead and empty.

      that’s the safest place to do your illegal business, no one will watch you and you will see the cops heading from far.


      Zurich might be the right place to listen to progressive techno, i like the club “zukunft” very much.

      Bern is the home of many rock and roll bands

      it suits, it reflects well the different temper, in Bern life is a little slower,

      while Zurich is vibrant, dirty, money flows in masses and the ppl are under steady pressure.

      you can’t think of zurich without to think of banks and the sex business.


      i like the little big city zurich, but i guess today not many look at it like i or “zarly carigiet” did.

      zurichs sky was for sure for a while my home and for sure the “bellevue” was my bed.

      it’s sometimes still when i return early in the morning from spending a night at “zukunft”

      then i sit on the lakeside and watch the sleeping city awakening (if im not hindered by the police- grrr!).

      for about a hour zurich belongs to the broken ppl and the birds, a very special hour.

      it won’t last long and ends with the orange ants cleaning up the mess, by and by it changes and life returns,

      workers drop in and soon later the first tourists flood the medieval part of zurich,

      the cycle starts again and only money rules until next morning 4 to 5 am.

      to some it’s not to imagine you are not in zurich to make money or to look for cheap sex, that’s weird.

      in what sort of small world they live, sometimes it makes me sad guessing that this is all some can think of, rich or poor.

      they will never see the city like i do.


      it’s very sad overall, right yesterday a friend told me of a suicide of a boy from the town i live now.

      i liked him, i know and like his father as well and this really makes me sad.

      and typically it was unsuspected, even to me, dammit, he always weared a smile…

      now he’s dead and it seems even caused by being classified (and this doesn’t makes me sad, it makes me mad and running wild).

      because he only attempted to suicide, he stabbed himself down, a horrible imagination.

      he was taken to the hospital and there they made the mistake to leave him alone, as result he jumped out of the window.

      thus one could say he was murdered, murdered by a two class system.

      murdered because he didn’t belonged to the upper class.


      this shoudn’t exist in switzerland, it doesn’t belongs to my switzerland.


      if i would tell this to my mother, the nurse, she will only shook her head, “impossible to leave a person in such a situatiion alone” (no matter if it’s your foe).

      what sort of nurses…

      ah, they aren’t nurses anymore.

      and even i would have stayed awake if no one else would have done it, friend or foe, but in such a situation you don’t leave a person alone.

      but today a nurses day ends at 5 pm, that’s the problem.


      she (my mother) sometimes says to me “i don’t understand why we had to scrub the floor on our knees”

      not to long ago i answered her “because of that mother”

      to serve without to ask whatfor you do it.

      a character like her might haven’t needed this drill, but not everybody feels born to serve.

      apart from that i guess maybe some work at the wrong place, sorry.

      better go and work with steel, steel is patient, you can’t handle it wrong.

      a piece of steel won’t argue if driven with a hammer.

      but well it’s not comfortable to work with it neither you earn a lot of money with it (not anymore).

      i could work 24h a day and wouldn’t earn what a nurse earns today, maybe that’s a problem as well.

      you shouldn’t do this because of a salary.

      a nurses day shouldn’t end at 5 pm, sorry but that’s a fact.

      besides, that’s how i learned it 30 years ago, them are humans made of flesh and blood, no piece of steel.

      they need you and you don’t leave them alone with their fears.

      i didn’t did this because of a salary (it was shitty), the days was long and work was hard, a little to hard for me to be honest,

      working on the construction site was a sneeze compared to that, my day ended at 5pm and that’s in fact the reason why i changed my job.

      i knew 5pm i can leave, saturday sunday i have my weekend, for sure.

      but it wasn’t this way in geriatrics, many weekend i offered, i had to.


      when you are young and not 100% convinced that to serve will be your life, better leave it, it won’t be the right job for you.

      though here we are “that’s why you had to scrub the floor on your knees mom, to seperate the chaff from the grain”.


      sounds antiquated, i know, but we can see the results.


      such a suicide of a single unguilty person moved my godmother hildegard to change something in the city she lived, i single suicide.

      “not acceptable”



      (that suits, that’s how i remeber her (the one on the very right side) , wow, that’s a long long time ago, facing her and playing the guitar is hannes wader,

      see potsmoke66, the spaceship engineer is in fact out of a family of folk freaks, ahthros and other weirdos, let’s say i’m a little off course, sorta black sheep of the family,

      nah, certainly not, “heartstopper” she used to call me. but it’s sometimes also hard always to be measured (or measure yourself) at such famous ppl)


      i guess we could use a little more “hildegard spirit”….

      or better get a hairdresser (or plumber)


      let’s see if i find i nice clip of of “zurich west”


      ok, you won’t see the band here only the singer, but i like the clip and it fits thematically well to what i wrote above,




      a short translation:

      “someday luck will find a way back to you,

      somewhere on some kitchen table.

      someday it will smell again like home.

      someone will step on something,

      some door will open, maybe just a tiny bit.

      somehow it just goes on.



      righty right, as usual i left the trail, have phun




      oh erm well i stumbled over this here,


    • #88361

      the cello has healing and restoring powers



      Sounds like a cue for…




      Oh yeah… if you’re thinking of reading Inside Straight, you’d best read Coyote first.


      When you’re dealin’ cards with Death

      The Joker’s wild, the Ace is high!

    • #88362

      bookmarked that,


      i have a lot of spare time to read,

      recently i’m reading, or started to read, “winter of the world” by ken follet, such books my mom hands to me, she reads a lot.

      recently she’s reading a book about the dead (the title i forgot) it’s set in medieval when dead had more work to do as he could handle.

      well ok, recently dead has again a lot of work to do i guess, i wonder, if it would be me i would strike, this goes to far.

      when ppl die caused by a plague that’s something mankind was and is still not responsible (except for the blindness to tell that it’s a punishment by god) likewise for any catastrophe,

      but if ppl die in a war we are responsible, if it’s caused by religious extremism we are responsible even double.




      i shouldn’t forget to write down her biography, also my new therapist found that a good idea – “we might haven’t lived in times of WW2, but at least we have the story from first hand”.


      ah yes, that reminds me of the progress in “seder masochism”, i guess i showed already a clip or two of ninas progress in her new project,

      one has to see this in context with “this land is my land” and “death of the first born egyptians” just to make sure that the message isn’t pro-religion.

      she’s working now on (or worked out) the nine plagues, let’s have a look at them,

      (crazy, you open her blog a week later and something new is finished, it makes me feel very small, she’s a workaholic)



      let’s see if vimeo works as well,



      ahh, fine, that’s good, it works


      now to the plagues,

      the egyptians are kept in the egypt tradition of that important persons or gods are usually bigger drawed as the rest,

      very nice i like that, the book i own about egypt architecture and plastics is one of my favorites and influenced me much.

      though you will have to forgive me but with this stuff nina hitted the right spot at me.




      the frogs are cool, she presented the idea a month or two ago,

      one was like it’s to see with disorderly arranged frogs,

      another one with the frogs orderly looking to me like marching frogs,

      i commented that the marching ones look to me far more dangerous and i’m happy to see them marching at the very end of the clip.




      now it gets funny, “the lice”




      and again “insects everywhere”

      the songs she selects are brillant




      a rather short but endless scene




      a extreme short one for beatles fans 😉




      for seven and eight we will have to wait a little

      thus here the final 9th plague

      (nine, hmm, that’s babylonian, not levantine, it’s not a prime number as usual, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13…

      but three times three has a meaning as well)




      i hope you iliked it, i like her animations much and wait impatiently for the finished movie.


      sorry for the unparsed clips, but i know after a certain amount they won’t get parsed anymore, i would have to write a second post which isn’t the idea.

      i hope you watch them nonetheless.


      once i told her that i script models, i guess two weeks later she made a scripted animation together with her friend,

      it was also based on a second project of her, to learn to quilt, both she blended and the result was a scripted animation based on stiches.

      (thema was the goats you see in the first clip i posted)


      that’s how she progresses…

      it’s a GIF anim made of 12 frames





      who is nina after all?

      that’s nina as well 😉


      Casey1-464x640.jpg  Casey2-499x640.jpg


      Casey3-479x640.jpg  Casey4-455x640.jpg


      Casey5-463x640.jpg  Casey6-473x640.jpg


      Casey7-455x640.jpg  Casey8-452x640.jpg


      it would be possible to download the comic in full resolution here,


    • #88363

      something i forgot,

      thanks marcel,

      no, i can’t remember “the avalanches – frontier psychatrist”

      it was great fun to watch

      and i’m asking myself now should i play this clip once in our therapy group?


      dunno if that would turn out well.

      to be honest i feel a little displaced there,

      i mean, i feel i leak of nothing except that i’m lazy as lazy can be.

      the rest of our group has (seems to have) really heavy problems.

      but if it has no else use at all, maybe i can help them to get over depression and self destructive feelings, in my very own way.

      but well, my former therapist would have said there must be a reason for your lazyness.

      personally i guess not really lazy, it’s just i always need someone, if i have no one but myself to care about i do nothing.

      i always need this kick in the ass.

      and i’m not sure if it really will help me to get over this.

      on the other hand, honestly, sometimes i ask myself “how far are the problems of my fellows only a play?”

      i mean as long as you say “i don’t feel well” you can stay in therapy and you don’t have to work etc.

      on the other hand yes how far is my “i feel well” only a play?

      but does that really matter?

      you do feel well if you pretend to and vice versa as well (up to a certain limit? i’m not sure, i never was, usually i would say it’s self fulfilling).

      but overall it’s not a bad thing, i like the many creative things we do and if that helps me to recognize myself better then it’s worth the try.

      if i get just a little more convinced of myself, then it reached the goal i have.


      though, how useful is such a therapy at all?

      i mean facing the fact that each knows that therapy ends if he would say “i feel well”,

      isn’t the danger high you lie then to yourself?

      because we are all lazy, i mean all mankind.

      how far would one go to keep this up?

      even up to selfdestructive acting?

      why not?

      i can imagine that well.

      also you get rid of responsability for your acting in this way, of which i’m not sure if that is good (it’s not).


      well i know i’m a rude guy and i remember well that i told a former friend that her depression doesn’t exists for me.

      on which she reacted a bit wild and tried to explain me that this is a problem she is born with…




      i still don’t believe that.


      i still believe it’s pretending.


      but maybe i took to much artificial and natural




      and similar things.


      thus in fact i’m the one who is really out of mind.



      a final word to “seder masochism”

      i guess it will turn out far better as “sita sings the blues”

      it will be a work of her own, with a story she investigated from her own pov.

      it’s about her own tribe and what she thinks the mistake was and is behind monotheism.

      about a god who is, if looked at close, mercyless and a egomaniac.

      and that this caused far more suffering as it has gave birth to good things.


      somone i also follow is this dude, he’s a quite good artist and you can’t see this by his simple animations, but watch this one,

      he breaks for once the tabu not to depict mohammed and it’s a hammer picture,

      Bin Laden cutting the throat of Mohammed, it’s his answer to the question if he fears revenge because usually he censores Mohammed in his animations.

      no he don’t fears that, it’s part of the satire as well to censor him.





      jeffrey always have such “good ideas”



      after all i shouldn’t forget, it’s all about music (it’s a remake, i know, but the clip is far better as the original one),






      personally i have a clip in mind for this tune, a comrade inspired me to that,

      he said “everyones a winner – isn’t it fact that even one with down syndrom is a winner? even the sperm who was responsible for his life was a winner, though he’s a winner as well”

      “right” i said.

      “everyones a winner!”

    • #88364

      I love Seder Masochism. I’ve got to bookmark her stuff. That’s as far as I got in you post thus far. If you play Frontier Psychiatrist to your group, they may decide that you’re too crazy to be there. 😉

      As for your troubles, you may be the only person in your group who actually has a clue about where you are in the universe and how unimportant we all actually are. You are a collection of molecules that has momentarily gathered together to become you. That in itself is a miracle! This whole thing may be pointless except for the fact that we are here to perceive it.

      Perhaps you should play these songs to your group instead.




      edit: I just realized that Frontier Psychiatrist is FRONTIER Psychiatrist.

      “Commander Jameson, Lie down on the couch.”

    • #88365

      Here is one a certain Moderator (and others) may like :girlwink:



      Lets have some music in here, Boiler


    • #88366

      i think…

      now i think,

      we are the craziest bunch here on SSC :crazy:


      sounds like monty pythons meaning of life  “…You are a collection of molecules that has momentarily gathered together to become you…”


      interesting, i will have to watch this




      I just realized that Frontier Psychiatrist is FRONTIER Psychiatrist.

      “Commander Jameson, Lie down on the couch.”


      how small this globe is.


      i wasn’t sure, my first imagination was this, then i thought “this can’t be” (frontier isn’t that important or not everything is about frontier), thus i looked at it more like

      “at frontier of perception”

      now you come along and…

      say “cmdr Jameson, lie down on the couch”


      well cmdr. jameson sat on the couch and it’s hard to stop him babbling.


      (now i’m asking myself if i really shouldn’t restart from point 0, a lot has been left unattended and still i think we lost something,

      got stucked in details which doesn’t reflect the essence.

      while i was rebuilding my machines content, because i lost near to all, by downloading even some of my own files,

      i stumbled over certain things i made of which i thought “you must have been out of your mind, all this you made only because of frontier”

      and i don’t mean my models by this, more all the collected data and such things.

      further i do started to play Frontier again, Pioneer i can’t run in the recent state it is on my 15year old machine with a 64MB gfx card,

      original Pioneer, without all the postprocessing will work though)


      and isn’t such as cool as “the top most modern game”?


      32KB! (i guess, maybe only 24 or 16)

      packed with a lot of fantasy and humor.

      already only to watch it lets me smile.

      “left turn only” – i said: “left turn only!”, to sad all copies of it are already sold (sniff)

      Joe is a cool dude and i wish i could work in any project with someone like him.


      it’s something quite different, but nonetheless i would say that’s the difference.

      this stuff has a heartbeat even if it’s a “simple” game on a simple old machine (but what stands on the right of my desk worthes ten times more as the one i lost a few weeks ago).


      i hope i can manage to buy me a copy of “Defender of the Crown” (while this is a release from a different dev.) for the Intellivision, it’s super cool that i own the original hardware again.


      and i made me already some friends there,

      i hacked a few sports games, i.e. Soccer down from 2×45 min. to 2x15min,

      the expectations of some are high and they like to see, “different colors” “speed up time” and whatever (most exceeds my capabilities)


      Elite for the Intellivsion?

      i have no idea if such would work,

      Elite on 32KB? it would be something different.

      but in priciples if you don’t care to much about graphics, it should be possible.

      games like “King of the Mountain” show that a complex market is possible, you need to buy the proper reserves for your trip in the mountains

      this differes not much from the market in Frontier, you buy and sell goods, pick up reserves for the flight, that’s not much different.

      with very little machine code it’s possible to draw a spinning globe, the physics will need very little code (to land you might have to forgo, but i don’t know, maybe with a cut-scene like in “space shuttle”).

      to generate systems is not far from generating mazes.

      missions would be the most expensive thing i guess, but Frontier doesn’t have much really different missions.

      also here one must think about to generate them instead to have hard coded missions.


      but before i think about such i let myself bushy “asimov style” sideburns grow, this i promised myself 🙂

      it will look hammer cool


      at least that was already a good brainstorming, i wonder what joe thinks if such would be possible, by restriction of the many models, i feel three or four different ships will work already

      and they don’t have to be real 3D, while if you look at a old game like (pause – i can’t run MESS and firefox at once, resp. i have to reset my machine first)

      ok – here we go 😉

      “Blockade Runner” shows that a acceptable view from within a ship is possible,




      when playing and controlling your ship you actually see the thruster flames!


      i also like the original box cover very much, it has some “Flash Gordon” style (don’t ask me why this guy has to be naked, it’s just sexy, for once the guy and not the girl

      and maybe the reason is “Interphase” was a canadian brand)


      [attachment=3032:Blockade Runner (1983) (Interphase).jpg]


      besides “Blockade Runner” is a cool game and really not easy (this i will have to get me on a cartridge, like by and by any of the space games which was released for the Intellivision, good ones and bad ones, to sad i managed to lose my old cartridges, “Star Strike” i would have had three times.

      the only game from the “Arcade line” Vectron, i miss much, it was my favorite game and it’s only to play good with the rotten Disc

      but there are a lot of collectors on “Atari Age” and they are all very kind, i received already a game for free 🙂

      “Demon Attack”, my very first “Imagic” game incl. overlays (reprints) and booklet (original) from one.

      shipping costs $10! worth of content $1 (grin), but to me it worthes a $100, i never could buy such a game here, it would have been possible to buy most Mattel games but not games from third parties.

      the only one* who sold such here was a black market importer i had a adress of back then, but also he closed business around ’83/’84.

      “Donkey Kong”, “Venture” and “Tutankham” (while “DK” was a shitty loveless made release (but it seems as good as what coleco released for colecovision and somehwat better as the version for the Atari2600), Venture is almost like the Arcade game and Parker releases (Tutankham) i guess was overall good) i ordered back then from there for a third part of the official price, still i’m sure he made a good business, i know in HK such a cartridge was to get for $5 and Intellivision Cartridges don’t differ for the various TV systems like Nintendo or SEGA later.

      *Interdiscount a swiss electronics discounter sold some Intellivision games for a while, but Interdiscount has a strange strategy, they buy maybe a couple of something and you can be happy to grab some, it’s not reliable. He really is imo also responsible for the downfall of the CD32 here, he sold the console far under the official price, due to a reverse import from GB, but never sold a single game for it, how stupid, you sell a console but sell no games, that won’t workout well.


      CD32, the few released games was good, i digged them out to see which of them will run emulated in which way and do recognized “they was really good!”

      a short listing of what i own besides of the bundles,

      Diggers (i always liked it, even if it has some leaks, like that there is no real use for the railroad tracks or the lift, it’s a concept i could imagine well for a re-reölease as two player game,

      personally i like it much better as the hailed Lemmings, the pressure isn’t that high) / Oscar (so so la la), Dangerous Streets (i never liked this genre) / Wing Commander (a release of a old classic, nothing typical CD32)

      top on the list is “Microcosm” it was outraking for this time and i’m sure you will get today the same adrenaline kick out of it as back then.

      “Alfred Chicken” isn’t to underestimate and the CD32 release is by far the best one.

      a personal favorite “Global Effect” i still like this not to solve/win game, you can only lose better, very educating stuff.

      “Humans” was certainly good, but it doesn’t differs from releases on other platforms.

      “Zool 2”, that’s sad, i have enourmous problems to run this emulated (except for the hacked version which is downloadable but it leaks of the CD music), a really good junp&run game

      “Wendetta 2175” that’s a game for Gernötli, it runs also well on a standard A1200/A4000, no special CD loader or other shit, slight problems with the emulation though (somethings weird with the players setup and i can’t start it in single player mode). on this game would a “parental advisatory” belong, it’s not completely “jugendfrei” what you see when you won the game (a slideshow of naked women, but hmm… someone has to win the game first to see that, italians what shall i say, but far more symphatic to me as “baby sex”, they are grown up women, which certainly would give certain guys problems).

      “Super Skidmarks”, i liked it, a cool CD with some extra rock music by a australian “no name” band on it (you had to put the CD in a common player to hear them, freaky. that’s the real way to handle it if a game doesn’t fills a whole CD, give some extra easter egg gimmick to the customer)


      what the heck is this (enlarge to read the CD title)?


      (i rembered it as Skidmarks, but it’s in fact the CD title of “Humans”, Humans works pretty well emulated incl. the cool soundtrack. Humans do rock!

      somewhat surprising and i see now i have to investigate more, it’s as well common CD audio tracks, but for most games the emulator refuses to play them back, image or real CD (why?), the image of Humans works flawless as i recognize now.

      i.e. for “Alfred Chicken” which else runs fine on a standard A1200/A4000 and emulated as well)


      Finally i made the “mistake” back then to buy me “Mean Arenas”, not that the game is bad, but it would fit on a standard HD floppy!

      and for such i payed the full price of a CD-ROM, not quite fair i would say, it’s a common rather mediacre A1200 game.


      yeah ok you can argue now that “Frontier CD32” is pretty the same, ok, for Frontier i’m willing to close both eyes (and a third one to).

      at least you had this special “New ZZ1 Navigation Aid” ;), c’mon it’s Frontier!

      but to be honest, the music in CDDA format played by some orchestra wouldn’t have been expected to much, hm?

      else it’s a good even though a bit sloppy re-release, what i like is the extra glitch which is possible with the nonvolatile RAM.

      you can finish incomplete late arrived missions due to that, thus contracts to “Alpha Centauri” are easy possible to complete.

      just save to “internal memory” after you jumped into the system, arrive late and reload from nonvolatile RAM, mission complete, fine.



      i’m proud to see the “ladybug – ladybird”, it lets me smile.



      yep, you, marcel, this “certain undisclosed” moderator and me will for sure like that song.



      let’s see how shiny the old machine could be (i hope i’m soon ready to show it running from a real A500, needs only a few actions with the soldering iron to get it displayed on the shitty TV i own

      yet another pause needed, i guess it will be problematic nonetheless with my shitty gfx card, the sound leaks enormously as i recognized.


      ha, ha, ha – this will take me some time to get it working, wow, a 15 year old machine for the gfx card, the motherboard is “only” about 10 years old, but damned how did i worked with such?




      a great experience!


      real retro feeling 🙂

    • #88367

      i’m really laughiing my ass off, it’s so rediculous to work with this machine, it works and for many games it’s still good enough, but to make video captures it’s totally unsuitable.

      but i don’t take that to serious.

      1st i’m happy to have a working computer at all

      2nd i have some spare money like i said and a new motherboard will be what i will gift to myself soon.


      on the other hand, it works and this machine works maybe slow especially the old radeon 9000, but the computer itself works reliable, i’m not in a hurry to buy me a new one.

      i have a floppy drive, who of you has still a floppy build in his machine?

      2.0 GHz (of a maximum of 2.4, it doesn’t runs on full speed, pops, he never liked to stress his CPU, usually set the rate a little lower therefore you can set voltage a little higher, it gets more reliable and lives longer, a good technician always leaves some % of reserve) and 2GB RAM aren’t the most best thing you can get, but it isn’t as bad, at least it would be sad to trash this fine motherboard.

      it’s really something different compared to the MEDION which ran out of smoke.

      40 – 45°C are really healthy for a CPU, others might run on above 50°C (close to 60°C for the medion which… yeah which ran out of smoke, no wonder if only looked a t this).

      and it’s true the 0.4GHz difference you won’t feel for real, but like a beetle it runs and runs and runs… and 10 years ago this was quite good enough, it leaks like i said fremost of a good gfx card,

      the one i owned with this machine quitted service once and the new one like i said refuses to work as soon as i install the drivers for it.

      the only ones i have in stock are a radeon 9000 and 8000, also a even somewhat older cheap Geforce with 32MB ram and a even older ATI rage, which is so tiny that i ask myself if it’s a gfx card at all,

      it doesn’t even has a cooling device, if i look at my liquid cooled geforce, that’s only one big beefy cooling device, ceratainly it’s damned sad it didnt’ works, mostly i guess because of the XP drivers,

      else it would be to think about to buy nothing really new.

      if you open this tower (and it is a tower, not only midi) it’s filled to the rim with nice reliable parts and a tohouwabohou of cables (mostly because of the power supply, for HD’s CD’s floppies, more then one, theoretically i could power 4 floppies, 4 HD’s and 2 CDROM, power for card readers as well, yep everything is doubled probably this and that else drive or device), it usually takes me only half a hour to see through this.

      but everything looks so solid state, that’s what i like at it.

      still i hold two different old motherboards and a second chassis, once i had the idea to build me a multimediaplayer from one, but i never started this project.


      ahh, i know some say old computers are only good for the trash, but i find it hard to throw something like that away if it’s not broken.

      and fortunately i haven’t, else i would have no computer now and a old computer is still slightly better as no computer.


      now i have to wait 2hrs until the clip is uploaded, still this needs the most time.


      didn’t took as long as expected, resp. it has gettin’ quite late (and i should sleep already)


      after watching this clip perhaps someone likes to have such a pimped Amiga game to run on a emulator, just tell it.

      i would have a pimped

      SimCity Deluxe

      (besides of a complete collection of SimCity Classic for DOS AND Windows, yes SC classic for windows (the finished installed version will even run on a Win7), plus a rather rare (but downloadable) SimCity CDROM enhanced version (works with DOSBox), it’s a really cool SC classic with some cheesy vids, a must see imo.

      catastrophes or other events are accompained by clips, such as if a flooding occures you will see a news reporter in a raincoat while someone is splashing buckets of water on her, very funny. or a completely desperate technician if you have a brownout, shouting at you “build a new power plant!”. first road you build a dude with italian accent will tell you what roads are good for. also you get rewarded with clips if you reach certain marks like first 10’000 citizens or such. vids and music is installed to hd though no CD image is needed to run it.

      since MAXIS is dead now (and the old maxis is dead since long) this nostalgia is worth to have a look at to see what the difference was.


      Frontier of course, i still hold a hacked DOS version with a unleashed Lynx, you can buy it if you have the right money.


      Lords of The Realm, both DOS and AMIGA versions, either england or german map, the german map is playable in french as well. you will receive some personal strategy hints from me as well to get more thrill out of the game.


      Colonial Conquest II (final version), only for the AMIGA, this is a favorite round based strategy of mine, one of the best PD games imo. you receive maps which i created myself, some i made with a hex editor long time ago, some i made later with the contained editor.


      Ports of Call, both DOS & AMIGA which isn’t really abandonware but you don’t have to tell it to nobody 😉 and i don’t mind, they must be crazy to hold this old game back,

      you can buy a complete new version from the developers which makes much more sense as to pay just a single $ for the old one.

      two players can have a lot of fun with this game.


      most will come with either own scanned PDF manuals or i downloaded the stuff (my scanner works with my old machine).


      Space1889, i really like this classic steam punk role playing game, DOS and AMIGA version with fixes, AMIGA as you see with a cool “launch bench” and self made maps for Mars and Venus (Mercury i lost over the years), if you like you can have the hacked kickstart ROM as well, UAE will argue but run with it, purpose is only to show “HAL1889” instead of “AMIGA OS”, i found a tool to fix the checksum of a altered kickstart, i will have to try this once.


      that’s until now more or less all which runs for the AMIGA versions from a own little customized workbench.


      inclusive for sure the “Workbench Lander”, if you a re really bored this is a possible alternative to a real game.


      if i find all the needed ROM images needed to run a AMIGA in MESS i will keep you informed, it could be interesting,

      MESS is a very exact emulator.

      what i get out of it for the Intellivision is with a few exclusions better as what i get out of JZINTV (joe’s intellivision emulator, joe the joe from “left turn only” also developer of the CP-1600 SDK and frank who is senior developer of MESS, i didn’t knew that until now, worked together on MESS until joe concentrated on his CP-1600 SDK, without this no new game for the Intellivision would have seen the daylight).


      “closeup” of a Intellivision 😉



      some classics,

      the CP-1610 16bit processor and

      the AY-3-8914 sound chip which is responsible for the typical 3 channel sound of the intellivision

      all those “swoosh” and “chrrr” and “brrr” and also the “yer out” (originally used for major league baseball, yes i know it sounds more like a frogs “croak”) which is to hear in “Astrosmash’s” music


      they never synthesized voice again with it, because of not to compete with the Intellivoice module.

      it can’t compete, i neither knew this, the voices was prerecorded and some quite famous comedians gave their voice to certain games.

      i.e. for “Bee seventeeen bombrrr”


      this is the next thing i have to get me, i saw one from france on E-bay who sold the module plus the three games for €70, which is easy worth the module and the games.


      i really would like to play the original hardware over a server, that would be a clue, but there is a major problem, european and US consoles don’t work at the same speed because of the different power grid frequency.

      thus one would have first to alter the european hardware to have a synced speed, if that works at all, i see large problems if the speed depends on the grid, because this is never accurate.

      a rather cheap solution my daddy would have said, a quartz would have been far better as to multiply the grid frequency.

      and i wonder now why they decided back then for this cheap solution, it wouldn’t have been much more expensive in the end i guess.

      yeah of course it wasn’t needed, but hmm… exactly that’s the difference, needed or not i guess daddy would have prefered the quartz nonetheless,

      that has never mattered to him, the optimum has mattered.


      besides that’s why you never get real seconds for the Intellivision, you can only get more or less close to real seconds.


      thus in fact if i play a “Astrosmash” (any game) at maximum speed it’s only 0.8333…. of the US speed.

      which is a large difference for a game like Astrosmash in the end.


      for skiing this is also a lot, at maximum hardness (slope) i still can play well skiing on my console, if i play it emulated which reflects the US speed

      it’s a tiny bit to fast to react on the obstacles.

    • #88368

      back to topic,




      ung bitte gsäng das nüd so äng,

      will mi-i-ir si vo bärn drum hei mir der rock änd roll so gärn.




      finally R.I.P. MAXIS



      i guess that was the last clip i uploaded to YT, the sound isn’t out of sync on the original clip.

      i will see how it ends up on vimeo, which i find anyway at all more symphatic as YT.

    • #88369

      Anybody else like Laurie Anderson? I’m in love with her myself. I’ve seen her live a few times. Everything of hers on YouTube seems to be part of a playlist. I’m sorry but you might enjoy the rest of the playlists too.  Here’s a couple of my favorites. It doesn’t get much spacier than the first one.


      Here’s a live performance I found while searching for the above songs.


    • #88370

      you gained i like from me for this marcel, even if the music doesn’t reflects my recent mood clean i’m under high voltage mostly.

      i did’t know laurie anderson to well


      yes – i guess i like all three… especially the live performed one convinces me, also i like the second one well, it reminds me somewhat of “the Nits” (before they had a hit with “dutch mountains”)

      it’s foremost the minimalistic sound.


      (besides the clip turned out well on vimeo, but it seems they have heavy restrictions to what one is allowed to upload, i didn’t think that a sort of game review will be a problem,

      but if you would take the restrictions litarally then it’s not what they like to see on vimeo)


      did i said “cheesy vids”? (in SimCity enhanced)

      i was wrong at least for matters of pollution, these three clips surprised me,

      what has happened to “us” that we in 21th century doesn’t mind anymore so much about that that,

      do “we” think the problem has solved itself with the change of the millenium or what?

      (yes i’m aware that such “advertises” are stiil produced, but i feel ppl spend no more attention to it, also in which game do we ever saw such?

      i already always liked the “recycle or die” i FFE, of course you don’t have to guess to far on a hostile planet/moon there is no getting around recycling,

      we will see this if MarsOne ever will become reality.

      how much does it needs that we can understand our own mother earth in the same way?

      that resources are limited and future pollution is a problem of today?)


      however the clips are good and reflect a different time – no we haven’t solved the problem – no we don’t need a expert to solve this problem 🙂

      we need each of us to solve THIS problem.




      some yellowish clouds, dirty water and a couple of scared animals (SC4) aren’t as impressive to me as this is.

      i guess because “it’s only a game”, actors, real humans leave a different (bad) taste in my mouth.

      funny is this happens each time you click on the pollution map (i assume even if you haven’t builded anything yet).



      yeah, why not a clip or two of the Nits if i find something which i like much of them,


      cool i found a couple of old Nits songs,






      in my opinion they never reached this short pointed sound again, it has getting (far) to soft, to much mainstream and honey-sweet afterwards, to less progressive.

      when i bought “tent” & “new flat” beginning of the nineties i didn’t liked the music to much (it was a special offer that’s why i bought them at all, both records was already “old” then),

      but after listening more often to it i started to really like it.


      sure they had far more commercial succes with the later sound, but it sounds to me a little boring (while yes i know one would say this almost monotone sound is boring,

      that’s what even i felt until i recognized that it’s really good)


      after listening to the live performance i have to say “it’s a studio band”, i mean they play live well, but the studio records sound better tempered.

      tracks like “zebra” (which is build simply on the “tick tock” of netherlands light signals to guide blind ppl crossing the street, we haven’t such in switzerland, but it’s clever, if you hear the “tick tock” you know you can walk) i didn’t found, but to me it’s one of the best, i like them best when it’s really minimalistic but you can still hear that it’s composed well.

      zebra is like i said build on that sound and the whole track reflects this “tick tock” – “black white” – “stop, walk”.

      i guess i will upload it, i miss this one on YT.

    • #88371


      i think…

      now i think,

      we are the craziest bunch here on SSC :crazy:

      I present this evidence to support your assertion.


      edit: Here’s another piece of evidence. I can no longer hear this song without thinking of this skit. These people ruined this song for me for the rest of my life, so now I will do that for you.


      Carol Burnett is a childhood favourite of mine. I don’t know how many of you folks around the planet and of different ages are familiar with her TV show. Here’s another skit. It’s probably off-topic because it’s not music. Well there’s a bit of background music.


    • #88372

      will watch this later… i’m in a hurry… got to catch the train…


      meanwhile “signs of (crazy)”



      B. Storm’s beautiful American Sign Language interpretation of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” This was one of the best videos on the Internet, and has been censored by WMG – it’s gone from YouTube and it was very hard to find anywhere else. It is a FAIR USE of the song, and its censorship is a tragedy.





    • #88373

      Here’s another bit of Laurie Anderson. I have the album on cassette tape. Yeah, I’ve been a fan for quite a while. The stage production is much more elaborate than I imagined, and there are songs that didn’t make it into the album.


    • #88374

      i guess (yes i’m still alive) some will like this



      apart from that the tune is even good to listen to without a clip the clip is made very well.



      what do i was up to?


      i crafted a lot


      ah yes – it’s proof now i’m not lunatic 🙂

    • #88375

      i know this will sound a bit thin after the last tune, nonetheless i like the song much.


      let’s keep it in german (sorry)

      and let’s keep the age



      yet another one i like much but less aged


    • #88376

      Gernot. Thank you for do not forget friends :preved:  :drinks:

    • #88377

      Yeah! Welcome back! We missed you.

    • #88378

      no i won’t forget any friend, vice versa it is, i made a couple of new friends.

      sorta friends in flesh and blood which i missed much in the past.


      (sorry if i don’t visit often i hope i find more time in the near future)


      one of the dudes in the therapy group has become a close friend to me and we spend a lot of time together.

      most of them (especially some women) like me much and it’s a damned good thing to paint and craft.

      as i expected i even start to take influence on some therapists, our painting therapist starts to like how i draw flames/drops (cool!) and we talk a lot about the sense of colors.

      recently i make linoleum printings and they turned out very well, it’s a whole lot of fun and everybody likes the results.

      the whole thing is a new concept as they told me, members are quite free in this therapy, you won’t be forced to – you can if you like.

      if you feel tired or feel not able you are free to rest, that’s very good for some.

      the main therapy is crafting, do something for yourself and the result will make you feel better.

      mostly if someone is new you will hear this: “i can’t paint” or “i can’t sculpt”.

      but what a error, everybody can.

      the therapist for woodcrafting and sculpting is a very good artist, he thinks big and has a lot of patience.

      if you aren’t in the mood or you have no idea, rest or read a book, get inspired by other artists work which is a quite good idea.


      they select even some works and show them yearly in a exibition, that’s good and will give some the needed self-confidence and respect to go on.


      what impresses me personally much is a old book (~1850) about japanese textile designs, i knew they can do it! why do they forgot it?


      ok, i have a photography of a sculpture on my phone let’s show it off, it’s something abstract it was the idea of the therapist that i should try something like this and to my own surprise it turned out quite good (in advance, not everybody must like it it’s a quite simple looking object.


      [attachment=3211:IMG_20150806_153952.jpg] [attachment=3212:IMG_20150806_154048.jpg]


      a few words about the how, it’s all handcrafted – no machines used (except for the soldering of the wires) even if he suggested to use machines i liked to do as most as possible without. the base of the object intentionally was made only to give the wire a spiral shape but i decided later to join it to the sculpture as a base.

      the wood i used is limewood because it’s easy to work with.

      the precision is not as good as i liked it to, at least the sphere is close to a perfect sphere.

      to make the spiral was a treat, i’m not as good in geometry that i would know how to calculate this (shit!), neither i looked up for some help in the web.

      of course with a lathe it would have become far better, but that would be the work of a machine.


      what it should be i leave up to you, i wonder if someone catches the idea.


      no, it’s no elephants suppository 😉



      to stay to the topic a clip (i hope i didn’t posted it already):


      once again, let’s do the timewarp







      (i just love dancing, did i told this already?)

      more dancing (don’t fear i found many more of clips to share)



    • #88379

      Gernot! Gernot was here! :girlcrazy:

      You have been missed. Thats great your getting into printing and sculpting. I remember you were very good indeed at doing printing so its wonderful your getting back to doing something you enjoyed in the past. Perhaps an Imperial Courier sculpture (Gernot style of course) next? I am only kidding of course. The main thing is it’s great your back. Take care of yourself Gernot, we are always here. :queen:


    • #88380

      For those who might be interested, Lemmy’s funeral will be streamed live tonight and it will run from 3pm PST to 4.30pm PST (11pm GMT to 12.30am GMT). Here is a link. :girlsad:

    • #88381

      Another Legend gone..


      RIP David Bowie

    • #88382

      hi there dear geraldine,

      not quite “back” but still alive – fortunately




      i had a “wallenberg syndrom” ( Lateral medullary syndrome ) last october,

      no fear it’s “harmless” and i’m well.


      that was quite a story,

      i woke up on a sunday morning and lost my balance (i couldn’t walk anymore, if i tried i made a salto) as well the ability to speak proper (lost sensitivity on tongue), left side of head and right side of body was affected,

      still my skin responses sometimes wrong to heat or cold.

      to me it appeared quite funny (which surprises doctors and therapists) and still i have to grin if i remember that.


      yes it’s a sort of stroke (“graze shot” we say in swiss german)


      however, my machine (body) is still functional.

      since that affects only the stern it’s usually only a question of a few weeks until the brain can use a different part to replace the disabled part.


      what harms me more is that i again lost access to web due to lack of funds, thus i can comminicate (again) only from my moms laptop,

      which finally means once per month or something like that.


      to stay to the topic (sorry – time is measured, it’s such measured that i havent’t the time to watch today)

      a clip i watched at winter solstice (or else)




      no need to cry,

      better start to change a few things,

      even (or especially) in our own lifes.

      to talk “tacheles”

      every “dollar” we earn only by business and not by craft is weighted up with the blood of innocent children.

      hard words i know – but it’s a simple fact.


      have phun (nonetheless)




      dunno if there’s life on mars

      but there’s life on earth

      but it looks like we try hard to end that

    • #88383



      I’m sorry that happened to you but I am sure you will recover.


      I send you a big hug. :preved: Thank you my friend for your humanity and your beautiful art.  :hi:


      I would say more, but, you know, the English words are not my strength.  :pioneer:

    • #88384

      then answer in spanish my friend, you know google trasnslate works quite well in spanish to german and vice versa (whysoever)


      thanks for the hug, big hug back my friend.




      (oh shit, it’s headover)



      no need to feel sorry for that, it’s just life – nothing more and nothing less.

    • #88385

      RIP Dale Griffin! Not so well known perhaps, but hey… I was a drummer too!



    • #88386

      Good to see you, Gernot… rock on, amigo!

    • #88387

      Oh man… another one gone! RIP Glenn Frey!



    • #88388

      Gernot! Gernot was here!!! :girlcrazy:

      Great to hear from you and you are making a recovery from your illness. I also send you a hug to add to walterar’s. Take care of yourself Gernot you will always have a home in this little bit of the internet. :queen:


      And yes more music legends have left us. You get used to having these people around but as we all get older, one by one they get fewer and fewer. At least with these guys we still have their amazing music. That will live forever!

      Just like the incredible Jimmy Smith


    • #88389

      Another one gone – RIP Paul Kantner!






      <looks over shoulder for the hooded guy with the scythe>

    • #88390



      <looks over shoulder for the hooded guy with the scythe>


      <fires chaff to distract hooded guy with scythe> I do that all the time in Star Citizen, works a treat! :girlwink:

      And yes RIP Paul Kantner



    • #88391

      Chaff, eh… how is SC shaping-up, amiga? What about ED? I’ve walked away from both game and forum.


      Meanwhile, the hooded guy with the scythe would like to introduce himself.


    • #88392

      ED trundles on. Ive been out exploring, wandering really. The planets are quite beautiful at times.


      As for Star Citizen, well, yes there is progress but still many bugs. It is supposed to be “out” sometime this year. Will it? I can’t say, but they will need to get alot more content into it sooner rather than later if they are to meet that deadline.

      As for the Reaper..


    • #88393

      Cowbell heaven! Always loved the cover art on Agents of Fortune – a fine album!




      Of course, the Reverend Gary Davis got it right!



    • #88394

      Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! :girlcrazy:

      Ok one more from me this evening…


    • #88395

      Alas, no more hot licks – RIP, Dan!



    • #88396

      Damn it, another one gone – RIP Keith Emerson!


    • #88397

      Oh no! Not Emerson too! :girlimpossible: This has been a terrible year for losing great artists.

      For me, this is what I will remember him for..


    • #88398

      I was lucky enough to see The Nice back in ’69 (I think), and I saw ELP at the Royal Festival Hall in 1970 – an awesome concert.

      Keith playing that massive pipe organ at the RFH was incredible, and The Three Fates remains one of my all-time favourites!



    • #88399

      RIP Gareth Thomas


      Thanks for being in one of the best sci-fi shows of all time. :queen:

    • #88400

      Ah yes, a great series for its day! Down and safe!

    • #88401