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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    if i’m not playing pioneer and do not work on phoenix i have another favorite (or two), one of them is “Streets of Simcity” which i like much and to which i added new hand-edited racetracks. the tracks are “simply” SC2000 cities. “simply”, it needs some experience to build or grow cities which are suitable for a race, i prefere growed cities because you won’t place the buildings in the same way a city grows even if that is a sort of “starter town” which grows from a complete zoned citymap. the cities i created last spring are special “race cities” kinda “rollercoaster” strip some cities are build along a long track and have little or no crossings. important is to me that the track goes up and downhill often and includes some tricky passages because the race scenarios are a little “dumb” respectively the AI is dumb. i did my best to edit the output of the scenario creator which is unfortunately limited to a simple race. it would be possible to spawn police or crooks along the road but that’s quite tricky if you don’t know the exact commands for this and the rotten scenario file is a binary which didn’t makes it easier to modify it.
    however, i managed it to spawn crooks or other traffic (not in this scenario) and to release certain events (like the applause you can hear) when you pass a certain tile or area of the map.

    the game runs with the help of dgVoodoo very well on my win10 x64 notebook, that good that i won’t need any other helping application to run that old tard, which is uncommon for a win 95 game. dgVoodoo makes a good job and i expect it won’t have looked this brillant on a win95 even with an Voodoo graphics accelerator card or you would have had to spent quite a lot of money to reach this in 1996/97.

    the music in this clip (that’s why i present it here) is from “Astrosmash” (composer/musician) which is certainly the right music for this “Intellivision” race track. it’s an ode to Intellivision on an ode to MAXIS’ SC2K.


    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

Viewing 451 post (of 451 total)
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