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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    download link???


    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    At the top of the forum page there’s links to both the games homepage, which always has a download link to the latest version, and a link to the download page which has all of the versions available.


    Sorry if it’s wrong place to ask (but I didn’t found anything else). Is there any way to contact Tom Morton? I wrote him an email to his address from his glfrontier website, but it looks like he didn’t receive my message. I also tried some email addresses from readme files, but they’re completely dead (no message delivery). 


    You could try messaging him on this forum as he’s here as Tomm but it says he hasn’t logged in since April.


    Maybe ask on the IRC channel as JohnJ hangs out on there frequently and might be in contact with him.


    Question: what is up with people in 33rd century, or how fast can you fly in Pioneer’s universe? 😆





    04:11:12 4 Aug 3200, Walls Citatel, Syke’s Rock, Canaack C [5, -1, 2]:

    “Nice to meet you. I’m Benoit Boyle and I’m willing to pay $1,109.11 for someone with a ship to help me move my belongings to George Orbiter. No rush, they are just some leftovers from moving house. It must be delivered by 14:29:40 9 Aug 3200.”

    “My name is Allistair Bennet and I need this item delivered to a friend at George Orbiter pronto, I’ll pay you $1,601.86 credits if you get it there by 08:11:45 10 Aug 3200.”

    “My name is Simon Fitzpatrick and I need this item delivered to a friend at George Orbiter pronto, I’ll pay you $1,604.84 credits if you get it there by 12:20:05 10 Aug 3200.”

    “Nice to meet you. I’m Michele Haley and I work for the George Orbiter administration. We pay $2,511.39 to someone who is able to move Greenhouses to George Orbiter. There are 7t and they must necessarily be delivered by 15:52:20 10 Sep 3204.”

    To: Benoit Boyle, Allistair Bennet, Simon Fitzpatrick

    CC: Michele Haley

    From: Antonio Mayer

    Subject: Grand Astronomy Forum

    Dear sirs,

    Included with this message are IDs for receiving your personal keyprints for the next Grand Astronomy Forum which will take place here at Walls Citadel from 08:31:16 9 Aug 3200 to 14:47:53 19 Aug 3200. Included in the program are space flight seminars and master classes, free courses on celestial mechanics, meetings with contemporary geniuses in astrophysics, premieres of three new grand space operas and much much more! As a special event, Michele Haley from George Orbiter administration will give talks about the Canaack star system, in which you will undoubtedly learn that there are only about 210334610000000 meters (or 1406AU) from Walls Citadel to George Orbiter.

    Your attendance has been encouraged by Walls Citadel administration, Walls Citadel and George Orbiter psychiatry wards and your respective employers. Of course, attending is your own personal choice (conditions apply, please contact your respective job supervisors).

    The keyprints are provided free of charge courtesy of George Orbiter administration. Please, attend, and have fun!

    Best Regards,

    A. Mayer, enterpreneur, George Orbiter Logistics dept. liaison at Walls Citadel, Syke’s Rock, Canaack C

    P.S. If you wish to attend with family, please contact Michele Haley about receiving additional keyprints.


    BB1406AUWCGOYSDA, personal genetic authorization key included

    AB1406AUWCGOYSDA, personal genetic authorization key included

    SF1406AUWCGOYSDA, personal genetic authorization key included



    (Antonio Mayer is just a name the RNG gave to my commander, at first I forgot to change it, now I’m just rolling with it).


    Hello. I’m a newbie to the site and I’ve only just completed my maiden flight on Pioneer.

    Flew to Gates spaceport with no problem. Picked up a job transporting to Moscow, but crashed trying to land.

    Can you tell me how to land the bloomin’ thing? 

    I’ve printed off the basic manual from Wiki but it doesn’t go into the niceties of a safe landing.




    Have you crashed by hand, or the autopilot crashed you?

    If it was the autopilot, than first try the “Fly to vicinity” command of it. Sometimes the autopilot miscalculates.

    If you flew by hand, than you have to look out for your speed. From orbit you can get up to several km/s and need time to slow down. For most ships retro and lateral thrusters are much more weaker than the main engine, so you want those mains to point towards your prograde vector (the little diamond which shows your direction of flight). Especially when you start slowing down late in your flight.

    You can use the Set speed flight mode (F5 cycles them, Enter increases, Right Shift decreases), for the final approach, and then for hovering over the pad. Using the lateral thrusters overrides Set speed, so you can gently thrust down and release a few times, until you reach the target indicator the station gave you when you asked for Landing clearance (F4-comms). Also don’t forget to lower your landing gear (F6).

    Alternatively for the final soft landing you can set a sufficiently small Low thrust amount with F8, then just thrust upwards while holding shift (Still in set speed). If you picked a good Low thrust setting, then you won’t be falling too fast because the up thrust slows your fall, and you can land slowly.

    If that’s pain too, you can fly over the designated pad, nose up to zenith, then set a small negative speed for Set Speed, and gently hover down at that speed. The station should still chatch and dock you when you are close enough.

    Hope this helps. (Man, I should finish the flight tutorial on the wiki)


    In the sector map it is not obvious to me what the different colours of the labels indicate. Do they indicate something at all, or is it just to be able to seperate them?


    On numerous times in the last few days I have attempted to unzip the pioneer-20160404-win32.7z file using 7-zip program and failed to open the 2 .exe programs (pioneer and modelcompiler) due to an “error” . Very frustrated. Any suggestions. Thank you.


    jhryan123 are you extracting all of the files to a folder before trying to run them?

    Or are you just opening it with 7-zip and then tryuing to run the programs within it as that will not work?


    If you’re just running it from the 7z file tiself then:

    • Open the pioneer-20160404-win32.7z in 7-zip,
    • select all of the files,
    • click the extract button and follow the instructions.
    • Then open where you extacted them and run “pioneer.exe”.


    NB: Sorry for the basic explanation but we get ask this quite a lot 🙁


    If that’s what you are already doing/done then take a look in the “My Documents/pioneer” folder for the files “opengl.txt” and “output.txt” and post their contents, into a reply here, or a PM (Private Message) to me if you’d prefer.

    Then I’ll be able to tell if your computer can actually run Pioneer or if it’s failing to do something during startup.




    In the sector map it is not obvious to me what the different colours of the labels indicate. Do they indicate something at all, or is it just to be able to seperate them?


    Sorry that I didn’t see this before! The different label colours indicate the faction of the system, if it’s inhabited that is. The Grey/White labels is an uninhabited systems name/catalog ID.

    ON-8833 leaves frame Benjamin’s Misery

    MY-5798 leaves frame Benjamin’s Misery

    deneb jump status is not OK

    MY-5798 enters frame Benjamin’s Misery

    MY-5798 docked with Elliott ship:deneb

    ON-8833 enters frame Wolf 1061 e

    error: [string “[T] @libs/Equipment.lua”]:395: attempt to compare nil with number

    stack traceback:

    [string “[T] @libs/Equipment.lua”]:395: in function ‘OnBeginAcquisition’

    [string “[T] @libs/Equipment.lua”]:317: in function ‘BeginAcquisition’

    [string “[T] @libs/Ship.lua”]:555: in function <[string “[T] @libs/Ship.lua”]:553>



    @awang, as did to catch this error?


    Is there any way to cancel missions?


    Hi Pablo, bienvenido a bordo. :hi:

     Not specifically, but you can recover a previous saved game to the taking of the mission. :good:

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