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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Now this is an interesting idea here it bills itself as a starship simulator where up to five people can take crew roles like Artemis but cross it with FTL in a randomly generated galaxy.


    Wed site


    Steam Greenlight







    At the start of every Voyage a unique randomized galaxy is born just for you. Each contains hundreds of points of interest that you will need to explore to find clues about the location of the Lost Colony. A Voyage can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 hours depending on the skill of the crew and the encounters you face. If your crew perishes, the galaxy dies with you and the save file is deleted.


    Each crew in PULSAR consists of up to five members. You can play offline with bots as your crew, or play cooperatively with friends in Online + LAN modes. Alternatively, you could take a ship out by yourself and perform all tasks of the crew, although it’s quite a challenge!


    Captain, Pilot, Scientist, Weapons, and Engineer. These are the five classes available in the game – each having their own unique responsibilities and roles during the journey. More info about the classes is available here.


    If your crew perishes on their journey (and your on-board respawner is destroyed) there is no coming back. This means if your ship is obliterated and your entire crew is on-board it’s game over. The game will delete your save file and you get to start over at the beginning. This adds a layer of strategy that we absolutely love – plus it makes each journey special.


    Your Voyage will bring you to unexplored sectors containing planets or space stations that can contain valuable resources imperative to surviving your journey. Use extreme caution as they also can also contain dangers to your crew – such as hostile ambushes and booby traps.


    The Colonists are unlocked by default. The other factions will need to be earned by playing the game and discovering the secret of each faction. You can play as anything from a ruthless weapons manufacturer such as the W.D. Corporation to an intergalactic biscuit delivery service: The Fluffy Biscuit Company.


    We are working on an extensive online profile system which will track and analyze each of your journeys, to see how you are improving compared to other explorers.


    PULSAR features multiple challenge modes for players who love to die. The Captain’s Challenge puts players in the Captain’s chair without any crew. That’s right! You and you alone will face the adventure ahead with your own personal starship (meant for a crew of five). You can do it!



    Crew peradeath.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Mmm, not bad 🙂 Keeping an eye!


    It reminds me of Notchs abandoned game.


    New video blog update for the game, looking good 😎



    Very VERY interesting game here 🙂




    Very very interesting!!!


    Excellent news they have a Kickstarter. with a $40K goal


    Fist update announcing paypal and a podcast on Space Game Junkie.


    Hey guys!

    You guys have been asking for a Paypal payment option and we’ve put one together for you. Just go to and click on the appropriate pledge level.

    We will apply the paypal funds to our stretch goals and keep you guys informed on how much we are raising through this service!

    We are so very grateful for the support you guys are giving us. It makes even more excited (as if that was even possible) to make this game all it can be!

    We will be posting some new music and sneak peeks soon, so be on the lookout for that!

    We also have participated in the podcast talking about PULSAR and our plans.

    Here’s the link to the podcast:

    We’ll be posting updates as often as we can to keep you guys informed!

    Also we are currently #14 on Steam Greenlight, you can check out our page by clicking here.

    Thanks for the support and questions everyone, you guys are the best!

    -Leafy Games



    Had this bookmarked for a while. Unless theres another colony game I know of.


    Looks great. It should make way past the funding goal. Hopefully it delivers on the promises 🙂


    It has moved very fast for them as they are now over the half way mark and have been greenlit as well.


    WOW! Just.. Wow. Things are happening so fast, and it’s all because of you!

    In case you haven’t heard we’ve been Greenlit! We can now move further along the process and get PULSAR integrated into Steam for all to enjoy!  

    Another huge piece of news: WE”VE HIT 50% FUNDING! Holy moly, you guys are so awesome!

    As some of you may know, we’ve added a new reward tier to help even out that gap between $25 and $90. It is a $45 two-pack of alpha access at a slight discount from the normal rate. We are working on another reward in that range but we still have some work to do before announcing it!

    We’ve also updated our stretch goals based on your feedback. 

    We will now support modding before moving onto consoles! Modding support will be added at $180,000 and next-gen consoles at $250,000. If you are curious about these goals and why the money is necessary you can find more information under the stretch goals section of the Kickstarter page.

    We’ve also added some more explanation under the funding pie chart that will hopefully help clarify what the Kickstarter funds will be used for.

    Thanks again for the awesome support and questions!

    -Leafy Games



    I think it way too early to be talking about stretch goals always think Kickstarter  should  stick to updates about the game and only mention stretch goals when they are sure they will hit the target.


    There also The Mandate, which is a smilar game, but at $500k..


    Nice find Shadmar :good: but we need to start a separate thread for it.


    update 3


    Hey guys,

    We’ve participated in another awesome podcast: the Rev VR podcast by Reverend Kyle.

    We talk about PULSAR with a focus on virtual reality and the Oculus Rift. Check it out here:

    We’re 80% Funded! We never imagined it would go this quickly! You guys are the best!

    We’re also announcing that our console stretch goal will be replaced with a backer vote. We will be doing a backer poll to decide what it will be! We will be announcing all the options soon but the following options will be available:

    • A new game mode that will include ship-vs-ship combat and multiple player crew interaction. It starts out just like a normal game of PULSAR but there is a chance that any sector you run into will have another player crew! You can work with them on a common goal (in that one sector only) or attack them and steal their cargo/ship!
    • Next-Gen Console Support for PS4 and Xbox One. We are in the process of becoming a licensed Sony / Microsoft developer and will announce more on that soon! We can’t yet guarantee that this will happen but we’re getting in touch with the manufacturers to get more information and move us forward in the process!

    If you have an idea for a feasible stretch goal not mentioned above, post it in the comments!

    Thanks again for the amazing support! You guys are making our dreams come true!

    Also a new music sample for you kind folks. This is the main theme for the Alliance of Gentlemen!

    “Never Trust A Gentleman” – by Isaac Vail



    Shame their is no disk option.


    That didn’t take long. Already at target with 23 days to go.


    Done very well as they just have over a thousand backer so far, looks like they will be hitting some of the stretch goals.


    New update.

    Today we thought we’d show you a little bit about what goes on behind the curtain for the development of PULSAR: Lost Colony. As an artist working on an indie title, I had to let go of a few things – one of the biggest ones being perfection. To make a game of this scope, we need to pump out quite a bit of content. Making things that are modular is a great way to not only optimize the game, but also lighten the art load a bit. 

    Each ship we produce will end up being used in a variety of ways (with a bit of tweaking). You could run into civilian ships or abandoned vessels, some lost or destroyed. Perhaps some could be led by rogue captains or are used as part of a ruse or trap. Thinking modularly and finding creative ways to reuse assets unconventionally will be one of our greatest strengths when it comes to making a game of this size and depth. 

    This also applies to textures and materials. Creating modular textures that can be repeated or reused in a variety of ways will also allow us to make the game bigger and better! We will further explain our plans for tackling the development of this game in later updates for those who are interested! 🙂

    Here is one of the modular textures I created for the W.D Corporation! (Normal map and very simple diffuse)


     Here are a few screenshots of the inside of the Intrepid. We affectionately refer to these as the juicy guts of the ship! Enjoy! (you may have seen these already if you follow screenshot Saturday)



    If you enjoyed my ramblings or are interested in seeing me (the artist guy) host some kind of live stream art session, just let me know and we can do something during the campaign!

    Also: We have reached over 1,000 backers! WOOO!

    Thanks again guys!


    The Leafy Games Team


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