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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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      Now this is an interesting idea here it bills itself as a starship simulator where up to five people can take crew roles like Artemis but cross it with FTL in a randomly generated galaxy.


      Wed site


      Steam Greenlight







      At the start of every Voyage a unique randomized galaxy is born just for you. Each contains hundreds of points of interest that you will need to explore to find clues about the location of the Lost Colony. A Voyage can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 hours depending on the skill of the crew and the encounters you face. If your crew perishes, the galaxy dies with you and the save file is deleted.


      Each crew in PULSAR consists of up to five members. You can play offline with bots as your crew, or play cooperatively with friends in Online + LAN modes. Alternatively, you could take a ship out by yourself and perform all tasks of the crew, although it’s quite a challenge!


      Captain, Pilot, Scientist, Weapons, and Engineer. These are the five classes available in the game – each having their own unique responsibilities and roles during the journey. More info about the classes is available here.


      If your crew perishes on their journey (and your on-board respawner is destroyed) there is no coming back. This means if your ship is obliterated and your entire crew is on-board it’s game over. The game will delete your save file and you get to start over at the beginning. This adds a layer of strategy that we absolutely love – plus it makes each journey special.


      Your Voyage will bring you to unexplored sectors containing planets or space stations that can contain valuable resources imperative to surviving your journey. Use extreme caution as they also can also contain dangers to your crew – such as hostile ambushes and booby traps.


      The Colonists are unlocked by default. The other factions will need to be earned by playing the game and discovering the secret of each faction. You can play as anything from a ruthless weapons manufacturer such as the W.D. Corporation to an intergalactic biscuit delivery service: The Fluffy Biscuit Company.


      We are working on an extensive online profile system which will track and analyze each of your journeys, to see how you are improving compared to other explorers.


      PULSAR features multiple challenge modes for players who love to die. The Captain’s Challenge puts players in the Captain’s chair without any crew. That’s right! You and you alone will face the adventure ahead with your own personal starship (meant for a crew of five). You can do it!



      Crew peradeath.

      This bundle expires on 1/25/2019

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      Mmm, not bad 🙂 Keeping an eye!

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      It reminds me of Notchs abandoned game.

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      New video blog update for the game, looking good 😎


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      Very VERY interesting game here 🙂

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      Very very interesting!!!

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      Excellent news they have a Kickstarter. with a $40K goal

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      Fist update announcing paypal and a podcast on Space Game Junkie.


      Hey guys!

      You guys have been asking for a Paypal payment option and we’ve put one together for you. Just go to and click on the appropriate pledge level.

      We will apply the paypal funds to our stretch goals and keep you guys informed on how much we are raising through this service!

      We are so very grateful for the support you guys are giving us. It makes even more excited (as if that was even possible) to make this game all it can be!

      We will be posting some new music and sneak peeks soon, so be on the lookout for that!

      We also have participated in the podcast talking about PULSAR and our plans.

      Here’s the link to the podcast:

      We’ll be posting updates as often as we can to keep you guys informed!

      Also we are currently #14 on Steam Greenlight, you can check out our page by clicking here.

      Thanks for the support and questions everyone, you guys are the best!

      -Leafy Games


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      Had this bookmarked for a while. Unless theres another colony game I know of.


      Looks great. It should make way past the funding goal. Hopefully it delivers on the promises 🙂

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      It has moved very fast for them as they are now over the half way mark and have been greenlit as well.


      WOW! Just.. Wow. Things are happening so fast, and it’s all because of you!

      In case you haven’t heard we’ve been Greenlit! We can now move further along the process and get PULSAR integrated into Steam for all to enjoy!  

      Another huge piece of news: WE”VE HIT 50% FUNDING! Holy moly, you guys are so awesome!

      As some of you may know, we’ve added a new reward tier to help even out that gap between $25 and $90. It is a $45 two-pack of alpha access at a slight discount from the normal rate. We are working on another reward in that range but we still have some work to do before announcing it!

      We’ve also updated our stretch goals based on your feedback. 

      We will now support modding before moving onto consoles! Modding support will be added at $180,000 and next-gen consoles at $250,000. If you are curious about these goals and why the money is necessary you can find more information under the stretch goals section of the Kickstarter page.

      We’ve also added some more explanation under the funding pie chart that will hopefully help clarify what the Kickstarter funds will be used for.

      Thanks again for the awesome support and questions!

      -Leafy Games



      I think it way too early to be talking about stretch goals always think Kickstarter  should  stick to updates about the game and only mention stretch goals when they are sure they will hit the target.

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      There also The Mandate, which is a smilar game, but at $500k..

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      Nice find Shadmar :good: but we need to start a separate thread for it.


      update 3


      Hey guys,

      We’ve participated in another awesome podcast: the Rev VR podcast by Reverend Kyle.

      We talk about PULSAR with a focus on virtual reality and the Oculus Rift. Check it out here:

      We’re 80% Funded! We never imagined it would go this quickly! You guys are the best!

      We’re also announcing that our console stretch goal will be replaced with a backer vote. We will be doing a backer poll to decide what it will be! We will be announcing all the options soon but the following options will be available:

      • A new game mode that will include ship-vs-ship combat and multiple player crew interaction. It starts out just like a normal game of PULSAR but there is a chance that any sector you run into will have another player crew! You can work with them on a common goal (in that one sector only) or attack them and steal their cargo/ship!
      • Next-Gen Console Support for PS4 and Xbox One. We are in the process of becoming a licensed Sony / Microsoft developer and will announce more on that soon! We can’t yet guarantee that this will happen but we’re getting in touch with the manufacturers to get more information and move us forward in the process!

      If you have an idea for a feasible stretch goal not mentioned above, post it in the comments!

      Thanks again for the amazing support! You guys are making our dreams come true!

      Also a new music sample for you kind folks. This is the main theme for the Alliance of Gentlemen!

      “Never Trust A Gentleman” – by Isaac Vail



      Shame their is no disk option.

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      That didn’t take long. Already at target with 23 days to go.

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      Done very well as they just have over a thousand backer so far, looks like they will be hitting some of the stretch goals.


      New update.

      Today we thought we’d show you a little bit about what goes on behind the curtain for the development of PULSAR: Lost Colony. As an artist working on an indie title, I had to let go of a few things – one of the biggest ones being perfection. To make a game of this scope, we need to pump out quite a bit of content. Making things that are modular is a great way to not only optimize the game, but also lighten the art load a bit. 

      Each ship we produce will end up being used in a variety of ways (with a bit of tweaking). You could run into civilian ships or abandoned vessels, some lost or destroyed. Perhaps some could be led by rogue captains or are used as part of a ruse or trap. Thinking modularly and finding creative ways to reuse assets unconventionally will be one of our greatest strengths when it comes to making a game of this size and depth. 

      This also applies to textures and materials. Creating modular textures that can be repeated or reused in a variety of ways will also allow us to make the game bigger and better! We will further explain our plans for tackling the development of this game in later updates for those who are interested! 🙂

      Here is one of the modular textures I created for the W.D Corporation! (Normal map and very simple diffuse)


       Here are a few screenshots of the inside of the Intrepid. We affectionately refer to these as the juicy guts of the ship! Enjoy! (you may have seen these already if you follow screenshot Saturday)



      If you enjoyed my ramblings or are interested in seeing me (the artist guy) host some kind of live stream art session, just let me know and we can do something during the campaign!

      Also: We have reached over 1,000 backers! WOOO!

      Thanks again guys!


      The Leafy Games Team


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      New pledge reward.


      The Visionary reward tier ($40) offers some cool new things for you guys!

      For starters, we will be assembling an art book chock full of sketches, concepts and in-game art! For those who want a real taste of what goes on behind the scenes, the art book will contain ideas that didn’t make it into the game, illustrate various stages of development for certain locations, as well as go over the techniques used to create all of the in-game art. We will even throw in a whole section for glitches and messups!

      The Visionary tier also includes another fun way to make your mark on the game. You will get to add a name of your choice to the “galaxy names list”! The game will select one of these names at random at the start of each playthrough, and there will be a chance that the new galaxy will bear your title!

      We believe you guys have been asking for something like this, so we’re trying to deliver!

      Thanks everyone for your feedback and encouraging words!  

      By the way, we are thinking about ways to rework some of the stretch goals like you guys have mentioned. You can also expect some cool new art tomorrow!  


      The Leafy Games Team



      Very tempting may upgrade but still waiting to see if they are going to do a disk version of the game.

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      Short but impressive vid about space stations and you will be also able to go inside them.






      We show off our new space station and talk about how stations will work in the game!

      We’ve been crunching some numbers and we will release our updated stretch goals tomorrow as well as a new reward tier!


      The Leafy Games Team


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      New stretch goals, good chance of making the $60K one and still have 19 days to go.


      Hello everyone!

      We’ve been re-working our stretch goals a bit more and we believe these new goals will be to your liking!

      $50,000 – Extended Soundtrack + Additional Playable Ship (Civilian Ship)

      We are big fans of the Extended Soundtrack! We also threw in a new ship, for those who want an interesting challenge. We’ll create a playable civilian ship that is initially not well equipped for combat. You will need to use diplomacy and careful trading to survive for long! The crews who start in this ship will no doubt have the hardest time overcoming the challenges that await, this is definitely for those who want a bit of a challenge!

      $60,000 – Sector Commanders

      The galaxy is comprised of a multitude of sectors, we had the idea of having something similar to “Bosses” in certain sectors, equipped with above average systems and a very competent crew. Taking down these ships would be difficult but the rewards would be worth it especially the bragging rights! New players should probably avoid them but experienced crews will be able to take advantage of these encounters.

      $75,000 – Custom / Mega Galaxies.

      Players will be able to optionally create mega-galaxies to journey in. These will be up to 500,000 light years across consisting of 10,000+ jump points! You will also be able to change generation settings for galaxies so you can customize them as much as you want.

      $80,000 – Two Additional Secret Ships

      We will add two new ships that you will be able to unlock in the game. They are relics of the Old Wars and play unlike any other ship in PULSAR. 

      $85,000 – Enhanced Item Interaction

      This will allow us to add a feature we are very excited about. Players can pick up, rotate and closely observe nearly any item in the game. You will also be able to scan many items with your handheld scanner to learn more about its chemical properties and look up information from the galactic database. Furthermore this feature can allow us to add more depth to the gameplay, stuff like puzzle solving can become a lot more interesting if you can interact with your environment in various ways. 

      $95,000 – New Hub “Small Town / City” 

      We have something called “Hubs” in PULSAR, they are one of the things that doesn’t change much from each play-though. They are basically small towns or cities where players can go to take on missions, repair their ship, make deals and all that jazz! 

      This one will be decided by you guys! Is it part of a certain faction? Is it built in space? On a planet’s surface? Underwater? Built into an asteroid or giant glowing crystal? You guys will work with us to design this home away from home. 

      $150,000 – Modding Support 

      We will overhaul our asset creation system and create pulsarEdit so any user can easily create ships, scenarios, planets, gameplay changes and anything else you can dream of! 

      We will also help facilitate the sharing of these mods through our mod sharing There will also be an in-game system for syncing / updating mods. We’ve started work on pulsarEdit although we probably won’t be able to implement it without the extra support to bring on another programmer . 

      We’d like to develop pulsarEdit and release it as open-source software for Windows/Mac/Linux. 

      We’re also going to work on making these mods compatible with Steam Workshop.

      NOTE: This money will be used to acquire a source code license of Unity since it will be necessary to support modding. We are already in talks with Unity and have access to the license if we raise the money. We will also bring on another programmer to assist in the creation of the mod editor and in-game mod system. 

      Let us know what you think about these revised (rejiggered) stretch goals, many of you have made some great points in the comments. 

      Thanks again for all of your support!

      Share this project with your friends! Lets shoot down of these stretch goals!!

      Also we’re still ironing out some of the details on a new reward tier so keep an eye out!


      The Leafy Games Team


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      Update from yesterday so will have probably missed it


      The livestream will be online from 4 PM to 7 PM EST on

      Our artist George will be working on the interior of the new space station and invites everyone to join him as he makes it live! He’s never done a livestream before so it should be fun to see him work in this new environment! 

      Learn a bit about the process of creating art for games, and watch him make silly mistakes due to immense pressure! 🙂

      Jenn, the mysterious writer for PULSAR’s universe might swing by too if we are lucky! *Crosses Fingers*


      Hope to see you there!


      The Leafy Games Team



      Looks like the Kickstarter may have stalled a bit since hitting their target but they still have 16 days to go so I would guess it will pick up in the last week again.

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      New update


      Hello everyone! We have some interesting pieces of lore to share with you today!

      Without further ado we present a sneak peek of The Infection (tentative name). The first announced non-playable faction that will be present in the ever expanding PULSAR universe!

      The Infection

      Little information is known about these organisms or their origin, but any encounters with them have wreaked devastation. The first recorded sighting occurred in 3400 U.E. when a civilian vessel discovered these organisms floating in a sector of space. The occupants of the vessel were completely annihilated, along with those of the two Colonial Union ships that responded to their original distress signal. These organisms – since known as ‘the Infection’ – were eventually subdued in the sector through the use of several nuclear devices. However, the resulting radiation destroyed the remainders of these organisms at a cellular level, so further examination proved impossible.

      Since then, there have been a number of encounters with the Infection, each more frequent and devastating than the next. The Colonial Union has issued a protocol for any ship that crosses paths with the Infection – which states that the crew will not engage the life forms in combat or attempt to communicate with them. Furthermore, the only option for survival is to warp-jump as quickly as possible to escape the Infected sector, and the Colonial Union has specified that any contact with the Infection must be reported to the nearest base.

      From survivor accounts and cautious observation, a few conclusions have been drawn regarding the organization of the Infected.  

      They appear to be a group of organisms thriving together. Their main method of attack is to launch a multitude of massive spore-like pods which attach to nearby ships and release hundreds of smaller creatures upon contact. These smaller creatures then burrow into the ship, inducing severe hull damage. Once they reach the interior, they start to devour the guts of the ship, obliterating all of the vital systems. While the smaller organisms disable ship systems and eliminate crewmen, the larger one begins to overcome and absorb the ship entirely.  

      The Infection has also been spotted on planetary bodies, delving beneath the surface and altering the planet on geological and atmospheric levels. The reasoning behind these behaviors is still heavy speculation.

      The Infection have no warp capabilities, and they move rather slowly through space. Their method of locomotion is assumed to be some sort of gas-like propellant.  

      Although the origin of the Infection is unknown and modern weaponry does little damage to the organisms, the Colonial Union has maintained order amidst the presence of this baffling new opponent. For the past 50 years, the Colonial Union has successfully eradicated every recorded incident of the infection to date.  

      However, as the transmission on the Lost Colony has plunged the galaxy into a state of chaos, the Colonial Union is preoccupied with quelling other threats, and protocols regarding the Infection are not being observed.  

      Ultimately, there is no longer any active agency to stop the infection.

      bce6b4b422d42335147bc9fd5ca7460e_large.pAn early concept of an Infected Scout

      Thanks for reading,

      The Leafy Games Team


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      New update





      This week we show off some new ship mechanics: auto-thrusters and nukes. Plus we take you on a tour of the space station’s interior while we talk Q + A – Part 2!

      For those who participated in the live stream, you’ll be able to see the cryo room in-game!


      The Leafy Games Team



      Looking good 😎 😎 still 12 days to go so you can still back it


      Nuke em till they glow then shoot em in the dark.

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      Finally made the first stretch goal although as they say they are counting the Paypal pledges as wll.


      Counting PayPal pledges (which we do!), we have reached the first stretch goal for PULSAR: Lost Colony! 

      This means the soundtrack will be quite nice and include even more awesome tracks by our talented composers! Plus, everyone receiving the soundtrack from the selected rewards will have even more reasons to be excited!

      For those of you who want a challenge, “The Civilian Ship” has been unlocked! WOO!

      Here are a few details on what it will feature:

      • Only one weapon slot.
      • Minimal hull integrity and shielding.
      • A fairly weak engine.  
      • Slightly deficient Atrium.  
      • And more!

      This ship is by no means a military vessel. It’s basically the mini-van of the PULSAR: Lost Colony universe. It’s great for civilians though!

      This also means that the players who start in this ship will have no consistent uniform and none of the advantages (or disadvantages) of the other factions. You and your crew are alone in a puny excuse for a space-faring vessel. Those who manage to complete the entire game without dying or stealing a better ship will have our undying respect – for this will not be an easy task.

      We are really excited to watch all of you get crushed, torn apart and destroyed over and over again as you try to gain your glory! And we’ll be listening to a great sound track while we do it!

      ALSO: We are planning on doing another live stream tomorrow! It will be around 4pm – 7pm EST. We will be working on something really exciting! And we’ll try to record it this time too!


      The Leafy Games Team


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      It’s a good day to biscuit.

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      For US backer only.

      Looks like we will not be seeing any disk version of the game although most Kickstarters just add $15 to the pledge level for any items to sent out.


      Want some fancy gear? Well it’s about time!

      We have created two types of shirts to choose from, both are only available on Kickstarter through the $60 “Uniformed Officer” reward tier!

      The Cryptic T-shirt is definitely for those who want to baffle the minds of those around them. It’s a unique pattern of mostly vertical lines that often confuse onlookers.


      74a0a525a52f411a97edae2c01c52810_large.pCloseup of Cryptic Message

      We also have a simpler black version that illustrates how awesome you are but in a way that doesn’t melt the minds of innocent by-standers! Will you join the dark side? 😀


      PULSAR: Lost Colony will have you make many choices in the game, let this be the first one!

      We will offer the shirts for both men and women in the following sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. 

      They will be delivered around Beta or before (April 2014).

      Shipping is US only. Sorry international backers!

      NOTE: The designs are not final we will be adjusting the placement and size to make sure they are as high-quality as possible. Also for those who have backed at the Scenario Designer tier and up, you will get to choose one as well!


      The Leafy Games Team


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      Successfully funded my only surprise  is that it did get more.


      Thanks so much! You’ve given us the capability and resources to work on this game FULL-TIME and add as much content and gameplay as we possibly can!

      We have received 145% funding (adding in the funds from PayPal)!!! We are just in awe of how much you guys have done for us. It’s so exciting!

      The end of the Kickstarter marks the beginning of a new stage for PULSAR! We are going to start ramping up development and launch our new website in the coming weeks. We’ll be adding a way for people to pre-purchase the game from our website and continue working toward the stretch goals. In addition our forum will be opening soon and all our backers will be getting the appropriate badges on there as we sort out the pledge levels!

      It’s been a wild ride so far, but this is just the beginning! We will do our best to keep you all in touch with our progress and problems each step of the way! We’ve seen other projects go quiet after their campaigns but we aim to be a bit louder!

      You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Twitter, or hang out in the forums (once they are up and running) to keep up to date on the latest PULSAR news!

      These next two weeks we will start the transition to a full time work environment and once we get settled down we aim to work hard and bring you the best darn game we can make!

      Seeing so many of you believe and support this project from such an early stage has really inspired us. We now have 1,812 more reasons to make this game awesome!

      You all have given us the ability to LIVE our dream! We honestly can’t thank you enough.


      The Leafy Games Team


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      New website is up for Pulsar including a paypal option for late backers and a new dev video.





    • #100038

      New Dev video from the team showing some early work of a planet setting.


    • #100039

      New dev video


    • #100040

      New dev vid




      This week we show off our VERY early dialogue system which will actually end up being a fairly large part of the game. We also go on a quick tour of the new Roland-Class Starship!…



      Looking better and better

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      looking forward to this game, but not a fan of the exterior ship designs so far. I prefer more angular, sporty looking.

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      New update about using the computer and a couple of other ship you will meet in the game.


    • #100043

      New dev video.




      :O :O :O

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      Small update announcing that they have made their $60K stretch goal.


      Hello explorers!

      We are happy to announce that we have reached our next stretch goal!

      We made a post about it on the forums discussing what it will mean for the game!

      You can see it here:

      We are really excited to add Sector Commanders to the game, it not only adds more diversity to the universe but also adds new challenges and rewards! 

      We are also super excited to build these ships and we look forward to working with the community and making each commander interesting and deadly!

      Thanks for tuning in and being awesome! If you are ever curious about our progress to the next stretch goal, you can check out our website, where we feature a progress bar!


      The Leafy Games Team


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      New vid update, no stopping these guys.



      About time they showed some more of the gameplay.

    • #100046

      Another very nice video update from the guys



      Game looking really good.

    • #100047

      Another update this one about ship systems damage and fires.


    • #100048

      They are pumping these video out at a rate, this one about networking.


    • #100049

      This update about main menu and ship systems, nice.


    • #100050

      25 of this month for Pulsar Alpha, no word on how big a download it will be or how the update to the alpha will be handled.


      We are ready to release the launch date of the Alpha!

      The 25th of February, 2014!

      Here is a video discussing more about the Alpha and what you can expect to see!



       Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them!

      Thank you for your patience and support! This is the first step of many on the road to making PULSAR great!

      Have a good one!

      -The Leafy Games Team


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      Got a reply to my question about download size and updates on Kickstarter.


      The download shouldn’t be very large, it’s mostly music files. Right now it should be less than 300 MB, although as we add more content and music it will grow. We will be sending Steam keys so Steam users will get updates through Steam. We are in the process of building an updater / launcher although it may not be released alongside Phase 1. If you don’t want to use Steam you can download the new versions from Humble as they are released.


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      New video update about game options and drones


    • #100053

      Ok as some will no doubt be aware Leafy had a bit of a bungle with their Alpha release yesterday, looks like they have sorted it all out as I just downloaded my copy through Steam, so I am off for a looksee.


      Hello everyone!

      Here is a quick update on what happened, what is currently happening, and what will happen in the near future!  

      Due to a slight misunderstanding, a number of the Keys were sent out before we had the chance to update the steam build. (Nobody’s fault, that’s just life!)

      We were still planning on those final few hours to fix a lot of the bugs that people have reported (escaping the menu, drone instantly attacks, etc.). Once we found out about the keys being sent out early, our main priority was to then get everyone a build of the game. It didn’t seem fair to us that some got to play it and others didn’t. The build we sent out and updated steam with was still a few hours young, but we decided it was better than the old version on Steam. Because of this our original plan for the day didn’t really work out.

      Our current goal right now is to get everyone a build of the game and then work on patching it up! We are just finishing the email system. We have the Steam Keys ready to go, and we have a downloadable build for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Mac and Linux are early, but it’s good to start the process of tweaking them now too). We have not forgotten you!

      It is clear that the current build of the game is buggy. There are a number of things that are especially annoying, and we are already beginning an investigation as to why the Multiplayer is busted. We think we found the problem! (Yay!)

      We have a lot planned in the next few weeks. We’re fired up to kill these bugs and move onto the interesting stuff, like adding / tweaking ship systems and screens, finishing up the ship component screen, and working on cool scenarios.

      Anyone who backed us from Kickstarter or PayPal should be getting an email with your Keys and download links within two hours (probably less). We can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding. I’m certain that the next few weeks will be really good for the game.

      Thank you,

      The Leafy Games Team


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      Nuts seems to be all online at the moment will await update for playing with bots.

    • #100055


      Nice like the abandoned ship at the end of the vid. 😎

    • #100056

      Kickstarter update.


      We have also released an new update to the game! Version 0.28c!

      This one is mainly bug fixes, we’ve started to dabble into adding some of the awesome music our composers have been making, we think it already begins to add to the experience! 

      The drone should begin to pose more of a challenge, he has a new weapon that you can read about below! 


      -We have modified the turret cameras, they should now act according to your video settings (FOV , Bloom, etc.) 

       -We’ve increased the strength of inertia dampeners, so the ship should rotate more slowly. This should potentially help with motion sickness as well as syncing ship location. 

       – The ship weapons screen should no longer jam. 

       -When players die or disconnect they no longer need to restart the game to continue playing. -It’s now slightly easier to align the ship to a new sector. 

       -Tweaked and added to the “ancient wreckage” assets you can explore.

       – We have begun implementing music into the game. 

       -The ship position updates faster now, this should begin to reduce the “stutter” effect when on the bridge. 

       -Bots have been temporarily removed from the game while we work on their issues. 

       -Players who disconnect while manning a turret or piloting the ship should no longer lock that position from other players. 

       -Offline mode has been implemented. 

       -We have tweaked the spotlight on the ship, this should reduce the crazy bloom effects. 

       -Private servers should now work. (Games are hidden and players join by entering the ship name) NOTE: We have already found a bug in this build, when you create a private server and the name is already taken it will basically just show you a black screen and you need to press escape and disconnect to get out of it. This already being worked on, for now just make sure you name your ship / game something unique! 

       -Tweaked / balanced Drone and overall combat mechanics, let us know what you think! -Drone now has a new weapon, it can pierce through shields to damage hull and systems. 

       That’s it for this update, we have some really interesting features that are so close to being implemented they just need a tad more time!

      You can expect to see some of them in the next update! 🙂 

       You can restart steam to potentially trigger the update. You can also visit the secret access forums for a direct download link (or message us on Kickstarter if you prefer).

      Thank you everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm! We’ve probably begun working on the next update by the time you read this! 


      The Leafy Games Team



      Did they say the now have a offline mode, hope that Steams offline mode as I found that I could not play the game when Steams was in it’s off line mode.

    • #100057

      waiting for your opinion. I give them thumbs up. One they are transparent and the only ks i have faith in from a small developer looking to actually complete a project. Also releasing an alpha is the best way to go. Players should know it isn’t complete feature wise and will be buggy and stop whining about bugs and crashes.


      This will make the final product way more stable. No one forces you to buy the alpha, wait until release. (speaking in general)

    • #100058

      It works in Steams offline mode :dancer: :gamer:


      Very true about Alpha if you not prepared to put with bugs and crash then you should not buy into any of them.


      Can’t say what the multi player game is like but from just playing around in the new offline mode it’s pretty impressive what they have at the moment although their is a not a great deal that can done.(early days still) you can fight the drone and explore the wreck, think you jump to another system but not tried it yet and fiddle around with some of the ships functions.

      Need to go on the Pulsar forum and find the keyboard keys for what does what, I managed to kill the drone but did not know how to put out the fire in the engine room if it can be done at the moment?.


      few pics here.



      Looking the drone from the bridge.



      Same shot but seen from outside.



      Looking the rear of the ship from a turret.



      So that’s where the bridge is.



      Space wreak thing seen from inside the ship.

    • #100059

      Just been on Steam and Pulsar been updated.


      NOTE: This is a mostly feature-focused patch. We expect to find some new bugs involved with the new systems. We are planning a hotfix patch to be released in the next few days in the event there are serious issues found.

      New Features:

      • Networked Ship Components (The Captain can now buy / sell ship components from the store menu)
      • NEW ENEMY: Security Drone (should provide a bit more of a challenge for full crews)
      • Shield Deflection is now implemented (gives a small chance to negate nearly all damage through shields)
      • Partial HUD redesign, now shows ships stats
      • Q key now directly repairs systems within 5 units (no messy toggle now)
      • E key now puts out fires in front of you (no longer Y key)
      • New particle effects for repairing systems / putting out fires
      • Credits are implemented and syncing (should show in lower right corner) (only the Captain can directly spend crew credits)

      Changes / Fixes:

      • Tweaked ship damage SFX
      • Added new music: Ambient Drone 02
      • Added new music: Drone Attack 02
      • Some behind-the-scenes networking changes that should provide increased stability
      • Fixed bug where players would get stuck on blank screen after starting a private game
      • Pawn texture has been updated
      • Interior lighting has been tweaked to be more consistent
      • Projectiles and explosions no longer can light the interior

      Known Issues:

      • Reactor screen doesn’t update correctly until looked at directly
      • Can’t swap hulls, weapons or turrets (will be unlocked in a patch soon due to technical constraints)
      • Multiplayer syncing seems to be not as fast / effective
      • “Cannot Connect To Photon Cloud” error on starting game for some players
      • All stats on Create Game menu are zero for Intrepid
      • Some projectiles can light the interior

      Unfortunately hull repair did not make it into this patch. But it should make it in the next one!

      Remember: This patch is focused on adding features not fixing bugs! We will probably find new bugs with the new features! It’s all part of the fun of game development!



      One thing I hope they do is move the turrets as at the moment any time a drone goes under the ship you have a hard time hitting it as the turrets are all on the top side of the ship also are the turrets more powerful than the main guns?.

    • #100060

      Dev diary from leafy about the last update, bug squashing, game controls and a small update to the game adding a couple of new features.


    • #100061

      New update to Pulsar.



      Just had a quick look at the video and this is just looking better and better 😎 time to turn Steam on again.

    • #100062

      Good and bad news from Leafy, bad news is that the Beta been delayed but the really good new is that anyone who back the beta levels in the Kickstarter will now get access to the Alpha.



      Hello everyone!

      We’ve been quite busy here at our little studio and we have some interesting news for you all!

      To start off, those who pledged at the “Early Backer” or “Backer” levels will now be allowed access to the Alpha. We said the beta would be available in April and it’s not looking likely, however we’d still like to invite all of you to join the alpha and help us test the game! 

      Our current estimates look like the beta will arrive sometime in early Summer. This is a pretty loose estimate due to the amount that might change from important feedback and what we learn through testing. 

      We have built a new system for delivering keys to the beta access backers, since the last method we used ended up having some problems we decided to take a different approach as well as invest in more secure services.

      This took some time away from the update to the game but we believe it’s important to get keys into the hands of our backers as conveniently as possible.




    • #100063

      I think this game is made for Co-op. Walking inside this big ship, I felt quite lonely. 🙂

    • #100064

      I the game is definitely aimed at co-op players but they have said they will be crew bots added to the game.

    • #100065

      New video blog about some major updates which will be coming for the game.


    • #100066

      First of the updates is here .



      Hey everyone!

      We have some big news regarding Pulsar: Lost Colony!

      We are now in Phase 2 of the Alpha. This is when we focus on preparing the game for Beta. It will mostly consist of 5 major updates, each focused on one of the 5 playable classes in the game. We are excited to be at this stage of development and to share the progress we’ve made so far. 

      To kick off Phase 2, the first major update features the Pilot! The Pilot’s job is an interesting one, and from recent testing we’ve learned a lot about how players fly the ship and interact with enemies. We noticed a few things regarding flight mechanics that we believed could be improved. This update revolves around how the Pilot maneuvers the ship, as well as further developing the Pilot’s role in ship-to-ship combat. This is no doubt the biggest update to the game so far, and we’ve made a ton of changes and additions.



      Update should be live now as Steam download some thing for Puslar this morning which I assume is the pilots update to the game.

    • #100067

      Little update from Leafy but the big news is they have added another ship :cool:, have to turn Steam on and go check it out.


    • #100068

      Pic of the new ship.




      Again for some unknown reason they have put all the guns on the top of the ship.






      Ship a lot bigger than the first one and could do with some more sign post as it easy to get lost in it and it also a bit on the dark side.

    • #100069

      Another update to the game this time it’s the scientist turn.


      Hey everyone!

      Hope all is well with you guys! We’ve been hard at work since the last update and have quite a bit to share with you!

      First off You can check out this video which goes over some of the smaller changes we’ve made since the last update we posted here:



       After working on that patch we started digging deep into the role of the scientist. It’s something that we’ve been playing with since the first day of production, we’ve gone through tons and tons of screen designs and have scrapped a number of working prototypes all because we wanted the screens to be accessible to everyone, enjoyable to use and versatile enough to adapt to any future additions we plan on making.

      We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and we are quite happy with what we have so far. Keep in mind we still have a lot more planned for the scientist as well as the other classes. We thank you all for your patience on this matter.

      Here is a devlog we put together to help illustrate the new systems we have implemented, the full list of patch notes is below! Enjoy!



      New Features 

      -The Computer Screen: Gives the scientist the ability to use programs, use the database search feature and get various system info. The programs screen is also where you can re-charge viruses and programs. 

      -The Virus Screen: Shows active viruses that you are broadcasting to enemies and any detected viruses that have infected your ship. 

      -The Engine Switchboard: An early version of the switchboard, allows players to shut down and start up the ship, a key component when eliminating hostile viruses. 

      • Ship component syncing now only sends changes to clients to save on bandwidth and packets sent. We’ve done a lot of work on how this system sends data over the network for many improvements and will help us do more things in the future quicker!
      • Adding ship tagging system. Assigns each enemy ship a letter than is persistent across the network for easier communication.
      • Redesigned chat system. Supports much longer messages and word wrap. Check your game settings for some custom options relating to the chat system.
      • Changed how other player names show up in-game. It’s a bit simpler now.
      • W.D. Cruiser now using a new screen atlas theme
      • Ship screens have a glitch effect that will occur when you have a hostile virus onboard
      • Art additions / tweaks to the interiors of both the Intrepid and the cruiser, specifically the weapons room
      • The first 25 GX ID’s have been implemented, the first few of many to come!
      • Added a new screen tilt option in the game settings menu.
      • Added a new drone type, Tactical support drone, this unit has a relatively weak hull and competent shields, it will try to send viruses to cripple your ship, caution is advised. 🙂

        Added Programs:
        – Emergency Shield Boosting Program (Sh): Increases the charge rate of the shields for a short period.
        – Instant Warp Charge Program (Wc): Fully recharges the warp drive on execution.
        – Instant System Self-Healing Program(FH): Fully heals all ship systems on execution. Note: Does not put out fires
        -Instant Remove All Viruses Program (RV): Instantly removes all hostile viruses from the ship on execution.

         Added Viruses:
        – Sitting Duck (SD): Disables enemy ship thrusters
        – Phalanx (Ph): Disables enemy shield recharge
        – Backdoor (Ba): Disables enemy ship firewalls. NOTE: This allows other viruses to easily reach enemy vessels. 


      • Updates to pawn networking to help improve small desync issues 
      • Fixed small occlusion error in W.D. Cruiser
      • Fixed small visual bug with W.D. Cruiser
      • Ship screen mouse crosshair should correctly render above everything else 
      • Upgraded to Unity 4.5 core for better performance while loading objects and a few bug fixes
      • Updated ship component hashing algorithm to fix an edge case that could cause ship component desync
      • Updated some specific networking features to smooth out packet transmission. In some circumstances the server would send out 300 messages in a single frame! Now it happens over a second or two for much better consistent results.
      • Eliminated internal bug related to how the game handles player disconnects. Could cause runtime exception and code failure.
      • Chat bug that prevented the Escape key from exiting the chat. Also now allows mouse and joystick movement while typing.
      • Fixed an internal bug related to warp drive charging and the warp disable virus
      • Nano Active Hull now works and will repair the hull when warping to an unvisited sector (The Intrepid-class vessel is now currently equipped with this hull)
      • Enhancements and tweaks to ship combat and Drone AI
      • Fixed a problem where players could fall through the floor of the cruiser.
      • Fixed a connection error menu bug
      • Drones are no longer present in the starting sector (SE0), this should give crews time to prepare themselves. 

      Remember to restart steam if you didn’t see the update. You can also head on over to our secret access area on our forums for direct link downloads to the latest builds!

      That’s all from us right now! Thank you for your time!


      The Leafy Games Team



      Games getting better and better 😎 😎

    • #100070

      Hey everyone, got a new update for you today!


      It’s a general update focused on a variety of improvements and a bit of new content as well. We’ve made some big changes behind the scenes to how a number of systems work, this may cause a few bugs but we’ll do our best to squash them quickly. The biggest visible changes would probably be the addition of the Colonial Hub exterior, the shops and repair depots. We have overhauled the trading screen and systems, they are still quite early but will be improved in future updates!

      You can check out the devlog here:



             New Features:

      • Shops and the trading system have been completely overhauled! 
      • Repair Depots have been added. They will allow you to repair your hull for a reasonable price! (You can no longer repair your hull at any time. If you’ve taken serious hull damage, we highly recommend flying to the nearest repair depot.) 
      • Redesigned ship shield rendering process 
      • New stacking menu system for displaying various pieces of information to the player. (I.E. Piloting and turret info, dialogue with shop owners and repair depots) 
      • Pilot camera and control modes will use your last used preferences 
      • Post Process Antialiasing options added to video settings menu 
      • Depending on the speed of the vessel, colliding with objects in space can now cause shield/hull damage to ships. Pilots, be careful out there! 
      • Three Unique Rare shops have been added. They are still quite early, but they can sell some very powerful components. 
      • The first sector (SE0) Is now the start of the Colonial Hub, we have added the exterior model back into the game, you can also find an automated goods vendor and a repair depot! 
      • We added fog back! It’s still early but we are happy with the direction it’s going in.


      • We have fixed a few serious bugs related to loading and starting a game. If you had problems in version 0.32 with freezing during or after the loading screen, it should be resolved! 
      • Completely overhauled the camera system that eliminates some far clip problems and will give us more flexibility in the future for features such as Oculus Rift support. 
      • Game should properly clear network timing dictionaries that caused some bugs 
      • Loading screen had some work done, should be more stable! 
      • Fixed a bug in galaxy generation that would cause an error when creating a game 
      • Networking System has been altered to allow for level object networking to be much easier and changed some network objects to player-owned instead of scene-owned to better comply with standard Photon usage. 
      • A rare but serious bug related to Photon threading during the game creation and join process has been resolved. It caused the game to freeze and need to be restarted. 
      • The space bar should now disable mouse input for piloting and turret modes as it does while controlling your character. Having a menu open should also disable input. Also disables screen input while in a menu, etc. 
      • Warp Drive / Starmap changes and fixes related to drawing the warp drive range in the starmap accurately. 
      • You can now swap your ship’s hull with hulls bought from the shop (still can’t swap Hull-plating or turrets, they will come soon!) 
      • Reactor screen should respond better to the reactor being equipped / unequipped 
      • The Engineering switchboard has been tweaked. The third switch controls the shields, and you can now manually shut them down. This is important since the repair depot can’t do anything until your shields are down. 
      • Various minor tweaks for the Intrepid and the Cruiser. 
      • The Jump Prep screen now displays the sector the ship is aligned to (when charged). Jumping the ship is now a much smoother process, and syncs a bit better than it did before. 
      • We’ve tweaked drone aiming and movement. They should provide much more of a challenge, (although we still have a lot more planned for their AI), so be careful out there! -Projectile turrets are now influenced by relative velocity and will move “with the ship”. This should theoretically provide a more realistic experience. We’ve also decreased the Basic Turret recharge time and increased the speed of its projectiles. It should hopefully be a bit more fun to use them for now! 
      • Shields now have a minimum capacity depending on the shield generator component. This means a shield will not be active until it reaches a certain amount of its integrity. When depleting a shield, this will give you a small window of opportunity to deal direct damage to the hull. The shields will appear grey if they are below their minimum capacity or if they are offline. 
      • Some of you may have noticed that our starmap is 3D! There was an error where sectors would appear above you when in reality they were below you, this has been resolved!

      Thank you for your time and feedback!


      The Leafy Games Team



      Awesome  😎  😎  I am going to fire up steam this weekend and download this update. :nyam:

    • #100071

      And Pulsar gets some senors.




      Sensors are used to detect and acquire information about ships you encounter in the galaxy. They can provide useful information such as power levels, distance, and ship components. Ships can potentially hide from sensors by keeping a safe distance or lowering their emitted signatures.

      Your ship sensors provide information about your hull integrity, and the hull and shields of any discovered ships. They continuously update with new information but can be temporarily disabled when you perform a more focused scan. Active Scans find ships previously undiscovered to you. And Targeted Scans provide specific information about a single ship.

      Currently Quantum (QT) Scans don’t do much since they are affected by teleporters and Atriums, (which are not yet implemented). Lifeform Scans are not fully implemented yet as well. Radiology Scans are also on the way; those will be responsible for detecting things like nuclear devices. Electromagnetic Scans and signatures (EM) are currently the most useful. EM sweeps will detect ships with lower EM signatures or ones that are farther away. Doing a Targeted Component Scan is possible right now; when the scan is complete a results button will appear next to the scan button.


      • New sensor system implemented and enemy ships can avoid automatic detection 
      • TagID system (A, B, C) changed to allow for dynamic tags based on detection order
      • Enemy ships are now sorted by distance on-screen 
      • Balance changes to thrusters and turrets 
      • Added flashlight mesh / effects to pawns 



      • Fixed audio bug that could cause major performance drop when alarms were active
      • Trading menu cannot be opened multiple times simultaneously anymore 
      • Fixed issue where camera mode of a pilot / turret operator would not be reset when it should have been (on galaxy reset / death) 
      • Ship interior physics / collision tweaked to help stability / performance 
      • Fixed internal bug that could cause sector sync errors
      • Should not be able to use screens when ship power is off 
      • Fixed bug that made it harder (or impossible) to walk up ramps when framerate is very low   

        Previous fixes since last update


      • Warp Alignment Issues
      • W.D. Cruiser Interior Collision Issue 
      • Bug with ship throttle that would allow the throttle to get ‘stuck’ 
      • AI won’t go hostile when colliding into an asteroid -Small shield visual bug fix
      • Fixed bug that caused invisible fires! 
      • Fixed issues with hull repair when the hull component was above level 1 
      • Viruses should now work and show up properly 
      • Shields should stop using power when they are disabled 
      • Drone Aim should better adapt to the relative velocity projectile change

      Thank you for your time! Have a great day!


      The Leafy Games Team

    • #100072

      New update from Leafy.





      Hey everyone! 

      We have a new update for you all today! We wanted to get this one out a few days ago but decided to spend some extra time internally testing it. We have a number of new systems in the game and we’ve modified and improved some of the existing ones.

      This is the start of the class-specific update for the Weapons Specialist. It focuses on improving and adding to the turret system, as well as bringing back an old friend from the devlogs: nuclear devices!

      Here is the newest devlog if you are interested:



      -Changed the way turrets and projectiles are networked for a better experience

      -E-bomb networking improvements

      -Graveyards should spawn closer and in a random direction

      -Turret system has had some work done, The captain can now buy, sell and install turrets, two new turrets have been added to the game

      -Added Laser Turret: Fires a 3 second beam that continually deals damage. Especially effective against Hulls. The CU Intrepid starts with a laser turret.

      -Added Spreadshot Turret: Fires 3 charges each releasing 10 projectiles, very effective at close ranges. The WD Cruiser starts with a spreadshot.

      -Input binding files now have versioning, we’ve made some changes to the file format. Ship system repair and the fire extinguisher key can be re-bound now (sorry for the long wait on that one). A system is now in place to warn users of old versions.

      -Nuclear devices have been added a new ship component type. You can buy, sell and equip nuclear devices. The Nuclear Device screen handles the launch process.

      -Drone AI and weapon targeting improvements

      -Unity core has been upgraded to version 4.5.3f3 

      -Mines have been added to graveyards, they don’t move and explode when the ship gets near

      -Pieces of scrap can be collected from graveyards. Scraps can be found scattered around graveyards. They have a bluish tint to them, and you can collect them by flying your ship close to them. After collecting them, they will appear in your cargo and you can sell them at a store. 

      -Reactors temperature scale has been tweaked, it should take a bit longer to overheat now.

      -Ship default components have been tweaked (drones and player ships) 

      -General shops can now sell thrusters 

      -Added icons for ship components

      -Starmap has new icons to illustrate repair depots/ general stores, exotic shops, and Sector Commanders

      -Added a simple tool-tip system for turrets, we’ll eventually expand this to every other interactable system.

       -Added our first Sector Commander / Boss. The enemy has a number of deadly weapons and abilities. Use caution when warping to its sector. The Sector Commander icon resembles this: (!)


      -Fixed bug that could cause names above crew members to not appear

      -Fixed bug that could cause fog to not appear correctly when using turrets

      -Fixed bug that caused performance issues with ship fires

      -Fixed bug in trading menu that caused sell pricing errors

      -Fixed bug that could cause networking errors after visiting an exotic shop

       -Various network stability changes

      -Fixed bug that could cause sync problems with ship components

      NOTE: For Mac users: If the game starts up with a black screen and doesn’t change. Try pressing Apple + F to turn it into windowed mode. We’ll fix this problem in the next patch! 

      Thanks for your time, we hope you enjoy this update! We are excited to see what you guys think of our first Sector Commander! 



    • #100073

      Update to Pulsar also looks like it will make playing the game in SP harder as the have yet to introduce any player bots.



      Hello everyone!

      We have some big changes for you! We’ve been hard at work on Part 2 of the Weapons Specialist. We wanted to tackle the mechanics of combat inside of ships. In order to do this we had to have a lot of systems in place: things like ship-to-ship teleportation, AI and pathing, a gun system and a way for individual players to die and respawn! We still have a lot of work to do on each of these systems, but it’s great to get down this framework to build upon. We are super excited to finally release it! 

      Devlog 35:



       -Item System: Pressing the 1-4 number keys will allow you to switch between the three items and your hands! There is a new bottom right menu that displays your items and which one you currently have equipped.

      -Phase Pistol: Simple pistol that shoots a blast of plasma. Accuracy is reduced when moving, the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

      -Repair Tool: Equip this item and shoot it at ship systems to repair them!

      -Fire Extinguisher: Equip this item and shoot it at fires to extinguish them!

      -New Screen: Teleporter: A fairly simple screen, lists all of the operational teleporter pads discovered via the ship sensors. Simply click the “Select” button to teleport.

      -New Enemy Ship: The W.D Transport Ship is commonly found moving humanoid drones and other pieces of technology through the galaxy. During combat situations, the Automated Transport ship can send units to board invading ships! Players can teleport aboard this vessel, be warned there is no oxygen!

      -Added Health system.

      -Added new character animations and sound effects.

      -Added Death and Atrium Mechanics: Only one crew member can be re-materialized at a time, when many people die and queue is formed. Players can be killed by enemy fire, or by suffocation. Standing near or in the Atrium while injured can heal you slowly.

      -Added new image effects for player feedback:
      * Red: Damage from an enemy
      * Desaturated: Suffocation
      * Green: Being healed by the Atrium

      -New character controller and “gravity” system

      -New ship rendering system trick: This is a big one for us, lighting and interior shadows should be much crisper, Interior “Shaking effect” that occurs when traveling long distances should no longer occur, and performance increases across the board!

      -Added decal system for the Phase Pistol (still very early)

      -Added mechanic to damage ship systems internally. Humanoid drones might try to damage the systems while aboard your ship.

      -Added Humanoid Drone: A mechanical figure designed for labor and combat.

      -Added AI and pathing: This is our first step into interior AI, it’s still a basic framework and will be improved throughout the entire development process of Pulsar. 


       -Modified character speed

      -Adjusted the drag on the ships, they should move around generally faster now

      -Various art tweaks and adjustments to both the Intrepid and Cruiser interiors

      -Adjusted some sound effects for the interiors

      -Modified how character names appear, also added characters’ health information

      -Improved character networking

      -Players can now see others look up and down 


      -Mac fullscreen should now work properly

      -Linux shading errors should not occur anymore

      -Players SHOULD no longer fall through the ship 🙂

      -As mentioned above, flickering lighting and shadows as well as shaking meshes should no longer happen.

      -Camera no longer stutters when rotating ship

      -Probably a few other small changes we forgot to add to the list!

      Thank you all for your patience and feedback! Hope all is well!


      The Leafy Games Team


      Looking forward to when they start to put the planets into the game.

    • #100074

      New update through Steam ect.




      Hello adventurers!


      The Engineer update has arrived! We’ve added a few new screens and systems! The engineering rooms looks pretty different in this version, we can’t wait to see what you all think of the new stuff!



      New Screen: Auxiliary Reactor Screen: Can be found on the bridge and in the engine room. This screen’s function is to manage the auxiliary systems of each ship. By turning off various systems the aux energy will be re-routed to boost the reactor’s total output! This is useful for managing temperature as well as simply giving the ship more power to send to the 4 conduits!

      Improved Reactor Screen: Players can now modify the total usage of the reactor, which can be a crucial component for power management. Networking improvements have been made which should decrease the shakiness of modifying this screen. We’ve also added critical heat warnings and a meltdown timer! The reactor screen also updates properly when not in use.

      Fuel Capsules: Fuel is consumed upon warp and is required for the warp drive to function.

      Manual Program Charging: There is a station in the engine room of the Intrepid and Cruiser to manually expend a loaded fuel capsule to charge the programs as if the ship has warped.

      Distress Signals: You can activate a variety of distress signals that can attract ships to warp into your sector. This is useful if you run out of fuel and are stranded. They may introduce enemy drones or a civilian vessel.

      New Screen: Reactor Coolant Screen: The reactor coolant screen is used to cool the reactor (while maintaining performance) in extreme situations. Coolant can be refilled at trading stations (for credits). This screen is also where you’ll see fuel capsules and broadcast distress signals.

      Reactor Core Meltdown: The reactor core safety system can be disabled in the engine room. This prevents the automatic safety power shut-off from occurring, buying you more time to keep the ship running, but can cause the core to meltdown. You must eject the core and get as far away as possible. Ejecting the core will destroy the reactor in the process. Your engineer will need to route auxiliary power to run the 4 conduits. Remember to do this when you eject the core, or else your ship won’t be able to escape the blast!

      Civilian Vessel: This little ship has a chance to appear when a distress signal is broadcasted. They don’t do much yet, but are willing to sell you fuel for exorbitant prices!



      – Fixed a regression with the piloting fixed camera mode, it should support mouse look properly now, have less stuttering and be smoother overall

      -Fixed a bug that caused drones to not be correctly destroyed on linux hosts

      -Fixed bug that incorrectly used the screen frame limit as the game frame limit

      -Fixed some bugs related to how server time differences are calculated on clients

      -Fixed bug related to lighting of the ejected core



      -The E-Bomb has been removed from the Main Turret, we will replacing it in a future update with a new system!

      -Upgraded to Unity core 4.5.5f1 – This should fix some Linux mouse issues.

      -Tweaked art assets for both Intrepid and Cruiser


      Known Issues

      -We experienced some mouse problems in our Mac testing released to locking and unlocking the cursor. We will be looking into it.


      Extra Notes

      We got our hands on the Unity 5 beta and will be looking into moving the project over to that build! Hopefully all goes well on that front!


      That’s it for now, thank you for your time!
      Please let us know what you think!


      The Leafy Games Team


    • #100075

      All change with 570 MB update from leafy.




      We’ve made some pretty big changes to the game since the last update. We’ve upgraded the engine core to Unity 5, and also overhauled our entire audio system to Wwise. This should allow us to have more control over sound effects in the future. As expected, both of these large changes broke the game in many fascinating ways! It’s taken more time than we expected to get things back on track and getting the game to be playable again. Because of the extra time-sink of getting things working again, we weren’t able to fully finish the UI overhaul. We decided to wrap up what we have currently and send it your way. The next update should fix any major bugs and errors and finish up the UI as well!

      We’ve played a lot with some new flight AI. Drones should now generally be able to avoid crashing into things while flying. If a drone switches to Red Alert, there is a chance other drones will switch to Yellow Alert and investigate. AI will flee when greatly damaged and come back to fight when shields are fully recharged.

      We listened to some of the feedback on the forums and decided to really cut some of the fat from the main GUI. The result is a super simple UI system that throws a lot of the extra details towards the Status Screen. We think this will help create discussion between the crew members, and it also works a lot nicer on smaller resolutions!

      We’ve added the start of the TAB menu. Pressing tab will open the menu and from here players will be able to see the conditions of the crew, view game stats and alert level, communicate / trade with other stations and vessels and much more in time! Keep in mind if you want to buy/sell, install ship components or repair the hull, you’ll need to do it through the Comms sections in this tab menu! The trading windows still need a ton of work!

      We’ve created the very first version of PULSAR’s Ship Owners Manual! Here is the link to download / view the guide: … Manual.pdf

      It should prove to be a very useful piece of documentation, especially for those who have missed any of the devlogs or are just starting out!


      -Alert Levels have been added

      -Status screen has been heavily worked on, improved

      -New Engine core

      -New audio system

      -All-new sound effects

      -Inertial settings for Pilot

      -Quantum Shield – Prevents enemies from boarding while online


      -Engineering system damage now reduces thruster power usage

      -Thruster visuals and lighting now correspond to ship thruster output instead of throttle

      -It is now possible lose detection of enemy ships during battle and for enemies to do the same

      -Reactors now output more energy with higher component level

      -Drones can now start with slightly upgraded components

      -Sensors now will scale down detection level (and power usage) when the computer system has been damaged

      -Sensor power usage has been tweaked

      -EM Sensor max power usage increases per component level

      -Changes to drone pilot AI (collision avoidance)

      -Changes to drone power allocation AI

      -Art tweaks to Cruiser and Intrepid

      -New materials

      -Unity 5 changes including more multi-threaded processing, which should potentially increase performance across the board


      -Fixed bug with warp program recharging sometimes not working

      -Fixed bug in sensor screen that caused wrong power allocation levels to be displayed for target ships

      -Fixed bug that caused the ship to sometimes overheat when a player joins the game

      -Fixed bug related to the repair tool not correctly applying over the network

      That’s it for now!

      Thank you for your time, hope all is well!


      The Leafy Games Team


      At last a manual :good: and from the quick look I had at this morning, they right about it being faster in fact too fast when moving about the ship.

    • #100076

      Steam has updated Pulsar but I can’t  see what it was for although at a guess probably some hot fixes for the big update.

    • #100077

      Big update for Pulsar.




      Now on to Version 0.45! This update brings several new features to PULSAR! This is also the end of Alpha Phase 2! From here on out we will be focusing on finalizing most of the class mechanics, adding other systems and moving into content integration!

      Crew Bot Support / AI Priorities

      We have added AI bots that can take on roles of your crew! This first version supports the Scientist, Weapons Specialist and Engineer roles. The Captain can also specify AI priorities via the tab menu (Overview tab). The AI Priorities system is a customizable tool that allows the Captain to tweak part of the decision making process of each individual bot under their control. It’s an early system and we have a lot of plans to expand it moving forward, but we are excited to finally get this early version in the game!

      NEW SHIP: The Stargazer

      This is the first ship for the Alliance of Gentlemen that is playable. It is a luxury yacht that has been retrofitted to be a stealth combat vessel for the AOG. We have added some new viruses that are related to the Alliance and added unique uniforms for each faction!

      Crew Leveling / Talents

      Crews can now level up once gaining XP (from visiting new sectors or killing enemy ships). Once leveled a crew can assign talent points to various categories to tweak various player, crew or ship stats.

      (Class-specific talents for the Weapons Specialist, Engineer and Scientist, as well as more for the Captain and Pilot are on the way!)

      Captain Orders / Targeting

      The Captain can now issue one of 10 crew-wide orders that will appear to all players and bots. It’s a simple system designed to quickly communicate basic ideas and strategies. The AI is early but can respond to a few of these orders.

      The Captain can now target specific ships from the Overview tab (under where they select the Alert Level). AI and Automated turrets will generally focus on the targeted vessel!


      -NEW SHIP: Stargazer Yacht

      -NEW VIRUS: Gentleman’s Welcome

      -NEW VIRUS: Siphon

      -Crew AI controlled bots are now available for the Scientist, Engineer and Weapons Specialist roles

      -Captain can assign crew orders. They will appear at the top of the screen for everyone in the crew. They should be helpful to guide and lead your crew to victory!

      -Captain can assign a target ship (auto-aim turrets and bots should target the selected ship)

      -New Warp Drive: G.T.C. Silent Cricket

      -New Starting locations for WD and Alliance of Gentlemen factions

      -Teleport Screen now illustrates when a vessel is blocked by Quantum Shields


      -Updates to uniforms

      -Warpdrive tooltips now show peak EM Signature

      -Tweaks to some component stats

      -Tweaks to how programs are charged by the warp drive, Charging slots no longer exist, all programs will now charge from left to right starting with the first uncharged program/virus. The order in which you align them determines the order in which they are charged. Most ships now charge 3 slots per fuel capsule, however there is a warp-drive out there that gives 4!

      -Viruses now have infection times

      -Ship exteriors should properly cast shadows while camera is inside a ship

      -Sensor screen no longer displays the sweep completed window

      -EM sensor sweeps now boosts ship EM detection by 20x and EM signature by 2x for 5 seconds after completed instead of old behavior

      -Virus screen now shows incoming virus attempts of ships that you can detect

      -Some screens are locked to a tilt to prevent rendering errors

      -Dragging a program over another program using the scientist computer screen will now swap their positions

      -The Warp Drive Screen can now be found in the engineering stations of each ship!

      -Updated to Unity 5.0 Beta 18


      -Fixed bug that caused incorrect player names to show above turrets in the exterior hud.

      -Fixed bug that caused some alarm lights to not correctly disable shadows to match video settings

      -Fixed bug that caused alarm lights to improperly light some objects (shields, ship exteriors)

      -Fixed bug that caused viruses to be broadcast to ships that could not be detected by the sending ship

      -Fixed bug that caused the ship’s EM signature to not properly update based on reactor usage percent

      -Fixed bug in ship directional thrusters that caused some alignment issues

      -Fixed bug related to repair gun and fire extinguisher networking

      As well as various other small changes and tweaks!

      (Patch notes for version 0.45e2) We didn’t think this one was big enough to warrant its own KS update so we grouped it into this one!


      -Added some small seasonal details to both ships for the upcoming holidays!

      -Turret tooltips now support showing the current operator


      -Changes to how shadows are handled. Should be able to see exterior shadows when inside a ship. Also updated to the new PCF 5×5 shadow filtering mode. ( We are really excited about this one!)

      -Changes to how ship maneuvering thrusters visuals appear. Should better match input for both automatic and manual flight modes. Supports visuals for translation and torque. Still a work in progress.

      -Video settings menu will no longer reset postprocess antialiasing setting when changing to some quality levels.

      -Sound effect updates

      -Players no longer need to respawn at the atrium after a “Galaxy Reset”.

      -Adjusted reactor glass, reduced the amount of specular highlights

      Fixes -Fixed bug that caused ship thrusters to fire while typing in piloting mode

      -Fixed bug related to the nuclear launch process that allowed the player to sell a nuke and then fire it. Nuclear device should now be properly unloaded from the system if stored in cargo.

      -Fixed bug related to turret controllers and ship controllers not being properly cleared when a player disconnected and reconnected to the game.

      -Fixed bug that caused the Behave debugger to run in release builds

      -Fixed some physics problems with the corrupted drone and large asteroids

      -Fixed another physics bug that caused projectiles not to collide with many non-ship objects -Fixed bug that allowed turret hud to persist through to the main menu

      -Fixed camera issue when using a turret

      -Fixed directional light issue when viewing the exterior of a ship 

      -Adjusted life-support and lounge meshes on the Intrepid, they should no longer have graphical glitches on certain mac computers.

      -Fixed issue that would allow players to fall out of the Cruiser’s bridge.

      -Fixed intersecting screen in the Cruiser’s engineering room.

      Thank you all for your help and support, hope all is well!


      The Leafy Games Team


      Surprisingly only about 38 meg in size and crew bots :good:

    • #100078

      New dev video out a few days ago.



      Seem like some interesting stuff going on.

    • #100079

      Dev blog 40 out about the starmap and now has 2000 systems.


    • #100080

      Dev blog 41 camera tricks.


    • #100081

      OH YES planets, well it just a basic desert planet but they have started to put them in the game. 😎



      Anyone seen one yet.

    • #100082

      Dev blog about the new inventory system.


    • #100083

      Dev log 44.


    • #100084

      I don’t even want to watch, makes waiting much harder 😛

    • #100085

      Another week and another update, pretty impressive with the rate of these updates to the game.



      And the change log.



      Hey Everyone!

      We have a quick update for you all today! Many of you have reported a bug with the inventory which should be solved with this update! We’ve added some more features for the interior fire system as well, we still have a lot more planned but we’re happy with the changes so far!


      -New Scientist Talent: Frequency Amplifier – Increases the positive effects and decreases the negative effects for the shield frequency settings

      -Fires now die off in low oxygen

      -Fires now deal damage to nearby players


      -Captain can now sort cargo in the view components menu

      -Damage to shields and Hull are now highlighted then drop down, this should help visualize the amount of damage taken.

      -Mega-Turret UI now has a countdown timer for missile re-loading

      -Added back the WD Transport Ship


      -Laser turret damage calculation tweaks. Generally deals more hull damage than before.

      -Drones now slowly heal their own system damage over time.


      -Fixed issue that could cause ship inventory sorting desync if the captain was not the game host

      -Fixed inventory issue that caused items to be deleted when a player leaves the game. The items should now be moved to the appropriate locker instead of being deleted.

      -Fixed a bug with the cargo system that could cause players to get stuck in ship geometry

      Thanks for your time!


      The Leafy Games Team

    • #100086

      Devlog 46 for version 49a from last week.



      Change log can be found here and it was the one year anniversary on the 25 when they posted the update.

    • #100087

      Dev log 47.



      It,s about the warp stations and It’s nice to see devs starting let players ships have both a free jump and the option to use a jump gate net work. :good:

    • #100088

      Dev blog 48.



      Yup update is on Steam.

    • #100089

      Short dev blog 49.



      Nice hub on the way.

    • #100090

      Dev log 50, hub should be in this update as steam updated the game yesterday with a 96 meg update just not had any time to look at it.


    • #100091

      short dev blog this week, two hot fixes and a vote.


    • #100092

      Devlog 52.




      We have also decided to change the current update schedule, for the rest of the time leading up to beta we will no longer follow a strict 2 week build schedule. We hope this change will allow us to be a bit more efficient with adding features as well as give us more flexibility to make them stable. We expect these final few updates before Beta will take longer than 2 weeks but will hopefully contain more features as well as be more stable.


      -General AI improvements across the board

      -Early Pilot AI has been added – Still quite early, we still have quite a bit of work to do for pathfinding flight AI. While the pilot doesn’t currently collect scrap or align the ship to the targeted way point, they can be useful during ship-to-ship combat!

      -Added a screen lock / unlock system for board-able ships.

      -Added a ship claiming system that should work with the screen unlocking mechanic. Players should be able to board foreign ships, unlock the majority of the ship’s screens and have the captain claim it!

      -New Enemy

      – Enemy Crewed Intrepid-Class Starships. 30% chance to encounter them in a colonial union sector

      -New Enemy – AI Crewed Stargazer-Class Starships. 30% chance to encounter them in an unclaimed sector.

      -New Enemy- AI Crewed W.D. Cruiser-Class Starships. 30% chance to encounter them in a WD controlled sector.

      -New Sector Commander: Captain Spriggs of the Grim Cutlass

      -New Turret – Burst Railgun – Fires three shots consecutively

      -New MegaTurret – CU Long Range – Fires a short continual beam of energy, dealing massive amounts of damage. The Grim Cutlass is known to have one equipped.

      -Added a new area to the Bar found in the Colonial Union Hub, more details have been added as well.

      -New Planet – Red Desert

      -The Fire system has been overhauled, new systems are in place to make sure they behave correctly, they visually start small and dimmer and grow in size and intensity over time.

      -New “Night” Variant for the Intrepid-Class, visual tweaks to Hull and interiors. The Grim Cutlass uses this new variant.

      -Added an early list of the backer submitted NPC names!

      -Added an early group priorities system, this works behind the scenes and actively changes how important certain events are based on whether or not a bot is already working to react. (If a bot is already running to take out a fire, the others won’t be as inclined to help since the problem is being taken care of).

      -Added a simple spectating system for players while they wait to be respawned

      -Added a new interior to one of the Desert Planet variations 


      -Alarms are disabled at green alert level

      -Balance changes to turrets. Projectiles are generally slower and do more damage.

      -Camera shake from a shield hit has been reduced

      -UI changes in how your current ship and enemy ships are displayed onscreen

      -Tweaked Player movement speed when holding a weapon

      -Intrepid and Cruiser Classes no long start with nuclear devices, you need to earn them now!

      -Nuclear devices do slightly less damage but have longer ranges to compensate 


      -Fixed bug that caused the quantum shields to be active at the wrong times

      -Fixed a few issues with viruses

      -Fixed an issue regarding planet path generation

      -Fixed an issue regarding a targeted component scan of a foreign ship not showing up correctly -Fixed a few collision issues in certain planet sectors

    • #100093

      Dev Log 53.



      Taking about the hub and bug fixes also say some thing about the turrets which I hope they have finally sorted out.

    • #100094

      Been a while since I had a play around with Pulsar and it has had a few updates with a station which can be beamed over to and explored.




      It’s pretty big area and not all of it can be accessed at the moment although you can talk to some of the locals and theirs a trading area as well as this guy who looks like he will be handing out missions in the future.




      Back on the ship I found how to add the bot to my crew although they don’t appear to do much at the moment apart from stand still and looking gormless.




      You can’t shoot them either, I tried it and don’t add a pilot bot to your crew as you can fly the ship anywhere until you dismiss him, on the other hand they have added a number of new ship system which can be fiddled around with. Also they have added ice worlds to the deserts worlds which can be beamed down to and explored where you can some times find weapons and lots of biscuits.






      All in all the game is really starting to shape up and I’m looking forward to seeing whats coming although the turrets are still useless,  I still getting blasted to bits every time I go up against a drone

    • #100095

      New Devlog.



    • #100096

      New update and dev blog.





      – Added a new flight option for Pilots. Precise throttle control can allow you to only use a fraction of the energy given to the engineering conduit. Because of this, Pilots can now control speed and power management without consulting the Engineer. A Pilot can move slower to avoid enemy detection, maneuver difficult obstacles or assist in reducing reactor heat by running on lower power.

      -Added a new off-screen indicator system for Pilots and crewmembers manning turrets. It’’s fairly straightforward, but we think it really helps players gain a better understanding of where ships are in the current sector.

      -Added a first-person piloting mode that enables Pilots to fly the ship from the bridge

      -Added the ability to customize your appearance. This can be done is the esc menu.

      -Added support for both male and female player visuals

      -New camera mode for Piloting: Hybrid – a few have suggested a mix between orbit and fixed camera, this camera mode should now be in a fixed position and only move when changing the position of the camera via mouse. It can take some time to get used to.

      -Added an early look at the Community Designed HUB: Cornelia Station! The station is still in an early state and many interiors are not yet built. We’ve incorporated a lot of the feedback we’ve gotten from the layout voting process and hope to get even more when you all get a chance to explore it!

      – Added a new 3D navigation system for Pilot AI. It’s still pretty early but with this we decided to add back those asteroids we had earlier! The Pilot AI doesn’t yet hunt for scrap or align the ship to a sector but it can still be useful for combat if you can’t find a human Pilot.


      -Tweaked art assets for all bridges, they should better support first person piloting, (better windows and position).

      -Piloting screen actually has some settings right now, players can choose between “Binary” and “Precise” throttle control, binary has either 100% throttle or 0%, this is exactly how the previous system works.

      -New piloting stations now have a status screen so the Pilot can quickly gauge info while piloting in first-person

      -Changes to piloting controls. Combines throttle and inertia dampening settings to give the Pilot a more unified control scheme. This also improves the piloting experience when using a flight stick and/or throttle controllers.

      -Sector lighting and fog will now better match sector color

      -Main turret damage amount tweaked and now deals armor-piercing damage

      -Player animations have been overhauled

      -Reduced exterior scale dramatically, due to the games camera system it should not be noticeable at all (if we did everything correctly). This change should help with object jitteriness at far distances.

      -Crew and enemy crew bots will now randomly assign their appearance, this system will likely be improved in the future to get better results.

      -New save file format: now saves faction reputation information

      -Flashlights are now brighter

      -Updated some of the ship thruster and light visuals, they also will change based on how much throttle is being used.

      -Tweaked warp visuals

      -Default input bindings no longer include joystick/gamepad settings. More work on this will be coming soon!


      -Warp drive program pricing has been fixed. It incorrectly increased the price based on max charge levels.

      -Players should no longer get stuck in that certain shed that was reported!

      -Turret auto aim fixes to prevent turret clipping into the ship when they don’t have a target

      -Bloom postprocess effect has been fixed

      -Can only swap hull components to prevent ship self destruction when hull is removed -Some fixes to help prevent alarm sound from playing when it shouldn’t

      -Ship door sounds should now play properly (can’t hear other ship doors opening/closing)

      -Main turret tooltip should now show correct damage and scale with level

      -Fixed bug that could cause enemy turrets to not properly lock onto targets if manned by bot

      -Fixed an issue that could cause non-host inventories to not sync correctly, this may have caused a number of issues in regards to completing mission objectives.

      -Fixed an issue that could cause a player to be invisible if you joined while they were on a planet

      -Fixed issue that could cause the jetpack sound effect to continue playing endlessly if the player dies while using the jetpack

      -Some changes that should prevent the game over condition from occurring when it shouldn’t

      -Fixed issue that could cause heat generation when attempting to fire a heavy pistol while sprinting when the gun didn’t actually fire

      -Beam-type weapons should no longer cause friendly fire in certain circumstances

      Known Issues

      -Nuke screen still has some issues

      -Shops will sometimes not correctly sync their inventory to clients if the player joined while in range of a shop

      -Some issues have been seen with crew bot networking

      -Audio will sometimes cut out

      -Bandits will sometimes not spawn / fall through the level on certain planets

      -Mission completion doesn’t take the mission items on clients

      Thanks for your time!


      The Leafy Games Team

    • #100097

      This project is getting better and better, it’s in a really hot phase now.

      I really like the first-person pilot (you activate it with the K-key), so you can directly pilot from the ship. I still have to figure out all the keys for piloting, I know there is a auto and manual mode.


      😎 Nice, nice, nice,


    • #100098

      Reading forums and by googling, I notice that most people who would be interested in this game and others who have already bought it simply don’t know what to do with it in its current alpha-beta state. Maybe the devs are not going to read this, but here my suggestions anyway:


      The current Manual (posted on the site) is good once the game is reasonably finished, but for now it doesn’t tell much as for playing the game in Single Player (with bots as the crew).

      Not everyone is going to play online with 4 other buds as the crew, but will focus on Single Player. Apparently a lot of guys need pointers for doing that or will get away uninterested, that’s no good.


      As I understand, a single player must play all the roles of the crew alone or using bots, but  some bots do plain nothing at the moment. It would be nice to make a sticky post in the game site forum explaining *basic* stuff (not repeating the story in the manual), but simple things like: How to play in Single Player mode, how do you fly the ship, do you need the bots and do you have to send them away if you want to do things by yourself (which you must at the moment) ? Also important is to update such a post frequently as things are added to the game.

      Despite of the manual, all this is not clear for most people I think, and they won’t scrutinize all the forum pages or devlogs to find out. Or maybe add some new playing guides in the release notes instead of only telling what has been fixed etc. ?



    • #100099

      Remember that the game is being made as a muiltplayer game where each person has a station on the bridge, the bots and any single player part of the game are not a priority for them at the moment, but I’m sure they will get around to doing it some point.

    • #100100

      Thanks Pinback,

      I haved mailed them the above on their site, but I was wrong about the manual: it gets updated pretty fast indeed. They plan to improve the bots, but yes it’s mainly a Multiplayer game.


      Even in the current beta, going as single player through the game is a load of fun, especially the FPS part which already includes enemies to combat, ship boardings and some missions. As a novum: your ship can be boarded too 🙂




    • #100101

      The one thing I find really annoying is the turrets and I wish they would sort them, (unless it been sorted out as I not looked at the current build).

    • #100102

      Well, in the last builds they have worked on the turrets, they said they are moving smoother now. What’s strange is that in devlog 56 I see them switch from 1st person piloting directly to the turrets, but which keyboard command do they use? I have to physically move in the weapon’s room every time I want to use them, so I also have to assign a pilot bot.

      I assume that’s because both devs are multiplaying (one as weapon officer, the other one as captain/pilot).



    • #100103

      What I find annoying is that the turrets are only placed on the top of the ship with nothing on the bottom so the whole ship has to rotate to keep an enemy in sight.


      Probably done to give the player playing the pilot some thing to do in combat.

    • #100104

      Are many playing this? Is it easy to get a group together in the alpha?

    • #100105

      Are many playing this? Is it easy to get a group together in the alpha?


      Don’t know as I only play around with it in it’s off line mode.


      New update.




      Pre Beta 3 should be out now! This update ended up being an interesting one, we got to add two things we’ve been excited about for a while: the ExoSuit and the Hand Held Scanner! We’ve also made some progress regarding connection issues and crashes. We added region support which should hopefully strengthen people’s connections if they aren’t based in the US. This is something we can’t fully test alone, so we’d love any feedback!

      For those who’ve been watching this project for a while, you may remember a super early scanner from one of the earlier devlogs. The new scanner has been redesigned as a larger, two-handed device to increase readability. It can currently detect your fellow crewmembers, enemies or hazards, items and components, NPCs, and interior/exterior locations. You can read more about the scanner under the “Scientist” section of the manual on our website!

      The ExoSuit is pretty straightforward, you need to put on the suit to explore certain environments that would otherwise be fatal to your crew! We’d like to do more with it in the future (e.g more helmet information and feedback, more types of environmental hazards, potentially leaks). You can read more about the suit under the “Introduction” section of the manual on our website.


      -Server regions have now been added, people can connect to servers in the US, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Australia. This should hopefully help people close to those regions get better ping. The menu should popup by default on first bootup. You can change your region in the Multiplayer Settings while in the main menu. You will only be able to see / join games in your selected region.

      -Pawn Planet cameras have been overhauled. This should allow us to greatly increase the draw distance.

      -Added the ExoSuit: A protective enclosure surrounding the player that protects them from hazardous environments. The suit is designed to be the all-in-one solution for encountering almost every type of foreseeable hazardous environment.

      -Added the Hand-Held Scanner: An equipable item that allows the player to gain a better understanding of their surroundings. It can identify a number of different things from enemy life forms to useful items!

      -New Planet – Frozen Wasteland

      -New Planet – Low Oxygen Environment

      -New Planet – High Temperature Environment

      -New Planet – Acidic Atmosphere

      -Added two new missions

      -Added a new creature type

      -Lifeform targeted scan now has functionality

      -All 4 sensor types now have detection / signature levels. Only one signal needs to be detected for objects / ships to be detected.

      -Added planet scans. They are still pretty early, but they can be useful for determining how dangerous an environment is.

      -Added new functionality to the teleporters, they can now teleport into planet interiors.


      Full change log here

    • #100106

      Dev log 58 and the big new is that the game is now in Beta.



    • #100107

      Dev log 59 and lot of things going on with Pulsar, move to early access, new ship,new controls.


    • #100108

      Devlog 60 Station interiors.


    • #100109

      Devlog 61.


    • #100110

      Dev log 62.



      Will be downloading it at the weekend., sound like it may be a big update.

    • #100111

      is it possible to play solo with the bots, yeah i know its a multiplayer thing but sometimes instancing etc is a bit iffy

    • #100112

      I just downloaded the latest update yesterday and last time I look at the game was a couple of months ago and my impression was that the bots were pretty basic and did not do a lot.


      Not sure if anything has changed since then but I’m guessing that it not a priority for them at the moment .

    • #100113

      New dev log out.


    • #100114

      Seems to have been a while since the last.



      Nice update and although I would guess it mostly concerns the multiplayer game, does not look like they have fixed the turrets yet.

    • #100115

      Dev log 65.


    • #100116

      Dev video 66.


    • #100117

      Sneak peek at the coming update.


    • #100118

      Dev blog 67 and at last it all about your AI crew mates.



      More in-depth one here.


    • #100119

      Sneak peek at the coming update.


      That’s nice. On a side note, I can never recall the name of this game. I check the videos twice a year.

    • #100120

      The games being making some big improvements in the last few updates.

    • #111942

      Pulsar still seems to be going strong, I have posted the lastest devlog which is about 4 months old so they should be coming out with a new onw soon.
    • #112110

      Devlog 77 games.
    • #112354

      Dev blog 78.
    • #112388

      This one has been in early access for over 3yrs now and it doesn’t even look close to being done. Does anyone have this game can give feedback on it, how is it in the early access state is it worth getting right now? I have stopped buying early access games entirely I am getting tired of waiting to play games.

    • #112391

      I have stopped buying early access games entirely I am getting tired of waiting to play games.

      Same here. Not to mention that some are never finished.

      Does anyone have this game can give feedback on it, how is it in the early access state is it worth getting right now?

      According to their dev diaries, they started adding endgame content. But no word, on a launch date.

    • #112398

      What you have to remember about early access is that many of the game are made by one or two people or very small teams. And as I have said many times before buying into early access is a gamble as to weather the devs can do what they say they can do.

      Pulsar use to have an offline mode not sure if they have removed that as their nothing in the start options of the game apart from the online modes or it might just be a case of turning the internet off top get access to it.

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