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      I’ve been playing games on Steam for some time and I need to make sure I’m not missing anything good elsewhere so I’m coming to the people who know best.

      I’ve looked at Elite: Dangerous (which is on Steam) and it seemed to be the perfect game until I found out that it’s 99% combat oriented, everything else you encounter is another criminal or enemy, and there’s no mining. I like the open world trading and mining aspects of a space sim, like in Starpoint Gemini 2 and the like. It’s nice to be able to salvage a wrecked vessel and tow it back as loot too.

      Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion looks awesome but I want to actually fly my ship, not control vast numbers. I already tried Rebel Galaxy and meh, it’s not indepth enough, not enough interaction and combat is odd with the broadside focus.

      Any tips?

      Edit: Gimme 3D, 2D lacks some realism for me. Otherwise, a game like Voidexpanse looks like a like of fun.

      Edit again: I found Everspace and I’m intrigued, checking it out.

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      Elite:Dangerous has mining. Mining can be very challenging in this game. Also you can do trading and smuggling an never fire a single laser shot.

      You could try Evochron Legacy:
      But i don’t know if you can tow a derelict vessel in this game.

      Starpoint Gemini Warlords is also an option if you liked the second part.

      A bit old and unpolished but can be entertaining:

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