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    The rotation rate of R136a1 cannot be measured directly since the photosphere is hidden by the dense stellar wind and the photospheric absorption lines used to measure rotational doppler broadening are not present in the spectrum. A NV emission line at 2.1 µm is produced relatively deep in the wind and can be used to estimate rotation. In R136a1 it has a FWHM of about 15Å, indicating a slow or non rotating star, although it could be aligned with its pole facing Earth. R136a2 and a3 are rotating rapidly and the closest evolutionary models for R136a1 match a star still rotating with an equatorial speed of ∼200 km/s−1 after ∼1.75 Myr.[5]


    A type Ic supernova can produce a GRB if the star is rotating and has an appropriate mass. R136a1 is expected to lose almost all its spin long before core collapse so a GRB is unlikely.[34]


    Seems a contradiction  in itself? So lets assume it does rotate, but it is not apparent because its GRB earthwhacker crosshair, aka its pole, is aimed towards us. So if that thing GRB’s, then we’re fucked I guess.


    (don’t take my post here too serious, but on the other hand, its a GRB, maybe we should… 😉 )

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    Hey as long as this doesn’t impact the earth in the next 100yrs I guess I am ok with it 😉

    I try not to stress about any of this stuff, I can’t remember but isn’t if a 1sq mi asteroid hit the planet it would be a life ender for us? In the scale of space 1mi is a small object that could really change our lives forever. I think what is worse than a collision is a solar flare killing all electronics on the planet… we would instantly go into a fallout type of world and would be the survival of the fittest.

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