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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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      You can buy Salvation Prophecy on Desura here:


      Desura supports a lot of indie games, and does a lot for indie game devs, so I'm really happy to have the game up on their service.

      I'm still working towards getting the game released on some other platforms too. We'll see how that goes!

      This bundle expires on 3/25/2019

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      This game is amazing. I've been playing around with the demo for a week or so and have found myself completely drawn in:-

      1) My teammates on planet surfaces exhibit flocking and swarming algorithm properties that would make any computer scientist proud.

      2) Approaching a planet in my ship (only sadness, 3rd person) the demo say's something like "you cannot land on planets in the demo version" <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ /> …… heaven.

      Very impressed.

      This game is a sleeper hit.


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      Thanks for the kind words Badman! Yeah, I wrote all the pathing from scratch, so that's a mighty fine compliment. <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

Viewing 2 reply threads
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