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    Here is the latest trailer for Shadowrun Returns, I helped fund this kickstarter a few months back and its nice to see what they have been working on.



    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    It looks very reminiscent of the Fallout original games, which can only be a good thing.


    I look forward to seeing where they go with this.


    I thought that part of sending the small drone through a air vent to scout out was a cool idea and definitely expands the tactics. And using your skills to possibly get by a situation without fighting. It will be nice to see how individual skills will play into the tactics and the way you can complete a mission. Cannot wait for this and in a way this is looking a lot like Wasteland 2 as well.


    I’m curious to see the system they’ll use. I play the pen-and-paper version, so I want to see how they translated the system over.


    The games out and the review seem to a bit mixed on this one http://www.incgamers.com/2013/07/shadowrun-returns-review and http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/07/25/wot-i-think-shadowrun-returns/


    Seem that their is no quick save on the game bit odd that they used a check point system and it only available on Steam…….Think I will give it a miss.


    I have hundreds of games on my steam account and finally got around to playing Shadowrun Returns (I will play Dragonfall next).

    I took my time with this game over 1-2 weeks and played about 22hrs on this one. Overall I had a nice time with it, I feel like it had a lot more potential. I would have liked to have a little free-roaming in the barrens and have more interactions and side quests given too me.

    Story wise I would say it was well done story, I just would have liked the option to go off story for a while instead of staying on story the whole time. I mean you have all this character customization, skills and equipment but you rarely get the chance to use it personally. It would have been great if you could terrorize people or corporations with your decking abilities 🙂

    It would have been great for the game if they would have hired some voice actors for most if not all of the dialog (maybe its my age, but I am starting to hate reading text in games…). Playing the game on a 35″ ultrawide monitor was an ok experience, would have liked to see more scaling for larger screens.

    I used the manual save 2x during my play-through when I thought I was in a story climax/changing point type of interaction. But other than that the auto saving was sufficient and there is a rewind feature that I thought was good as well just in case you don’t save often enough.

    The end (I won’t say spoilers) I thought was a little anti-climatic personally… I hear that Dragonfall is a much better story so I am looking forward to playing the expansion.

    Shadowrun Returns was not a waste of my time, its good for 20hrs of entertainment and if you time it right you can get it on sale for under $5. I will not play through this again since there is no achievements… but there is some replayability here only from the aspect of making different conversation choices to see what the outcome would be. I don’t think that is worth another play-through since its not really going to change the plot much in my opinion.

    I might make a bigger review when I am done, but I doubt people want to hear about a 5yro game 🙂

    See I am not lying when I say I never have time to play games…. I am playing them for the first time years after I got them hahaha


    Liked it too and Dragonfall even more indeed 🙂
    However I was probably in a bad mood but I could not get myself to complete Hong-Kong :/


    Thanks for the heads up DC, will be starting Dragonfall tonight or tomorrow and hope to get through it mid Feb.

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