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    I’m sure we’ve all had many games that we’ve had very high hopes for, payed through the noses for, waited ages with great expectation / anticipation….. but when we’ve finally got ’em up and running. PRRRRRT nothing but a jet of diarrohea! :angry:


    For me:-


    1983 “The Hobbit” C64 version – “historically groundbreaking”, yh right – only due to it’s unprecedented levels of marketing hype in the game world (for 83 anyway). The game was a bug riddled broken shower of doo-doo. The bundled in free copy of the Tolkein novel was it’s only salvation! The only good thing bout it was when you got “drunk” in the game….. the text replaced all “s” with “sh”….. which wash rather amushing eshpecially when you typed the “sit” command….. “You shit, time pashshesh” came up! Apparently the Speccy version was good. C64 users got shafted. Thanksh “Melbourne Houshe” you buncha robbersh!


    1984 “Flight Simulator II”, the cassette version for the C64. This was way before Microsoft took up ownership of the “Flight Simulator” series – it was “Sublogic” back then. The disk version had “four scenery areas covering 80 airports” as quoted in the game blurb, but I didn’t own the C64 disk drive until ’87! So I bought the cassette version. TOTAL AND UTTER RIP-OFF, it was the same price as the disc version, but only had ONE HALF of just one of those four scenery areas, and covered just 8 out of the 80 airports! This “same price” was a whopping £49.99 / $90 – in 1984 – that’s probably equivalent to £100 / £200+ in today’s terms. Nearly as bad as David “Grifter” Braben and his “Frontier Fraudster” cartel 30 years later!

    I was only 14 back then and not made of money – and being 14 I wasn’t that in with consumer law….. even if I was here in the UK in ’84 consumer law was non-existant for us yokels. So I was pretty stuck with this rip-off!

    It wasn’t until I got the Amiga 500 version of “Flight Sim II” in ’90 – which was in Microsoft’s hand by then, and “Flight Sim III” on the PC in ’93 that I could finally put the disappointment of the C64 version to bed!


    1989 “Sublogic Jet”, Amiga 500 – oh dear….. “Sublogic” again! I didn’t learn did I? :crazy: At least it had the full content as advertised, but the game, even by Amiga 500 flight sim standards was just utter faeces! Quite literally a “Jet” of diarrohea! And it was another £40 job. That’s why it’s in this list. If it were a £10 bargain bin job, I’d have expected it to be dross!


    1993 “Campaign” PC….. hailed as a groundbreaking new-era in strategy. I only hail it as the biggest concentration of bugs / per megabyte of code I have EVER seen. EVER. The game was barely 2Mb when installed, and I listed over 400 bugs, most of them quite serious and game breaking. Like 1 bug per 5kB of code! When I ran it, it suffered it’s first full reboot crash after just 5 seconds. Which turned out to be the joystick. Any joystick input would make it just simply crash! It had 100’s of WW2 tanks and vehicles, with all their armour stats etc – but when you played it, you realised it had NONE….. the stats were all cosmetic, nothing was actually programmed into it. An M3 Stuart could one-shot kill a King Tiger through it’s front turret for example! It was also another horribly expensive game. £45 I think. Which was mostly for all the useless posters, maps, charts and WW2 post-cards and silly booklets and over padded out manuals. Thanks “Empire Software”….. and you know, I’m sure they’re still making games even now. BTW “Campaign 2” was EVEN WORSE!!!!!

    Funniest moment, noticing there was a “QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER” quoted in the manual!!!!! HA HA HA HA! It didn’t even give his REAL name, just “Skinnybones”….. well “Skinnybones” whoever you are….. please go :suicide:


    2002 “Master of Orion 3″….. I probably don’t even need to explain why this is in the all time shit-list! Surely you’ve all experienced the horror that is MoO3? I was one of the poor fools who rushed out to buy it then moment it was released for the full £30. It’s on GOG now for just a few quid….. even so, GOG’s forums is full of calls for GOG to remove it completely! It’s *still* hated even now, after 13 yrs of patches and fixes!


    2015 “Elite : Dangerous”….. £26.79 for a game that was barely 10% finished. And that was when it was on a “Steam” sale. It should have been £39.99! Thanks for telling me that it was barely finished and in “VERY early access” and “subject to yearly season updates that you WILL pay £5,000 a piece for – for ever”….. “Steam” who are also a buncha robbers are just as much to blame. Actually, the real “jet of diahorrea” is actually David Braben and his “Frontier” robbers, not the game – the game does at least have hope – if someone decent takes the development rights out of the cold dead hands of the scum that currently do have the rights to it!



    Actually, MoO III was one of the best games I have ever bought on a whim. I still play it on and off again.

    Granted, it might have been my first encounter with the 4X genre. Either that or GalCiv, also bought on a whim. ^^


    Anyway, most disappointing games..


    The Witcher….You heard me..I didn’t see anything but accolades and praises being directed at it and bought thinking that I finally found a DRM-free game and an excellent RPG at that.

    Bah! Just awful camera options that eventually turned me off the game. Camera matters a lot to me. Over-the-shoulder should die in a fire.

    If only the isometric view was slightly more playable..I could also go on about the terrible combat and weapon/magic..but nevermind.

    Stayed away from 2 and 3 just because of that.

    TES: Oblivion…Scaled enemies….just..no..Morrowind is still the best TES.


    Darkstar One: Thinking it could alleviate the need for something other than Freelancer.

    It was..acceptable..since it did allow for fixed third person cam but by your god was it repetitive.


    “Honorable” mentions;

    Horizon, Lords of the black sun, StarDrive 2 – Not quite good enough.

    Evochron Mercenary, Starpoint Gemini 2 – Not quite good enough.

    Magicka, Bastion and Spelunky – Really don’t like stress, timed events and Narrators speaking When I’m Trying To Concentrate On The Action.


    Almost bought:

    Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous..cockpit only? Fat chance then. Online only? Go to ..So’kar.


    Fallout 4: What didn’t they do wrong? Voiced character, physics/game speed tied to framerate, same old buggy engine, changing power armor, the dialogue wheel, etc…It’s Mass Effect 2 all over again. Generic linear shooter with a little bit of tacked on RPG.

    They did do crafting well and settlement building was fresh and nice as a concept though.


    And I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of games. Or just managed to block them from conscious memory.

    ’95 to ’05 where the golden years of gaming. Before steam DRM and mass audience dross.

    Kickstarter is hit and miss but Indie’s where it’s at now.



    I agree on every game you mentioned expect for Elite : Dangerous / Horizon.


    Battlecruiser 3000AD – Now that was the worst game in HISTORY!! Really I cannot fathom or relay the problems this game had. <Puke>

    PS – See SICKofRegistering … no poo, diarrhea or any toilet body function related description. Just saying <grin>



    I agree on every game you mentioned expect for Elite : Dangerous / Horizon.


    Battlecruiser 3000AD – Now that was the worst game in HISTORY!! Really I cannot fathom or relay the problems this game had. <Puke>

    PS – See SICKofRegistering … no poo, diarrhea or any toilet body function related description. Just saying <grin>


    Leondhay I have edit part of your post as their is no need to repeat what you have already said about E:D.



    Leondhay I have edit part of your post as their is no need to repeat what you have already said about E:D.


    I couldn’t PM you Pinback. … So I will just simply say .. Not Fair and Not Happy.



    I couldn’t PM you Pinback. … So I will just simply say .. Not Fair and Not Happy.


    Sorry about that but lets keep it on topic and not have the thread derailed into another for and against E:D.



    Most disappointing game for me this year was Homeworld Remastered. The campaigns still don’t load into the game and that is after I put in 3 separate tickets. Was really looking forward to this too… :girlmad:


    You know…. if I’m going to talk about a game for just its vanilla gameplay and its hype I’m going with


    Battlefront II: This game was so overhyped. It had you believing you were going to be able to shot a pod into the side of a ship and have a squad wipe everyone out. it ended up having the barest of bones for space and the maps were a lot smaller than BFI. The modding community made this game though. I loved BFII, but the hype really killed it compared to BFI for me.



    Bioshock: Everything aboot this game was perfect. Except for one thing, the respawning chambers. They were basically a form of reloading, but made more immersive, but after the first map or two, the game just turned into a slog for me. Everytime I died, I didn’t care. Death felt like it had no impact on the story and gameplay, until the final boss. While I loved the story, the world and atmosphere, that one feature basically ruined the whole game for me.


    Jade Empire: This was an absolutely fantastic game! I was looking forward to Bioware’s next installment after Kotor, but this game had one flaw…. it was REALLY SHORT!


    Resident Evil 4: Haha you were expecting horror, but got none! Another example of a great game, but it just wasn’t what you expected. The story was great, but there were no horror elements. Maybe i should put Resident Evil 5 instead, but RE4 started the action movie style/no horror resident evil games.


    TES: Oblivion- Without mods this game annoys me. I don’t mind the maximum of 5 voice actors, but scaleable enemies and a terrible magic system.. Definitely Bethesda’s worst!


    Mirror’s Edge: Another great game that was just way too short.


    The Force Unleashed 2: This game was way too short, but I did feel as it was setting the audience up for quite a few big reveals in Force Unleashed 3. Unfortunately it was cancelled… I never believed Starkiller was a clone, I thought Lucasarts had “confirmed” that simply because they didn’t want to spoil the final game in the trilogy. The game was way too short, the story was a little bare bones, but it was definitely trying to throw players through a loop so they didn’t know what was going to happen in the cancelled final installment.


    Wow… I’m a cynical cunt. All of these games are actually pretty good, but they annoy me, despite loving them. Now for the bad disappointing games.


    Starforge: I’m probably one of the few people on Steam who treats Early Access like it’s supposed to be treated. Like an interactive version of kickstarter or investing. I’m not expecting much but the playable alpha at the time, so I don’t care about the bugs, changes, problems, etc, but this game ended up being a watered down version of Minecraft. It originally had the concept of building in space, but ended up being Minecraft with better graphics and no mod support.


    FEAR 3: Now this game was not only disappointing like all above, but unlike the above games, this game was AWFUL! I enjoyed both FEAR 1 and its expansion packs and even FEAR 2. FEAR 2 was still a great game besdies the “hardcore” fan hate. FEAR 3 was an abomination! Unlike FEAR 1 and 2, no horror. The story was absolute garbage, the missions were extremely linear, almost corridor like. Some of the enemies made no sense at all. This game was just atrocious!



    Well, I’m rarely “disappointed” with games as I rarely buy them on launch/pre order. But sometimes we all get a bit duped. But with tones of games, it is easy just to let go and move on. 


    Anyway, the worse of my recent disappointments was probably Goduz. Had potential, but too bad.



    Bouitaz,   I thought the same thing about the Witcher.  Couldn’t get into it.   But…  the Witcher 3 is amazing.   I’d say play 3, then go back and play 2 because you’d know more about the background of the world.   


    The worst game I ever paid for by far was “Soldier of Fortune 3.”    I can’t even talk about it.



    Bouitaz,   I thought the same thing about the Witcher.  Couldn’t get into it.   But…  the Witcher 3 is amazing.   I’d say play 3, then go back and play 2 because you’d know more about the background of the world.   


    I’ll put it on the backlog then. ,) It might surprise me after all. Thanks for the suggestion!



    I’ve been absent for some months so apologies for the delayed contribution, but this it an interesting thread idea so here goes. Trying to cast my mind back over 30 years of game purchasing! So some of these will be OLD 🙂



    Exodus: Ultima III: Going way back here, but as a kid, I was one of the few who really loved the much-maligned Ultima II and I really couldn’t get on with Exodus. Despite the advances in speed and graphics, it just somehow seemed primitive and lacking in depth to me. And no phasers and space travel! Shocking!


    X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: I found both the previous games to be excellent, but the sequel just didn’t cut the mustard. It seemed too static and reliant on standalone battles and the fledgling online PvP market, with again no depth.


    Oblivion: Elder Scrolls 4: Yep, same as others have said. Reason: it wasn’t Morrowind  :biggrin:


    Freelancer: Reason: it wasn’t Privateer II: The Darkening  :biggrin:  Well, and also, I hate the artificial “gated content” that is built into the story, where you can’t fly around the whole galaxy to start with. However, I’ve replayed it several times since it first came out and have enjoyed it much more those times around.


    Guild Wars 2: I’m a big “flitter” between MMORPGs; I rarely get hardcore with them, but like to play a bunch for a few levels/months and see if I like them. I still dive into GW2 occasionally, but it’s sooooo casual – everything is spoon-fed to you on a plate, there’s no real exploration (everywhere you go, there are NPCs with telescopes saying, “here, look at all these missions!”), and the weapons-as-skills thing really annoys me. Disappointing because I loved GW1.


    Eilte: Dangerous: This one isn’t really a big one, because the devs made it perfectly clear what the game was before I bought it; I hated the lack of full planetary landings and the online-only nature of the game, but I knew about that in advance so it’s not their fault. But what I didn’t appreciate is how “gimped” the single-player version is; the combat is laughable (very easy to win) and the systems have all been previously named by some silly teenager which ruins the immersion. It’s probably gotten better since launch, but I haven’t really played it much since then.





    Beachhead, bought it full price around about 1985 for the Amstrad and it was utter rubbish another game hyped up the magazines of the day.


    Xcom pr-ordered the special edition, got it on the day of release, installed it downloaded the 1GB critical update on Steam and the game never work from that day to this day


    Fallout 3, a known issue by the developers who have no interest in fixing it, at least I only bought the budget re release.


    Wing commander 3&4 on the playstaion rubbish conversion of the game, best bit was the intro movies on both games. 

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