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      Hi space-folks,


      While cruising the net yesterday, I found a game I haven’t heard of yet! It’s called Sirius Online and it looks a lot like a Freelancer clone in an MMO setting. The servers are down until the 31st, however it looks promising. Right now they’ve got a ways to go in community size and exposure so I figured I’d give you all a heads-up! 


      Their website is:



      Currently you can grab early access as part of Indiegala’s Friday Bundle for about $3.20. Seems well worth that entry price to me. 



      And finally here’s an obligatory dev preview to check out:



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      Hmmm surprised this went undetected so long. See that its about $10 on steam, will have to look at it closer to see if it has a monthly fee but it looks decent and the two devs seem to keep it updates so that is a plus.

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