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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    Hi everyone!
    I’m starting a work on space sim game. At the moment I have an art style and a base concept of the future game. I’m working in gamedev 13 years for now and finally I feel that I have enough power, talent and knowledge to make a game of my dreams.

    In short, the game is planned to be a number of “mini” games.
    Player can navigate space using system map that looks like a board game.
    While moving from one point of space to another, player may be involved into a fight, fall into a black hole and so on.
    At first I’m planning to add a basic gameplay with space fights, meteor mining, visiting planets (the most interesting part that I’ll describe below).
    When this part will be done and game become playable, I’m planning to add more mini games to make game more complex and interesting.

    So what is all about. I’ve created a page on patreon. Looks like it’s the best possibility to make this game happen much much faster.
    If you are interested even just for a bit, please visit my page and at least like my post about Space Adventurers game. I really appreciate any kind of support, even if it will be a like or discussion in this thread.
    [Patreon project link](https://www.patreon.com/posts/space-7699972 “Patreon project link”)

    So what’s interesting is about planets?
    The planets will have different level of evolution.
    On a planet with a spaceport you can use simple shop. But on a wild planet you will need to find a way to trade with tribe.
    On a lifeless planet you will be able to build automatic system that will gather resources for you. Terramorph it, and more… and more.

    Being a realist, my first roadmap contains just a bit of all planned gameplay. But it will be playable, addictive and interesting part.
    At the moment I’m working on planet kinds and planets generator. And starting work on a system map.

    Thank you for reading!

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    you received your first “like”.
    am i the only one who can see beyond the blue skies?
    this sounds promising, a game you have something to do in and personally well i even like the simplicity

    sad you haven’t many followers yet, but i’m sure this will be a good game to play, the idea is right, give us something to fumble around with
    maybe this will give them the right kick.

    the implemention of strategic / roleplaying elements and ha, “minigames” it’s like i would have heard this somewhere before…
    however that’s what makes the game, imho
    it’s nice to float around in space, but in many space-sim projects you have not much to do, no riddles to solve or to interact with tribes or conditions you find.
    but in the end this is what makes the game,
    what makes the difference of exploring some nice looking places (with pink dinosaurs) or if i have a task to fulfill, for the latter i don’t need pink dinosaurs.
    but a engine which responses on my actings or vice versa.

    i don’t lke to be unfair, but projects like XFrontier i have seen many in the past, they all started with beautiful rendered planets,
    but most have been lost in the vastness of such projects sooner or later.
    not to talk about the needed hardware…
    from my piont of view, but i’m a retro gamer, it can be a blob as long as you give me a task to fulfill, the ship could be a sprite,
    i don’t mind as long as i have to point and fire the weapons myself,
    as long as their wait some tribbles for me of which i don’t know how to get rid of them.

    (but i’m a exeption i even still play “Lords of the Realm” or classic “SimCity” which i really did often i can’t tell how many times i played Simcity,
    nonetheless start a hard game and you have your challange, no matter how experienced you think you are, and none of the sequels
    is as simple to play but hard to win as the classic),

    i’ve seen many come and go and it’s to me nice to see that pioneer is still alive even when i’m not longer part of the team since quite a while.
    promising projects like rodina, but even this has been disrespected by the players.
    even when i thought “right approach” give us something to play with”, but i guess it simply overwhelms the user to script his own missions (and objects),
    while i think “damned it’s a little work to start to understand it, but it’s worth the effort an if your own ship is only a shoebox it’s your ship and your mission”.
    it could have turned to a really good game where the community could exchange their scripts, but it seems the “default” player is to lazy for such.
    don’t ask me what a “default player” likes, certainly it’s not what i like – i know and it was always ths since “pong”, graphics attract the eye
    and eye conrolled as we humans are we tent to believe what looks impressive must be impressive. just remember what a cartridges box promised back in the early 80’s
    and what you got in reality for it, one could say (as usual) as higher the claim was as lower the game is.

    fair or not, my most liked comparison is a boxing game. both ancient, one from the intellivision with it’s typical simple but fluid block graphics and a wide range of
    ways to hit your competitor and also a good range of balanced boxers stamina or power? both have their advantages. and what has attracted the eye of the players back then? “rocky”, stupid 2 sprites per movement and uses only left and right upper cut, that’s it, but you could see it’s rocky and rocky wins every fight except you are a complete idiot.
    i feel (most) players are idiots…

    we could say some ask to much of the player
    some to little

    and it looks to me that your project attempts to find this middle in between challenge and entertainment.

    however i like the “AstroKid” like comic style and i hope this is not the last i’ve seen of your project even if the interest is recently not as big as it deserves it.

    recommended by astrokid who can’t await to get it in his hands 🙂

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