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    This game came out a few years ago right around 2007. And visually is a very nice and the game itself is entertaining. I had high hopes for this game but the developers really hurt there own community unfortunately. With the lack of bug fixes and finishing off the modding tools.

    I personally thought this game was going to be like Freespace and FreeLancer and be around for years and years after. I hope they can open the game up a bit more to let the modders have at it because the engine I think is solid. It just needs more polish.

    Overall I liked playing SFRU, I’m only irritated at the Devs/Publisher for not giving the SFRU community more love 🙂 You should be able to find this game in the bargain bins now for $10 it is worth it and will give you many hours of enjoyment and there is a small amount of mods out there that add more to the game experience and I will try to post them all here.

    Tell us what you think of Space Force: Rogue Universe and post your mods/help files here!

    Here are a few screenshots of the game in action:





    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    I purchased this game about a year ago but couldn’t make any progress or save the game. The graphics where good and it ran smoothly on my rig but gave up on it.


    It’s a tough first start. The key is to stay around that first system and mine asteriods to outfit your ship with better equipment and build you bank. Then just hire some mercenaries to give you a hand.

    I would definitely check the download area and get the patches for your release because the fixed a few issues with save games and joystick and of course game issues. They really needed to make another patch and finish the mod editor but that didn’t happen 🙁


    It was hard at first and frustrating lol. But it is a great game! I love it so much. but they don’t like to talk on the forums anymore do they? lol. That is a let down but all in all it is a great game and i hope someday they make more and more mods for it! 😀


    I actually have it on my PC now and was playing it yesterday it is very much a shame that they didn’t finish the mod tools and get involved with the community. Because at first there was a good amount of people wanting to mod the game but that died off after the JoWood didn’t support the game much.

    Game companies don’t understand if you are going to put out a Single Player game you must either ad some nice mod tools or come out with a multi-player client/server addon to keep the game going.

    I have liked the game and maybe I will post some of more screenshots once I get further in the levels because the visuals are quite nice.


    Only played this game for about two weeks,the one thing I don’t like about the game is having

    crawl around the systems to see whats there.I really hate that,I could put up with it if it was an

    unexplored region but not having to do it for all the systems of the game.It’s also one of the things I

    hate about the x games as well.

    But having said that it not a bad Elite clone,couple of nice touches with the meteors storms and the



    I could see that as being a fault I think discovery of each sector would have been better personally. What was weird I thought is that they give you a sector map that is only uncovered as you travel. But it serves on real purpose since you have reference points to the machine spots. And you get those when you enter the sector.

    The mapping could have been better. I do like the hacking, which they could have made a bit more in depth and I have been killed by a few meteor showers. I know now I hear that voice prompt I run 🙂


    I picked this game up about a year ago. Tried the first mission but I had issues with my controller so I never touched it again but that was before I discovered software online for profiling your controller. Now I could make my own control scheme but I never thought to try this game again. What do you think? Is this game worth it? What would you rate it 1-10? Maybe I’ll try it again after I finish I-war 2.


    I need to get this back on my PC and play it all the way through I was close when I played last time and had some fun with the game. Overall game ran fin for me and controls at times were not responsive as I wanted them and SFRU could have had more elements to the game to make it very good. But the devs just ignored the community so the game never really took off.

    You do start off slow in this game to benefit yourself later to create all your ship mods.


    Nothing like bumping old threads. I just recently got the game and so want to play it. Have played a little of it, but some weird save bug prevents me from advancing very far and has totaly ruined it for me. Other then the weird controls, it was pretty good from what I could see.


    Are you running the 1.2 patch?


    Yep I am. Fully patched in all. I think its just Windows 7.. it doesn’t like things made before 2009. So no matter what compatibilities I set, it just doesn’t play nice. 😛


    Bought the game when it came out. I was really excited about it since I was hoping for something like Freelancer or X; which I wish I hadn’t done because this way it was even more disappointing for me. I love the graphics and would love to see other games (besides SF Captains) that use this engine (maybe even an MMO 🙂 ), but apart from the eye-candy, it became one of the biggest disappointments in my life. The voices caused my ear to bleed in pain, trading and diplomacy is dumbed down, too little space for too many races IMO, etc. etc. Anomalies and the fights were really cool, but still.

    This was at first.

    I dug it up last month (I was bored), and tried too look at it in another way. If I lower (and lower…and lower…) my expectations, then it’s a decent game. Not as complicated as other games, but could be fun for an hour or two -> especially if it wouldn’t crash on me 👿


    I have never completed the game I made it about 50% through it but lost my save game when updating my PC (yeah I know I forgot to back it up). Just haven’t loaded it back on the machine again. I haven’t tried it on Win7 but I will. How far are you getting in the game before you run into issues Mogymog?


    I remember trying the game a few years ago but, like many others, I bumped into bugs and stuff and that totally ruined my experience. I may give it some try again since there are some patches available now.

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