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    Here is a list of the patches for Space Force: Rogue Universe. I only have 3 patches to find and it will be patch complete. If you have this patch please let me know so I can update this list.

    SFRU US Patch v1.1
    SFRU US Patch v1.2

    SFRU UK Patch v1.1
    SFRU UK Patch v1.2

    SFRU GE Patch v1.2

    SFRU RUS Patch v1.2

    Note: If your country is not listed, check to see who the Publisher is for your region. If its JoWood, use the UK patch. If its DreamCatcher, use the US patch.

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019


    Patch Notes for v1.1



    – fixed bug where resolution couldn’t be changed

    – fixed joystick bug where truster is truned on by default for all joysticks

    – fixed bug where the game freezes (all ships stay on one place)

    – fixed bug where player’s shield suddendly becomes undefined

    – fixed bug with infinite motion blur

    – fixed problem with missing piece of time and cloak device in Andromeda and Pyxis map

    – fixed bug where an NPC always attacked the player if he was under attack by the player’s wingman, now he always attacks his attacker

    – fixed menu bug where right mouse button executed wrong actions

    – fixed bug where return from hiden systems caused wrong data to be loaded for normal system maps (wrong system name, prices, ships etc)

    – fixed bug with inconsistency with upgrade prices (5-6 level) and now upgrade cost for every level can be edited from GlobalData.cfg

    – fixed PageUp and PageUp key bug (where always mapped to single hit)

    Patch Notes for v1.2


    – fixed bug with text,shield and armor overlapping on wingman list

    – fixed wrong text displaying locked ship’s distance (near lock rectangle)

    – fixed crash when matching a speed with a building or a turret

    – fixed bug where second tutorial stage was accidentally skipped

    – fixed bug where materials were illegal goods on pirate stations

    – fixed crash caused by mine destruction

    – fixed bug with clearing the lower right corner of the mini map

    – fixed some bugs with overlappig text in few localisations

    – fixed bug with volumetric fog, shader 3.0, HDR and star effect where half



    Can you help me? I am new to gaming and have just bought this game – and I need to download the patches – English versions. Can you please advise where exactly I need to save them as I noitce on the main Space force forum that many people install the patches into the wrong file?

    Do I save both v1.1 and v1.2 into the SYSTEM subfolder as separate files?

    I understand that sucessfully installing the patches will result in the version number displayed at the start of the game will then reference the latest patch

    Many thanks being a total beginner any help would be greatly appreciated

    Regards 😀

    AMT 😕


    Hey AMT

    Welcome to SSC!

    These are self installing files so just extract the zip files to a place to where you can find them on your hard drive. Run the patch file by double-clicking on it.

    When asked for the SFRU directory just browse in the top level directory.

    Example: C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\SpaceForce – Rogue Universe



    If you did not find this info since the topic was originally created you might find this link usefull:


    It states that the Russian version is prepatched to 1.1

    I can only presume that the same thing is with the SP and HU versions so i’ll keep trying to locate that info as well 🙂


    Updated thread to link in the patches in the download area.

    Not with the re-release of SF:RU HD there is a unreleased v1.3 patch that was added to the re-release of the game and Dreamatrix has not stated whether they are going to release this patch for the original version of the game. The release does come with both 1.1 and 1.2 patch fixes. But from looking at the 1.1 patch notes from the re-release of the game it has a lot more fixes in that patch than the original or the patch notes are just more complete.

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