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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Promises lots sounds too good to be true but on the other hand it is cheap



    Space Journey – is an open world Space Simulator; Where you could explore different planets, fly spaceships, land vehicles, robots and more! All of the current scenes are in a sandbox mode, meaning that they might be unfinished and have issues.

    Current Features: Universal sandbox Mode:

    • Try out five different scenes. Whether it is space station, planet, moon, vehicle or procedural generated sandboxes!


    • Whether you choose a fighter or a carrier spacecraft, your choice! We currently have five different types of spaceships for you to try.

    Land vehicles:

    • Hover-bike & Moon Explorer

    Basic AI System & More!

    Important: Once again, all of the scenes are currently in a sandbox mode, meaning that they might be unfinished and have some performance issues. For example, our moon terrain represents a portion of the planet, not the whole rounded surface. Although, you could experience our procedural generated planets, where you could fly over and see them built*. Basic AI system means that NPC’s that are currently in game has no interaction with a player. Everything is going to get improved within weekly updates. Features to come (Q1-Q2 2017):

    • Online Multiplayer
    • Aggressive & Passive AI
    • AI Trading System
    • Quests & Missions
    • Procedural Universe
    • Steam Achievements
    • Mac & Linux Support
    • And more!


    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Nice one 😉


    Could not resist having a look at this and have bought into it, basically it’s a tech demo with 4 different sandbox scenarios. They all have the same basic controls for the vehicles and each of the 3 main ones gives a glance at what it might be like when it’s all put together, the 4th one is just a vehicles test.


    If they can get it all together then they could have something very similar to the Precursors.


    The different scenarios are.


     A space one where you start inside a space station and can then can fly some ship around outside


    A planet one.


    A moon one.


    And the last one is just test one for the vehicles, theirs not a great deal of difference between them at the moment although it is at a very early stage and I guess we will have to wait and see if they start getting updates out for the game.


    Wow cool find! o.O


    Yup it was a tech demo as it now been removed from steam although their is another game with the same name, just with VR added to then end of the name.Does not look like their is any connection but who knows.

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