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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    SPACE SHUTTLE ? (2nd attempt)
    For the Intellivision

    Before i post a whole book again and will lose it the clip in advance to anything else.
    If that succeeds step by step the next article. (Robot finds Kitten – Robot likes Kitten much)


    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    This game is unfinished, i’m not responsible for epileptic convulsions, cries for mercy, or damge of your bio-positronic hardware.
    Neither i’m responsible for a bore-out after watching of the previous posted clip, cries for mercy (again), or running wild and looting.

    The reason why i started this extra (extra!) thread for “Space Shuttle ?” is that it was most probably the first space simulation in the literla sense of simulation and nothing fits better to Space Sim Central as a true Space Sim.

    Activision published “Space Shuttle” for the VCS (Atar2600), i guess in 1983, but Intellivisions “Space Shuttle” would have been ready earlier, it didn’t passed the overlords of the marketing division of “Mattel Electronics”, because they thought it’s not a game (they thought for space games in limits of invaders).
    It’s not a game, it’s a simulation right, but who would have said it wouldn’t have selled? I would have loved it with 16 or 17, i still like it much, even if it’s unfinished and due to that far less playable as it was ment to be.

    The name “Space Shuttle ?” (the question mark belongs there) was a working title after Activision published their version.
    The clip represents a play on a Intellivision console with attached Intellivoice expansion and a top modern thingy named “LTO Flash!” to play all the goodies on my Intellivision (<200). It is captured using “TVanywhere” on my rotten old PC (it runs and runs and runs, like a volkswagen).

    “Space Shuttle ?” has been left unfinished after “Mattel Electronics” closed its doors 1983/84, it is broken in many parts formost is to note that the score overflows from on 10’000 points which leads in the end on a approx. count of 20’000 points to a crash of the game, i assume because the score starts to display instead of characters or graphical characters animated cards (sprites).
    This is quite sad, but to be honest it would bore you in the unfinished state it is quite soon.


    The task is simple you only have to deploy a satellite and capture satellite(s) to bring them home for servicing, the initial promoted use of the Shuttle program to make manned space flights reasonable. “Someone has to take care of all that space debris”.

    As one can see it has a map view where you can see the shuttles trajectory (orbit) and the trajectory of a to capture satellite, i can’t say if it was ment to capture more as one, it’s possible in this unfinished version and certainly would make some sense, because only this would result in different scoring,
    but the trajectory of the satellite is only to see once and it has neither any influence on wether if you can capture it or not.

    One can get a tiny bit of challenge out of it to capture as many satellites as possible with the amount of fuel you have, with the backdraw that the game will crash while, when landing or after the second mission, because from then on you will reach more as 20’000 points.

    You can change the trajectory and maneuver your vessel along it even if that influences nothing except that you burn fuel or if you decelerate to much will decay from orbit, in both cases if you burned all your fuel or decay from orbit the shuttle will land automatic as it was launched before, this isn’t your job as commander, this is the job of mission control. yes ok landing would be your job, but i guess this would have exceeded the possibilities.

    The voice was a special expansion and you will agree it sounds good for a hardware from 1981.
    It’s unlike the “voiceover” or what we know from the Amiga not only software driven (while the amiga voice was still better as the voiceover).
    The Intellivoice is a piece of hardware which processor was new on the market in 1980 i guess. It’s a voice synthesizer and not a piece of software which reads a text input. It needed therefore spoken sentences or snippets of to be programmed, no waveform as one could assume but instructions how to synthesize the voice and the sound of it. personalized voices so to say. Of course the Intellivoice included a ROM with a preset standard voice with sentences like “Mattel Electronics presents” “one” “two” “three” and so on, but this standard voice sounds a bit robotic. Thus every voice cartridge held their own special voice Instructions and they had to be recorded previously.

    Fun fact:
    The standard Intellivoice was known to have a weakness (many we would say today) it can’t pronounce “can’t” and it turns out to sound like “c*nt”.
    The developers made a fun out of it and reprogrammed “Astrosmash” to “Space C*nt”. Which was finally released as a cartridge because the Intellivionaries grow steady in numbers, and i guess they already sold all copies.

    Until, that’s all folks.

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