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    Hi everyone, I have been busy for the last few years with my Ghostship Aftermath game,  I will be getting more time over the coming months to show off some of my new stuff, but for now here is some of my older stuff :


    USNF Aggressor – Destroyer Class





    CDF Xenon – Heavy Freighter / Long range Transport





    Moonbase – Alpha





    CDF Nemesis – Heavy Cruiser





    CDF Excelsior – Ion Cannon Frigate





    CDF Starfall – Battleship





    Post some more soon






    Very much like the USNF Aggressor model. 😎


    Very much like the USNF Aggressor model. 😎


    Thanks,  The Aggressor is quite a small craft for a destroyer, it also has atmospheric entry and landing abilities.  It has a few small docking bays and hangers for a few fighters, a support/recon ship and an ATV.


    Here are some more pics of the aggressor :

















    I will post some more models later 🙂



    wow, they look amazing :good:


    Here are some more of my older ones :























    [attachment=2895:HF cdf 32.jpg]






    And some None Sci-fi Stuff :




    Here is one of my new ships.  Its the CDF Nexus which is an assault frigate.





    Nice work Shaun, 😎



    I cannot believe I haven’t seen this post until now, damn Shaun your an amazing artist, what detail on these models.

    Extent of my artistic ability is making the SSC banner logo on the top of the page haha 🙂



    looks great!

    Do you sell any?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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