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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Hey Everyone

    All site updates will be placed in this thread so check back here from time to time to see anything that has been fixed or added to SSC. Please notify me if you see something wrong, even if it is a simple spelling mistake.

    Have fun and make sure you tell a friend about SpaceSimCentral.com

    Update 7/17:

    – Updated Arcade Mod to latest version (1.0 RC9) from (1.0.RC8)

    – Updated Download Mod to latest version (6.2.19) from (6.2.15rc1)

    – Fixed RSS block on portal page to reflect the correct link after SEO adjustment

    – Updated about page with updated version info

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Update 7/21:

    – Updated links page

    – Added a few more videos to playlist

    – Uploaded a few more MODs for Nexus to the download area

    – Tested and confirmed donation page is working

    SpaceSimCentral has now attained Google Pagerank 2… Whoohoo!

    So keep spreading the word and posting in the forums on your opinions and tracking down all the new and obscure games out there for the space gamer in all of us.


    Update 8/12:

    – Added the new forum ‘ArcNebula‘ to the Standalone SpaceSim Area. So go and check it out and ask questions the devs are good at answering all of them.


    Update: 8/14

    – Updated the download mod for the site to the latest version (6.2.20).

    – Updated about page with site changes

    – Changed Google Ad color scheme to more match the site



    There is something that annoys me – The notifications about new downloads…>_> ^^


    It should be all set now but if it shows up again in your UCP you can disable the popup or PM’s under the Download tab in the UCP.


    Update 8/28:

    – Added a new area for FFED3D view it here: ffed3d-f53/

    – Added a new area for Combat Simulation System (CSiS) view it here: combat-simulation-system-f54/

    – Coded some rules and stats for the download are to show up above the download category when clicked on. This way it is more noticeable and readable.

    – Added a Hardwar patch download area.

    – Updated links page.


    Update 9/7:

    – Added the Vendetta Online RSS feed to portal page.


    Update 9/11:

    – Updated download mod from v6.2.20 to v6.2.24

    – Added 2 new game links to links page, and fixed a link

    – About page updated for changes


    Update 9/28:

    – Added a new BBcode button to your Post/Reply window. You should now see a button called ‘HSimg’, what this does is now take any image you link to in a post and thumbnail it but also keeps the resolution of the original image. Not like the ‘Img’ bbcode which crops the pic automatically and you cannot see the pic in a bigger resolution.

    So remember to use this tag for when you are linking to an image. Especially if it is a larger image.

    Code in action:

    Using the ‘HSimg’ bbcode tag. as you can see it creates a thumbnail that you can now click on to show images true size.


    Using the ‘Img’ bbcode tag


    See the difference now 🙂 Have fun with this one.


    Update 10/5:

    – Updated the links page (combined and added about 10-15 more links)

    – Extended the View Recent Topics area on portal page to show more posts

    – Added another 8 videos to the videos on the Portal.


    Update 10/23:

    – Updated the download software to latest version v6.2.26

    – Updated links page

    – Updated about page

    – Added a Miner Wars section to the MMO area

    – Installed two different galleries for testing purposes and it looks like ‘gallery’ software is winning over coppermine. You can see the gallery here: ssc_gallery

    Will be doing an entire site download today so if there is some lag that might be why.


    Update 10/27:

    – Turned off captcha on downloads to see if that helps with the failing download issues some people are having.


    Update 11/14:

    – Updated the download mod to the latest version v6.2.31 from 6.2.26.

    – Updated links page with some new games.

    – Updated about page with version changes.


    Update 11/23:

    I know posting this a bit late.

    – Updated the download mod to the latest version v6.3.0 from v6.2.31.

    – Updated video streaming mod (still configuring and testing) not available to you yet

    – Updated photo gallery mod (still configuring and testing) not available for wide use yet.

    – Updated SPAM filter mod to latest version v1.02

    – Added a Ajax Chat mod to top of forum and also has its own page as well

    – Added books/story forum to general area

    – Updated links page with some new games.

    – Updated about page with version changes.

    As always feedback is welcomed and anything I can do to improve SSC the better.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 249 total)
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