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This HumbleBundle expires on 12/31/2018

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      You can find out more information about the upcoming game on this page: https://www.stardock.com/games/article/488324

      This bundle expires on 12/20/2018

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      New trailer:


      Looks like this is releasing on 9/20 so not too much longer, check it out on steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/271260/Star_Control_Origins/

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      Star Control: Origins launches today: https://www.stardock.com/games/starcontrol/store#purchase

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      I bought it without nostalgia, but man. I was turned off of Ur Quan Masters because of the time limits. (which is odd, I love SR2 which … has a time limit. :\ ) I guess I didn’t play enough to realize what Star Control 2 really is.

      If everyone could take off their nostalgia glasses for a second…

      …its a choose your own adventure game. You talk to aliens and choose what you will do, and really it boils down to a few asteroids type mini-games or rock gathering. Not for me at all. Granted the same could be said of Mass Effect…. but I dunno. Its just not my type of space sim.

      Furthermore… the new SC Origins … is a bit… unbalanced? Its very odd in how it handles things. The developers specifically state that you need to talk to aliens to advance the story… but the only way to do this is grind endless planets for resources to afford gear, to beat the combat sections to talk to more aliens to get back to grinding. I dunno. Its not for me. Love the visual style however.

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      Looks like there is some free DLC released and a new patch that was recently release for Star Control Origins:


      The Multiverse DLC includes access to the Multiverse option on the main menu of Star Control: Origins, which is where players will be able to download mods from others in the Steam community and apply them to their game. This is also where players are able to share their mods with others.

      In addition to the new mod sharing options, the Multiverse DLC gives access to Adventure Studio. There, players can create an epic quest that spans the galaxy, complete with custom characters, dialogue options, and more. The other editors – world, ship, and building – will let players create assets to enhance those quests and make them truly unique. The studio’s interface makes it easy for players without mod experience to get in on the fun, too.

      Along with the Multiverse DLC comes Star Control: Origins v1.1. This update includes improvements to gameplay, graphics, and game balancing. Several other enhancements, including a new quest line, new voices for Free Trandals, and improved rover physics, have also been included.

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      Some sort of DLC or part 1 of a season pass for the game.

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