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      Came out last month on Steam and you can also find it on the indie site

      From the Steam page

      Star Explorers:
      Earth has been destroyed, and humanity must find a way to survive. Your job is to help the human race, those remaining on the mother-ship, to find another earth-like world to inhabit. Star Explorers attempts to capture the vastness, loneliness and desolation of space exploration, along with easy to learn, old-school shooter mechanics.
      “…See, the galaxy Schmidt has created here isn’t cruel. “Cruel” implies that it cares. And this galaxy is terribly, terribly uncaring…” – MagFlare โ€“ Steam User

      “…This game, at its core, is about exploration, and it scratches my space exploration itch in a way that no game has since I played Starflight as a kid…” – battlescar2014 โ€“ Steam User
      Current Features:
      Randomly generated galaxy which the player can fully explore
      Randomly generated planets, caves and other environments
      Randomly generated alien life, either hostile or friendly towards the player
      Combat system with aliens on planets and in caves
      Inventory and Trade System with mothership and some friendly aliens
      Quests from both mothership and friendly aliens, in addition to the main quest
      Upgrade system allowing player to explore wider range of planets over the course of the game
      Crafting system, including unique artifacts that must be constructed with ancient blueprints
      Day/Night cycles on each planet
      Resource management and survival in hostile conditions
      Database of Sectors, Stars and Planets in which player can take notes and customize the names of stars and planets
      4K and custom resolutions are supported

      Planets are formed randomly, but their conditions are based on somewhat scientific factors. The size and temperature of the star they orbit, their distance from that star, the type of surface, atmosphere, and liquids present (or not) determine how a planet will look once landed on. Players will be able to land, depart and return to planets, exploring their surfaces as well as underground cave systems repeatedly, while keeping the same features intact on each visit.
      Fuel, ammunition and oxygen will all have to be carefully managed if the player wants to survive the long search for an earth-like planet. While many planets will be too hot or cold, or without an atmosphere, there are also worlds of liquid methane, ammonia, sulphuric acid and more, that have developed their own unique evolutionary cycles. Each kind of alien plant, tree or animal is pieced together randomly, making for a unique experience for each player.
      The Star Explorers universe is not a friendly one though, it can be cruel and indifferent to the struggles of its inhabitants. If you’re not careful, you might land on a planet that’s just too hot, or too cold, or enveloped in a cloud of corrosive acid, and not live to tell about it. Upgrading your space suit will unlock these otherwise impossible worlds to further exploration.
      Inventory, Upgrading and Crafting
      Exploration will allow the player to discover many things, including tools and resources that will help in further exploration. Among these are raw materials, weapons, armor upgrades and blueprints that allow you to craft helpful items. Armor upgrades will increase your space suit’s resistance to heat, cold and other environmental hazards. Some weapons allow you to access areas that may be closed off to less experienced adventurers.
      Caves and Ancient Ruins
      Star Explorers may be the first interstellar dungeon crawler. Traversing the dark, hidden places and caves is necessary to find the resources required to complete the game. Discover the crumbling remains of an ancient culture and learn the secrets of its mysterious people. In Star Explorers, exploration and investigation are rewarded with special items and locations that many players may never find. If you are someone who likes to look around every corner, then this is the game for you.
      Generative Design
      Almost everything in Star Explorers is produced generatively. From the locations of stars and nebulae, to the surfaces of planets and their features, every location is different, and every play-through offers unique challenges. Even the music heard in game is generated in real time, and is based purely on the parameters of the player’s environment. Each planet, cave and other location has a unique sound-track.
      Shaders and Options
      Star Explorers has a number of visual options you may choose from. Among them is the โ€œOld-School Pixel Shaderโ€ which offers a unique, low-resolution experience. The graphics are not really at pace with newer games, but real-time shadows, bloom and a smoothing shader are also available for those who enjoy a slightly more contemporary feel. You also have control of your field of view, mouse sensitivity and game/music volume, along with options that may help the game run more smoothly on older hardware. See the manual for full documentation.
      The Future of Star Explorers
      After a year of Early Access, Star Explorers has arrived at a point where I feel it matches my original design document. Fulfilling my promise to have it completed in a year was important to me, but that does not mean I am finished working on it. I have many other ideas I may choose to add to the game’s content. Chief among these are the following:

      Space battles with alien ships
      Boarding and exploring alien spaceships
      More variety of celestial objects, like moons, asteroids and more
      Alien cities on certain planets
      I even have a mechanism for Time Travel (this is really outside of the original idea, but I am intrigued by the possibility of doing this anyway)

      At some point in the future, I may begin work on these new features. The timing and consistency of these potential future updates will depend largely on how well the game is received by its audience. The more I hear from players, the more likely I will stay motivated to continue on this project.

      System Requirements
      OS: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Server 2008 / Server 2012, 32 Bit or 64 Bit; DirectX 9.0c or above.
      Processor: AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium
      Memory: 1 GB RAM
      Graphics: 64 MB video card
      DirectX: Version 9.0c
      Storage: 1 GB available space
      Sound Card: Yes, if you want to hear anything.
      Additional Notes: Other older hardware may work, but has not been tested.

      As you can see from the above spec the game has not been tested on Windows 10 and I can say that I have had an issue with the mouse, but otherwise it seems to be running fine so far. What I will say about it, is that it is a very retro styled space sim and reminds me of games from the early 90s in both it’s graphics and gameplay. most people will probably just thinks it’s a No Man Sky clone for Windows 95 but the dev has given a reply to the question on the Steam forum about what games inspired him he also says that he is working on the space combat side of thing and should be coming in future update. Also it very cheap, under a fiver and only 150 MB download which was a bit of a surprise.

      Expires on 11/20/2018

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