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    • sscadminsscadmin


      The trailer was decent I would have liked to see some story to the trailer and not just some action sequences.

    • Shant

      Remind me D1, did you pick up STO? I seem to recall you bought the game but hadn’t yet installed it or something. What’s the ultimate verdict? Did they pull it off?

    • #70101

      I did a beta review of this, but that is where my gaming with STO stopped. I might pick it up in the future or wait a bit longer like all cryptic games it will probably go f2p soon. Now that they are approaching the 3rd season, Cryptic has actually been putting in some decent content and looks to be improving on all the faults it had in the beginning. I believe the other day I read that STO will have a mission builder the players can use?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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