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      This week we’re having two events at a time: Starfall Tactics Winter Cup and a one-week pre-Alpha test!

      First ever Starfall Tactics’ test tournament is starting tomorrow on 27th January 20:00 CET for a Group Stage and continues on 28th January starting 20:00 CET for Play-offs. You can [watch live streams with dev comments on our official Twitch channel](https://www.twitch.tv/starfalltactics”https://www.twitch.tv/starfalltactics”) – 16 chosen players will fight for the title of the best Commander!

      And, to mark this important, event we decided to open servers until 29th January 23:59 CET! Players can try [New Ranked Mode](http://starfalltactics.com/news/wip-new-ranked-mode-announced “starfalltactics.com/news/wip-new-ranked-mode-announced”) which, only during this week, allows to check out for free almost every module in the game, including progression equipment! Discovery (MMO) mode and usual unranked PvP Conquest & PvE Survival quick matches are also available during this test.

      To participate in this test simply [send an application for the alpha here](http://starfalltactics.com/#block-star-alpha-star-alpha-alpha-front “starfalltactics.com/#block-star-alpha-star-alpha-alpha-front”) – and we will grant you an access once we see your request 🙂

      Oh, and here is new Deprived Dreadnought:
      ![](http://starfalltactics.com/sites/default/files/merlin_0.jpg “”)

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