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    Hey guys! Starfall Tactics development is going full speed ahead – there is a lot of stuff we need to prepare to fully implement Faction Wars, and we are pretty sure that you will like it. Anyway, you will be able to see and try it during the next test – and, of course, we are always looking forward to your feedback. Feel free to comment on this news article – we’d love to know what you think about it!

    New Interface

    If you keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter page, you should know that due to new features we are implementing, there will be important changes in the interface. But we couldn’t imagine that our 2D artist, D.Van, would give a totally new look to it.


    It is still in progress and this could be not the final look, but we already like it since a new font makes it all feel more “sci-fi” and cool. You can also notice that we use special signs in the upper left corner of all cards – it will now identify a ship’s class (frigate, cruiser, battlecruiser, battleship, dreadnought or carrier).

    New modules

    And we are ready to present another three modules, which are going to help you develop new great tactics – just read it and imagine how much you can do only with that!

    • Warp Interference is a 3×3 module. Generates space distortion on activation in a certain radius around itself, has an ulimited duration. If any ship tries to warp within this radius, it will warp to another random location instead.
    • Stasis module is a 2Ñ…4 sized activatable special equipment. Temporarily puts enemy’s ship into a stasis field – in this field a ship can’t perform any actions, can’t be attacked, won’t take any damage, even if you ram it, and all ability cooldowns will freeze.
    • Nebula Generator is a 2×2 module which creates a small nebula on activation. Nebula will stay where you created it for a few minutes and will work as a usual nebula – hides your ship once it gets inside, but reduces its vision.

    Advisor ship rework

    This always happens to older characters and units – one day you understand that they are not as good as ones you’ve just created, not as detailed and just look too different to leave it as it is. So we’ve just given a new life to Advisor – Deprived Dreadnought which loves ramming your ships in survival mode.


    In case you haven’t seen it before or just don’t remember every detail of this huge dreadnought – here is a screenshot of an older model.

    Hold your breath and prepare to see what’s coming next – we are always excited to show you something new!


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