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    Another week of Starfall Tactics development is over – and we are one step closer to getting the game ready for the next test! Colonies, wars for faction territories, new ships and modules, reputation, progression and many other things we might even haven’t announced yet – all in progress and waiting for its moment of glory. So read fresh news and get ready for something great 😉

    Arco Eclipse Cruiser

    Aaand the first Eclipse cruiser is ready! Arco is a small Eclipse hammer, which will crash enemy frigates by ramming them and killing with its deadly weaponry – you can even imagine how it’s breaking a dreadnought into two parts, which will be desperately flowing in space. But trying to do this in real battle will result in a great disaster … for your ship, crushing into many smaller pieces.


    Get ready for another Eclipse ship – new Pilgrim aka Nomad is waiting for its turn to join the battle!

    Detachment system

    Let us introduce new system we created for making your journey through open space more interesting – well, at least without meeting a fleet of 20 super heavy dreadnoughts – Detachment system!

    Now, to enter Galaxy map (discovery mode, MMO part of the game) your fleet will have to send a detachment to a mission. Each detachment has a certain use and, depending on it, it can contain different number of ships of each class. For example, player could be able to choose 2 different ship sets by ship class: 1) 2 battlecruisers, 3 cruisers and 3 light frigates. 2) 1 heavy dreadnought, 1 battleship, 3 battlecruisers and 2 light frigates. Players fill these entire slots with ships he has in the fleet, and they will be available during Discovery session. Note that while smaller slots can’t be filled with bigger ships, huge slots can have frigates and other smaller ships inside: this helps you keep all slots filled even if you don’t have heavy ships in your fleet at all.


    Note: this could be not the final look of detachment menu. WIP.

    How do I get detachments?

    From the very start you will have some basic detachments you can use.
    As a reward for gaining reputation levels with chosen faction.
    Most detachments also can have a small bonus: +10% speed, for example – it depends on the function of the detachment. In exchange, there will be a sort of penalty – like -10% cargo which you basically don’t need a lot of if you have a scouting detachment.

    Ping Commands

    Don’t have any time to discuss your strategy with an ally in the midst of the battle? Then simply use pings by holding the Alt button and clicking on the map! This option is frequently used in MOBA games, where you don’t have time to stop and say something. In Starfall Tactics you have to control several units at a time, so you might have even less time.


    There are four types of alert signals (pings) at the moment:

    • Shield – appears when clicking on ally ships and structures and usually means that you want to protect it.
    • Aim sign shows that you want to attack something and appears when you click on enemy ships and objects.
    • Alert icon appears when you click on random places on the map and allows to tell your ally that there is something dangerous there.
    • Arrow will show that you want to move to a target neutral object.

    In order to prevent spamming with these signals, we limited the use to 3 existing signals at a time.

    Looking forward for the next test? Then stay tuned and don’t miss new articles and all the information about upcoming content!


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