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    I would have to agree on this feature, a throttle is important especially for immersion in combat. Having just 0 and 100 percent as the thrust options are not really a good mechanic personally. And if your always pressing up to move you are limiting the actions a player can do and still continue to fly or pursue their target.

    Generally if a developer supports flightsticks in a game the flightstick has the ability to use a throttle. So why not allow the gamer using keyboard/mouse or gamepad the same ability?

    Most 1st/3rd person space combat games do have this options and I think you would get some complaints about this control scheme choice. You could make it a non-default option.

    Just some thoughts 🙂

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    The ship doesn’t go from 0 to 100 with just holding W. There will be a boost that recharges over time, which I seem to have forgotten to mention.

    There will also be a cruise feature with which you will get a high speed, but your weapons will be disabled. Something similar as a reference can be cruising in Freelancer or sublight in SPGW (but much faster).

    There were some issues with movement in SPGW, feeling clunky from times to times. While that control scheme worked to some degree in that game seeing the size of ships players controlled, it doesn’t quite work in SPG3. Controlling your ship in SPG3 feels smoother than in previous games and more “natural” to this kind of game.

    We plan to go in more details about the controls in an upcoming video or dev diary so stay tuned for that. 🙂

    Thanks for your feedback, guys! We really appreciate it. I will forward it to the rest of the team. 🙂


    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to share our newest dev diary with you! In this one we talk more about characters you’ll meet in the game.

    The first thing we always get asked is – are there any aliens? To this we can say – yes, there are aliens! Couple of races, in fact. Some will want to take you out on sight, some would rather just have a drink with you. Either way, all of them have a story to tell!

    To implement those characters, our proprietary engine WhaleX needed some adjustments. It took us some time to implement the changes, but it was well worth it after we saw our first character come to life! 🙂

    Check out our full development diary on the link below. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have! 🙂


    Nice, will any of the aliens feature a language which can not be understood by the player. Until they get hold of a translator, would make a good mission quest.


    Ah that would be cool little feature to add in Pinback.

    LGM… the alien character models look great (especially that first one). Will they be animated, in that you could see them walking around or performing actions or will you only see statics of them talking and interacting with you?


    Alien races have their languages, but Bold (and thus the player) has the translator on him which lets him understand them in his language. Something like in Star Trek. I like your idea, though, and will forward it to the rest of the team to see what they think of it as well. 🙂

    Thanks! Our art department is really good and we get amazed with their creations every day!

    You will be able to interact with aliens and take quests from some of them. They will be animated. Some NPCs in the background you can’t interact with will walk around and do some stuff, while others may just stand or sit. We are trying to make a sense of an alive world and we knew that animated characters would have to be added to achieve that. 🙂

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