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      I was reading the forums and came across this post from Vice and it looks like Evochron and Arvoch are nearing completeness and just receiving minor patches. Looks like Vice has some RL things and is slowing down and we are probably not going to see sequels in for these games anytime soon or ever.

      See below:

      “As of May of last year (2017), I’ve managed to implement most of the goals I had for the game since I started working on it in 2011 (and which is likely my last solo PC space-sim title on this scale). So current plans are changes/improvements based on remaining objectives that may come to mind and relevant feedback/requests that might come in.”

      ” Some ‘RL’ challenges have surfaced in recent months which has made it more difficult for me to devote as much time to it as I might otherwise, but I intend to do what I can as age, health, and finances permit.”

      “As for future Evochron games, I currently don’t have plans to do another solo Evochron game with this kind of scope in the future, this was the last one I intended to make on this scale. If a future Evochron (or Arvoch) type game becomes available and I develop it alone, it may be a mobile game or something else simpler.”

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