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This HumbleBundle expires on 12/31/2018

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      I been looking a long time for a space RPG in the mould of Megatraveller 2 or Starflight, but could never find anything to scratch that itch until now and Stellar tactics seems to tick all the boxes.


      It’s on Steam Greenlight




      Feature list as on the Steam page.



      • Delve into hidden bases, ancient ruins and caves on planets
      • Scout derelict ships, abandoned space stations and anomalies
      • Prospect and mine asteroid fields and planetary resource nodes
      • Gather scanning data that can be sold for profit
      • Pilot your ship across a massive universe in search of fame and fortune


      • Fight, disable and board enemy ships
      • Utilize Psionics – a powerful psychic energy – pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, cryokinesis and geokinesis
      • Augment your weapons and defenses with modifications, devices and nano-technology
      • Build your own specialists in a classless progression system – choose from over 300 skill perks to customize your team members


      • Choose your ship – fast and light for smuggling or massive and slow for large loads of cargo – pilot 40 ships, each with a unique upgradeable configuration
      • Establish the most profitable trade routes between systems
      • Craft some of the most powerful gear in the known universe for use or trade
      • Hack stations and place data buoy’s for real time trading data


      • Tons of loot, thousands of item combinations
      • Five weapon tiers, from basic to epic including armor sets and legendary weapons dropped from hand crafted faction and world bosses
      • Customize your team with upgrades and modifications
      • Personal shields, devices and med-packs will keep you alive when used strategically




      Stellar Tactics combines a classic narrative driven, Party-Based RPG with turn based ground combat, space exploration and a deep character and ship customization system. You will build a team of elite mercenaries and explore a vast universe of over 200,000 systems.


      The game is designed to accept episodic content that will fill the canvas of its massive universe for years to come. With millions of planets, numerous factions and a nearly infinite playability, Stellar Tactics was designed from the ground up to become a rich and diverse Sci-Fi RPG sandbox.


      As a Classic RPG, you can expect rich character interaction, dialog tree’s and statistic based dialog options for Charisma, Intelligence, Strength and Perception. The options can change the course of interaction in numerous ways. Besides main storyline missions, a dynamic mission AI generates missions based on your current location in the universe and faction alignment. There is always something to do in Stellar Tactics.


      Mining for resources both in asteroid belts and on planets generates wealth to help you upgrade your ships, 40 different types in all that can be purchased, attained through special missions or taken by disabling and boarding your enemies. These ships can be sold or kept for later use. A dynamic economy ebb’s and flows with the activities of the background AI. As an example, hostile factions destroying a convoy of merchant vessels could cause a commodities price to skyrocket offering opportunities for savvy traders to make a killing.


      Tactical, turn based team combat presents new challenges for strategic players. Devices allow the player to fit a total of 12 unique effects both beneficial and combat specific across their team members. Discovery of ancient civilizations could provide you with powerful team based attacks that can annihilate your enemies. Team members with high intelligence may develop psionic powers that allow them to unleash devastating attacks. Shields, weapons (both melee and ranged) and equipment can all be upgraded with Nano-Tech and component parts. Hundreds of skill based perks allow you to customize your team members for the challenges of deep space. Your team members will level through using their skills and defeating enemies in a classless progression system. Space combat will be action based and your ship and weapons will respond to the ship specific skills your team develops over time.


      This bundle expires on 12/20/2018

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      It’s made into the top 100



      Wow, amazing. We are now officially in the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight which is a substantial accomplishment for an indie game. I cannot thank you all enough. The positive feedback I’ve been receiving on Steam, Facebook and all over the web on forums and elsewhere has been so helpful and very much appreciated.

      Now, I’m going to focus on getting Stellar Tactics into the top 50. If you have friends or family that might be interested in Stellar Tactics, please do spread the word. Every single vote counts.

      Thank you all so much! Onward!


      Also an interview here

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      This does look great, from the surface it has all the elements…. if they are implemented correctly this will be a must have game.

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      It’s been a long time since anyone made a space RPG with planets and ships in it, I don’t count Mass Effect as it too linear and there was no ship combat.


      I would have preferred real time combat with a pause feature rather than turn based and it’s now been greenlit on Steam so hopefully we will see it this year.


      Think this will fill the gap left by Kerberos failure to do anything with NorthStar.

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      New video showing the turn based combat.



      Just spotted that their also a Kickstarter running $67K goal, check Kickstarter for details.

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      Kickstarter going a bit slow but still has 26 days to run.


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      Game looks a lot better now I get to see some actual gameplay. I added the kickstarter to the mainpage. With 25 days left they are going to have to get busy on more self promotion, or just concentrate on getting the game on Steam early access instead. But the game and its mechanics look solid so far.

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      Kickstarter has been cancelled.



      Hi everyone. We’ve decided to cancel the Kickstarter at this point. I knew that I’d need at least 30% of the project funded by the end of week one to reach my goal. at this very moment, 263 generous backers have placed their faith in me and I am forever grateful. I’m also grateful to everyone who visited our Kickstarter page, even those that didn’t back us and offered feedback. For me, feedback describing things people were confused about and reasons they decided not to back us have been incredibly valuable.

      This is not the end of Stellar Tactics. We’ve been Greenlit on Steam and I will continue to work on the game in my spare time. At some point in the future, I may decided to re-launch the Kickstarter campaign taking the feedback I’ve received and lessons I’ve learned into consideration. I’ll continue to post progress updates on my Blog and Steam.


      Hopefully we will see it on Steams early access at some point as I would hate to see this one disappear.

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      Short video about the character generation.



      Really want to see this on Steam soon as I’m getting the traveller nostalgia big time.

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      Good news, looks like ST will be on Steams early access at the end of this month. :gamer:


      Edit was wrong about that as it seems it’s just a Steam date that had to be posted although he say he’s getting closer to a release.

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      The game has provisional date of 23 of Sept.


      The more I see of the more I like it and it must be nearly 20 years since anyone has made anything like this.

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      So it looks like early access is coming in Sept., this game if they take their time it will be something special and a must have for the scifi fan.

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      Really looking forward to seeing this and the developer is pretty active on the Steam forum answering questions about the gameplay ect.


      You can see the road map here with the prologue being the first part of the EA then continuing into the Alpha/Beta


      No word on price as yet but the dev has said it will be one price with no discount for being in early access.

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      New blog up with details about the early access start 22 Sept and price $19.99 :gamer:

      Steam still says the 23 so around that date.




      Stellar Tactics will be released to the world as a Early Access title on September 22nd at 10pm PST. I want to be completely honest here and say there are some rough spots, the game has about 8 hours of game play in the Prologue at this time and the open world exploration and space combat portions of the game will not be available until Alpha. The Early Access Prologue and information from the Steam website are posted below. I recommend that everyone read the road-map posted on the Steam forums before purchasing the game so they are aware of the EA release feature set and what will be coming.

      Stellar Tactics will have a $19.99 release price. There will be no release price reductions and no planned price reductions in the future, though I reserve the right to change my mind. I will also provide a Humble Bundle widget that provides you with a Steam key. For those who wish to pay more than the $19.99 price, there will be a “TIPS” button on the humble widget. Yes, people have asked, and I really appreciate it. You’re dollars will go towards further development of the game. You will find the Humble store widget on the front page of this website on 9/22/16 at 10 PM PST.

      Here is the Early Access info posted on the Steam store page. Thank you all for you’re support. Stellar Tactics has been a very long time in the making, and there is so much more to come!

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      new update about perks




      The perk system in Stellar Tactics is different from most other games in number of ways. I’m going to describe the system in this Developers Log and explain how it works. Though this system is ready for the Early Access, there will likely be a number of passes to tweak the damage, defense and status effect bonuses.

      Perks are granted at various level tiers; levels 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100. You get your first perk choice in any skill at level 20 in that skill.


      Perks are granted for every skill in the game for a total of 95 assigned perks and a total of 285 perk selections for each team member. That is, for every skill you will have a total of 5 selected perks at level 100 if you choose to select them.

      Perks come in three general categories for combat skills ; Offensive, Balanced and Defensive. Each perk applies two effects:

      • Offensive – Damage, critical or chance to hit bonus and a status effect bonus such as bleed, poison, hobble, cripple etc.

      • Balanced – Bonus to both Damage and AC

      • Defensive – Bonus to AC and Resistance

      Perks Stack – If you decide you want a defensive front line melee character, select all defensive perks for a particular weapon skill and you can gain a major AC bonus and resistance to that skill’s status effect affinity.

      Perk choices are never permanent. You can change your perk selections at any time, even during combat. Is a boss spamming a toxic AE effect that is wiping your team? Chose perks (and of course shields) that provide protection from the effects. Notice that a certain enemy has a weakness to certain types of damage? Adjust your perks to take advantage of that weakness, all in real time during combat. Perks are a tool that allow you to further customize your characters.

      Perks are a major part of the customization you can apply to your team members. These includes shield upgrades, weapon upgrades, weapon mods, armor selection and of course the application of stats to your team members that support their weapon choices.

      A note about status effects. Status effects are applied in a number of ways. For now, the following status affects are applied in combat:

      Hobbled : Reduces movement by 50% – there is an innate chance to be hobbled if you or your enemies legs are damaged.

      Crippled : Increases action cost by 50% – there is an innate chance to be crippled if you or your enemies arms are damaged.

      Stunned : Some weapons have a chance to stun your enemies for up to three turns

      Bleeding : Some weapons have a chance to apply bleeding, a damage over time effect that can last up to three turns

      Poisoned : Some weapons apply poison, a damage over time effect that can last up to 3 turns

      Several weapons have the ability to avoid armor or personal shields to various degrees ( “The slow blade penetrates the shield” – Dune )

      At some point Psionics will be introduced into the game. Psionics will be a completely separate skill progression with its own set of perks. Psionics will utilize Psionic Projectors, a form of weapon unlike any other.

      That’s it for now. Back to testing the game for the September 22nd Early Access release.

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      Bought it and got a bit of a shock as it’s a 5GB download, was not expecting it to be anywhere near that size.


      Going to have to wait a week or two before I download it.

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      I really like how it looks and what it offers to a player with a quite nice content in it. I’m not really keen on EA, so I’m always waiting for a full release before purchase, with some exceptions of course 😉

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      The Alpha phase will be the most interesting as that when player will gain access to the 10,000 sectors and according to the dev each sector will contain a number of star systems. 😎

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      Best game ever, if you ever played any of the old space adventure games from the late 80s early 90s. this is the game you have been waiting for, finally my MegaTraveller itch has been scratched.

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      Still sitting in my backlog!! Star Contorl Origins has scratched this particular itch for me!!

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      Star control on my wish list but I having a lot fun with ST at the moment,although their no much of the main story added into the game yet but their are plenty of ground combat missions to play and you do have the space combat, which i still have to try out and the game seem to be getting plenty of updates.

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      Just a house keeping update but looks like some good feature are on the way.

      “Here is what I’ll be working on next, in no particular order. I’ll start rolling out these features one at a time for the most part.”

      In no particular order:
      Perks to level 100
      A few additional devices that can be used in combat.
      Repair system for both space and ground. The space repair system will allow you to assign crew members to ship repairs. You will of course still be able to pay for repairs on stations.
      Addition of weapons for pugilism along with some adjustments. Currently there are no weapon types for this combat skill. I’ve compensated by making this skill more powerful, however, it’s time to get these weapons in with mod slots etc.
      Implement new animations – these are done and have been waiting until I had time to get them in the game
      Space trading and the Trade-Net
      Cargo transfer on stations
      Special weapon attacks
      Ground mining drone system
      Sneaking, traps and environment security systems (including turrets)
      Sorting for vendors, inventory, stash and cargo
      Space station turret defense systems
      Patrolling enemies and NPC’s
      Faction Agents will buy scan data
      Implement the updated ship models you saw in the last announcement

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      Just a new vid out for St

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      The game has been getting a number of updates over the last month.

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      I kind of forgot about this one since its been in early access for two years, glad its still being actively developed.

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      Looking forward to the next content patch more ships.

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      New ships.
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