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    • Shadowma45

      Hi I used to play sto for about a year, game & single play was cool, but pvp has almost same problem that swtor in that you have to wait in que to play against

      a live person, they should take a hint from star citizen in so far as the boarding & pvp goes, to be fair sc is not out yet but from what they are

      saying & how they are explaining it, it should be pretty good.  Which brings me to my question has anyone heard about them updating it (sto) or swtor for that matter.

      Swtor came out with a dog fighting section for the game but looks pretty lame. It actually looks like a bad star conflict clone, but at least they tried.

      Oh well, thanks in advance for any info.



    • SolCommand

      Nah, sorry mate but I haven’t kept in touch with that game for quite some time now. I used to play it about a year ago (or more) but for some reason the game got pretty boring pretty fast. The game seemed too easy and simple, mostly because I got to level 50 in a couple of days.

      I’m actually curious myself if they made any changes recently to make the game (a lot) more fun because right now I’m not playing anything, mmo or otherwise.

    • #102069

      Gonna have to update my STO client and give this a try, there has been lots of updates to this game over the years and I usually don’t have time to play but I think it will be fun playing as a Romulan.


    • #102070

      I find that Star Trek Online is anywhere from horribly disappointing to fantastic depending on what your expectations are.  For me, it is always loads of fun, and I love the Romulan patch.  There isn’t quite as much to do with the Romulans, but it is still something like 40 hours of gameplay.  And, more importantly, it’s free.


      If you are looking for good multiplayer co-op or PvP though, you’ll probably still find STO lacking, as those things have changed little.  Personally, I don’t really see the point of traditional MMO’s (such as STO or SWTOR) being multiplayer at all.  In my opinion they would be far better as normal single-player games with available multiplayer co-op and PvP match-finding modes.  


      I don’t see what anybody gets out of “Oh my, xx!!RidiculousName64xxxx has just murdered all of the wampas which I need to kill for my quest.  Let me walk around in circles and amuse myself with the highly sophisticated witty banter in local chat for 45 minutes while I wait for them to respawn, but not before somebody else walks up and slaughters them all again because I have a real life and had to do something while I was waiting, but an unable to pause the game.  Oh dear, now it is too late and I have to go to dinner but alas, I cannot save the game and return to exactly where I was.”  Meanwhile, in a non-MMO, you’d have exactly none of those problems and still get all the multiplayer you want.  The only MMO’s that seem worth it to me (and there are few) are like EVE Online, where player interaction meaningfully enhances your experience (even if it means getting ganked sometimes).  Presumably SC will be like this, but I would very much appreciate it if they make it possible to play mostly alone if you want, as they promised in the early days but have not mentioned in a long, long time.


      But I digress, by now everyone has stopped reading.  Anyway, I like STO for allowing me to play alone if I want, but I find the PvP rather primitive.  

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      Yeah well I would tend to agree, thats what kind of intriuged me in regards to sc, I mean traveling through space & the possibility of being attacked by pirates npc or other players 

      makes this a huge much appreciated change along with perma death ( per mr roberts 6 times ) it makes the game more exciting, something to lose so to speak & something 

      to gain if your playing the pirate lol!  The reason I asked is I was hoping sto maybe would take a cue & change their pvp to allow boarding & capture of npc & other player

      ships.  I think this would be a huge improvement, but like I said swtor added their attempt at a dog fighting module  & one would have to assume trying to cash in on the

      popularity of sc.  I tried it & wasn’t impressed I mean they did not even have joystick support, but ill stop now before I get started on swtor lol!

      Thanks for the info, & have a good one!



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