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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    An adult space game which and I kid you not, described itself as “Are we alone in this universe? What is out there? More importantly… can we bone it?”

    Kickstarter was launched about a week ago and is already fully funded and £90 grand over it’s target with 32 days left.

    looks like the game is going to have a 2d universe where the player travels around in their ship and fights, trade and the usual stuff. Plus an isometric 3d grid ground combat.

    Get the feeling it a series of mini games with some visual novel bits, some what similar to the second Lula game “Wet Attack” from 1999 which used the same premise with 3 mini game and 3D fmv.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    “Are we alone in this universe? What is out there? More importantly… can we bone it?”




    You got to wonder if this is genuine or an April fools joke, or has Kickstarter been hacked.

    Edit found this vid of one of the devs talking about the game

    By the sound of it he said that the game is a take on Mass Effect and will have about 30 hours of gameplay,with the space section more of a shmup and the tactical section will not be over complicated.


    10 days left of the Kickstarter and it looks like it will hit the 1 million mark, maybe a lesson there for a successful Kickstarter, more animated booty.

    The game has already attracted some controversy as some one is claiming to own the Subverse name and I have no doubts we will be hearing more about it as the 29,000 + backer realise that what they have bought into is a little more than a visual novel with a couple of mini games slapped on top of it.


    Kickstarter ended on the 1st of May and they have smashed their target with end total of around £1.5 million and 58 thousand backer, not bad for a game which got no coverage from the main gaming sites.

    Looks like they are trying to contain the hype and backer expectations from the last update on Kickstarter. As I said before, little more than a FMV movie with a couple of mini games added. Bet it not the last we hear of this one.

    “We promised we will not add feature creep and we will be sticking to our original vision of the game, which is a fun and fast paced tactical/shmup hybrid with some light RPG elements and lewd rewards. This will not be a large open world AAA title”

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