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    Hi All,

    I’ve been working on several prototypes of my game over the past several years, each time I’ve upgraded the artwork and the game engine version to the point where it’s now all starting to come together nicely.

    Survival Strike is a bit of a mixed bag and will appeal to gamers who love zombie games like resident evil, left4dead – sci fi games like halo, gears and war games like battlefield with a bit of space travel thrown in to the mix 🙂 In my next game release (1.3.5a) you’ll be able to play as a Colonial Marine (7 to choose from), Zombie (3-4 to choose from), Cyborg, Mech Robot, Elite Trooper, Modern Military and a few others as the game progresses into other planets and galaxies. Each player has different weapons, abilities and defensive counter measures. Oh, and I almost forgot! Jet packs.

    Single and Multi-player Online with up to 5 player profiles per account. (currently machine specific) but I plan on working on a hot-desking feature so you can play the game on any PC by downloading your profiles to it. So you can either have one of each of the character types that you feel will be best suited to your gameplay, or everyone who plays games in your family can have one 🙂

    Just a few screenshots in the current release so far:



    A few other things to look forward to in 1.3.5 alpha release: (Dropships and Drop Pods) – although a bit of texturing work still needed on those, with some tanks, a monorail transport system and ATVs.



    I’ve also just finished stage 1 of the website at http://www.survivalstrike.com and I’d really appreciate your support, even if you only register for now and I’ll keep you updated on the games progress. The game will constantly evolve over time, so I doubt there will ever be an end to the game, just a new beginning with new planets and races being added (at least until the demand runs out). I’ll also check back here with some new updated screenshots as and when they are ready, or you can check out my blog on the website. Currently providing a pre-purchase price with 70% off while the game is in alpha development with access to 1.3a test – giving you a chance to see a stable framework to kick some zombies around 🙂

    Thanks all.




    You have done a nice job with the character models so far. Any plans for the SP game mode to have different story depending on the character type you choose to play? Any destructable terrain or objects?



    thanks. More character screenshots can be seen here (if you’ve not already had a look). Single Player has more face based characters than generic characters. Generic characters (with masks or other gear) are used for multi-player online, this way you do not have the same face 20 times over. The plan is once I’ve enough funds I’ll create a custom character generator so you can design your own race which can then be added to the game as a traveller/pirate/bounty hunter where you can then form clans, take over planets, or form new worlds once your clan reaches a certain number of players to be recognised and be part of the galaxy.

    Once the game starts to reach BETA instead of just having single player with AI, and multi-player with AI + team based play, you will see the introduction of single player and multiplayer missions each with a set of requirements (1, 2 or more players and certain abilities before you can take on the missions), SP will have story lines attached to each mission with cut-scenes and training areas to build up a bit of a story to the game throughout the timeline, where as MP will have just mission objective walkthroughs for quickness. These missions are what will keep the game going, as well as the introduction of new planets and races. The idea of the Zombie area is so that you can rack up game currency to use in the game for weapons and so on (Zombie clearance) which can be easy targets on their own, it’s when they are in numbers you have to worry. You are also rewarded with achievements and game currency for defending your home world.

    There will be league tables for overall scores based on currency, deaths, kills and achievements as well as monthly tables. Depending on the number of people who buy the game will determine on whether real prizes will be given away on a monthly basis, as a way of giving something back to the community than just a great game to play.

    There will be destructable terrains and objects, along with something quite good that manages the gameplay (keeping it under wraps for now).




    Although I’m no fan of zombie games I have to admit that right now the game looks cool and you’ve done a nice job so far.

    Good luck 😉



    thanks SolCommand. Only about 20% of the game will have Zombies in it, with the odd rogue zombie lingering around other parts of the game. The zombification is caused by the Cyborgs and their bio-chemical weapons.



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