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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    Check out the website here:

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    Ah, the Amiga and C64, machines that will never die. 🙂


    I wish I never sold my C64 and Amiga 500 off personally. There have been lots of talk of creating a new Amiga, but nothing I don’t think this has been done yet. But once decent emulators came out I found no use in keeping the machines around since my media for them was starting to deteriorate and not work. But its amazing how the community is continuing to pump out new hardware and software.


    Yea, you would be amazed at what you can still get for these ancient machines. 😉


    eek a mouse!


    It’s unfortunately in german, but maybe someone knows the original documentation(s) because i’m sure this is made based on a (or several) english spoken one.


    8:40 “no hippies but quiet relaxed weed smokers” lmao!

    Programmable Home Entertainment Systems (pre atari) just for completeness 🙂

    – RCA Studio II
    – Champion 2711

    The Studio II (a “cheap graphics computer”) was unfortunately b&w but the games are unique and some are quite good.

    “decle” (a decle is a ten bit long word and was used to program the General Instruments CPC1600, the heart of the inty, the first 16 bit processor but it ran on 10bit to preserve the rest for “future applications”) so “decle” is a hobby developer who develops intellivision games script based on old assembler console games such as the “Studio II”, the project for the Intellivision to emulate this console on an Intellivision is called “StudioVision”.
    All ever published games for this unlucky system have been ported by him to StudioVision (12) and three of the latter as HANIMEX MPT-02 or Visicom-100 known color consoles, they are based on the same hardware even if the latter ones are color consoles (color? 16 and instead that the graphics are colored a certain screen area can have two diff. colors out of the palette, of course they will have no colors on a Studio II.

    It includes some cool (but old, don’t expect the mega cool space battle sim) Space Gamnes which i will show off here in a different thread.
    Noteable here is “STAR WARS” (MPT-02) by the meaning of the name even if everybody is convinced unlicensed, but you “fly” obviousely a X-Wing or if played by two even a TIE-Fighter. It’s a naked dogfight but i like it much.
    But also “Space Battle” (Studio II) has a special spirit.

    To explore the Studio II experience (and a couple of homebrews) as well as other machines (home computers) from this generation, download “Emma02”
    It includes all needed stuff, so you can run any Studio II game immediately.
    it leaks a bit in speed compared to MESS (all MAME now which i think was a stupid draw), but you won’t need to be a homebrew developer to run Emma02.

    Looking at the Champion2711 one can ask itself what they had in mind? only asci character based graphics and no inspiration behind.
    Noteable it is to me because it’s because it has the highest OS level a system can have, only two buttons “yes or no” to control the games.
    It’s known also as the “little brother” to the intellivision because it uses a GI processor.
    noteable it’s also because it has three reset buttons, one on the console and one on each controller (4 : 3 wow!), so you never will be in this stupid situation not to reach the immediatly needed reset button.

    There is no handy emulator for this system (really?!) but it runs since a short while in MAME.

    Except (ta taaa!)
    “Li’l Bro” is the first but latter finished project of “decle” to emulate an older console on the Intellivision.
    “Li’l Bro” doesn’t offers much, no real good games, nonetheless decle ported all released games (5!) and developed a new one for this rotten machine,
    “Bottom Gas” a dragster race (the dragsters are made of ascii characters as well) he even released it as (i think so) first homebrew for the Champion2711.

    No “pong consoles”, true programmable home entertainment systems, but forgotten and vanished because of the big success of the VCS.

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