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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Not much about it on the website although from the look of it from the video I say it’s more of an variant of FTL than their claim of Starflight/Star Control 2 adventure space game.



    The Long Journey Home is a Space Exploration RPG that combines the best of classic space adventures like Starflight and Star Control II with the replayability of modern roguelikes, in a procedurally generated, endlessly surprising living universe inspired by beloved modern Science Fiction shows like Farscape and Firefly.

    Your goal: to find the way back to Earth. An accident during humanity’s first jump drive test has catapulted you and your crew to the other side of the galaxy, and the only way home is through. Lead your crew as you explore new worlds in search of allies and support. Face searing storms and deadly gravity as you plunder alien worlds for their secrets and technology. Befriend alien races and earn their trust. Keep your people alive.

    Do whatever it takes to get home.

    The Long Journey Home is due for release in the second half of 2016 for PC, Mac, Linux and consoles. 

    • Explore a living, procedurally generated galaxy
    • Guide your crew through complex quests and moral dilemmas
    • Uncover ancient secrets in the ruins of distant worlds
    • Fight for survival in a dangerous universe
    • Chart your own course – every game, a new journey


    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    So is the game play in 2D, looks like it is? Art looks good, but there has been a whole bunch of 2D games lately. If they really focus on the RPG and Adventure elements I think this will turn out to be pretty good. The trailer definitely set the mood of the game and looks like it could have some interesting story aspects.


    Look’s a bit like a mobile game although they don’t mention anything about it.


    Don’t think it will have much of an RPG elements in it as most of these games are being tagged with RPG nowdays, probably more of an arcade adventure.


    Never played a 2d space sim (or with only 2d movement), i’m interested also in spacebound but i find this more interesting.

    Very nice graphic and style, you use the ship also on planets, rpg structure….daedalic is doing a jump from graphic adventures game to roguelike games…hope it will be a success.


    Has a Steam page and still saying a release date this year.


    It is released on GOG:

    And on Steam:

    It got it and tried it already, but its to early to make a final verdict. So far i like it. It mixes gameplay from Star Control, Starflight, FTL with some CYOA elements and a very challenging newtonian fly model.

    If the combination of this sounds interesting for you give it a try.


    I’m currently looking at two rogue-like games, Everspace which is combat-centered, and this one TLJH which has the different and interesting scope of being a non-hero that struggles with ever lacking ressources and dangers in the hope to reach Earth again after a miss-jump to some far place in the universe. A very interesting and challenging design.

    What I found out with TLJH is: It’s going to be damn difficult to succeed, your odds are very small, so small indeed that (from what I read in the reviews or on Steam) most players quit-rage the game totally frustrated prior of even learning what a deep experience the game has to offer.
    Here some helpful facts for staters of the game and things that I found out by playing for about 3 days. First let me say that no, I didn’t successfully returned to Earth yet, but there is hope…

    – The game world, the alien races you will encounter, the overall difficulty is all procedurally generated by a seed that you enter at game start (see my tips at the end!). You can replay and explore the same situation in a new game by keeping the same seed, or have a totally new experience each time by changing the seed.
    – The new update adds a ‘Story Mode’ that will make the game a lot more forgiving, with upgrades and ressources easier to gather.
    – Even in Story Mode, the game remains difficult because planetary landings for ressources may cost a lot of shields for your lander, except on the most ideal suited planets, also common ressources will only yield very little for your ship considering the risks taken.
    – Entering gas giants for scooping gaz (for fuel and for selling) is only worth for rare gazes that can sell at high price, because your lander shields will deplete quickly and are expensive to refill
    – There is an easy way to refill your Jump Tanks for long travels taking advantage of sun orbits (I say no more!)
    – Combat without upgrades is pretty hopeless, at least according to my experience. Fortunately you can boost away and leave the system if tracked by enemies. For what the developers can do by seeing the game, I give the combat aspect a 2 out of 10…shame on you devs, you could do much better!
    – On the bright side: You will be given another lander blueprint if you lose your lander, so you can construct a new one for free (?)
    – During jumps you will experience random system failures that will slowly kill you if you haven’t enough credits for repairing
    – You cannot avoid system failures, but NEVER lose your basic laser otherwise you are doomed (my experience).
    – You may not make credits fast enough to compensate for system failures, missing ressources or medecines for your crew meaning: Most often you get RIP.

    The last 3 points are a game-killer for most players, but that’s apparently what the developers wanted: A hard game with tough decision-making and strategy choices in order to succeed. There are no easy solutions delivered to you on a silver plate, space travel is painful and dangerous, at least in the world of TLJH. I’m giving this design idea a high positive rating because far too many sci-fi adventure games (like the concurrent FLT or the classic Star Control) are way too easy and aimless to my gusto. This one is definitly different, also with superb grafics and animations and really nice alien dialogues with multiple-choice responses, a feature you will be missing for example in No Man’s Sky where aliens are pure decor not deeply designed for intereaction.
    Space travel will obey to Newtonian physics making it challenging and dangerous for your ship and lander craft. You are better off if you keep at low speed making gentle trajectory corrections in order to use the sling shot gravity of planets and gaz giants, and slowly entering orbits because using the thruster or booster too much will quickly deplete your fuel tanks, and no, there is no easy-to-use gaz station at every angle… Else you constantly need to watch your shielding and ressource values otherwise you will quickly strand in space…

    The negative aspects of the game – other than its sheer difficulty which I accept, and as far as I could discover for now – are:

    – Other than the galaxy map, there is no possibility to zoom/unzoom the view in the system travel or during combat, making it a cumbersome limitation
    – There are no upgrades that enhance the speed and maneuvrability of your ship during combat, you remain essentially a sitting duck, the enemy ships are waaaay more powerful and faster than you. The combat departement lacks some good possibilities here that would make the game far more abordable by a lot of players.
    – No keyboard mapping possibility. The game plays with mouse/keyboard and gamepad but no custom settings are possible.
    – Although normal in rogue-like games, I miss a saving possibility into a slot or at least some training missions for landings that you can chose in the main menu. The gamemakers have included 3 tutorial videos (you need to be online to watch them on Youtube), but in-build training missions would be that much better IMO.

    Finally, here some tips on the ‘Seed’ expression to enter in order to have a more diffult or easier game:

    URUKAI – Easy
    GAMESTAR – Easy
    EASYMODE – Easy
    JEAN LUC – Hard



    Their was an an update to the game about a week ago with no patch notes and no announcement from the devs as to what it was.
    It turns out that it some thing call buffpannel ie spyware was added to the game, as they have now admitted to in this thread

    Along with Surving Mars it makes you wonder how many other game have this.

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