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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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      Now this looks really good, least from a trailer aspect. I take it for those that like fallout new vegas should like this. Obsidian Entertainment I think just hit a homerun with this title and if they keep refining it over the next few months and release it Q4 next year it should be really solid. I think Starfield is in trouble 😉 Bethesda now knows what happens to your reputation when you release something unfinished… all Obsidian needs to do is concentrate on quality and the game will sell itself.

      Bethesda contracted Obsidian to make Fallout NV in like 1.5yrs and that game is one of the most liked in the whole series, and Bethesda shafted Obsidian on their bonus… So I hope Obsidian is very successful with this new IP.

      This bundle expires on 3/25/2019

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      Reminds me of the Precursors, they also have a Steam page with a bit about the game.

      Two planets are mentioned and my guess would be that the gameplay arear on the planet would be a map rather than a full planet map, no mention of any vehicles or aircraft, but we may see something later about that.

      It also mentions a ship and crew and my guess would be a Mass Effect type ship where you don’t fly the ship and it more of a player hub. I know I would prefer a flyable ship and full scale solar system with the planets, moons and stations in it but I don’t think we will get anything like that, more likely to be Mass Effect/ Fallout mash up.

      Edit just spotted this on YouTube, 14 minutes of gameplay, also some detail from PC Gamer website looks I was right about the ship and wrong about the map as it looks like it will be more linear than open world.
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