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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    The Precursors is a new game made by Deep Shadows. It is being developed for both PC and Xbox360 and is expecting to be released in Spring 2009. This game is a freeplay RPG with FPS\Space sim combat and economical component options.

    Game Plot

    The worlds of the galaxy are beautiful, unique and dangerous. Some of them are inhabited, some are deserted, some lie in ruins, others are just smugglers trans-shipment stations.

    Some worlds are at the beginning of their evolution, other are falling into decay. Only when you’ll pass through all of these worlds, when you’ll feel the heat of blazing lava-seas and the chilling cold of dark abysses, when you’ll see stark heavens and red skies, you will realize the real power of nature. Only when you’ll meet corrupt judges, mendacious politicians, unselfish protectors and cruel tyrants, you’ll understand the passions of society. Only when you’ll reach unexplored sectors of the galaxy and come across wonderful natural phenomenons, when you’ll fly through the tail of a comet or dive into a mysterious portal, then you’ll perceive the infinite depth and diversity of the universe.

    Nobody knows what exactly this journey will comprise, but we can assure you that it will be unforgettable…

    Get more info on the games website: http://www.precursors-game.com

    Game Features

    – Various game worlds (jungle planet, post-nuclear world, desert, space station etc.) which you can travel without any loading screens

    – About 250 missions

    – Large variety of weapons: organic and inorganic, upgrading system

    – Space battles and first person combat at the surface pf planets, inside of space ships and stations

    – Set of usable vehicles: flying (interatmospheric vessels and spaceships) and ground vehicles

    – Possibility to set up a relation’s system with different fractions through the game

    – Trade significance

    – About 55 various Perks (ie: skills)

    System Specs

    PC Minimum requirements: AMD Athlon XP 3000, 1 GB RAM, GeForce 6600 GS 128 MB

    PC Recommended requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4G (E6600) 1GB RAM, GeForce 7600 GS 128 MB

    Checkout these videos:



    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    That’s a fine game, at least as a consept. I hope that they are going to finish it, since it is a very ambitius project. Their previous effort “Boilling Point”, was a very enjoyable game, although it was released prematurelly, and with a lot of bugs. Do you know anything about, a release date?


    Not a definite date I could find I just keep reading Spring 2009. So it should be out before June 🙂 And does look quite nice I love the aspect of being able to use multi vehicles like (mechs, flyers, ships, etc…). Wish they would expand the platforms so my PS3 can get some love too.


    This is the game I am most looking forward too playing,like captainkal I really enjoyed playing Boiling point.So I got high hopes for this.

    Just had a look over at the Deep Shawdows site and they say they are going to have public beta for Precursors at the Ds office soon.

    so hopefully we might see the game this year.


    This game is looking good I like the fact that you are not confined to just your ship and I believe BlackStar is something similar but there hasn’t been too much info released on this yet.


    There are a couple of other more modern games that allow you to get out of the ship

    Parkan 2 which I think you used to able to get the English ver from steam?.

    I got a German box copy of the game,but I know idea what’s going on,all I get is shouted at by some German bird telling me something is kuput. 😆

    And smarts Universal combat lots of good ideas just unplayable

    PINBACK wrote:

    Parkan 2 which I think you used to able to get the English ver from steam?.

    Was Parkan 2 ever released in USA? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and is there a version in English?

    Was Parkan 2 ever released in USA? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and is there a version in English?

    I do not know if a retail version exists in USA, but it saw a limited release in Europe (I bought one here in Greece). But you can still buy it, through Gamers Gate (And it’s the latest version. My version had a nasty bug, and I had to send the developers a saved game for debugging, in order to keep playing. But they were extremely helpfull.) I may still find one for you in a bargain bin if you still interested. 😀


    IIRC when the news and forum was still running on the Parkan site you could only get the English version by downloading it.

    I thinks the retail version was only released in Germany,Russia,Poland and Greece,the thing I remember is the Greece version is supposed to have the English soundtrack as well?.

    Theirs some vids of it on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO9fZK_f … re=related now I know what that woman shouting about 😆

    the thing I remember is the Greece version is supposed to have the English soundtrack as well?.

    Yes. It is the english version. (No localization, thank god, for our games. We get the versions that are sold in Britain. 😀 )


    Theres some new pics of the game on the Precursors fourm

    http://www.precursors-game.com/rus/down … hoty1.html


    There is a new Russian interview at stopgame:


    And a rough translation from babelfish:

    The so-called sandbox- projects, which grant [geymeru] the uncontrolled freedom of selection and actions, slowly become standard for the genre of [shuterov]. Crysis, Far Of cry 2, OF S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Of sky, Xenus is 2nd all title FPS-[taytly] of this year they could brag by the independently functioning play universe, which is modified depending on the actions of main hero. The new creation of the Ukrainian studio Of deep Of shadows, critical for the pair “Of [ksenusov]”, “forerunners” (Precursors – for the western public) – is created on the analogous molds curves. With the only difference that to the customary to [ekshen]- mechanic developers intend to plan RPG- constituting and the elements of space simulator. By what will as a result come out this “cocktail” we they attempted to explain in “bartenders themselves”.

    Stopgame: Good time of day. As the saying goes, immediately straight away. Why, after the maximally realistic Of xenus, you suddenly did decide to test your forces in fantastic [settinge]?

    Simply we love to experiment. Is boring always to develop standard games. Although, Xenus is complicated to name “standard” game. It was desirable to study project which, from one side, it will draw on experience, accumulated with the development “Of [ksenusa]”, and with another, it will from it differ – so the idea to be detached away from the contemplation of tropics and to look to the stars arose. There much what interesting occurs.

    Stopgame: On the official site the project is characterized not otherwise as “freeplay RPG from FPS and space of sim by battalion commander”. It is extremely interesting, how in the game will be combined these genres.

    The combination of freeplay RPG and FPS you already saw in “[Ksenuse]”, in any case, one of the versions of combination. In “the forerunners” to everything this was added space, well and, naturally, diverse planets, which makes with [geympley] even more interesting.

    Appears this as follows – regulations to wander along the planet, you sit down yourselves into your spacecraft and fly to subjugate interstellar spaces. In space, by the way, also there is life, so that it is possible not only to war, but to carry out different tasks, to deal and to associate. Well and when to you this will tire – to your services any accessible, on the game, planet. Strictly only it depends from your love for [kosmosimam], how long you will carry out in space. It will not be pleased – you will reduce it to the necessary minimum, it will be pleased – war, until it tires. Enemies to you will be sufficient.

    Stopgame: As about the balance of [geympleya]. Will play mechanics more gravitate towards to [ekshenu], or we will see the amazingly harmonious combination of all declared genres?

    You will see the amazing harmonious combination in all which pleases you. Finally, this [fripley] game, it means it is possible to be concentrated on what more greatly pleases. In this basic sense and the main chip of game. Well, or one of the main things.

    Stopgame: On the subject of game at the given moment known for very low- you will quench our information deprivation.

    Themselves you understand, we do not can to describe entire subject. Your hero, the graduate of flying academy, pilot, who belongs to the race Of [amarnov]. After release it leaves for the planet Of [goldin] for further service and increases in the qualification. He is not superman, not the veteran of space landing, it did not battle with the strangers and it does not manage force. Usual person, who selected to the quarry of mercenary.

    Naturally, after falling on [Goldin], it occurs they will draw in opposition between the basic super-powers – empire and the democratic union, and here still begin to occur strange events, they appear the mysterious artifacts of forerunners and, generally, it is created something incomprehensible. Here for you one must be dismantled, having at the same time selected on whose side you you want to battle at all this.

    Stopgame: One of the key special features “of forerunners” is declared free displacement over the play space. Describe [popodrobnee], as this will occur in reality: does imply this fact the nonlinearity of [storilayna], how large is planned to make a freelance- component?.

    No, subject in the game is linear, more precise it will lead you to one tail piece. But by here what means you will reach it, the matter your. The versions of passage are sufficient. For free in the game there are no many fractions – helping or interfere witing to them, you not only earn experience and money, but also you obtain access to information, necessary for the advance on the subject. Naturally, at any moment, you can put topical missions aside and study the fulfillment of side-line missions, a study of planets or be concentrated on space combat. As to pass game – to decide only to you.

    Stopgame: As the play locations are declared eight gigantic planets. Is how striking they will differ from each other in the flora and the fauna? What dangers and difficulties do wait hero on their surface?

    In reality not eight, but five. We solved, that for one game, eight diverse planets this already too.

    Planets are distinguished in terms of flora, fauna, relief and as enemies. There is the planet, covered with jungle, with the large number of reservoirs. There is the planet, whose large part occupies desert, with the infrequent oases. There is the planet, which very resembles Mars.

    If on [Goldine] (yellow planet) the best form of movement maneuverability buggy, then along the red planet it is better to stroll in the stepping robot.

    Most dangerous enemy of man on one of the satellites Of [goldina] of dog, and on other planets the most dangerous enemy precisely of men.

    On the planet Of [gli] you will be able to meet with representatives of one of the small races of galaxy – [Klatts], that leads your beginning from the birds.

    On the whole, to be bored it is not necessary.

    Stopgame: It appears very properly from a graphic point of view Of xenus 2. In “the forerunners” is used analogous cursor, which frees from the occasions for the doubt about the final quality of picture. However, in “[Ksenuse]” the substantial part of the time we carried out in the evergreen jungle – whereas [setting] “forerunners” is much wider. How strongly planets in the game will differ in visual component? By what characteristic features, by sights can brag play peaces?

    Planets are very different. And it is architectural, and climatically, and it is relief. You never will entangle the base Of [impertsev] on [Reandore], with the base of Democrats on [Gli], or with the base of raiders on [Goldine]. Even dawns and sunsets on the planets different, artists tried.

    Stopgame: Free displacement over the play universe superimposes many limitations on the artificial intellect – scripts by no means you will leave to some. How realized AI- algorithm in the game? It is worthwhile for us to wait the sequential diagram “of the simulation of life”?

    Looking, what to understand under the simulation. Such as it was in “the stalker”, will not be. It is not simply necessary. Travelling throughout the world, you, one way or another, change relation with different fractions and people, and they will to this react. To attack, if you are the enemy, to make reductions, if friend. Strictly, this differs little from the fact that you saw in “[Ksenuse]”. Perhaps that, besides the global fractions, inherent in all planets, appeared still and local, existing on one planet.

    Stopgame: Since the events “of forerunners” are turned havoc in the distant- distant future, it is necessary to forget about different “[kalashakh]” and “Makarovs”. How do proceed the matters concerning the assortment of weapon? Will be able you to propose original ideas on killing of enemies?

    In the universe “of forerunners” bullet weapon, as before, is considered effective. So that you will see both the different modifications of standard armament – automatic weapons, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and new – living weapon. This weapon is different living organisms, whose shielding properties, men it adapted for its basic needs – destruction to itself of the similar. I think, it will be pleased to you, it pleases by all.

    Stopgame: By the way, about the enemies. To of course resist main hero there will be by no means not some homo of sapiens. What representatives local [bestiariya] for us it is worthwhile to fear most of all?

    Most of all it is worthwhile to fear people, this of one hundred percent. They, in contrast to animals, shoot rather well and know how to act by group. But also usual monsters are sufficient – all possible beetles, local varieties of dogs and other pleasant poultry.

    [Klatts], from the planets Of [gli], also dangerous, by the way.

    Stopgame: In the game is promised the wide selection of means of transportation – both air and ground-based. What transport “aggregates” can test [geymery] after [reliza]?

    Different machines, from the high-speed of buggy, to the sluggish trucks, the stepping robots, helicopters. Technology in the game is sufficient and, which is pleasant, it is possible to drive away it.

    Stopgame: How strongly technology will be attached to [geympleyu]? Will be able protagonist to achieve his goal, travelling exclusively on its two (interplanetary overflights into the calculation we do not take)?

    Certainly, why no? If you the amateur of the prolonged of walk, under the open sky are prepared to destroy all predators for your way, then dare. But machine these are not only means of transportation, but also capacious baggage carrier. It will offensive leave in desert tens of automatic weapons, only because you cannot take away them, truth?

    Stopgame: In the list “of the chips” of play cursor was noticed the point model of damages. How in detail are studied the physical aspects “of forerunners”?

    In a sufficient, for the contemporary games, measure. We do not consider physics the main advantage of game, it, it is simple, it must make it possible to obtain pleasure. Palms break, barrels explode, towers are destroyed, to machines it is possible to shoot off even bumper, if there is a desire. But this is not the simulator of the destruction of environment, we do not attempt to develop by the sequential Of red Of faction and much more they are concerned by the atmosphere and [geympleem], than by physical or graphic [navorotami]. To us and without the breakthroughs in physics there is how pleasant to astonish players.

    Stopgame: Project is created immediately for two platforms: RS and Xbox 360. why was accepted the solution about the crosscountry race- platform development? How will strongly differ the versions of game for both systems?

    Passage on the console this, now, the need, dictated by market. You themselves see that the games, developed exclusively for PC, increasingly less, market does not redeem development. Not because they play little, because much [piratyat]. So that future after the crosscountry race- platform projects, and the work on “forerunners” and “[Ksenusom]” will give to us the necessary experience.

    Differ games not strongly – different interface, different control, remaining identical.

    Stopgame: As a last question – traditional “when?”. Will be able we to see game with present winter?

    We greatly hope for this, but let us give traditional answer – wait announcements. Game will leave, it will be as soon as completely finished and well [ottestirovana].

    Stopgame: Thanks for the detailed answers. Successes in the creative undertakings!

    Thanks for the interest in the project are more than good games!


    They have been doing a nice job on that game and I hope they take there time with it and get it right. I hope more space sim games will add a planetside element to their games. Because after a while everyone wants to get out and stretch their legs. And the 1st person piece is looking good and could attract a totally new set of gamers to space sims with the FPS element. So as long as they make both space and ground combat/questing rewarding this will turn out to be a classic.


    From what I saw from screenshots, I believe it will be 60% – 70% planetside, and 30% space. Not a bad thing. Boilling Point 2.0 was very good.


    Wow… can this game do the dishes? The laundry? It’s got everything I love about different facets of Sci-Fi all packed into one neat package.

    Put another one on the list of “Must Check Out” 🙂

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