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    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    inb4 people complained if the warp drive doesn’t function as in *insert BSG/their favorite sci-fi here*


    Mmm. Interesting and worrisome at the same time.


    … Global warming better hurry up. If it likes to save the universe from us. …


    nothing wrong with warp?

    at least it looks inspiring.


    phew, a lot of if’s.


    to mee it looks more like a PR bubble neither a warp bubble.



    “if something is in the range of possibilities it will become true, it’s just a matter of time.”



    Interesting and worrisome at the same time.


    i guess you’re right, worrisome.


    we have WAR, a war on this planet like never before, to stop this should be our noble goal.

    the solution to that exist since >5000years, still we haven’t managed it.

    and it would cost no energy, it’s just a finger snap away.


    let’s fight first that old evil dragon in ourself, who knows what will result from this.

    and you, all of us, know how this dragon is named, don’t you?


    “my lips are fuzzy from repetively telling his name”




    to stay with the topic, i like sci-fi

    i like Star-Wars much (hey a war?)

    one scene which like much is,

    luke in this cave (a hollow tree?) on naboo (if my memory doesn’t strikes me) and he is facing himself as vader,

    it gets clear to him that this is himself, or this could become of him.

    he feared this “man in the mirror”, but in the same time he realized that exactly this fear will make this out of him.

    when i was young and i was quite young when SW was released, it was hard for me to understand this.

    usually one would act like he acted, pulling out the lightsaber and fight this incarnation of evil.

    but what was the voice of yoda telling to him “do it and you will become him”.


    unfortunately a lot of this original sense of SW has get lost over the decades.


    it’s anything else but easy to fight this old evil dragon

    and any weapon won’t help, it will only feed him.


    this is to me (part of) the deeper sense of sci-fi.


    Yes – to know the universe, you must first know yourself!


    However, I’ve often thought the promise of space travel might help with encouraging peace on Earth – because there will then be an outlet for all those restless and ambitious young men who would otherwise fight each other to get what they want. A whole galaxy of opportunity and adventure would open up 🙂



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