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      I listened to this video this morning and wondering what your thoughts are on the development of SC? I bought in during the kickstarter and haven’t really played this game at all because it was still in alpha and when I did a few years ago the performance was so bad it was frustrating. I haven’t tried the game since my new PC build but I will this summer. (promise)


      But really CIG, it is 5+ years and your still in alpha? With your budget and what you have raised for funds this game should have been done in my opinion. What is your problem? You didn’t simply deliver what you promised in the kickstarter oh so long ago…. we wanted that. There is so many FPS shooters out there and I understand why your putting it in the game….. but you should have gotten the main vision done first and add this in later. I want my open world space game. I don’t care about racing, fps shooters.

      These are my thoughts, i don’t want to play an alpha I want to play a finish product. The core fans, the kickstarters wanted what was pitched so give it too us. CIG has allowed feature creep into development and you took a game that was estimated to release in 2014 to a game that is still in alpha after 5+ years.

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      I like to joke around in the Star Citizen community about how things are always getting delayed, but I am actually okay with the development rate of Star Citizen.

      Especially this year, with the change to a quarterly release schedule. It is frustrating watching major features constantly getting pushed back every release, but at the same time, it actually feels like the game is coming together.

      It used to be a joke in the SC community about people writing off a lack of visible progress with claims that core systems needed to be made first and then the game can be built on top of that much faster, but this year it actually feels like that claim is true.

      Mind you, I still think their network goals are a pipe dream, yet the rest of the game is quickly building up to a solid experience which can then be refined.

      To me, as someone that has actively followed their development (and been a salty fanboy for most of it), it actually feels like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      I originally backed the game expecting a modern Freelancer, but am very pleased with how it is turning out instead.

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      Agreed, I bought this and I just wait. I will enjoy the game when it is finally released when that is. my only beef is that they promised one thing to kickstarters oh so long ago and they didn’t deliver that. Yeah, they are making the vision and the game better in the long run. But developers need to know that their word matters and keeping those promises do help.

      But I agree entirely Blah64 that I was just expecting a FL clone and I have been surprised out of what I see so far. I really do hope we have a 50-100+ planets to explpore in the end. I don’t need 10 billion stars. I just need a lot of really nice locations to visit and interact with and I will be satisfied.

      Alpha 3.4 due by the end of the year I believe so lets see how that goes (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/1-Star-Citizen). I look forward to those updates that add places.

      I have been waiting to try this again with my new rig. Because I have always known that SC needs optimization badly because the gameplay isn’t that smooth when I tried it before 3.0 release, I might give it a spin after 3.2 release to see how it has improved and give some feedback.

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      They are going to have to seriously rail back on some of the features because their network code simply isn’t upto the task. I just tried the latest build (3.2 at the time of writing this), nothing but CTDs. Looks like a long way to go yet…..

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      Or they can just go the way they’ve been going and rework the netcode.

      But also, complaining about the netcode because of CTDs seems strange to me.
      Netcode is probably one of the least likely contributors to CTDs.

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      Rework the netcode? Isn’t that what they have supposed to been doing since the project started? To be fair, it has improved, a little, but not nearly enough to reach the goals they have set themselves, like if you want to see multiple fully crewed cap ships. The Idris, for example, has appeared already in a few tech demos now, it looks flight ready, to me at least, but still has yet to appear in the Alpha. It isn’t just the CTDs either but the awful lag, terrible framerates, and all that before a whole host of other bugs are tackled too. They will get there, eventually, but there is still a long road to go yet. I just hope I am still around to see it! 😮

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      Just been looking at some gamplay vids of SC and as I have not been following the game for a long time now. I have to say that it is looking very impressive and maybe it’s going to live up to some of the hype it had over the years.

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