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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    short list (to refresh memory)
    – sirius interdictor
    – ladybird starfighter
    – flowerfairy heavy trader
    – walrus

    was the 4 original ships of Pioneer
    But i guess i washed them to hot, they all shrunk (more or less).


    How long did you still got support for Win7 from MS, the effective support for XP ended this year, it was still supportet and updated for business machines you just had to enter a flag to the registry that your machine is such a machine and it would have been updated to 2019 even if the official support endet 2014, support for the security updates at least any else not.

    I assume they will keep such even up for win7 (dunno but assume), certainly it’s not that heavy used as XP but they can’t do that so quick for such machines which in fact might just control an aircondition or whatever technical or control purpose it has, nonetheless if this machine is connected to the web it must be save, no one likes intruders which enter through the aircondition.

    Yes i guess there was a major update to win10, at least when i bought mine i was adviced to immediately download it and install it offline, if possible this is still the best way because else you really risk a rollback especilly if it’s such a massive update.

    So i don’t know even how it was before because as soon as i was registered to MS with my OS i downloaded the update.

    But i understand well that it’s a big dislike ’cause i disliked it to, i just i had no opportunity.

    Personally especially if i look the UI it was… no it wasn’t it’s to us more user friendly because we are used to and win7 is closer to XP in look and feel.
    I guess mostly it’s that, you dislike it because it feels strange, at least that’s what i think.

    Sure i would wish that it wouldn’t be so stiff especially permissions for users or that you have for certain areas simply no permission even if you are the admin of the machine, that’s really annoying, but i have to work with it and i don’t have to like it.

    Yep, some up some down, what is annyoing to (but maybe is to fix) that the i.e. blender 1.49 doesn’t works well anymore it ran fine under win7 now it’s not to use, it’s not a big problem usually i use the latest release and not one from 2010 but i missed it a couple of times because of certain user created skripts which was quite good ones, and that tard really even worked.

    while that’s 3.1 on a virtual amiga, it’s the last i used.

    i’m not sure if i would still like it except to waste a lot of time creating icons for it 😉

    Of course in the end you like to run a program the rest is “schick-schnack”, that’s where it comes to tune win10, to get rid of all the waste, ballast, app here background task there and every app acts like it’s the most important task and steals processing time for what….?

    …occasionally it could be that under certain conditions…

    It was quite fast but like always in the past with every update you lose power, mostly because some new extremely important (in other words completely useless) background task is stealing processing time.

    Just as example the whole X-Box tard, some stuff is really good like the screen capture it’s hardly to notice when you play, but on the other hand it doesn’t need an app or three in the background who just wait that you get connected to the whole X-Box thing in web, i’m not interested and even if then is still time enough to start the app then and it doesn’t have to run for nothing, not even the screen capture has to run in the background it also works if i call it when i need it, and such apps you have countless and get also some new just in case you get bored because everything runs fine.
    1000 times 0.1 percent is 100 percent, even if every app just wastes a little it’s a big waste in the end.
    it’s fine if you like to write or do bookkeeping with it then you won’t feel that i always say for this an A500 would be still more then enough.
    (i imagine now the communal service using A500 instead of the latest crap, but c’mon it would work the same for this, keeping data? a Texas Instruments calc can do that to, nah ok somehow i can be happy they need always the top notch machines to calculate 1+1=2 thanks to that i could buy this laptop so good in price, almost new it must have been out of an office he had a dozend of them, most likely they are leftovers from a workshop, but refurbished for 200 bucks that’s more then ok i can’t find such on e-bay).

    Recently i have a big security problem, yes this dude even claimed the defender is for the trashcan, well it’s the only one i can afford, or i thought ok if it comes free with the OS what do i need any else for.
    The problem is a bit strange, each time when i read or post in the site of 20minutes (a newspaper) it fills my HD to the rim, it writes and writes without to stop in the virtual ram until the machine is completely lasted out and i have to hard reset. I assume it’s an advertise, sounds stupid but it’s the only good explanation i have, something which is loaded and i have to see under all conditions else i won’t be happy my whole life.

    Any else seems to be no problem or i don’t know of it.

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    it’s quite off topic but the win10 relevant clips i watched:

    dunno if the title to you appears in german like for me but the clip is in english.


    that’s the fast talking guy


    New Faces for Facegen:
    Find the mod at Spacesimpics2 at Weebly, or at the forums of Pioneer..

    sample 1




    Firstly, sorry for this late reply Gernot. I’ve had quite a few crazy months this year and not had a lot of time to even look at my PC.

    For me basically, Win 10 became so unusable with it’s insistent need to update I got sick of it. With every major patch I had to go back in to the OS to clean out all the junk it installed. I found I was doing this more than actually using it. Not good. Not for what is supposed to be a front end to make using a PC easier; that what any OS is supposed to do isn’t it?

    And yes, what a resource hog it was. You can find lots of references online that point out how much faster Win 10 is at certain tasks than Win 7 is but for me that wasn’t true. Win 7 runs far less tasks all at once and, even though it will lag behind with not having the latest dll files and Direct X updates, it still gains in just how efficient an OS it is.

    All that will have to stop at the close of the year though; when Win 7 finally shuts down. I did know of the extended service option but it’s expensive. I never used this option for XP either. XP, and Win 98SE, now both live on a pair of retro PCs I still have kicking around.

    For me, today, the only option is to go Linux as I have full control over what gets installed on it and it’s generally a much more secure OS. It’s not for everyone, not yet, but perhaps in the future it will be. Linux Mint XFCE for example, is a great little streamlined OS for tablets and low powered laptops and PCs. Does just what you need with no fuss, just as an OS should in my view. If you have a spare hard drive laying around, try it Gernot and see what you think is my advice. I did and like it a lot. It’s almost like having XP back! 😀


    Nice find Matanzan! 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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